Patriarchy and the notion that sex is worse than murder

A man kills in an attempt to eliminate sexual temptation. But isn’t murder more heinous than sex? And is sex heinous?

How does one arrive at such a mindset? 

Much has been said about evangelical teachings that, while rarely inciting murder, drew Robert Aaron Long to kill eight people, six of them Asian women who worked at spas in the Atlanta region. The teachings commonly reduce a man’s worthiness to his skill at keeping his mind off of illicit thoughts and reduce a woman’s worthiness to modesty — so as to keep men from sinning. Because if he sins it’s her fault, really. The next logical step in Long’s mind was to eradicate evil, immodest women.

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  1. “Often the worst of behavior in the wake of calamity is on part of those who believe that others will behave savagely and that they themselves are taking defense measures against barbarism” Rebecca Solnit, author of A Paradise Built in Hell

    Women endure most of a man’s sexual frustrations. God creates Eve from Adam’s rib as a companion for Adam. It is Eve who tempts Adam into partaking in the forbidden fruit. Adam is seen as weak for succumbing to Eve’s temptations. Eve is depicted as selfish, weak minded, and deceptive, the overall the downfall of humankind. The system is rigged against women from the start. There is a sense of power in our feminism and our sexuality that begs to be reconned with. Men desire it, but as soon as there is the slightest indignation on their part, women are deemed overtly sexy, lustful, and sinful. It is a large burden to carry a man’s guilt for his own actions or inability to control himself. We are blamed when he cheats, we have been blamed when were raped, we have been blamed when were abused due to social norms that have long been defined by religion. Regarding religion, there is a sense of the do-gooders that must protect society from those who pose threat to our personal beliefs and ways of life. This sets a dangerous precedent.

    • Yes, everything you described emerges from a patriarchal culture that values and privileges men over women.

      It’s interesting that the Adam and Eve story could be interpreted completely differently, and I should write a post on this sometime. But consider that all Eve wanted was to know the difference between good and evil, which is what churches are supposedly meant to teach us as well. That’s a bad thing to be punished for?

  2. It is so refreshing to know the relationship between gender equality and sex positivity. It is sad to think about sex is still portrayed as a sinful act in some cultures even today. I have always believed that sex negativity is one of many ways patriarchy objectifies and controls women, but never really thought of its harm for men as well since it is a natural desire for all human. I know men have a natural privilege in patriarchal societies, but masturbating in some religions is seen as a sin for both men and women. Though the demanding level is different, like covering skin for women but not the same for men. So my question is, men are the people with vested interest in patriarchy, why would the system take a toll on them as well?

    • Patriarchy takes a huge toll on men in so many ways. They are less likely to go to get physical health check ups and mental health help because they don’t like to be seen as weak. They are less likely to have close friends because they can’t be emotional. They can’t be there for selves because their feminine side is considered shameful. They get less sex because they shame sexual women. I could go on!

      Basically there is a cost to an attempt to feel superior. And domination cultures that teach men are ahead of women, wiser ahead of blacks, straight are better than gay etc. to create a sense of superiority for some white straight males. But domination cultures also set up the same man to be at the bottom of the pyramid. Because most men will end up at the bottom.

      A partnership culture is so much healthier for everyone.

      There are some powerful men who benefit and enforce the status quo. But mostly, once you have a patriarchy of men and women are born into it and internalize it unconsciously, so that they re-create the problem without even realizing they are doing so.

  3. This is such an interesting post. It is so interesting to me that sex is still a taboo topic nowadays. I know it is rooted in religious beliefs and sometimes cultural traditions but it is also a natural desire. Also, in many cultures, women are seen as the caregivers and their primary duty is to bear children (not saying this is a morally correct stance, in my opinion), so it is odd to me that “sex is worse than murder.” I’d also like to point out that murder is a crime while sex is not. In our governed laws, at least here in the United States, one would be sentenced to prison for murder but there are no laws against consensual sex. With that being said, it is clear that when a man justifies murder to prevent sinning, patriarchy and a sense of dominance is instilled in society.

  4. Before the cultural and sexual revolution of the sixties, a man and woman living together without being married were considered to be “living in sin”. Discarding religious shackles gave people the freedom to do what do comes naturally and to be normal. The shackles were man-made and most religions are male dominated.

    The hippie era was egalitarian and about peace and love, to my way of thinking, that is what religion should be about. Your reference to the ancient Hawaiians and American Indians reminded how sex-positive the sixties and seventies were. Men controlling the biology and minds of people through the “words of God” can only have a negative impact, because it goes against instinct.

    I mentioned to you previously that when I was being brought up to believe that sex was something beautiful, my Catholic friends were being made to feel guilty about it. Enforcing control over people, especially indoctrinating children, is at the root of a lot of problems throughout the world. Unfortunately, there will always be a segment of society who want to control the rest of society, one way or another.

    I had not really seen it as a system of patriarchal male dominance until I discovered your blog. I think people should question the validity of their own belief system, and not go through life believing what they were spoon-fed as a child. The most successful mind manipulation of the masses has been implemented by man using religion.

    • Yes, I grew up in a very sex-negative religion which had very negative consequences for me. And then I was reading a book – I think it’s called “sex in history“ — and saw that there was an actual pattern of patriarchy being associated with sex-negativity. And kind of often times against joy generally, because they seek a lot of control and joy and joyful sex are not very controlled. I always wonder what it would have been like to have been raised in a sex-positive religion/culture. It’s actually hard for me to imagine.

      • Although I consider it wrong to criticise anyone’s religion, I have disdain for any man who becomes powerful by surrounding himself with the words of God and subsequently gains control over the way other people live their lives. He has then become powerful with words alone; he is no more spiritual than anyone else. Founders of religions and cults impose restrictions and abnormal censorship on their followers.

        There is a need for children to play and also for adults to play. Any suppression of that need is not a good thing. People should be free to do whatever they want to do as long as it does not have an adverse effect on anyone else.

        The last two sentences of your reply really resonated with me, because I see it as you having been deprived of experiences that you should have been free to enjoy. (Please correct me if I am wrong). Although I had an extensive knowledge of the Bible when I was young, I do not consider that I gained any benefit from it. Whereas reading books like Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden” when I was a young man, gave me a greater understanding of the world I lived in, and supplemented the knowledge I was gaining through practical experience. Books like “My Secret Garden” also helped women with “impure thoughts” realise it was normal to have all sorts of fantasies and not to feel guilty about it.

        There are far too many women who go through life without experiencing the pleasure that they are capable of receiving, and two common sources of the problem are religion and men who lack sexual knowledge.

        For most people life is difficult and for others it is downright hard, if it is not interspersed with joy and whatever pleasure you get, particularly unbridled passion, what’s the point of it all?

        “But pleasures are like poppies spread,
        You seize the flower; it’s bloom is shed;
        Or, like the snow-fall in the river,
        A moment white, then melts forever.”

      • Thank you for including that poem. It makes the point so beautifully.

  5. An interesting perspective. I’ve added Raine Eisler’s book, The Chalice and The Blade to my To Read List. Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s strange that I didn’t get any alerts that people were commenting on this post. I went to approve some other people and,voila, people have commented!

      Yes, she is such an interesting scholar. Definitely recommend!

  6. Vilifying sex is irrational by itself; deeming it to be a crime more heinous than murder and opting for latter as a safeguard against the former can only be another obnoxious form of sociopathy, arising from a warped patriarchy. Through education and empowerment of women, communities everywhere must resolutely progress towards equitable gender balance and humane social order. It is useless to ask who will set the ball rolling. The change must happen from our own homes.

    • Yes, I agree!

      Sorry about the late response. I never got any alerts that anyone had responded to this blog post and then I went to my comments and there are several there! Thanks for chiming in!

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