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I’m Voting For Joe

Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden

Election Day is just weeks away and I’ll be voting for Joe Biden for President as quickly as I can.

I’m particularly concerned with Covid-19, healthcare, the economy, race relations and women’s rights, the climate, the Supreme Court and our democracy. 
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Can We Redistribute Sex Like We Redistribute Wealth?

Redistributing wealth from the middle class to the top 1%.

Can we redistribute sex the way we redistribute wealth?

George Mason economist and libertarian Robin Hanson seems to think so.

He proposed that men should start threatening women with violence if their sex demands are not met. The horrifying idea arose in response to a Toronto terrorist attack on women that was sparked by anger over being an involuntary celibate or “incel.” Read the rest of this entry

Republicans Crave Chaos?

Republican in chaos

Republican voters backed right-wing libertarians like Rand Paul, Ron Paul and Thomas Massie of Kentucy, NOT because they liked their libertarian ideas. No:

They were voting for the craziest son of a bitch in the race — and Donald Trump won best in class.

That’s what Rep. Massie says he came to realize about the people who voted him into office. Read the rest of this entry

Gov Must Respond to Middle-Class

Some "reform conservatives" get it.

Some “reform conservatives” get it.

Liberals have long worried over the effects of income inequality.

Many conservatives are now starting to worry too. After all:

  • Low income means people lack money to buy, so:
  • Businesses lose sales and profits, so:
  • Increased business instability, and:
  • Worry over political instability (Peasants with pitchforks)

Solutions include: Read the rest of this entry

Supporting the Elite Instead of Ourselves

Working people supported DJT as a protest vote.

They wanted someone in office who would fight for them, not the elite!

Yet the elite are still running things.

Take taxes. Most of us will get a tiny tax break but the rich get a huge tax cut…

…paid for with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, living wages… Read the rest of this entry

Why Do Working People Vote Conservative?

Dominator vs partnership systems.

Dominator vs partnership systems.

Conservatives tend toward a dominator mindset:

  • Elite Republicans think the rich should rule/dominate
  • Christian conservatives think Christians should rule/dominate
  • Cultural conservatives think white, straight men should rule/dominate

Progressives tend toward a partnership mindset:

  • Equal opportunity for all, regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation

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We Get Poisoned Air, Water So Big Oil Can Profit

Welcome to Flint, and poisonous drinking water.

Welcome to Flint, and poisonous drinking water.

As we abandon the Paris Climate Accord and dismantle the EPA Big Oil and Big Coal make more money.

But the rest of us suffer.

  • Kids can’t play outside
  • We may have to wear a mask
  • Drinking water isn’t drinkable
  • Local lakes and rivers catch fire
  • Some die from damaged lungs
  • And more…

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Liberal Outrage = Trump Success?

West Virginia Trump supporters

A number of Trump supporters read my blog and I’m curious about your thoughts on a question I have.

After Trump’s election I had hoped that he would at least help the working class, as promised.

Yet he has sided with the elite on every major issue: Read the rest of this entry

Is the Handmaid’s Tale A Prediction?

Women’s March, New York City

In The Handmaid’s Tale Americans — and women especially — were gradually stripped of their rights, with little protest.

A small march here or there.

Is “The Handmaid’s Tale” a prediction?

Author Margaret Atwood is commonly asked that question. Read the rest of this entry

American Theocracy Devalues, Controls Women

Stop the war on women!

The disturbing Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu April 26) hinges on misogyny and controlling women and their bodies.

The main events of the tale have actually happened at some point in history, as I have written about before.

Unfortunately, the story also reflects our current political moment. Read the rest of this entry

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