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Care-Less Sex  

Couldn't care less sex

Couldn’t care less sex

Hook-up sex should be careless. You’re not supposed to:

  • carefully think about whether to have sex
  • choose your partner carefully
  • care for your partner

Ideally, you could care less in hook-up culture, says sociologist, Lisa Wade, who has studied sex on college campuses.  Read the rest of this entry

Hooking Up Is Fun. Or Dull. Or Painful 

Hooking up can be dull or painful. If it's about male superiority.

Hooking up can be dull or painful. If it’s about male superiority.

Some people like hooking up.

But it can be dull, or even painful – when it’s used to create male superiority.

Hooking up is painful

Kristy was making out with a guy, debating how far she wanted to go, when he stood up and ordered, “Get down on your knees.”

She froze. Read the rest of this entry

Sex minus Emotion; Emotion minus Sex

hookupsThe Modern Love College Essay Contest of 2008, sponsored by the New York Times, found students grappling with hookup culture: sex without emotion. Three years later students struggled with the opposite issue: intense emotional relationships that were devoid of sex because they were online.

The strategies seem to be complete opposites. Yet they hold similarities.  Read the rest of this entry

Hookup Sex Less Pleasurable

1292393586_95218200Men are more likely to climax in committed relationships. And women are twice as likely to reach orgasm in serious relationships, compared with hookup sex.

Maybe that’s because partners are more likely to know what the other likes, through both communication and practice. They’re also less likely to have performance anxiety. And, they are less likely to be drunk. That always helps. Meanwhile, love can add a rich vein of emotional connectedness.

So it’s not so surprising that 70% of women and 73% of men in college say they want relationships over hookup sex.

The whole phenomenon doubles down when it comes to women, though. An NYU study found only 40% of women climaxing during their last sexual hookup, while 80% of men did.

It may all be due to nurture more than nature. Read the rest of this entry

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