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Sexual Orientation and Sexual Abuse

Sexual orientationGays and lesbians are a bit more likely to have been sexually assaulted than others.

Are abusers more likely to target them? Or does something about the attack affect them, or how they see themselves? Read the rest of this entry

Biology + Environment = Gay or Straight

LGBTMost researchers believe that both genetic and environmental factors (biological and social) play a role in forming sexual orientation.

They are not quite sure how it all comes together.

A variety of things point to someone being “more likely” to be gay, but none of the following are determinative: Read the rest of this entry

Did You Choose To Be Straight?

When did you choose to be straight?

When did you choose to be straight?

When did you choose to be straight?

That’s a question gays and lesbians pose when they’re asked, “When did you choose to be gay? Or lesbian?”

Is sexual orientation chosen?

Have a look at some research.  Read the rest of this entry

Men v Women: How Flexible Is Orientation?

Multiple partnersWomen’s sexual orientation is more fluid than men’s, says University of Utah professor, Lisa Diamond. Well, women have a basic orientation, she says, but it seems to be a bit easier for women to crossover. For both cultural and biological reasons.

Research from the University of Montréal seems to bear that out. The study had simply looked at how common different sex fantasies were. But comparing men and women, you see more fluidity among females. Read the rest of this entry

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