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Women & Male Nudity: Mixed Reactions

Sly Stallone

Sly Stallone

Women were pretty uncomfortable looking at nude males 12 years ago when sociologist, Beth Eck, sought out their reactions. Have attitudes changed since then?

I recently showed my women students a nude-ish picture of Sly Stallone (the same one Dr. Eck had used) and asked for their thoughts.

There’s still discomfort. But nowadays the reaction is more mixed.

Do women lust after nude guys?

Do women look upon the well-built Sly Stallone with lust? Read the rest of this entry

Men’s Thoughts On Male Nudity: Some Squirming

Sly Stallone

Sly Stallone

I recently asked students for their thoughts when looking at a nude-ish picture of Sly Stallone.

Have attitudes changed since sociologist, Beth Eck, found that guys were pretty uncomfortable looking at male nudes 12 years ago?

One-third of the guys were complementary, acknowledging that Sylvester Stallone has a great body. Which is more positive than the responses Eck had heard.

But overall, they were much more uncomfortable with male nudity than women were when they looked at female nudity. Here are some of the guy’s words: Read the rest of this entry

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