Donald Trump’s Sexist, Racist Appeal

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

More than 40% of Republicans have favored Donald Trump for President at some point.

Some despite his sexism and racism. They’re just fed up with establishment politicians who are so busy serving wealthy interests (thanks $ in politics!) that they often ignore their middle-class and working-class voters. I get it!

But others appear to be drawn to his bigotry.

Why is that?


“The Donald” started out anti-black, joining the “birther” cry against the nation’s first black President. “Not born in America!”

Then he promised to build a wall to keep Mexicans out.

Now he’s vowing to keep Muslims out. (Which could backfire by alienating and radicalizing Muslims who are already here.)

Donald Trump giving the finger, sort of.

Trump giving the finger, sort of.

We once put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, so we needn’t fret over civil liberties, he says. Thereby alienating Asian-Americans. And scaring most of the rest of us.

Plus, women are worthless if they aren’t “10s.” And their bodily functions are disgusting!

He’s got the neo-Nazi vote. And the KKK.

What’s the appeal of racism and sexism?

The last few years have seen a restructuring of the global economy that is squeezing the middle-class.

As we redistribute wealth from the middle-class to the rich via outsourcing, offshoring, union-busting, a low minimum wage, and technology replacing workers… and tax the wealthy at lower rates than middle-class Americans (tax shelters, or 15% capital gains at one point)…for instance, almost all of the economic gains of the past few decades have gone to the top 1%.

Top 1% income versus the rest of us

Top 1% income versus the rest of us

People are scared.

The ground feels unstable.

Many are backing candidates who say they will stop, or at least limit, that redistribution upwards — whether without the bigotry (Sanders/Clinton) or despite the bias (Trump).

Others are actually drawn to Donald’s racism and sexism. They seem to be desperately trying to hold onto the solid ground of the past — complete with all its “isms.”

Plus, some of the powers that be — who benefit from wealth redistributing upwards — fund think tanks that create racist, sexist messages to distract people from the real source of their problems. And which divide them — keeping people of all colors and genders from uniting around their economic interests.

As an added bonus, when you are feeling down you can at least look even further down on those who have historically sat beneath you: women, Muslims, Mexicans, blacks…

…Instead of joining together to demand a part of the profits that we help to create. And thereby strengthening the middle-class.

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  1. I do not understand middle-class, conservatives and their rationalization for voting Trump into office. I also don’t understand how any woman could justify his sexist behavior and still vote this person to be our leader. Trump continues to sexualize women and treat them as objects. He has defunded Planned Parenthood and taken fundamental resources from lower-class women. The fact that our country voted this man to be our President just reaffirms the patriarchy that still exists in the United States. Many men and women do not think that our country can be efficiently run by a woman president. With all the progress our country has made for women and the LGBTQ community, his actions and rhetoric have only set us backward.
    The United States is a scary place right now and having a leader that uses people of color as scapegoats does not help our situation. The POTUS in power should bring the middle-class communities together instead of ripping them apart. I am looking forward to the upcoming election and I’m interested to see if the country still thinks Trump is the best person for the job.

  2. I feel like Donald Trump has been such a entertainment to politics and people in general. He has brought out all the racists people that were hidden and has been a huge motive for people to go out and actually vote in this election. His racists remarks and how people don’t understand how his thinking process is wrong makes me cringe about our future. We are in a generation where rapists are getting away from rape, and women are constantly sexualized and Trump isn’t helping the situation. It’s such a change from seeing Obama as president, and how he had so much respect towards his wife, daughters, and women in general.

    I am one of the Dreamers that benefitted from the Dream Act that Obama passed. I feel like putting that power in Trump’s hands to destroy something that has not only benefitted us but also benefit America in general is very scary. I feel like every undocumented immigrant is terrified for this elections because it feels like we are so useless, we can’t vote but we can only advocate. I keep pushing my friends to go and vote, to go vote for me as silly as that sounds but it’s definitely true. Trump’s plans for the wall are out of hand, to separate the U.S from Mexico like if that’s going to stop illegal immigration.

  3. Donald Trump. Where do I start? Well first off I would like to say that I do not want him as my President. He is a racist, sexist, jerk. He has no shame in anything he says about the people of this world. He wants to build a wall to stop immigrants coming here from Mexico but expects them to build it? Ridiculous, Hispanic people work for everything they have and I know this because I am Hispanic and nothing my family or I own was handed to us. We worked for it. People that are immigrants have lived here for 20+ years and he just wants to send them back to a place they worked so very hard to stay away from is wrong. He has a horrible way of speaking about women. He has no respect for anyone other than himself. I believe that what he says he plans to change once he becomes president is BS. He is just saying what Americans want to hear in order to gain their vote, and IF he is elected all of that will not happen. I am scared to see what this world will turn to when he find out who our new president is..
    From The scared American Civilian.

  4. With all due respect and consideration allow me to be the devil’s advocate for a moment. As an independent and a non-Trump nor anti-Trump supporter allow me to share my thoughts. Although many comments he made/makes are insulting towards woman and others his actions are to the contrary. He hires woman on an equal stance like his daughter Ivanka Trump and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. It’s more bark than bite. With other politician the bark isn’t there but before you turn around your limbs are gone, with Trump however he talks tough but at the end he’s fair.

  5. Savannah Owens

    I think Donald Trump’s political success thus far says a lot about our country. When people feel unstable and insecure, they tend to gravitate towards institutions that have strict rules and policies. By joining theses hierarchical, law-based institutions such as fundamentalist religions or conservative political campaigns, unstable people begin to feel a sense of direction and safety. I think the political and economic crisis’s our country is facing has led our population to feel unstable and insecure about our government. Because of this, more people are willing to vote for a more conservative, strongly opinionated, and bigoted presidential candidate. People believe that Donald Trump’s confidence, financial success, strength, and “no bullshit” mentality will bring about the change they so desperately are seeking. In reality he is no more than a bigot who is separating minority groups so they cannot ban together and rise above oppression. Donald Trump’s large fan base also tells me that racism, sexism, and homophobia is alive and well in America.

    • His biggest appeal is only to a small minority of the country — only about 15%. But if people end up with a choice between him and a Democrat, I’m not sure how many people will choose him. (I read that if he becomes the candidate, then very Republican Utah will go Democratic — that’s hopeful.)

  6. In the article, “Donald Trump’s Sexist, Racist Appeal,” expresses the Donal Trump’s promise and opinions. A lot of times, I think that if Donald Trump become the president of the USA, the world will be messy. I think that kicking out illegal immigrants of the USA is good, but he is a racist. I learned that USA is a diverse country, so a lot of people want to immigrate to USA to success life, so they do the blue collar work more than American people. Also, a lot of international students come to USA for studying. Some students fret over their right if he become president.
    Moreover, he is sexist. He said that women are worthless if they aren’t “10’s.” And their bodily functions are disgusting! I really doubt that how he can be a president and why the percent of people who supported him is more than 40% of Republicans. He is a father and husband of his own family before famous celebrated Donald Trump. He’s wife is a woman, and his daughter is a woman, are they worthless for him ? Every body who has right of vote, they should think about the Donal Trump’s personality and the future of USA.

  7. Trump’s supporters are generally a single brand of person, an upper middle class(or richer) white person, most commonly men. He says things that they are afraid of saying, but are always thinking in their heads. They see someone so rich and influential, and they suddenly feel like it’s okay to think those racist and misogynistic thoughts they had, and they place Donald Trump on a pedestal as their leader. Donald Trump is disgusting in so many ways, without a single good thing to come out of his mouth, and yet I can hear praise for him everywhere. People praise him for “being blunt” and “not being afraid to say things” but are the things that he says right? He wants to “return” all Hispanic people to Mexico, whether or not they are actually from Mexico. In what world is that a good idea? In what world would that help a country? Trump’s ideas are comparable to those of Adolf Hitler’s, and that is not an overstatement. If Trump were to become president, I can only weep for this country.

    • It’s pretty scary. And actually his supporters tend to be working-class whites. They are feeling a lot of fear and insecurity due to global economic changes and are taking their rage out on women and people of color — I guess they like feeling superior to SOMEONE!

  8. Donald Trump is running on scapegoat politics. He targets minority groups, like Mexican immigrants, and blames them for all of the socioeconomic issues of America. Trump, alike many of his Republican candidates, utilizes fear as a way to draw in supporters. Whether it be ISIS, illegal immigrants, gay marriage, women’s rights, etc. there is always some existential threat to the integrity of the United States. Unfortunately this is nothing new. Republicans have been using this strategy for decades to fear monger and instill panic in the people of the US to ultimately gain support for their political agenda. Trump, however, is extremely good at it. His disregard of political correctness and the confident manner in which he spews his lies contrast the reserved and calculated manners of other candidates in the republican primary. His appeal comes from his business ‘success’ (which was beautifully picked apart by John Oliver) and the absolute disregard for political correctness that many Americans find appealing.

  9. I think that the reason so many people find Trump so intriguing is that he speaks his mind. We are always taught to speak our minds and to say what we mean, but when what you have in your mind and if what you mean to do is hurt others for no apparent reason other than to make them feel bad and get a few jokes out of it that is just wrong. Most people thought that Trump was a fun joke to begin with so they joked about Trump for president and said they would vote for him, but what they didn’t realize is that when you pay so much attention to someone they become more powerful and what they say and do becomes more influential. That is why celebrities donate to certain charity or advertise for certain brands. We give them the power and the fame to use their influence to market something to us whether that be a product, charity, or the vote for the presidency. Where I can understand how Trump gained his influence and power I still do not understand how when people saw exactly who he is and what he will do to this country if elected why they still support him. When you have the backing of the Neo-Nazi party and the KKK as well as being called the modern day Hitler I would think that it would raise some red flags in people’s minds. I also think it is interesting how people are calling Trump the modern day Hitler. If we look at the beginnings of Hitler’s political career it matches up pretty well with that of Trumps. Hitler wanted to make a stronger better Germany and on of Trumps slogans is “let’s make America Great again” both of the men seem to have good intentions to some. Both men also took advantage of the fact that a lot of their respective populations are not happy with the government or the way that the country is working socially. Because both of these men knew that they could prey on people who wanted change and were unhappy they are able to make statements that would normally not be accepted by the country but because of the turmoil that is happening in the times of the elections it make them seem strong and powerful and when a country feels weak and like it need a drastic change from the old regime it makes a lot of sense that this type of candidate would be appealing to a number of people.

  10. LOL! Obama has been one of the biggest,most divisive presidents in history…but I guess he gets a pass from you on his racebaiting/racism. and anti-semitism huh…when he leaves office history will look back at his time and he will be remembered for the smoking and burning buildings in Ferguson,MO and Baltimoore,MD which HE and his attorney general helped to ignite with their irresponsible rederick….I think you and most liberals seriously underestimate the discontent and anger of white America and that anger is justified…no offense but its the truth.Oh and the people above who will move out of the country,good riddance feel free to self-deport you will save the U.S. taypayer plent of $ anyway…

    • I know that a lot of working-class and middle-class whites are upset. And they have a very good reason to be.

      But before I get to that I must say that I can’t think of anything that Barack Obama has done that has been divisive. The things you are talking about have to do with racist behaviors. Not President Obama.

      Many whites are fearful because we are losing our middle-class. And that is because powerful interests have been working very hard to — successfully — make sure that all of the increase to GDP over the last 40 years has gone to the top 1%.

      And then they distract the working class and the middle-class from their sins by blaming people of color. Which has the added bonus of dividing the less powerful (working-class whites, Blacks, Hispanics).

      See this: Vote to Help the Rich, Hurt Yourself

  11. Angela Barragan

    I don’t understand, how a man who puts blame on Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Asians and god knows who else for all the problems the US has, would ever be nominated to be our next President. The person that all Americans are to look up to and feel a sigh of relief when his name is pronounced. I for one do not feel and will not feel this way if this “man” were to win. And the way he expresses himself toward women is quite disgusting and insulting. For possibly the next Republican candidate to the White House, to describe women as “pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals” has got to be the most abusive thing a man can say about a women. He, who states to cherish all women is full of crap. I understand the American people are tired of how our country has been of lately with all the wars, crime waves and most of all the economy decline but this should not be the reason to vote for a man, just because he paints a nice picture of a make belief world.

    • So far only about 15% of the American electorate is drawn by — or despite — Donald Trump’s racism and sexism. But that’s about half of the Republican Party primary voters. So that’s the good news. I’m hoping that this sort of talk will backfire enough that people will wise up in the future.

  12. That he appeals to so many makes me get on a whole new level what this country has come to– my only consolation is that his nomination should send Democrats to the poll in droves. If he does win, I’ve already told my husband that we are moving out of the country.

  13. Donald Trump is a microcosm of our nation in many ways. As a nation, we are sick and tired of our politicians pandering to large corporations and the super-rich; while ignoring the poor and middle class once elected into office. So I have some sympathy for the majority of the Trump supporters. Mr. Trump most famous line while on the campaign trail is, “politically correctness is what’s killing our nation.” This is kind of funny, because it’s better to be politically correct then completely wrong in many ways. It’s kind of scary that Donald Trump is most likely to win the general election for the republicans. Trump always brings up his business acumen in his campaign speeches, but I just watched a fascinating piece by ESPN. It highlights the beginning and end of the USFL and how it was destroyed by Donald Trump. The piece is called, “Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?” Thanks for the post.

  14. The point made about how people are scared about all profits going to the 1% and the shrinking middle class being reasons why people are voting for Trump makes a lot of sense. In class you mentioned how when times are chaotic and people seek stability, they often turn to more conservative values, which seems to be what is happening when people are drawn to Trump.

  15. I simply do not understand the Republican Party at all ~ we do need a wake-up call here in the States, and I think this election cycle is going to be a loud one. Sigh…

    • I’m hoping we can get beyond the middle school food fight. This is just insane!

      • Isn’t it something else. I thought it funny at the end of last year…but now it really says something about the state of mind of politics (and Americans in general).

      • I like to remind myself that it’s just 40% of Republicans, And republicans are around 30% of Americans. So his strong appeal is to only about 15% of US. And even some of them say that they don’t want him to actually be President. But the whole process is making us all look ridiculous.

  16. Another great post, Georgia,

    As for Trump’s appeal, I don’t think it’s mainly anti-establishment, but the conservative base loving his bombast, his condescending in-your-face-ism, and his not being tied to Wall Street financial institutions. They think his wealth makes him untouchable. The problem is, Trump is wall street personified, and even more tied to those financial institutions than any other candidate. After all, I’m quite sure he doesn’t stuff his money in his mattress and he doesn’t beg friends for loans for his projects. He deals with banks.

    Having said that, I do like his honesty in telling the public that he plays the tax system and squirms through every loophole he can find. It is astonishing that such admissions do not dent the admiration the far right has for him. And, speaking of the far right, a great many do not even care about his obvious ignorance of the Bible and lack of religious devotion.

    I think that if the problem were simply anger against the establishment for not bringing about a better world for the conservative base, they would be demanding some details on how Trump would handle the economy. They don’t–at least I haven’t heard such demands. So, I think it is his theatrics, the surface glitter and emotional rhetoric.

    This reminds me of Plato. Fed up with Athenian politics, he lamented long ago that neither oligarchy nor democracy were suitable political systems to bring about social justice.

    Oligarchy, he said, brings about the social injustice of a ruling, wealthy elite whose primary concern are their own appetites (close to what we in the U.S. have now, thanks to conservatives). But democracy brings about social injustice as well, because ordinary people have no understanding of how to manage the complexities of government, and as a consequence of their intellectual deficiency, they were easily deceived by the emotional rhetoric of self-serving politicians. Sound familiar?

    Not much has changed in the past ~2400 + years.

    • Yeah, democracy is the worst political system — except for all of the others.

      And really we have turned from a democracy to a plutocracy — with money in politics buying legislation — legalized bribery. But that only works because the average voter is uninformed.

      I think that I addressed part of the problem but not the whole problem in terms of Trumps appeal.

      The middle class and working-class are getting squeezed and scared and they’re looking for a savior. A bully who can set things “right” by force of will. And Trump seems to have the disposition.

      But yeah has talked about specific things that many of these voters worry about — China and Mexicans, who they fear are taking their jobs. And many of them fear affirmative action which aids women and people of color. The Trump voters think that women and people of color get an unfair advantage, Not realizing that it’s really about leveling the playing field. But that gets the racism and sexism going. Which the moneyed interests stoke in order to divide the less powerful, and distract from problems caused by the elite.

  17. People are tired of status quo. I can’t stand trump, but I can’t stand Hillary either and am not for Sanders views. And Cruz is a nut job too, so it’s leaving very little options now. It’s too bad, because ironically probably the smartest candidate, Jeb Bush has bowed out, but he just was not a good speaker. Despite the short circuiting and not really fond of him, I’m hoping it’s Rubio at the end, Because I can’t stand trump, clinton, Cruz and while I don’t hate sanders, we’re going to be taxed to death under sanders plan.

    • It probably won’t surprise you that I am for Hillary. But I also like Sanders. I’m curious to see the numbers on his plan. When it comes to healthcare even if we are taxed at a higher rate we will probably spend less money out of pocket for healthcare if we went with his plan. That’s because you wouldn’t need the insurance companies, And $.20 on the dollar typically goes to them. Whereas Medicare has only $.03 on the dollar for overhead. And it’s cheaper to do maintenance healthcare — insulin or antibiotics for instance, than to treat someone when they are at deaths door — like kidney failure. European countries spend more money on taxes for healthcare but they still spend less money overall on healthcare, And yet have better health outcomes.

      On free education, I’m not so sure about the numbers. And I think it should be more need-based assistance.

      But I think that more money should go there than corporate welfare, Like bolstering the oil industry.

      • His ideas I don’t think will work, I think they are idealistic. He’s going to have Wall street pay for this? That’s not going to happen, Corporations win, and his effort will backfire and we the people will pick up the costs as usual. And I’m bothered though, that feminists want hillary, which feels like because she’s a woman. I’d like to see a woman be a president, and like more female candidates come up that are women, than just hillary and carly that was there. But I don’t like Hillary and I do not Trust her at all. You trust her? I know you can’t really trust politicians in general, but let’s not forget the previous stuff, but there’s still a possibility of her being indicted for her email and still more coming up.

        And when I hear her, it feels like I’m listening to a used car salesmen, something deceitful. I guess it’s semantics. But yeah trump lies, but it’s like so outlandish and seeing other’s bullshit is not good. But it’s like how people don’t like you talking crap to their face, but more people dislike you saying good about them to their face and then talking crap behind their back. There’s something “behind your back thing” about her. And then she wants the kids who aren’t doing well and others to have free college, so basically us middle class hard workers not only have enough to pay for, but not paying taxes for people not handling thijngs themslevs. Where’s her plan, or so many times sanders and clinton and liberals focus on that, but neglect the middle class or it effects us.

        Still haven’t seen things and what in my opinion should be top priority first is careers and jobs and student loan costs, and college for hard working, decent people just trying to get to class and not burdened by loans and get that career after school. Many students are not working at their career or burdened by loans and working at a regular job because they never could get into their career and this job they never needed a degree. It’s just depressing. Bernie wants free college, but I don’t know if anyone is entitled to a free college and then if so, things don’t work that way. He can say what he wants but middle class will be paying for that of course. I mean if Bernie and Hillary want to pay it themselves then that’s fine, I think they should since they keep on offering these things to help, that the middle class has to pick up the bill for. And then let’s not forget she’s not even you’re liberal lady too, she plays that, but I believe I’ve read in the past she’s been tied to Wall street and corporate. So kind of two faced. Don’t want her sneaky untrust worthy self. I really hope it doesn’t come down to trump vs clinton because I don’t want either. I don’t care for Sanders, but rather have it Sanders vs Rubio at the end if that’s the case.

      • I’m for Hillary — and excited about electing the first woman president. But being female isn’t enough to get me to vote for her. I would never vote for Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, or a host of others.

        A lot of people don’t trust her because of the emails and because she is calibrated in how she speaks. But that comes from a history of saying something and some tiny little thingies said gets blown out of proportion, so she’s very careful.

        I’m for her because she and Sanders come closest to sharing my worldview. But she has more experience than any candidate, And when I have watched the debates she is the only one who even looks presidential to me. On experience she has been Secretary of State, a US Senator, and she has been in the White House before — where she talked about the steep learning curve you go through. Put it all together and I don’t think there is anyone who is more qualified to take the reins of government.

  18. Donald Trump is very outspoken with his strong opinions, prejudices and beliefs, some of which are controversial because they appear mean-spirited, racist and sexist. He is also considered a narcissist. His behavior is tolerable by the Republican because many of them are men and they are the same way as him. Men see women as sex objects period, and this has been passed on from one generation to another. Media and advertisements have always used women as their marketing tool, selling their products with women as sex objects, scantily clad, and men are used to seeing that. However Donald Trump seems to be over the top when it comes to objectification of women. He says a lot of offensive things about women and a lot of other things, but mostly women. Donald Trump makes a lot of sexist remarks on different women without apology. He should be not be invited to any women’s pageants because he can’t hold his tongue and he verbally degrades women in a sexually abusive manner, depicting them as sex objects only. He is the worse of them all.

  19. This topic hits close to home for me personally. My father is an extremely conservative, middle class, business owning, white male, which has made him the perfect candidate for the Republican Party and Donald Trump. My father comes from a generation of racism and gender inequality, being born in 1950, but I had never noticed it until recently with this election. He has never told me that I couldn’t do something because I am a girl, has let me make my own path with my own beliefs etc., but he pauses and fast forwards through women sports presenters, doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, and sometimes says a racist remark. I honestly believe he doesn’t think he is being racist. He thinks what he is doing is normal and that every thinks the way he does, and should think the way he does.
    Trump has reeled my father in with his drama, his charisma, and his crazy. His total lack of caring who he hurts and how makes him seem strong and in power, but it is a character flaw. Trump has become the candidate many want to get behind because of his extreme ideals. While many politicians tiptoe around problems, Trump does not. He seems like an all powerful white male and he has appealed to people like my father—-growing more and more out of control without his supporters even noticing.

  20. I am still very shocked that so much of America supports Donald Trump. He is a very openly prejudice and racist individual. Unfortunately I believe this is why so many people admire him, a lot of America is mistaking his racism for boldness. They believe he is the only politician that is willing to speak the “truth”. When in reality he is the only politician that is willing to openly slander his opponents about personal things. He has little to no opinion on actual political positions of his opponents, he only speaks that he doesn’t like it, or mentions that its “stupid” to him. And it seems to be that America is thriving on this, they are seeing a politician that doesn’t care what people think, and America is loving it. Although he seems popular now, I do believe that majority does have to do with the fact that media is having a frenzy with covering every angle of Trump. I do believe that once the he and a democrat are head to head it will show that he is in fact not as popular as media is making him seem to be.

  21. What’s happening in American politics is despicable. You’ve eloquently made the case against Trump but look at the others. I try to convince myself that these reactionaries unleashed don’t really reflect the opinions of most Americans and that there is no chance of a President Trump or Cruz. But maybe they do. That’s even more frightening.

    • Luckily in head-to-head matchups both Clinton and Sanders beat him handily (right now).

      The frustrated voters are split into two camps. Those who are drawn to authoritarian bullies are going with Trump. Those who are drawn more to equality instead of domination are going with Sanders.

      As I mentioned to someone else, I’ve heard a couple of Trump voters say that they don’t actually even want him to be President. It’s a protest vote. But like I said to her, a pretty risky one.

  22. Bigotry is spreading thick and fast. In our country, too. And, the bigots speak exactly in the same way as Trump! They remain same worldwide…

    • Yeah, I think because the global economy is getting scarier, so people are getting more scared, and looking to a “strong(wo)man” to save them. Hate to say but it’s reminiscent of post World War I Germany.

      And part of the problem is because the elites are taking everything for themselves, and leaving crumbs for everyone else.

      So are they fine with what’s happening? Or does that scare them too? Because it does seem to be a reaction.

  23. Honestly, it baffles me that people would want to vote for somebody so ignorant and prejudice as Donald Trump. He terrifies me and I don’t think he will make a good leader. Especially when it comes to foreign affairs, because I don’t see him getting along with other countries’ leaders. And I’ve seen so many Trump supporters on Facebook who are just as terrifying and cruel. I’m afraid that, if Donald Trump becomes president, these supporters of his will use him as an excuse to be as mean and vicious as they want to be. It would make them believe it is okay to be openly racist and sexist, and the country will start to go backwards on all the progress that it has made. Instead of mentioning ways to improve the country, all he seems to do is insult every other candidate. He even called Hillary Clinton “disgusting” for using the bathroom. As if women are not people and they are strange just for having to use the bathroom. People might be attracted to what he has to say because he “speaks the truth,” according to his supporters, but the “truth” does not have to be so viciously constructed. There is definitely a way, many ways actually, to be honest to American citizens and also improve the country at the same time.

  24. Scapegoating, the oldest trick in the book.

  25. He’s basically preying on people’s fears. It’s a classic politician move. Find a scapegoat for the countries problems and say you’ll fix it. The thing is that the part that needs fixing is Donald’s buddies in the super-rich demographic

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    Bigots should not be welcome in PARLIAMENT.

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