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Beliefs That Disconnect Us From Our Hearts

Heart-connected lovers

Heart-connected lovers


Nothing limits our ability to love and be loved, and to find joy and fulfillment more than the beliefs that disconnect us from our hearts. And, nowhere do these beliefs cause more limitations than in our sex lives. Read the rest of this entry

Men, Bitches and Bimbos 

Girl talks to guy at barIn high school I had the kind of thinking like she’s either a “bitch” or a “bimbo.”

My friends and I would go to a bar and get some drinks and maybe a buddy would “drink up” the courage to talk to a girl. If she rejected him we automatically labeled her a bitch. But if she stayed and conversed for a while, and if she started dancing with him, we labeled her a slut.

I honestly did not realize how horrible my thinking was until we started talking about these issues in class.

Read the rest of this entry

Men Wanting Magnetic Power Over Women

"The opposite sex has enormous power over you."

“The opposite sex has enormous power over you.”

If you’re straight, at some point you realize that,

The opposite sex has enormous power over you. They can break your heart, control your actions, completely dominate your thoughts, and (let’s be honest) basically turn off your brain.

So says Noah Brand.

He makes me think of guys who have complained on my blog that women don’t find men attractive. And they yearn to weld the same magnetic power over women that women have over them. Read the rest of this entry

Women Are More “Visual” Than Men

Casual sex?

Casual sex?

They say “men are visual” but women are not.

After all, the “women’s magazine,” Playgirl went bankrupt even as sales for “men’s magazines” like Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Barely Legal… were through the roof.

And men are much more likely to watch Internet porn.

Yet when it comes to visual stimulation and casual sex there is an irony, says one of my readers, Jean Claund: Read the rest of this entry

Asexual But (Sometimes) Romantic

AsexualityBy Trent Law

All my life sexuality has been like a joke I don’t understand.

I am asexual but demi-romantic.

That means I have no desire for sex but I do feel romantic attraction to people I form a bond with. Read the rest of this entry

Pro-Sex vs Anti-Sex Societies

Gender equalityGender-equal societies are more likely to celebrate both life and sex.

Dominator cultures are more sex-negative — especially for women. And they are prone to celebrating suffering and death. Read the rest of this entry

I Like My Breasts. But I Like My Partner To Like ME, Too

470_2580418By Hannah Muric

I got breasts in fourth grade. And they have been the center of attention, ever since.

Now, all grown up, I have blossomed into a 32DDD. And since I am short and slim — 5’2″ and 115 lbs — they’re hard to hide.

I have no problem with my breasts. I like them. Yet from a young age I have worn baggy tops to minimize “the girls.”  Read the rest of this entry

Women & Male Nudity: Mixed Reactions

Sly Stallone

Sly Stallone

Women were pretty uncomfortable looking at nude males 12 years ago when sociologist, Beth Eck, sought out their reactions. Have attitudes changed since then?

I recently showed my women students a nude-ish picture of Sly Stallone (the same one Dr. Eck had used) and asked for their thoughts.

There’s still discomfort. But nowadays the reaction is more mixed.

Do women lust after nude guys?

Do women look upon the well-built Sly Stallone with lust? Read the rest of this entry

Men’s Thoughts On Male Nudity: Some Squirming

Sly Stallone

Sly Stallone

I recently asked students for their thoughts when looking at a nude-ish picture of Sly Stallone.

Have attitudes changed since sociologist, Beth Eck, found that guys were pretty uncomfortable looking at male nudes 12 years ago?

One-third of the guys were complementary, acknowledging that Sylvester Stallone has a great body. Which is more positive than the responses Eck had heard.

But overall, they were much more uncomfortable with male nudity than women were when they looked at female nudity. Here are some of the guy’s words: Read the rest of this entry

Men = Money Objects; Women = Sex Objects

Men are money objects?

Men are money objects?

Women may not objectify men’s bodies, but they objectify other things, like social status, power, wealth, fame etc. And those things are intrinsically connected with sexuality.

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