Can A Small-Breasted Woman Be Sexiest Woman Alive?

We’re such a big-boob obsessed culture you have to wonder whether small breasted women can ever be seen as sexy.

Turns out, they can. Esquire just named sultry Mila Kunis “Sexiest Woman Alive.” This follows Maxim naming her third hottest woman in the world, while FHM put her in the top 10. Gorgeous mate, Ashton Kutcher, is good with her, too.

Other women of petite boobage have also landed on these lists, and a few years back FHM named Kiera Knightley the hottest of the hot. More recently Kate Middleton’s “Boobgate” inspired 311 million searches for “Middleton topless photos.” (The Duchess also made FHM’s “Hottest 100” this year.) Seems many men find smaller-breasted women attractive.

Now, I’m no fan of objectification and ranking women on lists. But so long as they’re doing it, I am glad to see some branching out from a narrow ideal of “skinny + big boobs = attractive.”

Without implants or obesity, B is the average cup size. Since so many women are an A or B cup it’s no wonder that by age seventeen, 78 percent of young women are unhappy with their bodies – worries about weight being another big issue.

007 Breasts –, a website devoted to women and their breasts, gets (not surprisingly?) quite a few male readers. Based on comments they receive WOMEN do most of the fussing over breast size, not men. Men most commonly communicate these thoughts:

  • Men are happy with any pair of breasts their partner has
  • Men often say implants seem unnatural and hard
  • A woman who appears secure and confident is attractive

Well, Mila Kunis exudes confidence.

So it looks like women don’t need to mutilate themselves and harm their health to be attractive. And moms don’t need to give their seven-year-old daughters a $10,000 voucher for a future boob job, as one did.

And if your boyfriend thinks you’re boobs are too small, it sounds like he’s a boob — get a better boyfriend!

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  1. I loved this entry! I’ve dropped about twenty pounds this year so this was incredibly accurate because I dropped about two cup sizes as well. I was never a big person, I went from 128 to 108 so for a smaller frame, it made quite the difference. Mila Kunis is absolutely beautiful and I appreciate that she is considered one of sexiest women alive because it’s not all about the breast. In reality, I think it’s incredibly rare to find a skinny, large breasted women in the natural world. If breast enlargement surgery is what makes some women happy, more power to them but hopefully they know it isn’t necessary to be beautiful or sexy. I’ve never had a man say “Your boobs are too small”, and that’s exactly how it should be! I’m on the smaller side so realistically, who would ever expect me to have DDD breast? This entry has given me hope for society and the way women are viewed.

  2. It is difficult for young women nowadays to be content with their breast sizes and bodies because of what social standards declare as what’s beautiful or not. While I was reading the article, my boyfriend agreed 100% with all three thoughts that men commonly communicate. I have small breasts myself and realized that I am more preoccupied about how they look and assume that bigger breasts are sexier instead of understanding what most men think, considering that I am so entangled in what society wants me to believe. Because of my insecurities, I considered getting breast implants in future because I thought they would make me happier and more content with my body. After reading the article and hearing my boyfriend’s point of view, I have come to a realization that big breasts are not always a solution to insecurities. And yes, if anyone is wondering, my boyfriend always tells me that my breasts are perfect just the way they are.

  3. I absolutely agreed with that those who fussing over breast size are women, not men. I have both big and small breast size friends. The boyfriends of big breast friends don’t actually concentrate on the breast sizes. They respect their girlfriends and more concentrate on relationship rather than the body appearance. For the boyfriends of small breast size friends, they are no difference to the boyfriends who has big breast girlfriends. They love and respect their girlfriends and do not try to compare their girlfriend with those big breast models. I am petite size. I found smaller breast size allows me to have more clothing choices such as I can wear any round-neck tees comfortably and looks sporty and active. Big breast girls may found it uncomfortable to wear round neck tees as these tees may make them look bulky and fat, so, they may tend to pick v-neck tees or special-designed tee. Moreover, in this generation that focus on healthy life and promote exercise, small breast allows girls to have less burden during exercise such as running. So, I think whether big or small boob, it is not as important as most women think towards the men’s point of view or the society’s standard. Be ourselves and respect our friends are more meaningful!

  4. Absolutely a women with small breast can be sexy! I myself am small chested I used to get made fun of for it and never got why, if my boobs were any bigger my 4’10 frame would be completely out of proportion. When I would ask my guy friends what they thought about big boobs the majority said that once you go beyond a B or C they get too big to manage. After taking women’s studies and psychology courses it hit me guys really don’t care much about boob size so why do girls care so much? Because society has put the idea in our heads that big boobs makes you desirable and/or sexy. Its nice to see that society is changing starting to look more at self confidence and the way girls carry themselves rather than appearance.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I think you’re right!

    • “guys really don’t care much about boob size”

      Can the same be said of women and penis size? In my experience: no. A guy with a small penis is a target of open mockery. I can guarantee that a guy, such as myself, with what is considered a very small penis faces a lot more negative comments than a girl with a flat chest. One could argue that a penis serves a purpose – the pleasure of a woman – and that functionally some are just too small to get the job done, while breasts are more a matter of perception, but even so, the ridicule is far beyond.anything a woman has faced about just about any part of her body.

      • You must be seeing the wrong women. Really, if the women are that cruel consider yourself fortunate to get rid of them.

        Actually, only about 20% of women find a large penis pleasurable. These are women who have orgasms as a result of the penis hitting the cervix. And the clitoris is positioned differently in different women, so intercourse can be pleasurable for some of those women if the penis is large.

        But LUCKY FOR YOU: 80% of women find a large penis is either painful, uncomfortable, or irrelevant. A study of African women found that the larger her partner’s penis was, the more likely she was to cheat — because these women wanted to have sex without it hurting.

        Most women orgasm via outercourse, not intercourse, anyway (the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the woman). And less than 30% of women orgasm during partnered sex (though she might orgasm in his presence via vibrator).

        I’m not sure I’ve written about this on my blog (if I have, I can’t find the post). So I’ll have to write about it (again).

        So cheer up and stop worrying. 🙂

  5. Again we are living in a society were we listen to media to much. Most of the times when we look at “movies” or a “tv-show” they put a bunch of men together that talk about the “boobs” of other woman, and even make the gesture with it. What kind of says that girls and women need big boobs. I really hate this kind of conversations on tv, because it is really treating the woman as a lust object.
    Therefore this article is inspiring. They’re a lot of people out there that want a bigger size, but my question is always why? I understand when women don’t feel good about themselves because they have really small boobs. If a size more makes them more confident and happy, than they should do it. Only for themselves and not because other people comment on it. But if it changes the way they feel then they should consider it. But I don’t understand people that do have a nice size that want them bigger. I know that there is a disadvantage of having bigger boobs, thinking about back problems, etc. I know people that went a few sizes down, because they had health issues because of their boobs size.
    I agree with the fact that women that are confident enough, don’t need big boobs.

  6. I have fake boobs and now I tell girls ‘don’t do it’, totally not worth it

  7. I think you could be the sexiest woman alive with small breasts. Women tend to feel the need for a bigger cup size only for the opposite sex. All women would be fine with the average B and A cup size if they didn’t always hear men talk about girls with big boobs are sexier. Personality goes a long way and you want to attract someone who likes you for that instead of your body! I’ve had friends who mentioned about getting their breasts done because they are unhappy with the average cup size. Self-confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.

  8. This post is interesting to me because in class just today we were discussing the fact that men don’t naturally find breasts attractive. To me this kind of helps to prove that.

    There’s a general consistency in what we find attractive in terms of looks. I think that if a group of men were shown a picture of somebody like Mila Kunis from the neck up they would all agree that she was in fact very attractive. Now if they were shown a picture of a pair of bare breasts I feel like the responses would vary. I think that if men were hard wired to find breasts sexy than size wouldn’t matter.

  9. In the end, there is only so much that looks can do for a person. Many claim that attractiveness will get you further in life. However, if people only care about their looks, they will attract similarly shallow people. As far as other opportunities, I would rather work hard and expand my knowledge, actually be valued for my intelligence, compassion or other special talents and ideas I might develop. I have never heard of the mere quality of being a good-looking (hot/sexy/whatever) person fixing any of the multitude of problems our world faces. Ultimately, the way we look should never hold us back, but instead we have to carry ourselves with confidence and optimism and find our bigger passions in life.

  10. I definitely would agree that you can be the sexiest women alive and not have big breasts. To me, how big or small your body parts may be doesn’t determine whether you’re sexy or not. They way you talk, and carry yourself can be the ultimate turn on. What makes you sexy is always changing… Years ago it was how small your waist was which is why corsets were invented. Nowadays in magazines you see men being quoted saying how self-confidence is the single most attractive quality a woman can carry.

  11. I just finished reading some of the comments and looking at the pictures from “A website devoted to women and their breasts”. Who knew breasts came in so many different sizes, shapes, and with varying nipple size and color. I wish I had known about this web site when I was younger not that I’m unhappy with my breasts, but they could be a little perkier. Women don’t have the opportunity to see many normal breasts. Women don’t shower and dress in front of each other like men do. Even on the rare occasion where that may happen most women tend to look away from each other and not directly look at each other when naked. This is part of the problem young women don’t realize how different everyone’s breasts are. I had no idea there were so many variations until I took a girls trip to St Lucia an island in the Caribbean where all the women on the beach go topless. I was amazed that there were so many different sizes and shapes of breasts. I just assumed everyone’s breast looked like mine but were either bigger or smaller. How does one decide what the ideal breast even looks like if you haven’t seen a whole bunch? Is it size, shape, nipple color, the distance between your breasts? When you go to a plastic surgeon what do you ask for? Do you take him a picture of the ideal breast? Where do you get the picture from, a men’s magazine?

  12. My older sister is naturally very skinny and so her boobs were almost non-existent. I remember her becoming really upset about it at times and it pushed her to the point of tears. She ended up getting a boob job when she was 21 and is much happier. I am also small-chested and although there were times when I was self conscious, it didn’t usually effect my self esteem day to day. As much as I would like everyone to love what they’ve got, I do understand insecurities and the power they can have over your life. It depends completely on the individual as to how they see their body and what makes them truly comfortable. As I have gotten older, I’ve come to find that boob size isn’t as important as it seems when you’re growing up. It’s strange to me that big boobs are under a more positive light because runway and fashion models, who are looked up to by many women and admired by many men, are usually very thin and flat chested. If men’s junk was more visible under clothing, I’m sure they would have the same pressures from society.

    • On your last point, yeah, I’ll bet the same guys who openly judge women wouldn’t like women judging them too much.

      On your other point, just saying, many women don’t realize that they don’t need surgery to be attractive to men. Just love who you are and no how wonderful you are, and it seems to rub off.

  13. Mila Kunis looks beautiful and elegant in her dress shown in the blog. It would be hard for a woman with larger breast to wear that dress like Mila does. In my opinion it looks more attractive than boobs hanging out of a dress. I have some friends who are unhappy with their small breast, and want to get implants. I tell them that implants are unnecessary and not only are they a waste of money, but it’s unhealthy for a young woman to get them done if they aren’t fully developed. It’s hard for women to be happy with there bodies with all the models on TV and in magazines showing a certain image of beauty. I agree with the mens comments. I’m sure they would be happy with whatever.

  14. Growing up, it seemed as if breast size was every young girls concern. Always wondering if you would every fill out to have the large breasts that society, made seem so desirable. I know for me, all through high school, that’s all I wanted. Hoping one day I would hit my growth spurt, which never came. My mom always telling me, they would come later on in life (Mind you my mother is very busty, I think I took after my dad). I always wished one day I could get breast implants. But now that I’m a young woman in my mid 20s I have come to accept my small breast size and am actually content. Breast size should not be an insecurity. As stated above, Mila Kunis was voted the sexiest woman alive! Woman can be beautiful and sexy, no matter what size their breasts are. Believe it or not, men love women with all different size breasts and sometimes even prefer smaller breasts. What makes a woman sexy isn’t the size bra she wears but the confidence that radiates off of her. To be able to be comfortable in your own skin, and to be damn proud of who you are is what makes a woman attractive.

  15. Adrene Garabedian

    In today’s society, young women and young men are all concerned about their self image and if they are wearing the newest of clothing to fit in. Young men are always seen talking about these women with huge boobs and behinds that they see in music videos and young women believe that they have to look like that to get attention. However, little do they know that real men do not care what size boobs you have they just care that you have a good heart and a boatload of self confidence. Even if young men say that they want a girl with huge boobs, that is an unreasonable request considering the average boob size is an A cup or B cup. To me, self confidence is a huge quality that women should have. Without this quality young men will think you are an easy push over that they can just use and abuse. Being your own woman and loving yourself is what makes a woman that much more attractive.

  16. I liked how it mentioned that one of the comments men made about women on was that women who appear secure and cofident are attractive. In my latina culture I feel like being voluptuous is seen as more attractive. You need to have the big boobs and big butt with a small waist. One time, I heard some of my aunts mention to my small breasted sister “how will you be able to breast feed with such small boobs?” It was weird for me to hear that because I knew how ridiculous their claim was. I think my sister’s small breasts compliment her petite figure and by the way she breastfed all of her kids with no problems. Anyways, the entertainment world usually emphasizes big boobs as a sign of hotness. It is great for the “sexiest woman alive” title to go to Mila Kunis. Like the piece says, the average woman has an A or B not a DD cup.

  17. The thing is women seem to want what they think guys will like. I mean if you have small boobs and show them off guys will like as well if you have big boobs and show then off. At times its women who is more obsessed with boobs butts and everything els. Women have what’s hot and what’s not painted in our head the media corrupted our minds. but It’s becoming more and more hard to please men because of what us as women are willing to do to please them. I do not think men really care about what women look like until we paint the picture of what we should look like and they should want

  18. Women have always been the sex icon to generations past, and I’m pretty sure in generations to come. Some ladies are obsessed with their boobs to attract attention from the opposite sex. So of course once that was known every women wanted implants putting their bodies through so much stress was a small price of feeling confident. But with the up coming generations it’s slowly moving from one’s interest to ladies with big boobs to ladies with a big butt’s (trunk) . I think with each generation things will change. It’s just to hard to please society and would be much cheap to work with what you got.

  19. Sehyeon (Sam) Park

    As a man I can relate to one of the 3 things men said about woman in the article.

    (Since I can’t even imagine myself touching implants, afraid i’ll feel something unnatural and hard, don’t want to try it! so I’ll skip #2)

    ‘A woman who appears secure and confident is attractive’

    when it comes to woman, it is not really about size of their breasts, I am more into how they think and how to appreciate the things that she has.

    I was quite surprised 78% of young woman feels unhappy about their body. unlike guys who feel really good about their body after working out, seeing themselves in the mirror. I guess men and woman are really different.

    One more thing to add, about the breast. Men would look at a woman with big boobs and go ‘wow, but not necessarily expect that from a girlfriend.

    • Thanks for your perspective.

      the main reason women feel worse about their bodies is they have an impossible ideal that is constantly foisted upon them. Men don’t have to deal with that.

      Years ago before photography + photoshop, women had more positive body image.

  20. Boob obsessed culture? I’d say we are more of a butt obsessed culture (well, I’m a butt man, and most guys I know are, too). I do, however, digress. I like bee stings (smaller breasts). Mila Kunis’s body would be perfect if she had some more umph, oomph and plumpness in her rear!

  21. Great article to celebrate the beauty of women with small breasts. Thanks !

  22. I’m a size A and Jonny has never had trouble finding my boobs. Any boob is a guy-magnet.

    Lise Lotte

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