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“Yes Means Yes” Is Scary? Rape Is Scary

Consent is sexy

Consent is sexy

“Yes means yes” is the standard for sexual consent on California’s state college campuses.

That’s because “no means no” isn’t good enough.

After all, a woman may not be able to say, “No” because she is frozen with fear. Or she is asleep. Or she’s had too much to drink. Or for a number of other reasons.

Some guys welcome the change, like a 19-year-old English major who told Emily Brazelon at the New York Times, Read the rest of this entry

When Playboy Pushes Consent It’s Cool

tumblr_inline_mtbms0Kacv1r6p31lYou’ve probably heard about Playboy’s new and revised Top 10 Party Commandments for the ultimate guide to a consensual good time.

Because without consent, “party times are under serious threat” by rape:

A good college party is all about everyone having a good time. Consent is all about everyone having a good time. Rape is only a good time if you’re a rapist. And f— those people.

You’ve probably also heard that these revised commandments are a hoax unleashed by college feminists.

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