Blondes: Picky as Men Who Prefer them?

Jayne Mansfield, blonde bombshell

Jayne Mansfield, blonde bombshell

I’m still regarded a libidinous lad by a lot of (especially buxom blonde) ladies, so this muscular, boyishly handsome 5’8 black 58-year-old ALMOST ALWAYS ogles well-endowed women because I’m proud to be considered an aging lad!!!! How ’bout it, girls?

That’s one of the more colorful comments I’ve received from “Lusty” (part of his moniker). It’s lightly edited to include all the vital stats he’s provided over time.

Since Lusty has voiced his buxom blonde penchant on numerous occasions, I asked:

Do you think buxom blondes are as picky as you?

“Well, maybe,” he replied,

But as long as I can remember, I’ve been captivated by bosomy women — white, black, Latina, etc. — but buxom blondes are my faves.

Little wonder, since they are regularly presented as the most prized by our society — though the preference has been moving toward “racially ambiguous” (meaning you can’t tell what race the woman is). Still, most starlets today embody Lusty’s preference.

Sooo many men desire buxom blondes and think they’re “the best.” But if BB’s are similarly restricted in their preferences (and why not, when they’ve got so much to choose from) then few men would seem to stand a chance. I say:

It just doesn’t seem to occur to a lot of men that snobbery can run both ways, leaving them out of the running, too.

I suspect that narrow notions of beauty benefit few (mostly corporations that sell products by making people feel bad about themselves).

But when only some are esteemed, everyone else ends up feeling deprived and frustrated. Women, because they don’t fit the narrow notions, and men, because they can’t have the limited number of women who do.

Meanwhile fabulous people, who may be a much better match, and who could please us more, end up out in the cold.

And that leaves too many lonely and lacking deep satisfaction.

Instead of running about like lemmings, led around by society’s dictates, why not find beauty in the varieties of women and men around us?

And in the men and women we are actually with?

This is a rerun. I’m on vacation.

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  1. I have also heard of cases where a woman is so pretty that she starts viewing herself as a trophy and then tries to find the perfect male trophy who has equal worth as her. But these type of thoughts, remind me of classical fairy tales. A lot of fairy tales feature a naive young woman, often said to be unaware of her charm or beauty, but only the prince can get her since he’s the best in the land. Only in the modern era, this seems to shift to a woman who is well aware of her looks and is still looking for the best. This reminds me of something that I studied in Sociology , where it is said that there is how we perceive ourselves which influences how others see us. This is the way , humans tend to find partners , we only tend to pair up with someone who is equal to us. This is maybe, why a lot of people tend to marry right after college.

  2. Jayne Manfield’s daughter Mariska Hargitay is way better looking then her mother ever was imo.I think she is like 51 and still looks quite good.

    brunettes > blondes

  3. Also think that when we focus so much on the surface we don’t really see the person- I’ve known people who’ve fit such ideals and they can be the loneliest cuz they are seen but not really seen. Love doesn’t live on the surface and neither do real connections.

    • Thanks for bringing that up. I was reading about one woman who was pretty much “Perfect” but who had a hard time connecting with her partners because they didn’t see her as a person. They saw her as some prized object. So it ends up not working for hardly anyone, does it?

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