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Porn Fantasy Mistaken for Reality

Porn fantasy versus reality.

Porn fantasy versus reality.

By Demon Ted

Does porn raise men’s expectations of how women should perform in bed? I believe it depends entirely on the man’s ability to distinguish between real life and fantasy.

True, you could try to recreate porn in real life. But then it’s not real. It’s acting. So you’re back to fantasy.

I think porn is great to enjoy. But men must realize what it is.

Unfortunately, a lot of men (and some women in regards to things like Twilight) get fantasy and reality mixed up. And that can harm relationships.

Take my girlfriend’s ex. He’s a nasty piece of work. Barely finished high school, can’t drive, no job. Literally sits at home all day. But because my girlfriend was young when she met him, he became a lot of “firsts.” And he made her think that things that weren’t healthy were. Read the rest of this entry

Women in Pornography

porn-for-women[1]By Brittany Merry 

In America, pornography is almost unavoidable. What sorts of messages does it send?

To find out, I looked at the 10 “most viewed” videos on PornHub.

Two were celebrity sex tapes, and I didn’t look at those because their popularity was probably less about what they were doing than who was doing it.

All of the remaining videos were: Read the rest of this entry

Men, Women & Internet Porn

girls_jewsThe first time you see Lena Dunham’s character having sex in the new HBO series “Girls,” her back is to her boyfriend, who seems to regard her as an inconveniently loquacious halfway point between partner and prop, and her concern is whether she’s correctly following instructions.

“So I can just stay like this for a little while?” she asks. “Do you need me to move more?

Read the rest of this entry

Virtually Attack Women, But No Nudity

Boys playing video games.

Boys playing video games.

A gamer creates an avatar resembling himself and plots to kill a three-dimensional, lifelike woman. The avatar grasps an axe and raises it to strike. He hears the thud as the axe slices her head. He hears her cry out in pain. He sees her split skull and feels the sensation of blood on his hands and face. 

I’ve just paraphrased one part of Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito’s opinion on whether video games of this sort should be protected as free speech in sales to minors.

Yes, he uncomfortably concludes. Read the rest of this entry

Guys Don’t Expect Women To Be Porn Stars

How to make love like a porn star

How to make love like a porn star

I asked my male students if they thought that guys expected women to act like porn stars.

Most didn’t think so.

Keep in mind that these were all guys who were willing to take a women’s studies class (where I surveyed them). So they may have more gender-equal attitudes than most. But here’s what they thought:

About 50% thought that in real life guys didn’t expect women to act like porn stars.

The other 50% thought that at least some men did. But 20% of them said that they didn’t personally feel that way.

So overall, 70% didn’t expect women to behave like porn stars.

As they described it: Read the rest of this entry

Porn Can Cause E.D.?

Porn can cause E.D.

Porn can cause E.D.

One day I mentioned in class that, strangely, porn can cause E.D.

A male student said he’d thought it was the opposite, that porn cured E.D.

Oddly, both could be true. Read the rest of this entry

Homophobes Aroused by Gay Porn

Homophobia 2You’d think homophobic men would be the least likely to get aroused by homoerotic images.

Think again.

Researchers at the University of Georgia surveyed young men on the degree of homophobia they felt, as measured by their self-described levels of aversion to gay men, and specifically, the intensity of “dread” they experienced interacting with them. Read the rest of this entry

Gay Porn as Sex Ed for Women?

Why do women like gay porn?

Why do women like gay porn?

I’ve talked about reasons why some women watch gay porn.

Gay male porn stars are usually more attractive than their straight counterparts. And they seem to be having more fun than their female counterparts.

But some women watch gay porn for the sex ed. Read the rest of this entry

Women and Gay, Hot Bods

Why do (some) women watch gay porn?

Why do (some) women watch gay porn?

Why do women — especially lesbians — watch gay porn?

Well, not all women – probably a minority of them. But still.

I recently wrote that gay porn stars seem to have more fun than their straight female counterparts.

But gay porn stars are also HOT.

And how much of the allure comes from spotlighting — shall we say — a certain part of the male physique? Read the rest of this entry

Gay Porn Stars Have More Fun

Why do women watch gay porn?

Why do women watch gay porn?

Why do women watch gay porn in large numbers if they don’t find penises arousing?

That’s what “Claire” wondered. Read the rest of this entry

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