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Real Women Competing With Porn Stars

Overconsumption of porn is having unintended consequences.

Once upon a time men were hesitant to purchase pornography. Walk into an adult bookstore or movie house? Ring up a purchase with the girl at the counter? Way too embarrassing. But now internet porn is easily available in the anonymity of home. It’s even free. Porn has gone mainstream. Who doesn’t do it anymore?

But porntopia has an unexpected downside. Standards of sexiness are growing narrower. Some men expect their partners to act like porn stars. Sometimes both. Everyone ends up disappointed.

Young men and women are indeed being taught what sex is, how it looks, what its etiquette and expectations are, by pornographic training, and this is having a huge effect on how they interact.

So said Naomi Wolf after a college campus tour.

In sum: women are now expected to behave like actresses in porn flicks. Emphasis on “actress.” Even porn stars don’t behave that way at home.

And how do the actresses act? It’s male fantasy: It’s all about the guy.

Pamela Paul found something similar in her research for Pornified:

Among men who overconsume porn, real women are now expected to: Howl and moan with delight at the sight of the male member, or in anticipation of oral sex. They must enthusiastically swallow, let their boyfriends ejaculate on their faces and bodies, or maybe be peed upon. Suggesting an interest in lesbianism is always good. And through it all, they’re expected to have quick, easy orgasms. Ideally without much foreplay.

A man named Luis reported,

I’ve broken up with women who wouldn’t perform certain things.

Some recognize the problem. A man named Harrison stated,

I think that a guy’s expectations of his partner might be affected by the images he sees in porn. People’s expectations of their partner’s sexual performance or of what their partners might be willing to do might be unrealistic.

A 2004 poll found that 35% of men felt sex with real woman had become less arousing. Twenty percent said the real thing couldn’t compete with virtual sex.

If women want to compete, they’ll need to become actresses, too. Not so much fun for them.

Women who bed these men end up feeling empty and unsatisfied. After watching porn with her boyfriend, a woman named Cara observed,

The women were all fake. No intimacy, nothing sensual. Even when he and I were intimate, the sex wasn’t intimate.

Perhaps this is what happens when sex objects have sex — and not when flesh and blood human beings have sex.

Distracted by candy, everyone ends up missing something more nourishing and substantive. We miss out on the deep, connected intimacy that brings so much meaning to relationship. Soul needs.

Why act in ways that leave us empty and spiritually wanting? Is he that into you to be worth it?  The focus on his pleasure, only, suggests he is not.

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