Is a C Cup Too Small??? !

cup sizeI read somewhere that most women who want breast augmentation ask for a C cup. But an awful lot of surgeons convince them to get D’s. Or the doctors simply give them a bigger size than they had asked for.

Denise Richards, actress, model and one of Charlie Sheen’s ex’s, said that when she was 19 years old a doctor put in bigger implants than she’d asked for.

Actress, Tara Reid, has a similar story:

I was 34B, but the right one was always bigger than the left. He gave me C’s, and I didn’t want them. At all.

Another woman wanted a breast reduction and lift. Her doctor mostly did “lift”

I told the surgeon to make me a full B/small C. I also told him to use his judgement though… I wish I had gone smaller. He did a lot of lifting, not so much reducing.

Florence Williams, who wrote Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, saw a plastic surgeon as part of her research. She thought she was just fine. He encouraged her to go bigger:

It was really bizarre and funny. I always thought my breasts were sort of perfectly fine. I kind of went in there thinking, “Oh, he’s gonna tell me that, ‘Congratulations, your breasts are fine,’ because he’s this great judge of breasts and presumably he’s seen all these incredible deformities.” I walk in there and take off my robe and he squeezes me and squishes me and pulls out a measuring tape and gives his final pronouncement, “Well, let me just say you would be a perfect candidate for augmentation.” I had to just crack up. So much of that industry is about the soft sell — they’re just so good at making women think that they’re not good enough the way they are.

So why do so many doctors try to convince women that they would be happier with a bigger cup size than they are, or than they want? Or simply go ahead and make women’s breasts bigger than they want?

Well, if a D cup starts to seem like the norm then women who are a C cup and below — almost all women — just might start thinking they are too small. Then demand for plastic surgery goes way up – along with surgeons’ salaries.

Seems to be working. At least with a lot of ladies.

I googled “C cup is too small” and here’s what I found:

MEN! Is C cups too small? – Yahoo Answers

I Am Currently a Very Small C Cup and I Want a Full C

A “C”-cup is NOT too small! – AnandTech Forums

What? Is a C cup considered small these days? – Sexuality …

At least one man answered:

Good god no woman!

And another opined,


Agreed. Stop the insanity!

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  1. Breasts shouldn’t be the main attraction to what men see in women. Breast’s sizes shouldn’t be the main focus for women to attract men. They should only focus on the men that see what they truly are about. For example if they see that a man gives them something because they really like them and want to spend more time with her there’s a chance he’s not interested in her breast size or body figure. It means he truly wants to get to know her for who she is. Breast enlargements have been getting more recognized because of all the women who have insecurities getting them done. Or women reducing their size because their breasts are to big. Breast sizes shouldn’t be judged by anyone. Not every woman have big breasts. The size shouldn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s a women’s body to decide what she really wants to do with it.

  2. Lesley Miranda

    I find it kind of interesting how hard it is to become confident in our own unique bodies. Reading this kind of gave me the chills in thinking about what is too big or too small instead of asking what makes you happy or how can you get happy with what you have? I think many times we like to get advice from those with more experience in the field and so we tend to listen to the doctor because “they know what’s best for us,” I totally disagree. I know what’s best for me especially in my own body. As a girl who is average, pear shaped and has DD, I have always wanted to go smaller, but probably never would. I really try to get bras that are not padded because I do not really enjoy having attention on my breasts. I don’t believe that breasts should be sexualized but our society tells us it is. I know that some girls like to wear push up bras, when they feel like their breasts are too small, but sometimes I wonder if they think it’s too small or if it’s society telling them that what they have isn’t what is preferred by males. Instead of doctors encouraging bigger sizes, I’d wish for them to make sure it is want YOU want, and not only trying to fit into what society wants because more often than not society changes their mind too much (rolling eyes).

  3. Yay, Elsa and Hannah. It seems you are both very different, but happy with your own bodies. Isn’t that what we should celebrate? If girls are happy with their own breasts, then their guys should be happy too. If they are unhappy, for their own reasons (not pressure to conform to male ideals) and want to change then they should be allowed to choose for themselves what is done to their bodies. I think there is a danger that doctors will “prescribe” a certain treatment based on their previous experience, but that assumes to some extent that all women are the same, which they’re not! Everyone is an individual and totally unique in their own beautiful way.

  4. There is something about wanting what you do not have that is a trend with some women these days. I have many friends who have B cups/C cups, that talk about getting boob jobs, or who go out and spend insane money on bras that make it look like they have bigger boobs. I am a pretty small girl, (5’2) which makes my DDD cup look a lot bigger than they even are, and I go and spend too much money on minimizers, and only dream of getting a breast reduction. And I can certainly say I would not be fooled by a surgeon trying to get me to go bigger. I think it is near to inevitable for women to not be insecure with our bodies. I can happily say that I am happy with my body, but there is always that little though in the back of my mind about how I wish I had smaller breasts, and I’m sure there are a lot of women who say the same things to themselves while wishing they had bigger breasts. The first step is to teach women to love what they have, and if they do not love it, they can change that and do not need to be persuaded by a man, another woman, a surgeon, media, or anything other than their own wants for their body.

  5. I agree that plastic surgeons are feeding into the cultural norm that “bigger is better”, or maybe because uneven breasts are so common, they’re evening them out and overcompensating? Either way, apparently women are unhappy with the results, and I have heard my naturally well-endowed friends complain about back pain, so in my honest opinion I think C-cup is what many women consider the “ideal” size in terms of comfort. In response to your google search results towards the end of your post, it’s obvious that society cares more about the objectification of women than their comfort/well-being in which men’s opinions are taken into consideration for what looks good on women. So despite what plastic surgeons are supposed to do, they are contributing more to society than to what they are being paid for in order to mainstream into the market.

  6. wow, I never would have expected the plastic surgery industry for being so criticizing of women’s breasts for what it seems to me is: money. you see, I feel that every business thrives because there’s always something we do not know.

    many plastic surgeons who work on women’s breasts are primarily men(at least from what I’ve seen in the movies), and here in this blog I see that men are saying that a ‘C’ cup is not small. this is also contributing to social media such as this blog, allowing these industries to grow due to the many women feeding into getting their breasts done as well.

    • Okay. But I don’t see how my blog is feeding into the idea that a C cup is too small. Unless people only read the headline. Because I make it clear that men are happy with smaller sizes and don’t agree. And I’m trying to point out how the market manipulates us so that women will be less manipulated. It’s hard to make that point and warn people about manipulation unless they recognize that this is happening.

      That said, you make a good point in that when we bring things to light it CAN also have the effect of helping to reinforce. But nothing changes if you never bring things to light.

  7. Coming from the itty bitty titty committee, pretty much all the females in my family have had boob jobs. It also has always been my dream of mine to get a boob job. I am a small B and I would get a boob job for a small C, just because for the size of my body I wouldn’t want to look disproportional. I have heard this before where the doctors want you or make you go bigger. In my opinion it may seem that maybe many women get disappointed after their boob jobs, because their new boobs are not big enough or that maybe the surgeons get more pay the bigger the cup size. I have not done much research so not sure if that is the case, but that seems like it would make sense. I would definitely be pretty upset if a surgeon convinced me to go bigger than what I had planned and dis liked it in the end after paying as much as you do for plastic surgery. Or maybe many people believe bigger is better but, in my opinion I think that the more natural the better.

    • Maybe. But it is a well known marketing technique to try to make people feel bad about themselves and then offer a product to”solve” the problem.

      And in many cultures bigger isn’t considered better.

  8. According to this article, I felt surgeons and men’s expectation causes this to happen because patients expect that doctors give a right suggestion to them, and they will listen to what surgeons say whether its right or wrong. But, some surgeons use patients for their business propose. For example, sometimes they go beyond what the patients asked for which leads physically unhealthy and mentally to that person. Because of this, they should stop taking advantage of women’s body. As in the article stated a lot of surgeons or doctors persuade them to get D’s and sometimes “the doctors simply give them a bigger size than they had asked for.” That I think is not fair of the doctors to do because it’s not their body that there missing with. Instead, it’s an another human’s body so they should do as exactly as the patient wanted and not going over. Nowadays, society treats men and women equally, but we still have the space to discuss women’s right.

  9. I am agreeing that the manipulation the doctors do is all wrong and that it’s sad that they have such a power to affect women. The manipulation is for sure a problem, but in my point of view the insecurity among some women is even a bigger problem. From my perspective and from what I have experiences and been told, women are more insecure and tend to take more surgeries than ever before (I don’t know if this is a fact). In the Norwegian society among teenagers it’s normal(!!) that you fill your lips, have fake nails and fake eyelashes. And I’m not saying that all the girls who do that are insecure, but a lot of them are. I had fake lashes and very happy about it. I felt more beautiful, but why did I continue to do it? Why do people continue to want something that not real, like boobs, ass, nails, lips etc. they want the attention. And if you end up with only getting the attention for how you look, things need to change. Of course, there is beautiful (fake) girls that are smart and talented too, I just think that how the society are changing, and telling girls/women that it’s normal to change how you look through surgeries isn’t good for anybody. (except from the industry that do these things) If this is how the society is going to develop, I feel the society has reached a low point.

    • “The manipulation is for sure a problem, but in my point of view the insecurity among some women is even a bigger problem.”

      I agree. And the 2 go hand-in-hand.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  10. I wish that more surgeons would try to be unbiased in their work. This isn’t to say that all surgeons are, but they should be able to give their opinion and let the patient decide and not be persuaded to do otherwise. Denise Richards did ask for him to use his best judgment when she should of just firmly put in her opinion more of just wanting the actual implant size she requested. But its absolutely not her fault for her asking for a breast reduction afterwards and him just doing a lifting. I think people should be as firm with their decision as possible though with their decision and ask a lot of questions before committing.

    Being nineteen and starting a career also makes it incredibly hard to not go along with what is the normality of “improving” oneself. Media has a role in influence of body imaging. Breast implants can cause confidence, but women should feel safe and happy in their own bodies with the choices they are freely to make as any other gender. No one should pressure someone into doing anything even if it’s for their job or to earn money. Many marketers seem to do this as well to sell anything by making them feel a certain way.

    There has been statues of women in other cultures who have huge hips and big breasts so it may be a fertility want that has turned into the ideal women to have. This could mean that every women has to be seen that way because it seems like a model.

    I think surgeons see that women get more attention when having bigger breasts. Many women followed on social media sites who originally have bigger breasts naturally and then get breast reductions based on back, health, or/and ect. The opposite gender usually doesn’t follow based on just a cup down. Surgeons may just believe that pushing for bigger than asking for is what “everyone wants” when that is not true.

  11. A lot of women have absolutely zero problem voicing their feelings on the male member and throwing up d!ck sizes (in inches) and passing judgement and so on and so forth,same with height and income.I see and hear this stuff ALL THE TIME.So why in the hell should any guy care about any women’s issue or if they feel upset or sad that a guy judges them on weight,boobs,age or looks? I’d say a good 90+% of guys do not have any breast size preference whatsoever…so lets stop the hypocrisy ladies…oh and when a woman judges a guy on something its usually something he can’t change that speaks volumes.Your feminist bible the Huff Post has beaten men to death on the aforementioned for years.Yippe empowerment!

  12. Surgeons, most of the times, don’t want to lose a patient and, even a normal sized breast, according to them, needs to be ‘bigger’.Sometimes, the ‘bigger is better’ notions looks just meaningless.

    • Yeah, but it makes a lot of money for plastic surgeons, bra companies, etc. Hopefully people won’t get manipulated into buying things they don’t need — and that can be unhealthy.

  13. We cannot let our bodies be treated like a business.

  14. Oh come on, the percentage of women with fake boobs is no more than a few percent, so they are hardly numerous enough to form normality and thereby increase surgeon’s salaries. The #1 best way for a surgeon to bump his salary is to give her boobs smaller than she wants and wait for her to come back for more. There are tons of women who once they start down this track, go onto their 2nd or 3rd augmentation.

    • The number of women to have fake boobs, whether just “a few percent” for “tons of women” isn’t the point. The point is that surgeons are clearly trying to make a larger boobs normal to give them more work. I’m not sure how often women can healthfully get their boobs redone, but I do know that they have to be redone every 10 years once the implants are in. So the mere fact of doing even one surgery guarantees many more down the line.

      • ” The point is that surgeons are clearly trying to make a larger boobs normal to give them more work.”

        To repeat the point that you ignored, how does messing around with a couple of percent of the population, have any effect on “normal”?

        “I’m not sure how often women can healthfully get their boobs redone”

        I don’t think there’s a limit. I saw a documentary 6 months ago about some british woman who was on her 3rd and contemplating her 4th. This woman apparently had 18 operations:

        Of course, once they are big enough, then you can think about adding more:

      • I feel like all of this is a distraction from my point. And maybe that’s your point– To distract. And I don’t want to keep saying the same thing over and over again so this will be it for me — see my comment policy.

        The point: plastic surgeons give women bigger breasts than the women even want. Why do they do this? Probably because they hope that bigger becomes the new normal so that more women will feel pressured to get a boob job. Women shouldn’t fall for this. They should love their bodies as they are.

  15. Makes it really hard to trust syrgeons, doesn’t it? You’d like to think it is one profession where evaluations are tinted by greed. Apparently not.

    • I was surprised to find how much you can’t trust plastic surgeons, anyway. Both they and what they do can be pretty superficial. Pretty sad. 😦

      • Well especially in a field that’s superficial based. So big difference between plastic surgeon or who does breasts vs say surgeon for organs such as heart or brain. The latter, will obviously be less often with greed or false opinion since obviously a heart surgeon or brain surgeon is obviously usually working or feels they need to work on the patient for a very serious, life saving reason. Taking out a brain tumor for someone if a brain surgeon or someone with heart problems for the hearth surgeon. Big difference, with the latter for saving lives, vs the breasts surgeons or plastic surgeons who big in implants that have nothing to do with life saving usually. There work and I think many or the top one’s are in california or La where this is about the superficial. The only thing that I can see life saving or “important” is a suregeon or who performs a mastectomy or some part of the breasts to get rid of tumors due to breasts Cancer. But I don’t think the surgeons who do breast implants do that. I think it’s general surgeons who do that.

      • Yeah, there is probably less to worry about with life-saving surgeons. When in doubt with non-plastic surgery surgeons it may be good to get a second opinion. (With plastic surgery even those who don’t directly get paid may encourage unnecessary surgeries hoping that more women will feel inadequate and come looking for change.)

  16. The same goes true for men… only they don’t have a say about it. BIGGER is better right !!!

    • Uh, yes or no depending on what you mean.

      Yes, men often think that women think bigger is better. And yes, products are targeted to men to make them think they can get bigger. I don’t know whether they work.

      No, bigger isn’t necessarily better in the opinion of most women. A study in Africa found that the bigger the woman’s mate was, the more likely she was to cheat, wanting to have sex without pain.

      Another study found that about 20% of American women do prefer bigger. More specifically, longer. They are women who have orgasms when the penis pounds against the cervix. But another 20% of women found that same thing painful. The other 60% don’t really care. Most women don’t orgasm vaginally. And few are aroused by just looking at a penis. So for most of us, who cares?

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