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Are Republicans Cracking Up?


There’s talk that the Grand Old Party might not live past 2016.

Because contradictions are arising within the party. Read the rest of this entry

Why Fight Against Your Interests?

False consciousness: any belief or view that prevents a person from being able to understand the true nature of a situation.

False consciousness: a belief that prevents understanding the true nature of a situation.

Why would anyone fight against their own interests?

Some folks have filed suit because it is soooo horrible that they are being offered a tax subsidy that would make health insurance affordable for them. (Supreme Court decision due this month).


But wait, There’s more:

  • I saw a Tea Partier get on a bus to push legislation that would help the billionaire Koch brothers, but hurt his middle-class family. He forlornly said that it had to be done.

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Must We Subsidize Walmart?

living wageAs we do our shopping this holiday season, let’s ask this question:

Is a living wage a good thing?

  • Do higher wages cost jobs because businesses fire workers?
  • Or, do higher wages create spending? Leading to more sales and profits and a stronger economy?
  • And will a living wage usher in a $10 hamburger?

First, stop worrying about $10 dollar burgers. Read the rest of this entry

Vote to Lower Your Wages

RIP American middle-class

RIP American middle-class

A lot of folks are voting Republican this November in frustration with stalled wage growth.

Yet Democrats voted for — and Republicans voted against:

  • Projects to build and repair roads, bridges and schools — which create good-paying jobs
  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Equal pay for women
  • Union-friendly bills — which pressure nonunion companies to raise wages, too

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