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If She Was Drunk, Did She Rape Herself?

drinkingIt’s almost universal that gang rape victims are intoxicated, and for some reason when alcohol gets involved, a drunk woman did it to herself.

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Don’t Protect Girls. You Might Offend Men!  

Moral relativity“Barbaric” might be too offensive a word to describe customs like these?

  • Killing girls for the “crime” of being raped
  • Genitally mutilating girls
  • Forcing girls into marriage

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Virtually Attack Women, But No Nudity

Boys playing video games.

Boys playing video games.

A gamer creates an avatar resembling himself and plots to kill a three-dimensional, lifelike woman. The avatar grasps an axe and raises it to strike. He hears the thud as the axe slices her head. He hears her cry out in pain. He sees her split skull and feels the sensation of blood on his hands and face. 

I’ve just paraphrased one part of Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito’s opinion on whether video games of this sort should be protected as free speech in sales to minors.

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Strong Men Can’t Cope With Breakups?

Kelsey Annese, killed by enraged ex-boyfriend.

Kelsey Annese, killed by enraged ex-boyfriend.

Why do some men feel like it’s a male thing to be “stronger than a woman,” but when a relationship ends, it’s often the man who “can’t cope”?

Why do some guys handle their distress with violence?

Why do some men feel entitled, yet have such low self-esteem that they explode after a breakup?

“Bob” asked me those questions after a recent double murder-suicide: Read the rest of this entry

Dowry in Congo Objectifies Women

Bride Price

Bride Price


In my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, a bride is seen as merchandise or an object.

That’s because a suitor typically pays dowry to his future in-laws: cash and goods, such as clothes for the bride’s parents, cows, goats, beverages, blankets, kitchen utensils, refrigerators, radios, and televisions.

Some people call it a “sale.” Read the rest of this entry

Pro-life Killer, Robert Dear

Women's bodies are not battlefields.

Women’s bodies are not battlefields.

It seems strange when a “pro-lifer” kills.

Like Robert Dear’s recent mass shooting.

Yet “pro-lifers” are less interested in sustaining life than in controlling women.

That sounds crazy, but check this out:

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Witch Burning = Misogyny

witchesLast October, my neighbor stretched synthetic cobwebs among the branches of her tree. Against this creepy backdrop, she hung a broomstick and a badly made female figure, clearly a witch. The sight made me wince.

How did we evolve to find this display lightly amusing? Our forbearers did hang women from trees.

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ISIL Rape Theology: When “God” Erases Conscience

conscience 3ISIL leadership has deemed rape to be spiritually beneficial.

Including child rape:

It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse.

Obedience to God can cause people to lose their conscience. Read the rest of this entry

Gay Porn Stars Have More Fun

Why do women watch gay porn?

Why do women watch gay porn?

Why do women watch gay porn in large numbers if they don’t find penises arousing?

That’s what “Claire” wondered. Read the rest of this entry

Past Life

Sexual assaultby Joy Farber @ littletreefarber

The scene though far removed remains vivid in my mind.

Images pulse in front of me like morse code.

A little girl– afraid– watches mute as acts that will shape her identity, and behavior for much of her life are committed. Read the rest of this entry

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