Donna Trump: You’re no “10” Brad Pitt!

"Donna" Trump, Photo from The Daily Sqib.

“Donna” Trump. Photo from The Daily Sqib.

I’ve been thinking about Donald Trump’s sexism.

What if Donald morphed into Donna? How would we perceive HER?

Donna opines on an over-30 Brad Pitt: “Sadly, he’s no longer a 10.” 😦

Would anyone take a look at Donna and think that that’s an odd thing to say since she’s clearly no “10” either?

And what difference does not being a “10” make, anyway?

Or, Donna comments on her son’s appearance:

I don’t think he would [pose nude], although he does have a very nice build. I’ve said if he weren’t my son, perhaps I’d be dating him.

Years ago Donna Trump hosted a reality show called Apprentice. Where she made clear what she most likes in her male colleagues: to be young and hot!

Many of the show’s former male contestants complained about Donna’s demeaning behavior toward them.

Once she made a vulgar joke about celebrity apprentice, Channing Tatum: “It must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”

Later, she explained that she was talking about watching Channing beg (on his knees), not some audacious sex act.

But today, after a successful stint in real estate, and most excellent speechifying skills, she’s running for President.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

She deemed Ted Cruz unsuitable for the Presidency because, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?”

While ignoring the real reason why no one should vote for Ted:

He’s nuts!

Just like Donna.

Or, she called Chris Christie a “fat slob” and a “dog” because he criticized her.

And once, after a male candidate took some extra time during a bathroom break, she called it “disgusting”:

What happened to him? I know where he went, it’s disgusting, I don’t want to talk about it… It’s too disgusting. Don’t say it, it’s disgusting, let’s not talk.

At one point journalist, Maynard Kelly, posed a debate question about Donna’s worrisome views of men — given her history of misandry.

Donna called the question “inappropriate.”

In fact, Donna was so pissed off that she refused to attend any more debates moderated by Mr. Kelly.

Because it’s perfectly fine to say degrading things about men.

But it’s completely offensive to suggest that there might be anything wrong with doing so.

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  1. handsomelustrousblackladbrad1953

    Hmmmmmm.Wonder if she’d vote for Yours Truly?(After all,at 63,I retain boyish good looks,though at 5’9″,205-210 lb.,I can afford to lose 25-30 lb.)

  2. Donna Trump would probably also get feisty with Rosie O’Donnell, saying something like “You hate me, ’cause you ain’t me.”
    And I’m genuinely left wondering how Trump would feel as a woman and making the statement about sexual assault in the military. In 2003 he posted on Twitter: “26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?”
    Yes, what was to be expected when, what are supposed to be respectable men and women, are partnered up? Do you plan to separate the two genders when elected, Trump? Or just completely do away with women in the military? After temporarily barring a transgender woman from participating in the Miss Universe pageant in 2012, I’m left wondering if trans people would be a part of the ban on women in the military too.
    And trust me, Trump obviously knows beauty because he co-owns Miss Universe and Miss USA. According to, Trump has his own rule for the pageant and does a pre-screening exercise, choosing the women he finds most attractive to compete. Would Donna Trump even stand a chance in her own contest? Because as a man, he’s not the most handsome, nor the most beautiful inside, though I suppose she could always just buy out the competition.

  3. Interesting role reversal. I recently saw an op-ed written by someone who is pro-Hilary about how Sanders would be judged and perceived if he said what he did how he said it except that he was a woman.

  4. I’m not a fan of Trump no matter if he is Donald nor Donna. I do, however, like her moxie for bringing up issues that most people would object to silently. What I find cringe-worthy is how she finds it necessary to attack her opponents by criticizing their physical attributes. I particularly don’t like how she at one point praises then devaluates individuals like Megyn Fox. It’s like a girl who all of a sudden dislikes you because she no longer calls you “pretty.” I feel uneasy endorsing a delegate who displays public tantrums by refusing to attend a debate because it does not suit her. If she were to get elected as president, what would happen if someone criticizes her for questionable policies. Will she hide behind the walls she publicly announced she will build? Perhaps hide behind the people she swore to protect. I question how far this woman will go to defend her vanity.

    • I appreciate one important reason why Donna/Donald is attracting so many voters — a reason that isn’t related to sexism/racism:

      The Republican establishment has done nothing to help their working-class (or even their middle class) voters — and even actively works against them because they are so busy serving wealthy business interests! So I’m glad that they are letting their dissatisfaction be known.

      Just wish she/he would do it without the sexism/racism.

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