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Objectification: Male & Female Fantasies

Édouard Manet - La Nymphe Surprise

Édouard Manet – La Nymphe Surprise

Some guys complain that they want to be objectified, too!

Judging from research at the University of Montréal, men may want to be objectified more than women do.

The researchers asked men and women to rank 55 fantasies and describe their personal favorite. The average age of respondents was 30, and 85% were straight, 3.6% were gay/lesbian and the rest were none of the above.

Findings? Below are the percentage of women and men who have had each fantasy: Read the rest of this entry

Satisfying Long-Term Relationships

Black_and_White_love_romance_kiss1[1]Some couples have strong and satisfying sex lives, over many years.

How does that happen?

A large study on long-term relationships and sexual satisfaction will be published soon in the Journal of Sex Research. Researchers spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the the upcoming article, and here are some highlights. You can go to for a more in-depth discussion.  Read the rest of this entry

Men v Women: How Flexible Is Orientation?

Multiple partnersWomen’s sexual orientation is more fluid than men’s, says University of Utah professor, Lisa Diamond. Well, women have a basic orientation, she says, but it seems to be a bit easier for women to crossover. For both cultural and biological reasons.

Research from the University of Montréal seems to bear that out. The study had simply looked at how common different sex fantasies were. But comparing men and women, you see more fluidity among females. Read the rest of this entry

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