Making Peace With My Small Boobs

Mila Kunis, Sexiest Woman Alive

Mila Kunis, Sexiest Woman Alive

Soon enough, the world would teach me to see the (bra) cup as half empty rather than half full.

That’s from Jennifer Miller, 34A.

Our big-boob obsessed culture creates plenty of body-conscious women who struggle with self-esteem. Here are some stories of women who came to appreciate themselves and their perky breasts.

Exuding sexiness > conventionally sexy appearance

In an Allure article Jennifer recalled,

I was sitting in the hallway at school one particular day I’ll never forget when a boy walked by and said to his friend, “Jen will be pretty — once she fills out.” His comment confirmed my fear that I would never have a boyfriend without the right breasts. And even if I did, how would we ever get to second base? Could he find second base if it was virtually invisible? I imagined a poor boy frantically racing around a baseball diamond, searching for a landmark too small to see.

That’s just one of many tales she tells. Yet as it turned out:

Not one of the guys I dated in high school jumped back in horror after removing my shirt. If they were a touch disappointed, they at least had the sense to not let it show. In college, I started to meet men whose insistence that they genuinely preferred small breasts served as a novel and interesting pickup line.

In her senior year she played a stripper/cocktail waitress in a school production of “Cabaret.” Others wore black satin bustiers while she wore a sexy camisole. But to her surprise,

I discovered that exuding sexiness was far more important than having a conventionally sexy appearance.

Keira Knightly, Maxim's #1 Hotty

Keira Knightly, FHM’s #1 Hotty

So she was feeling good. Until her fiancé admitted that, as a “breast man,” he had hesitated proposing marriage for fear of, “sentencing himself to a long, if happy, life without gigantic gazongas.”

She was more surprised than disappointed. But he wasn’t quite what she’d envisioned, either, having yearned for a tall, macho cowboy, when Jason was just five-seven.

But his words haunted her and she wondered if he’d always seen her as a disappointment.

Buying a bridal gown just made things worse.

She’d wanted a dress that hugged her “curves-such as they were.” But one sales staff insisted her breasts would “ruin the integrity of the dress… as though the integrity of my body were utterly irrelevant.”

Then she realized that,

I was responsible for making the dress look beautiful, not the other way around. It was a lesson I’d learned again and again growing up with a small bust: The size of my chest mattered far less than the amount of pride I put behind it.

And it turns out that Jason likes her breasts very much; he just didn’t actively prefer small boobs over big ones.

Almost fills an A-Cup

And then there’s Amy at Literally Darling, who almost fills an A cup. Among her “Top Ten Small-Boob Problems” are:

  • Realising you could actually just wear child bras. Sexy.
  • Lying down and your boobs disappear altogether.
  • You know your boyfriend loves you just as you are… but also that he wouldn’t be averse to you miraculously waking up with C-cup pups tomorrow morning.

But she can still see their beauty:

That said, I can’t bring myself to hate my boobs. Bless ‘em: they’re a cheerful pair, and they’re pretty in their own way.

Top 10 reasons for loving small breasts

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

And then there is Jamie SC, writing for A Year in Skirts. She says small breasts are lovely and beautiful. Among her top 10 reasons for loving them:

  • They never bug you when you run or do any other physical activity.
  • People focus on your face.
  • Greater sensitivity. You feel more pleasure. A University of Vienna study found that,  “Larger breasts have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, which is the most sensitive part. With smaller breasts, the glands are easier to stimulate during foreplay because they’re not underneath a fatty layer.” (Note: Well-endowed women can feel the love too-they just need a stronger touch.)
  • There are plenty of men out there who really like a small bust. Just like there are men who prefer a thicker lady. Read the many comments left by males on the website… Mostly though, men like whatever bust happens to be on the lady they’ve fallen in love with.

So all you petite ladies out there, it’s time to start loving yourselves and your perky breasts.

Jennifer Miller’s story comes courtesy HuffingtonPost via Allure.

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  1. Standish Student

    I found this article to be very meaningful in exposing how society views women with small or big breasts. Personally, I am aware of the insecurities when it comes to chest size. I believe society expects women to possess an ample amount of breasts simply because we are women. Unfortunately, according to society, the more boob you have the more feminine you seem. This is not an accurate statement, however I understand why the chest stigma in society is posed this way. The media portrays women with big breasts to be much more beautiful and fantasized over women with small breasts. I found Jennifer’s story about her husband to be very heart breaking because the man that she loved in her life was hesitant about proposing because of a physical quality. Marriage and forming a union with another individual should never be based on physical qualities, rather, marriage should be a life long partnership based on personal qualities because external appearances eventually do fade.

  2. I have to say that sometimes I feel self concisous. I was not born with the largest, or what I think to be an “average” size breast, but I have learned to accept my body the way it is. Growing up people would always talk about the idealistic version of a perfect woman being a bit more curvy. I grew up a stick and was always told how skinny I was. Although at times it made me consious about myself, over time I learned to accept all body shapes and sizes. I learned that not everyone cares about these types of things. If you find someone who loves you for you, that is purely enough.

  3. I can’t believe this guy almost gave up having a life long intimate relationship with her because her bust was not plenty enough for him. It makes me wonder how many other guys are out there like him who HAVE broken up with the girl of their dreams because they have an A cup breast size. If I heard someone say that to me I would throw him out! I’d be outraged. My worth as a women should not be tied to my breast size. It’s ridiculous.

    Whether you have large breasts or not, It’s hard to find someone who loves you just the way you are, whether you fall in line with societies beauty standard or not. I’m glad he realized her true worth and was able to see past this. I commend them for having good communication in the relationship, enough that he felt comfortable telling her something like that.

    This topic is like a double edged sword. Having large breasts presents the inverse of her list of problems. No matter where you lye on the cup size spectrum, no one wins, aside from the men with boob fetishes who luck out. I hope there are no men out there who only commit to women with a large bust.

  4. it is definitely interesting to hear the perspective of women from the opposite end of the boob spectrum. I always felt like women with small breasts had it easy. They don’t have to worry about their button up shirt busting open or their breasts painfully bouncing all over the place when exercising, so I figured their end of things was easy. I didn’t take into consideration that shirts are generally made with the assumption that they are going to be filled all the way out, leaving little to no room for smaller size variation. Usually when there is an accommodation, they are geared towards more, not less and that i know that can be frustrating. I’m so used to feeling like the world caters to smaller that I forget that “average” is the majority. Us outliers, big or small breasted, are in the same boat, just on different ends. I see now that the grass isn’t always greener in the other “size” and I will be more conscious of my presumptions.

  5. I feel like no a days women are taught that you need to have big blobs to have men want you. I am a woman with big boobs and I have a coworker who has small boobs and she always tells me that she would love to have bigger boobs. So she tells me that she wants bigger boobs because they are just small and that she likes my size boobs 36DD and I tell her having big boobs doesn’t change anything besides having bigger boobs gives you problems like back issues, it’s harder to work out, and you get bigger stretch marks when your young. I told her that she is beautiful like she is and that bigger boobs ain’t going to change anything but give you more problems.

  6. Growing up in high school,I was later than most of the girls. Some of them would make fun of me, but I never really cared to much, because one of my close friends told me the That the girl who teased me told her she was jealous, because she had a big size. I never mind my smaller boobs and now I have two medium sized and equal boobs where I am really proud off. If people tell something about them I always say I am happy with what I have and I would never want to change my body! For me my self love gives me the best feeling!

  7. This article is interesting about small boobs. I do not have big boobs, either. As a result, for me, I could understand how the feelings would be with small boobs. However, it does not bother me even if I do not own a big chest. I believe that the point is not how people think of your small boobs. Instead, the more important thing is how an individual with small boobs deal with it by herself. Personally, one of my female friends who owns big boobs usually makes fun of my small boobs. For instance, she usually says “you do not have boobs”, which implies that my boobs are too small to notice. But I do not care what she says a lot for the reason that I think what she says could not affect how my boobs are. In the other words, my small boobs mean who I am, and I never refuse who I am. So, I accept having small boobs because I accept who I am.

  8. As an A-cup girl, I have received a lot of discrimination. I once bought bras with a good friend in the underwear shop and another boy friend also followed us at that time. Then, when we were about to pay for the ones with the same style but different sizes, the boy exclaimed that “whose children’s bra it was” with surprise. When I calmly expressed it was mine, the boy laughed at me, saying “Ethan (my boyfriend) was poor!” I don’t care at the opinion of all the boys; after all, I don’t think A-cup is a shameful thing. However, at that time, I noticed that when that boy sneered over at me, my friend revealed proud expression on her face. Sometimes, I hold it is quite helpless that girls also compare their breast size so as to draw the attention of many boys; as a matter of fact, I’m not willing to get involved.

  9. I agree with the others that the finance shouldn’t say that to her.

    From my experiences with my male friends and their girlfriends. None of them have ever complained about the size of their girlfriends breasts. I feel most men around my age will not judge a girls based on boob size, at least the ones around me. I really hope that is the view people are turning too. If I was a woman being judged by breast size, and even in a relationship like that woman who finance told her about not liking her breasts. I would just feel awful and feel like I am portrayed as a sexual object. We all should start celebrating all sizes of breasts equally.

  10. There are no doubt that most men prefer large breast size, consequently women are often feel oppressed by the demand. Moreover, among women, there are competition of breast size as well. Many females sense the need to undergoing through breast implant in to order maintain men’s interest. Therefore, this negative cycle continues to hinder and hurt many women. Although there are no uniform, direct explanation of men’s obsession toward breast, yet I found some interesting fact about men’s choice toward size of breast. According to Psychology Today, the preference of breast is based on men’s income. While low wages males likely to choose big breast, and wealthy men want smaller size. The study suggest “resource insecurity” is the root to the decision for less fortune males.

    • Those crazy evolutionary psychologists! It’s an interesting theory. But there are other possible explanations. For instance, high fashion models are much more likely to have small breasts — and because they’re high-fashion, they’re more likely to be the ideal of the upper-class. The only way the other theory would make sense as if lower-class men also prefer heavier women. But even then class could play a role. The higher the class, the more women care about being thin. Which leads to a lower average breast size. In societies with food scarcity larger women are preferred. Obese. But again, not because of researching security so much as bragging rights: suggest that women’s families – including her husband–has a lot of money. I’m not aware of him having a preference for big boobs in particular, just more weight overall.

  11. “Soon enough, the world would teach me to see the (bra) cup as half empty rather than half full”.

    Something quite paradoxical is the fact that strictly saying you can live fuller with a push up bra! … Not to mention a breast implant… And that besides, both water and silicones are measured in ml or cm3 as you wish!…

    Alongside these ironic notes… It is quite clear that bigger boobs are culturally imposed… Another legacy of the Porn Star fetish as you’d say… [ 😀 ]

    Happy weekend Georgia. Best wishes! Aquileana 🙂

  12. It’s actually interesting to see that boobs size is important for men here (meaning in western culture). Coming from an African background, what we see whether it’s on the media or even from comparing with our culture, is that small breast seem to be the norm in western culture, and if you have big breasts people assume it’s fake or look at you a funny way. Anyways, I think woman should be comfortable with what they have and embrace it confidently! No matter the size, if you love it you will find someone who love it as much (even though it doesn’t really matter to be honest, as long as you love it)

  13. I can’t believe her fiancé said that! I’m in shock! And that employee at the bridal store… what’s up with her? She should have been more focused on making a sale than insulting the customer!

    I, personally, do not have particularly small breasts (36C). They came in early in elementary school and everyone (and I mean everyone, parents & aunts included) asked me if I stuffed my bra. I always thought it was embarrassing that I was different from everyone else, that is, until 8th grade when everyone else’s boobs came in.

    I have always wished my breasts were a little smaller, it is extremely irritating to have everyone look at your chest instead of your face and to go for a run is a complete pain. I truly believe that women with smaller breasts look great in anything! Something about it makes them look more sophisticated. Plus they don’t have to wear a bra! I wish I didn’t have to!

    Big breasts or not, they’re not what make you “sexy” or attractive and I don’t think small breasts are a reason to be self-conscious. If you love yourself the way you are, your confidence is what is going to appeal to others.

  14. From all I’ve read by women on their breasts it seems that for most of us regardless of size there are things to love and things not to- and more often than not there seems to be the challenge of loving what you have regardless of what culture says positively and negatively. I think it’s interesting that often one side thinks the other has it better off for a myriad reasons. I think that the way culture regards the female breasts in terms of whether/not size matters has subtly, sometimes overtly, pitted women against each other, created unnecessary competition, comparison, etc. Appreciate the pairing (no pun intended) of the different perspectives that exist from women about their breasts with this post and the one from recent.

    • Yeah, it makes an interesting comparison. And I really appreciate all the comments I’ve gotten from women sharing their personal experiences.

      Men who think it’s so great to be objectified haven’t thought about downsides, like this particular one.

  15. I’m African and many African women have big boobs. It’s like a blessing to have big boobs. .Especially when you put a sexy dress. But it’s quiet embarrassing when I do physical activities. I don’t think big boobs makes a person beautiful than others. Beauty is the heart. And there are plenty of men out there who really don’t care whether you have big or small boobs. ” Men like whatever bosom happens to be on the lady they’ve fallen in love with So don’t kill yourself over boobs. Al remember that we are all unique in different ways and that you might have more than you think you have.

  16. I first laugh when I first saw the top 10 reason. Especially this one make me laugh the most:
    They never bug you when you run or do any other physical activity. Yes, those are some disadvantage for girls with big boobs. It’s a sense of humor of course. I guess I am the girl with medium boobs, I can feel some of the small boobs problem and also some big boobs problem. Of course, there are also some advantage from both size of boobs.
    Angelina Jolie who is still proud of herself even without those boobs. I know that she isn’t cut out her boobs for no reason, but I still admire her brave thinking. I think this is what a women should have no matter she has big boobs or not. I guess this really makes people have more confidence to themselves.

  17. This is a beautiful combination of humor and significance. This is a really important message for women to hear. Small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, ginormous boobs, they are ours. Yes you can have surgery to (how people unfortunately see it) “correct” yourself, but we should be proud, as these women say, with what we were born with. This applies to every last body part. It is a sad reality that women often go under the knife to try to become what they think men idolize. We are who we are- and from my experiences, I have found that men prefer confidence over any other attribute. Not that women should work on their confidence to attract men, but when you are happy and secure with yourself, good things follow.

    I am going to take my own advice as well as allow the beautiful words of the post to sink in. When I began going through puberty, I developed quickly. I was always getting comments from my friends and from boys about my large breasts. This gave me confidence, but now as I have aged my body is different. The growth of my breasts slowed down so they didn’t get huge as I had expected and having lost weight over the past couple years, they became smaller. It has actually popped into my brain recently that I wish they were bigger. It’s all of my own doing too; my boyfriend has always told me my breasts are perfect. Again, I am going to practice what I preach and reflect on this post, (that I seemed to have read at the perfect time) and really be happy with exactly who I am.

  18. I really enjoyed this article. Since I have always been big chested, I think it’s interesting to hear the other side of it. I’ve wanted a smaller because I don’t like the way shirts look on me. I also know the feeling when you’re dating someone and they’re a “boob guy” or a “butt guy.” It’s like “okay, am I not enough for you?” It also just shows how objectified women are. I often hear my guy friends talk about girls and their body is always topic of discussion. Why is there such an emphasis on physical appearance? Men aren’t that shallow, or at least not all of them. But why does it feel like women are constantly objectified? Physical appearance shouldn’t have this much impact on our lives. I enjoyed this article and how it highlighted all the benefits of having a smaller chest. Who is to say big boobs or small boobs are better.

  19. Growing up I have always been self concious about my chest size and having a sister with double D’s doesn’t help. Shoping for clothing would be depressing because I always felt I was to small and I was embarrassed to shop for bras out of fear that I was being mocked for the size. Being a teenager isn’t easy, but adding body issues to the mix doesn’t help. This idea that people have for their bodies gets in the way of life at some points. I have stopped myself from talking to guys becasue I assumed that they wouldn’t even like me due to my chest size. I made myself feel lower than other girls with bigger boobs and I did not find myself attractive. Now that I am more comfortable with my body and accepted my small chest fate I am happier. I have realized how nice small breast are. I am able to wear just a sports bra while playing sports, where my bigger friends need to where two bras. Sleeping on my stomach doesn’t hurt, where my bigger friends complain. Over all I am now thankful for something I thought was a curse.

  20. I had smaller breasts as a young lady and now as I got older they got very large. I used to be a B cup and now I am a D cup. I will say it was much easier living life with a small bust. I have tried to reason this with my daughter. She has a smaller bust than even I did she is a “nearly B” cup. I know because I am always struggling to find her bras for Christmas so I settle on 34 B’s because if I bought her an A cup it’d be more damaging to her ego. She refused to even wear bras until she was a teen because she felt she was a boy because she had no breasts and found no point in it. As a teen she’d stuff her bras because kids made fun of her in the locker. She had a lot of self-esteem issues and still does. Now she wants breast surgery and is pretty adamant to get it. She went to a lactation consultant with my first grandbaby and found out she has some tubular breast deformity and now she is mortified and wants it gone. I don’t get why she just can’t leave it be. Her grandmother died of breast cancer and it scares me to think she might get these implants that can give her cancer. I wish more women would find the security they need in their small breasts and that this culture would stop focusing on big breasted women. Sometimes it is not healthy to have big breasts. I’d love to go back to my teen self and have my B cup back these things hurt my dang back! Love what you got!

  21. Muriithi Alafia

    Will we ever return to being a society of individual thinker? The speed at which we are moving toward relinquishing individual healthily choices is staggering. “Think[because] ,. . . it ain’t illegal, yet . . .” George Clinton

    I still have disappointing memories of Kris (name changed), an old coworker who I secretly admired in my old job. She was a natural red head, athletically built and always exhibited as sharp sense of wit, which accented her natural beauty. Sense I’m not familiar with cup size dimensions etc. , I’ll just say she was “flat-chested” and beautiful: mind and body. But, what could I do, but accept the change made by breast augmentation, after becoming engaged to tie the knot with a plastic surgeon? After all, “It was her body, and she could do whatever she pleases”, was my rationale.

    She once revealed to me, soon after her operation, without me asking or probing, that she was not sure that she had done the right thing. This impressed me. She was still a person of keen thought and observation. At least she had the presence of mind to question herself about what she was doing and why, even after the fact.

    In 2013, there were nearly 300,000 women, including teenagers who had surgery to have their breasts enlarged with silicone or saline for cosmetic reasons. There were only 100,00 breast silicone implants operations done because of breast cancer that same year.
    Cosmetic breast augmentation has tripled since 1997. Women should realize that there is no causation between strong lasting relationships and breast size.

  22. When I was young, I always had a problem with my breasts size. Compared to my friends I was the smallest. I was always self-conscious whenever I tried to dress up, and I was constantly changing clothes in order to look better. I finally decided to get a breast implant surgery, and now I feel much more confident and happy. I know that my boyfriend would love me either way but regardless of that fact, I wanted it for myself. I had always thought that having small breasts makes women less attractive but today I have a different mindset, and I admire people who respect and accept their body the way it is.

    • Thanks for chiming in on your experience. I’m glad you’re good with your decision but I think it’s sad that so many women feel like they must get their chests cut to be attractive. And the surgery needs to be redone every 10 years. And about a third of the time the surgery leads to a loss of breast sensation.

      So many of us don’t notice how often men vote small-breasted women as the sexiest — like Mila Kunis, Keira Knightley, Kate Middleton, Olivia Wilde, Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, Cameron Diaz… To name a few.

      The most attractive thing about a woman is confidence. And these women all exude that.

  23. Lynne Marie Studer Marx Powers

    Great Article Georgia. I love mine still. They have changed over the years. And working within the strip clubs a fair amount of my friends have had procedures, and no shame or blame. Can only speak for mine, and when I am able to work out I feel better over all. And they love to be worshiped and caressed often. The more play the better.

    It is about quality; and, not quantity, of stuff. And sadly, boobs are just stuff. People are important, and human beings are fragile. Enough idioms 00000 Have a great night.

  24. I must say that we can’t pick what size breast or waist or butt that we were born with. I believe that personality is what attracts one person to another. Looks can definitely help in a decision on whether you would like to date a specific person. I can’t believe that he admitted that to her about having small breast and that being the decision that made him think twice about marrying her. That made her feel inadequate. I think that even if you you are born with small breast you can definitely feel sexy and the persona and sexy feel or vibe you give off will be noticed by others. It was opposite for me because i used to want to be a model and, i have big breast and hips. I was told oh you can be a plus size model because of this but, that hurt my feelings. I believe no matter how you are born, you can pick something out on your body as say i wish this was like that. I know many guys i grew up with thought that petite women were perfect and the” model type “which made me feel bad and like I was not in their league.Also, it’s hard for me to fit certain shirts and clothing not to mention running or exercising. I understand i did not pick my body this is how i was born and i love me.

  25. Other than when I was breast-feeding I’ve always been an A cup, I like being small, it’s not a problem for me. I was a trained dancer so being small was always a blessing, and some of the bigger-breasted girls would have difficulties and say that they wished they were smaller. I think I got confidence in my body from this. It is a shame we can’t appreciate all shapes and sizes generally.

    If a man is focused on breast-size or any other appearance attribute, I wouldn’t want to go out with him. Us women might be happier if we began to appreciate being single and stop settling for men who don’t deserve us (same applies for men too) 😉

  26. I can totally relate to this post, and all the ladies who were brave enough to talk about their experiences. I, too have small breasts, and for the longest time I dreaded it, and would be so embarrassed, especially in high school. Almost all the girls were walking around with chests that developed during puberty, but I felt as if the puberty Gods, ignored me. All my friends have decent size chests, and even the women in my family. My mom always tried to make me feel better by saying she didn’t grow breasts until after she had her first child. Not much help, mom. All of high school, I felt as if I was missing that edge since I didn’t have large breasts. A few years later, when I got to my 20’s, I started to appreciate my body. After hearing stories of a few of my cousins trying to get breast reductions due to back pain, and not being able to sleep at night. I realized my small breasts were sort of a blessing. Like Jamie SC said about loving your small breasts, running and other physical activities are not much of a challenge because small breasts don’t get in the way. I still feel uncomfortable wearing two piece bikinis, but thanks to the gym and my motivation, I may be debuting a two piece this coming summer.

    • It’s too bad that our culture makes such a big deal about this. So much so that a lot of people don’t notice disconfirming data like all of the small breasted women who are named “super sexy.” Thanks for sharing your story about how you have come to appreciate your shape.

  27. Thanks for this, I come to love me as I am (small breasted) and am happy. We can still be sexy and I have to agree that small is much more sensitive and therefore rather amazing.

  28. I don’t have to wear a bra. Even at 50. How is that for advantage. And guys get to see that one of my nipples pokes its head out all the time, while the other one is drowsing. Joy all around.

  29. Stephanie Arevalo

    Personally I do not think that the fiancé should had said what he said. If he truly did think that then I think he should have kept it to himself. He obviously likes her for more than just that and for who she is, but that does not change anything for her. If someone I were engaged to said that to me I would be hurt. I would think that if he did not like that about me what else might he not like. Leading to me just being self conscious, and that is not how I would want my marriage to start of . I also thought that it was sad how the salesperson told her that she basically wouldn’t do the wedding dresses justice. Making her realize/ think that instead of the dress making her look gorgeous on her special day she had to make the dress look good.

    • And another problem with the fiancé telling her that he wasn’t all that excited about her small boobs is that women often get aroused by experiencing her partner is being turned on by her. (I’ll write more about that later) So it can be a huge sexual turnoff. And that could add to his problems after they get married.

      I’m always amazed at how so many guys think it’s okay to tell women this sort of thing, like the guy’s body is such a turn on for her?? (It’s not.) There’s a real double standard because women don’t get aroused by men’s bodies (rarely — that’s why Playgirl went bankrupt and why women don’t watch porn all that much, and when they do they’re more likely to focus on the girl’s body). Yet he thinks she’s GOT to have that effect on him?

  30. From the site you linked:

    ” Small breasts make you look like you weigh about 5-10lbs less than you do. ”

    Yes – as a large-breasted woman I look like the Titanic no matter what I wear.

    Also, back when I was a B-cup, one of the things I didn’t truly appreciate until I expanded to a DDD cup was the broad availability of cute bras in the B-cup size. They just seem to stop making cute bras once you get to a D-cup!

  31. it gives me hope for if my boobs ever shrink… nah I’m just kidding, I agree we should be able to love ourselves just the way we are.

  32. One should be happy the way they look. 😊

  33. I was waiting to know your views on this. Will show this to my cousin, the one I mentioned on your ‘large boob’ post..:-)

  34. Thank you for this! Petite girls need encouragement, too.

  35. Tall, slim, small boobs….. heaven 😀 ❤

  36. Smaller boob girl here. I’m sure that there are lots of guys that aren’t attracted to me because of my boob size (small b or large a) but the same can be said for guys that may not like my personality, hair, face, etc. We all have preferences and can overlook certain characteristics of a person or be attracted to others. The problem is when we think there is an ideal.

    There seems to be this crazy big butt craze going on where “the ideal” is big butts. Guys may have this picture in their mind what is the ideal but how many girls really fit this mold? I have female friends who have this unattainable ideal too and I have too. I’m old enough to realize what matters now and many of those physical characteristics just don’t matter but I still look when someone has that perfect build that my mind says wow.

    Interesting fact. Did you know the average porn star cup size is a b cup? So small boobs must be just as attractive for most guys just as much as the big ones. lol

    • Yeah, I did read that the average size of porn stars is a B-cup. Thanks for bringing that up. I think a lot of women who think that their breasts are too small would be really surprised to hear that.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  37. Yep – men love the breasts of the woman they love. It just doesn’t matter. I have small breasts, and I don’t wear clothes designed for large breasted women! Simple :). And, knowing plenty of women who have large breasts and all the trouble they cause, I know what I’d rather!

    • While having small breasts, myself, has led to certain problems that I noted above in another comment, I actually love being small breasted. There are all of the things that others have mentioned. And given what breasts mean symbolically in our culture, I think that my breast size fits my personality really well. And a part of me loves loving myself in defiance of the cultural ideal.

  38. I have to say, her fiance should never have said that, even if he does like big boobs. “Until her fiancé admitted that, as a “breast man,” he had hesitated proposing marriage for fear of, “sentencing himself to a long, if happy, life without gigantic gazongas.”

    He’s lucky she’s still with him. Until I read further, I was wondering if he’s the guy for her, since he kind of sounded like a d bag. He’s not what she envisioned, but judging from the article, it sounds like she never told him what she was thinking about him as she has enough compassion of her to not do that to him. He probably wouldn’t have been too fond of her saying she would have hesitated on accepting his proposal for fear of sentencing herself to a long if happy life with a non-tall, short man, non macho cowboy guy.

    It’s interesting how women take things, like her. Unfortunately it haunted her and made her self conscious for a bit, and maybe sad. And it’s interesting seeing from this how some women’s emotions go in that direction. As a dude, and a proud one, I’m more likely to be irritated than sad. I could be sad and it might not be good as I could throw away a relationship, but I could quickly think that a girl is not for me or not worthy of me if she pulls that bullshit. True everyone has their preferences, which is why I think it’s only fair to start out and go with your physical preference and then see if the man or women who fits or around your physical preference has the personality and attributes matched well with you and is a good person and clicks with you, so you would love him or her and be your long term pafrtner or future husband/wife.

    Me on the other hand, atleast It won’t keep me down or too long, though it would irritate me in another way, though I don’t know if defiant is better but atleast its not sad or something to haunt me like her. I’ll say it, I’m bald. I know there are women who prefer men with hair or like it, though many who like bald guys and many who don’t care and like both or it’s more about the guy than his hair or lack of hair. I’d be annoyed why a girl was with me in the first place if she preferred or liked guys with hair, but yet in some long relationship with me and had the nerve to say something like the man did to that woman. I like how people learn to “accept” each other looks if not prefered, but that’s kind of annoying too. Why should your body or looks be accepted? If they are, are you sure you’re with the right person and rather be with the person who doesn’t accept your body or looks, but found it very attractive and sexy all along and since they first saw you and things only got better from there as they knew you? Fortunately and unfortunately, my ego is too big to get sad, but think “yeah I don’t have hair, but many other girls, cute ones have found me attractive and cute”. “You fear yourself of a long life with a man with no hair?” “Well it could be worse and more likely a life with men with hair but who aren’t as good looking” lol. Just showing you the honesty or how it can be different I guess for women and some guys. I’m nice to an extent but be very honest with how I feel when, feeling disrespected.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. All I can say is that this is an issue that I have personally shared. And I have dealt with it in some of the same ways as these women. Basically I’ve found that it generally hasn’t been the issue that society makes it out to be. It’s helpful to notice all of the small breasted women who are widely thought to be very attractive — and voted so by many men. That said, there have been men who have been lacking in empathy and who have made their preference for big breasts clear to me. I found it a total turn off. Unable to find them attractive after that. And oddly there were things I didn’t like about them but I was compassionate enough not to say anything — at least before they showed a noticeable lack of empathy, themselves. (Then I wondered why I had tried to shield their feelings.) But also, I did find it more difficult to have sexual fantasies after realizing how the culture worshiped big breasts — and before I realized how many small breasted women actually were considered attractive by men. But I have written about my problems with sexual repression before and I’m certain that our cultural worship of big breasts has contributed to my lack of sexual feelings. An issue I have worked to overcome, and made some gains, but still struggle with.

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