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  1. I genuinely did not know this was still an issue until really recently when a pregnant woman told me of her experience for being shunned for public breastfeeding. I was actually in shock; it baffles me, is beyond me, how this is an issue. Breastfeeding is giving life to a newborn infant — it is the epitome of true human nature, and is an act of survival and maternal instinct. To suggest that it is an offensive act is more offensive than a woman taking off her top and breastfeeding her child in the middle of the most crowded public area, because the act of breastfeeding is just downright not offensive! A woman should not shunned or subject to leave because she must feed her baby. If you’re offended, you should have to be the one to leave, in fact, you were once breastfed too, it’s how you are alive today to give your misogynistic opinions. Why should a woman be repressed of doing her biological duty when it is necessary?

  2. Rebecca Fisher

    I feel as though women are only told breasts are okay if they are only being used for looks. For example Victoria’s Secret can have large billboards of women in their underwear and no one bats an eye. Yet a mother cannot take out a breast to feed her child? That is what breasts are for! People only like boobs when they are aesthetically pleasing. I think that breasts for breastfeeding are so taboo because women’s breasts are so sexualized. Before breasts were considered sexual a women could easily breastfeed in church with no one saying a thing because everyone knew that that is what breasts are for!

  3. Gabriela Valdez Pacheco

    Society nowadays seems to be more forgiving of sexual advertisements, attire, etc. They are more accepting of sex as a part of our culture. Because of this, more and more people are able to come across an image of an attractive woman showing parts of her body which would be considered revealing areas to some and ordinary to others. The controversial topic of a breastfeeding woman and a provocatively dressed woman is one that has reached major popularity in modern times.
    Although I do not have children of my own, I believe that a mother should be able to feed her baby at the exact time her baby is hungry. Whether that be inside a mall or inside a home, the fact does not change that her baby is in need of food.
    I think the people who have an issue with this are the people who can look at a woman and only see her assets or the people who are sucked into popular culture today who focus solely on living a reality show lifestyle rather than a rational one. There is no reason why a breast feeding woman should be tormented for nurturing her child while a model, for example, is praised for her sensuality.
    In addition to being narrowly minded, people are also not educated on the physiology of breasts. Breasts are not on a woman’s body for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure, but for the purpose of lactating and being able to nourish a child. Would a person feel differently towards a waitress at Hooter’s with nearly her entire breasts out in the open and nipples barely covered by the top of her tank top?

  4. In the article, “Cleavage is Hot; Breastfeeding is Nasty ?” the Broadblogs discusses about a mother breastfeeds her baby at public. In the video, almost people show their emotion or speak “ disgusting” to the baby’s mom who is breastfeeding in the public. I guess that why people think this is disgusting ? Do they think the same way if they are parents ? I think when children see the same situation, they will not say,“disgusting” or something. It is natural for a mom to breastfeed her baby. When they were baby, their mom also breasted them. I really don’t understand why they think it is disgusting. I also have same opinion that the prism of our culture breast fetish.

  5. It’s very interesting because I actually watched these videos (and the others he puts out) a while ago because a friend posted them on social media and I still couldn’t believe that in this day and age people have a strong opposition to this. This all starts with the norms set by society, not just social, but also sexual because that is a key reason on why people have such an issue with this. It seems that everywhere we turn, from commercials on TV and ads online or in print, women are always being sexualized, and yet something as necessary as nourishing a child comes with such harsh criticism, even when we have models and other celebrities posing with practically nothing on and they get more praise. I know at the end of the day it’s people’s views, even some people who are not conservative have an issue with this, but in the essence of what’s going on, it’s a child feeding. I don’t get self-conscious of have issues with other people eating in public, so I’m not sure why so many others have negative views when the baby truly doesn’t have control over its food source.

    It would be interesting how the people at large would react if it was a model or a celebrity who was out and breastfeeding in public, to see people’s and the media’s reaction. It seems that people need people in higher spotlight to see differently on views, because just like children, even young and older adults are still very impressionable depending on who or what is involved.

  6. This makes me very upset! People are such hypocrites. Breastfeeding is natural, everybody was breast-fed (some were not). How can we allow Women that breastfeed to be ostracized and humiliated, when other women think that low-cut tops that show all the goodies are okay? What type of message are we sending to young girls who see this. I understand This makes me very upset! People are such hypocrites. Breastfeeding is natural, everybody was breast-fed (some were not). How can we allow Women that breastfeed to be ostracized and humiliated, when other women think that low-cut tops that show all the goodies are okay? What type of message are we sending to young girls who see this? I understand some people get uncomfortable seeing women breastfeeding in public, there are little cloths made specifically for women who have no choice but to breast feed while they are out in public. Just as someone had said earlier “we should educate men and women about breastfeeding letting them know breasts do not always have to be sexualized”. If people are educated and brought to a common understanding, then this would not be a problem.
    some people get uncomfortable seeing women breastfeeding in public, there are little cloths made specifically for women who have no choice but to breast feed while they are out in public. Just as someone had said earlier “we should educate men and women about breastfeeding letting them know breasts do not always have to be sexualized”. If people are educated and brought to a common understanding, then this would not be a problem.

  7. Samantha Newell

    I loved seeing other women support the breastfeeding woman in the above videos you linked. The only way our culture will change is if more and more people normalize it, meaning the more we educate our women about how it is perfectly fine to breastfeed in public and the more we educate men about how breasts’ main function is not to sexually please, the better. There needs to be conversation, which there already has been with movements like Free the Nipple; and not just nationally (though politicians do need to wake up), but within our communities since we can make the biggest impacts there first. For example, you see a woman getting harassed for feeding her child in public, stand up for her and step in! Start conversations! Link up with other women for support! Maybe there should even be more laws that punishes people who harass women breastfeeding in public (see, specifically the bottom section titled: “Why Is An Enforcement Provision Important?”), because what good is a breastfeeding law when no one is enforcing it?

    If you are feeling uncomfortable breastfeeding in public there are many, many parenting blogs meant for answering any questions and calming those nerves, like this one: The most important point I took away from the above link is know your right to breastfeed. As the Ontario Human Rights Commission specifically states:

    “No one should prevent you from nursing your child simply because you are in a public area. They should not ask you to ‘cover up,’ disturb you, or ask you to move to another area that is more ‘discreet.'”

    This is not some worldwide, sweeping issue at the moment, it seems like a lot of other countries have figured it out. When will the people and culture of the big and powerful United States catch up?

  8. I had an experience similar to the one in the video many years ago. A relative of mine just had a baby and we were at a very public, large outdoor festival with many people in close proximity. She actually pulled out a chair and sat in the middle of a crowd to breastfeed, and didn’t really try to cover herself the way the woman in the video did. I was mortified at the time, not because I found the idea of the exposed breast in a non-sexual context disgusting, but because I knew that sexual harassment from men was coming, and I got panicked and even a bit terrified. It was a reaction to her exposing herself in public, and maybe also to being extra vulnerable with a baby.

    We got into an argument about it, her telling me that if men wanted to sexualize her body it was their problem and not hers, as she was doing nothing wrong. She didn’t realize how uncomfortable and fearful it made me. I stood by her and said nothing, and watched as some people were really cool, even some men, but all the men who looked at her also looked at her breast for some time, even while talking to her politely. It gave me a sick feeling I will never forget. I never went out with her after that because I was so uncomfortable by the men’s reaction. I will say that no one actually challenged her as in the video, but we were in a child-friendly atmosphere, not out on the street. Still, I ended up feeling victimized by it and I wasn’t even the one breastfeeding.

  9. I really don’t understand the disgust if people seeing breastfeeding as a bad thing. A breast is seen as a nurturing unit, connecting mother to child. It’s beautiful and should only be seen as beautiful. Not only does it induce oxytocin in the mother’s hormonal balance, but it gives the child a makeup of strength and immunity to sickness. It’s the key element to building a stronger bond from mother to child and healthy babies. To see it as disgusting is something that society does to corner women to feel bad about sexuality. Boobs are seen as sexual things and taking it out in public brings a negative connotation. I believe in mother’s right to breastfeed her child whenever she pleases.

  10. I did a post on this subject: where I used all of the words I could find for boobs in my post. We are extremely sexually oriented towards boobs today. One of the pictures was of a desert woman feeding her baby while dressed in a burka like outfit. That picture was from redandhoney com.

  11. It is weird how people react to breasts. Men are all about boobs and like to joke about them and talk about them as if they are independent objects. This has been passed on to them from society and their culture. Despite men’s fixation on breasts which they see objects of desire and beauty, when it comes to breastfeeding in public which is a natural way for mothers to feed their babies, some men see it as nasty and disgusting. Some women also think that breastfeeding in public is nasty. These women are also somehow affected by society norms, which dictate that breasts are fashion accessories and have no real biological purpose. Breast milk is the healthiest way to feed young babies. If not only men, but also women look down on breastfeeding, then many women are being discouraged from doing what is best for their babies. Society is having a negative impact on how women think about themselves and how they behave as mothers.

    • Yeah in terms of our biological instincts (of which humans have very few — but one of them is the instinct of babies to suck) the reaction is really weird. In terms of our culture it, unfortunately, makes perfect sense.

  12. This is a topic that gets my blood boiling. How is it ok to have your breast out for attention or a fashion statement but not okay for feeding a child? It is so backwards and is a perfect example as to why or society is so messed up. Like mentioned in the post, breast were made to feed our babies. Throughout the years we have made breast a sexual object of desire causing people to forget their natural purpose. Some people say moms should go sit in the car and feed their child. Would you go sit in a hot car and eat your lunch? It is not okay. I breastfeed my daughter for a whole year and I rarely would feed her in public. I was too self conscious and didn’t want people to look so I would go to my car or just stay in during feeding time. I shouldn’t have felt shame in feeding my baby but I was young and didn’t the confidence and knowledge I have now. I was watching an segment from the Wendy Williams Show awhile ago and she was telling Alyssa Milano how she doesn’t think moms should post pictures breast feeding. She thought it was gross and people shouldn’t have to look at that. Granted, this is coming from a woman who has Dolly Parton size breast implants. Should we have to look at that? Mothers should not feel shame in feeding their babies and should get more support from our society that they are choosing the healthiest choice for their child. Breast feeding is hard and any mom that can stick to it should be praised not shunned.

    Below is the video of Wendy and Alyssa discussing the topic. About 3 minutes and 40 seconds into the clip they start the discussion on breastfeeding.

  13. I can’t believe that woman who compared breastfeeding to using marijuana, that’s just so rude. Personally, I don’t see any problem with women breastfeeding in public. It’s completely natural. That’s what breasts are for, mothers should not have to pay the price for the sexualization of women’s bodies in the media, porn, and society in general. There’s such a double standard. Why can men walk around and exercise without a shirt on, but women have to wear layers upon layers to not be judged or criticized? It seems like, at least from the videos, that women are the ones who are most likely to accept that breastfeeding as natural and perfectly alright. It’s perhaps the people who do not understand what it is like to be a mother. This is especially the case for the men who walk away disgusted. If a child is hungry, they should be able to eat and it is unfair to take that away from a child or a mother. People wouldn’t say that it’s okay to starve a child, so they shouldn’t say that it’s wrong to breastfeed. I don’t think these people who judge women for breastfeeding understand how hurtful they are and that it’s so natural. Hopefully, as time goes on, breastfeeding won’t be viewed as taboo or shameful. But to get to that point I think people in society have to be educated and women shouldn’t feel like they have to hide in shame.

  14. it’s absolutely pathetic and ridiculous that breast feeding in public is still an issue. I have witnessed several women breast feeding in public and in almost every circumstance they had even made an effort to ‘cover up’ or be semi-discrete. Regardless, even if they had not made an effort they it is still a non-issue due to the fact that they are nursing their child. It is depressing that we objectify the female body in a sexual manner, yet when a woman is feeding her child in a public setting she is shamed and looked down upon.

  15. I find very ridiculous that not only men but woman as well are so narrow minded about the natural process of breast feeding. Also how blanting rude people can be so voice their opinons so cruly. It just goes to show how some people were brought up to think that breast feeding is wrong but to glorfy the breast as something sexy or more appealing. It is extremly sad that is how society is today, how it is more accepting of cleavage then feeding an infant. Also I find it extremely disrespectful to make someone feel terrible about what they naturally have to do for their baby when they are hungry. It is just plain ridiculous because a great majority of the time that I have witnessed is that when women are breast feeding they are covered up with a blanket so there is no logical reason for people to be disgusted with something they cannot see.

  16. This is such a sad attitude. Studies have shown that breastfeeding babies if possible makes them stronger and healthier in the long run, and it’s something that society should encourage. I’ve been out in public and walked into restrooms and have seen women breastfeeding their children in the dirty bathroom stalls. It’s not fair, and we shouldn’t been driving women into hiding while they’re doing what their bodies were meant to do.

    Breasts have become man’s property. Low cut shirts and cleavage are for the sexual gratification of others. It’s okay to see breasts in the sexual context only, and breastfeeding is not sexual. There’s a cartoon online that captures this perfectly. There’s a woman breastfeeding at a mall and people passing by say to her, “That’s disgusting! Have some modesty! Who wants to see breasts in public?!” and behind all of this is a huge poster of Victoria’s Secret models with most of their breasts hanging out. It’s such hypocrisy, and what it says to women is that the only parts of our lives we should show to the world are the parts which are sexually pleasing.

  17. I think it’s ridiculous how people, mostly men thinks that it is “disgusting” when they see a woman breastfeed in public. I definitely don’t see the difference between cleavage and the amount of skin that is exposed when a woman is breastfeeding. It is a natural thing to breastfeed anywhere, if people are uncomfortable then they could choose to leave or not pay attention to it. No matter how disgusted people are by mothers breastfeeding in public, it is a natural act for a mother to breastfeed anywhere it’s totally natural and inevitable. It’s so ridiculous how breasts are enjoyed only if it is for show on a low cut shirt, society has made it seem as if women try to impress themselves by showing cleavage, but once they have babies and they are using their boobs for feeding a baby, it isn’t “hot” anymore. We need to find a way in which we could show society that breastfeeding in public is a natural thing and that people should not feel disgusted or uncomfortable when they see it in public.

  18. The issue of breastfeeding in public is something that will be an on going battle. This issue of “disgust” comes from cultural differences as well as the over sexualization of women and their bodies. I personally do not have any children so I have no first hand experience with this issue. However maybe because I am a women and I might have a different mind set, I see no issue with breastfeeding in public. This act is completely natural and is part of caring for you child. Shaming women for simply feeding their child is the part I see as disgusting. I think using the media in a more positive way could turn the act of breastfeeding into a social norm. The media has created breasts and showing them off as normal. If just a few shows or advertisements could incorporate breastfeeding in a positive way this could start something huge.

  19. Makes me think about how we as a culture are still unsure what to make of the female body when we witness it in its power- as the ability to feed a life from one’s own body is pretty damn powerful if you ask me.

  20. I just think is completely absurd how breastfeeding is viewed as disgusting but bra and lingerie advertisements like victoria’s secret are plastered around malls and goes unfazed? I feel that if a woman exposes her breast for motherly duties and those duties don’t include pleasurable favors towards men then it is seen as “disgusting”. If a child needs to be fed then it is a mother’s duty to provide nourishment and care for child, and that should not be discriminated because the mother is not causing any harm to those around her. Society makes a big deal about cleavage and how it is “sexy” but freak out when a nipple appears.. These mothers are doing their job as mothers, which is to take care of their baby. Mother nature gave women breasts so that we could provide nourishment to our babies, she did’t give them to us as display ornaments.

  21. It completely baffles me how a woman can’t feed her baby because she gets publicly shamed. It also irritates me when WOMEN DON’t SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN because we are all fighting the same cause!! I expected insults from both men and women, but I never thought she would get as much from women as she did. I don’t understand how something so natural can be manipulated by everyday people.

  22. I’d never watched these videos but after viewing them it was so shocking and surprising that how people react to the mom who breastfeeds her baby in public. I’ve never felt that breastfeeding in public is something disgusting or gross because it’s so natural and that’s the way babies get the nourishment they need from their mom. I thought men are more likely to feel uncomfortable with the breastfeeding in public, but it’s sad that there are actually women who said “disgusting” in the videos. In the second video the guy was saying that the woman showing the cleavage is okay because it’s “hot” but it’s not okay for the woman breastfeeding because it’s “disgusting.” That’s so ridiculous. In our society we make breasts sexual, but we all should know that those things most of guys see as sexy and hot are primarily meant to feed babies.

  23. I have seen these videos before and i was just so shocked that people didn’t care about the women cleavage showing and they thought it was “hot” and blamed it on the shirt. that showing cleavage was more socially acceptable then the women actual breast feeding her baby. People were disgusted and felt uncomfortable. it was shocking to me that people feel so uncomfortable to something that is so natural. But i think people aren’t familiar with breast feeding because women normally don’t do it outside of their home because most women think they’d be judged and we see in the video, that mostly people do. Its sad to see that most people do and they just need to be a little bit more open and accepting.

  24. Its always bugged me how people publicly shame women for breastfeeding their kids. Like she said in the video the kid was hungry and wanted to eat is she going to be a neglectful mom and not feed her child just because its “disgusting” to other people? I’m sorry but i find your cigarettes disgusting to you really need to smoke them in public there are other places you could do that. what bugs me even more is that the majority of the people that had a problem were men, so you can go to strip clubs and stare at boobs for hours with no problem but you walk on the street and see a boob for what 10 seconds as you walk by and its “oh that’s gross how could you?’ society needs to grow up. mind its own business and let women take care of their babies

  25. I completely agree; why is something that nourishes babies considered disgusting? If a breastfeeding mother is seen as disgusting or makes people uncomfortable, why don’t people get disgusted in seeing other people eating? Only because society sees breast as overtly sexualized, the idea of them being on display makes many people uncomfortable which makes no sense since that is how a baby is nourished.

  26. I definitely agree it is interesting the way that people react to seeing a woman breastfeed in public, but if a woman wears a cleavage bearing shirt in public, it’s normal, and considered “sexy”. It seems that one big reason as to why it is such a taboo for a woman to breast feed in public, has to do with the belief that women’s sexuality is bad. Women’s sexuality has the power to “corrupt men and boys”, which may be why women are so looked down upon when they breast feed. A similar topic is, why in many schools, can girls not wear shirts that show their shoulders or their legs.

  27. WOW. The video left me speechless. I knew people were weirded out with the fact that women breastfeed their child in public, but I never knew they would have the audacity to say those things to the actor. Completely stunned. I wonder how real women deal with this sort of harassment. No wonder women feed their children formula, instead of using mother nature’s gift to them. The second video is even worst. If I ever saw someone say anything to a woman who was breastfeeding, I would sit right next to her and give her my absolute support. Breast have been so overly sexualized, that some people forget that they serve to feed newborn babies. So crazy, I can’t get over this.

  28. I absolutely hate it when there are people who show outright disgust for breastfeeding (a totally natural thing). I have a close friend who had a child and occasionally breastfed in public. To me, I don’t see anything wrong with it, but there would be people who shun her for it! She’s feeding her child, there should be no shunning about it. Breasts are so over-sexualized in the media, and it’s doing no one any good. I find it likely that the many people who discourage breastfeeding in public do it because they feel a tug of guilt, like hey– those breasts are doing what they’re meant to be doing: feeding a child.

  29. karina maldonado

    I have seen this social experiment regarding breast feeding before. I did expect some people to think that the mother breastfeeding was “disgusting” because that is what I hear a lot lately. People nowadays think it is something unnatural. Seeing people be disgusted didn’t surprise me, what surprised me was when there was a woman sitting next to her showing too much cleavage and apparently that was “sexy” and not “disgusting. It is unbelievable, I am not a mother yet but watching this video really infuriated me because people think it is okay to put mothers down for doing something very beneficial for their child. According to New York’s Department of Health, breastfeeding has many health benefits for the mother and child. Breast milk is helps fight diseases, it is easily digested, it provides nutrients, and it creates a special bond between the two. There is many more benefits that you can look up here ( What people don’t understand is that it is only “disgusting” to them because they have sexualized breasts. Why do men think that breasts are meant for them, women and men who think breastfeeding is “disgusting” are actually the “disgusting” ones for sexualizing something natural for a newborn. My point here is people need to educate themselves about the health benefits of breastfeeding and maybe they will stop thinking it is “disgusting”.

  30. It was shocking to see how people reacted to the two “exposed boobs” completely different. Society values women with curvy lines and plump bodies, it is a turn-on for most of men. On the contrary, breastfeeding has been seen as something “disgusting” or “inappropriate”. I remember seeing women breastfeeding their kid in China, people just walked by and no one ever gave bad comment about it. It is actually weird to see how those people gone bananas about this natural thing. To me, if there is a feeding room nearby, I believe those mothers would definitely go in and use it. Their intentions are not to show their breasts in public but to feed the hungry infant. People need to put themselves in these situations and think what is more rational to do.

    • Society values women with curvy lines and plump bodies, it is a turn-on for most of men. On the contrary, breastfeeding has been seen as something “disgusting” or “inappropriate”.

      And those two things actually go together. When you fetishize breasts, a baby feeding on them can seem offensive — which is totally wrong!

  31. I was a teenager when I had my two boys and breastfeeding felt unnatural to me. Being raised in a Hispanic family and mostly by my grandmother, breastfeeding should have been the naturalist thing in the world but it wasn’t. I honestly think my age had a lot to do with it. Remember that my husband at the time never really cared if in breast feed in public or not, but it made me feel super uncomfortable thus made me hide a lot. Would see my cousin’s breastfeed and be super proud and unashamed. When the time came to have my third child in my late 20’s, I was super stocked about breastfeeding. Had learned so much of the benefits it had for both baby and myself. I was much opened about it with my two boys and taught them that when the time came for them to be fathers, they should support their wives and respect the bond that happens during this time. It took me over 10years to finally understand what it meant to bond and actually want to breastfeed. It never really occurred to me that some might see it as a sexual thing because woman’s cleavage or nipples are exposed. Guess we have a lot of ground to learn and educate.

  32. breastfeeding is purest gesture of love. it can never be erotic or disgusting.

  33. I can honestly say I never breastfed in public. For six months, I would hide in a bathroom or simply leave where I was and go feed my daughter at home. If I thought I could have done it without being stared at or harassed, I would have. It would have made life a lot easier. And all of this makes me sad because I hate to think other women feel the same way.

    • Sounds like it can be tough to find someplace you are in public. And it can even be a problem at home. One of my sisters-in-law said that when she was nursing she had to go in the bedroom alone while everyone else was having fun somewhere else. She felt really isolated and cut off. Yet really it is so necessary.

  34. Yes people will stare and make you feel uncomfortable. In India women either go to some private zone or baby care room and if they have no option, they will feed with the help of some cloth over it.

  35. So people find a mother breastfeeding her baby more “disgusting” than a drunken woman peeing in an alley? Go figure.

    There is nothing wrong with a mother breast feeding her baby any where or any time. What is wrong with folk these days?

    People need to seriously get over themselves. Seriously.

  36. I remember seeing this video – really irritating what we want to put nursing moms through.

  37. I find this so funny, yet ridiculous. It is a good post. In my culture (Papua New Guinea), the baby comes first. Breast-feeding is totally accepted and promoted as the best meal for baby. After birth, I ignored weird glances in Australia and breast-fed both my sons wherever and whenever they were hungry. It is natural. I guess it comes down to culture…or what we know.

  38. To consider breastfeeding “disgusting” is bizarre.

    Wiki quote: “The Scottish Parliament passed legislation safeguarding the freedom of women to breastfeed in public. The legislation allows for fines of up to £2500 for preventing breastfeeding of a child up to the age of two years in public places.”

    • Yay Scotland!

      In a related political irony, one of our leading presidential candidates – Donald Trump – has called a woman who was breast-feeding in public disgusting.

      Yeah, he’s kind of crazy. And the US political situation that inspired this protest vote is also pretty crazy. (Basically, we are losing our democracy and increasingly being ruled by plutocrats.)

    • In a related political irony, one of our leading presidential candidates – Donald Trump – has called a woman who was breast-feeding in public disgusting.

      Yeah, he’s kind of crazy. And the US political situation that inspired this protest vote is also pretty crazy. (Basically, we are losing our democracy and increasingly being ruled by plutocrats.)

  39. I can’t believe still nowadays people find that disgusting, it is the most normal thing in the world. It is sad, I think only mums will understand this. I used to do it everywhere and I would encourage every young mum to do so. Go for it young mums, the best for your baby- breast milk. Nothing wrong with it. Someone biting his fingernails in public… now that is disgusting.

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