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Why the Hostility to Black Lives?

Black Lives Matter

“Whites are taught not to have empathy for blacks.”

I read that in an article discussing hostility to the Black Lives Matter movement, but wondered: “Is that really true” And why bother to teach that?” Read the rest of this entry

Trump Voters (Unwittingly?) Mainstreaming Racism

Photo shared on Facebook that questions who’s more wrong: racists who want to kill and who have killed? Or people against racism.

I never thought any friends of mine would defend Nazis.

Now, by “friends” I’m talking about Facebook friends who I haven’t actually met in person.

I “met” these folks when they responded to posts I made during the 2016 Presidential race. They were Trump supporters and I engaged because I was trying to figure out why they liked him.

The one thing we did agree on is that our government serves the interests of the elite over ordinary citizens.

But after last weekend’s clash between racists and anti-racists in Charlottesville, Virginia my Facebook feed contained posts that said, basically:

The media’s ignoring violence done by the left.

Read the rest of this entry

Women Can’t Criticize Rap?

Why should women put up with insults?

Why should women put up with insults?

It’s perfectly fine to insult women.

And women shouldn’t complain — because they might offend someone.


Not all rap is sexist. But when I talk about sexism in gangsta’ rap some of my students start squirming. Read the rest of this entry

Relative Deprivation and Trump Appeal

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Most people would choose a 3000 sq-ft. house over a 4000 sq-ft. home — if that’s the only way that their house could be bigger than everyone else’s.

That may help to explain Donald Trump’s appeal.

The white working-class (Tump’s biggest supporters) have plummeted in relative status over the last 40 years.

Their wages have languished or fallen even as minorities have gained ground — threatening white privilege and dominance, points out Thomas Edsall at the New York Times. Plus, the buying power of the top 10% has kept many goods and services beyond their reach, he adds. Read the rest of this entry

Hating On Sex Ed & Gay Wedding Cakes

Gay wedding cake

Rainbows and roses wedding cake

Religious conservatives have fought gay weddings, trans bathrooms, civil rights, sex ed, contraception, a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, and even battered women’s shelters.

Some of this is recent. Some of this is in the past. Some feels like a bit of both.

But why?

“God” comes up a lot in arguments against all of these things.

But is the real motivation something else? Read the rest of this entry

Hillary & Me: Kindred Spirits

Hillary 3Hillary and I both grew up Republican.

Our first Presidential preferences were right-wing Republicans.

But we both became Democrats as we grew attuned to social justice.

My story Read the rest of this entry

My Don Juan: A Blessing and a Curse

Don Juan

Don Juan

By Yesenia Herrera

Latino men in my community are stereotyped in the following ways:

  • Men are level-headed leaders of the home.
  • Machos are unkept, domineering, impulsive, aggressive, and often high status in the community.
  • Mariposas are the equivalent of “fag.” They show “too much” interest in their looks and, perhaps, speak or walk without the signature Latino macho streak.
  • Don Juan’s also take great care of their looks, but they are so busy bedding women that they avoid being seen as gay. In other words, Don Juan’s are mariposas with roses and women — which frees them from stigmatization.

I’ve been blessed (is a curse not a blessing too?) to cross paths with several men who fit at least one of those categories. Read the rest of this entry

Are Republicans Cracking Up?


There’s talk that the Grand Old Party might not live past 2016.

Because contradictions are arising within the party. Read the rest of this entry

Donald Trump’s Sexist, Racist Appeal

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

More than 40% of Republicans have favored Donald Trump for President at some point.

Some despite his sexism and racism. They’re just fed up with establishment politicians who are so busy serving wealthy interests (thanks $ in politics!) that they often ignore their middle-class and working-class voters. I get it!

But others appear to be drawn to his bigotry.

Why is that? Read the rest of this entry

Why So Angry At Trans-Racial Folk?

Orange is the new Black?

Orange is the new Black?

I’m puzzled by the reasons people give for their anger over Rachel Dolezal’s transracial turn.

Like arguments that contradict each other:

It’s okay to be transgender but not transracial because Read the rest of this entry

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