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Trump Voters (Unwittingly?) Mainstreaming Racism

Photo shared on Facebook that questions who’s more wrong: racists who want to kill and who have killed? Or people against racism.

I never thought any friends of mine would defend Nazis.

Now, by “friends” I’m talking about Facebook friends who I haven’t actually met in person.

I “met” these folks when they responded to posts I made during the 2016 Presidential race. They were Trump supporters and I engaged because I was trying to figure out why they liked him.

The one thing we did agree on is that our government serves the interests of the elite over ordinary citizens.

But after last weekend’s clash between racists and anti-racists in Charlottesville, Virginia my Facebook feed contained posts that said, basically:

The media’s ignoring violence done by the left.

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We Get Poisoned Air, Water So Big Oil Can Profit

Welcome to Flint, and poisonous drinking water.

Welcome to Flint, and poisonous drinking water.

As we abandon the Paris Climate Accord and dismantle the EPA Big Oil and Big Coal make more money.

But the rest of us suffer.

  • Kids can’t play outside
  • We may have to wear a mask
  • Drinking water isn’t drinkable
  • Local lakes and rivers catch fire
  • Some die from damaged lungs
  • And more…

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