Unless You’re Privileged, Trump Spells Disaster

Trump disaster

Trump disaster

Even as Trump says he wants to help the working class:

  • He says US wages are too high
  • He’s failed to pay small businesses who did work for him — bankrupting a few
  • The fraudulent Trump University bilked many out of their savings
  • He opened a modeling agency and hired illegal foreign women, then took all of their earnings — following the pimp model of doing business
  • He takes from charities and gives to himself
  • He wants less Wall Street regulation — meaning Main Street will likely bail them out again

Republican policy often hurts the working class

One reason why so many Republicans are angry with their governing elite is that their policies so often hurt the working-class:

  • Stop workers from organizing and bargaining for better wages
  • Take Medicare away from millions
  • Cut and privatize Social Security
  • Tax cuts and loopholes for the rich — supported by ending Medicare and Social Security

Trump has benefitted from some of this, like low wages and tax cuts and loopholes. Would he really dismantle it? One of the few policies he’s promoted is tax cuts for the rich — i.e., for himself.

Trump — a great businessman — will help the economy?

Some plan to vote for Trump because they think a businessman will be better at handling the economy.

But he made a lot of money by defrauding and shortchanging the little guy. Defrauding and shortchanging average Americans won’t help!

Bankruptcy — his MO — would lead to skyrocketing interest rates as countries no longer trust the US dollar as a safe investment. That would increase our debt.

And actually, Mr. Trump appears to be a very bad businessman. People he’s done business with say he destroys relationships. Others say he’s unstable. We’ve all witnessed his buffoonery.

The only modern President who was successful at business before entering the White House was Herbert Hoover. But handling a business and handling an economy are two different things.

The Great Depression came along and he had no idea how to get out of it.

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  1. So essentially, this blog was talking about how Donald Trump is going to destroy the economy. It talks about how the Republican party hurts the working class, but on top of that, we got a business man who wants to do the same thing that the Republican party wants to do. For example, cut taxes for the rich. A group which includes himself. But on top of that, he wants to lower wages, which is a key point of the Republican party. But to top this all off, Donald Trump is a failed businessman. As stated in this blog, he has multiple bankruptcies. His legit businesses that he owned went bankrupt and the only way he actually made money was defrauding the average citizen. Like with his online school, Trump University. This tactic that he uses is bad for the economy because of the fact that he’s allowing the rich to get richer and also he is causing the poor to get poorer and in this economy, the rich tend to keep their money and without money going back into the economy, soon the United States will repeat history and go into a Great Depression, which is not good.

  2. “One reason why so many Republicans are angry with their governing elite is that their policies so often hurt the working-class.”

    Yes, but these policies have injured our country. But, Democrats have also voted for many of these very same policies.

    NAFTA – Signed by President Clinton

    Too Big To Fail – Authored by Barney Frank (now a lobbyist FOR Wall Street and the Big Banks)

    Wall Street Bailout – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid but Signed by George Bush

    TPP – Signed by President Obama…Hillary Clinton supports

    So, it’s not all Republicans

    • *NAFTA – Signed by President Clinton

      You may be right that that’s a problem I’ll have to explore more. From what I’ve read it helps some industries and hurts others so it ends up being a wash. But even if that’s true we need to do things that aid those who are hurt by it.

      *Too Big To Fail – Authored by Barney Frank (now a lobbyist FOR Wall Street and the Big Banks):

      1) WE MUST GET BIG $ OUT OF POLITICS and I am working to do that through organizations like Common Cause. Because when politicians refuse to take money they simply don’t get elected, so it doesn’t help to be principled in this system. 2) unfortunately the banks are too big to fail so we need to do one of two things a) break up the banks b) regulate the banks. President Obama, with the help of the Congress — and a lot of pressure from the people, did do the latter.

      *Wall Street Bailout – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid but Signed by George Bush

      Because the banks actually are too big to fail they had to do the bailout or our entire financial system would have melt down. But no strings were attached, Probably because of big-money. So once again: we must get big money out of politics! We need to pressure politicians in the same way that we pressured them to get financial regulations. It’s the only thing that can overcome money.

      *TPP – Signed by President Obama…Hillary Clinton supports

      It helps some industries and hurts others but ends up helping more than hurting the US. STILL, we need to aid those who are hurt by it — like do job training for the new jobs.

      Taking another example, Green energy is much better for all of us then coal and oil, so I think we should have things like Solar panels being made in places like coal country. Then it’s just a shift in the types of jobs, and solar panels are less dangerous than coal for the workers.

  3. Seriously. This idea that conservatives have that an economy is like a business or even a household budget. It’s not. An economy is an extraordinarily complex system. It’s like comparing an ocean to a fish tank, and then getting surprised when the pet shop owner we’ve employed to protect our oceans ends up wrecking things even more. Tsk!

    • Yeah, economies are dealing with many factors that individual businesses are not. And the whole phenomenon works differently. But a lot of people unfortunately don’t get that.

      • My partner has an economics degree so I have picked up a lot from him. Maybe if I didn’t I would think the same thing. Who knows?

      • The views of economists are often shapes by where they went to school. University of Chicago is more right-wing. Princeton is more left-wing. Because so many economists get funding for studies from (Usually conservative) businesses they generally tend toward right-wing.

      • Yes…hence why my partner left university vowing never to have anything to do with economics again 😊 However, he did learn a lot of interesting information about how the world’s economic systems work. Plus, I have a feeling our university system is different to yours 😊

  4. Reblogged this on Rcooley123's Blog and commented:
    Some aspects about Donald Trump not likely to be seen on the nightly news or even the upcoming debates. – RJC

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