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Girls Get Friend-Zoned, Too

friend-zone-2Think only guys get friend-zoned?

Well, I’ve been interested in men who saw me as “just a friend,” too. One particularly can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you gorgeous man comes to mind. It’s not that I asked him out and got rejected. He just never asked me out. So we stayed friends when I wanted more. Leaving me in the friend zone.

So even women who don’t ask men out get friend-zoned. Unless every man they are interested in asks them out–which is hard to imagine.

Yeah, being “friended” in a not-so-wanted way happens to women, too.

True, the friend-zone is more in-your-face for guys since they’re expected to make the first move. So it may be more hurtful for them in that way. But we all end up in the same place: outside the arms we want to be in.

Of course, it’s possible that some of the men that women are interested in simply don’t make that first move because they are shy or don’t realize we find them attractive. So that brings up another topic. Girls often don’t feel like they can ask guys out.  Read the rest of this entry

Friendly = I Want Sex?

friendsBy Erica Dalton

Coming into sexuality is so confusing. At least it was for me.

Beyond the no-win of being ridiculed for not doing “it,” verses becoming the main topic of conversation if you do, there were other perplexities.

Most of my classmates had had something resembling sex by eighth grade. I was more naive, which some found hard to believe: Since I had more guy friends than girl friends how could I have been anything but a slut?

Girls and guys both seemed to think so.

Then along came another no-win as my friendliness was taken for flirtation. When I turned guys down I was called a tease.

On my fifteenth birthday a guy friend bought me a build-a-bear and asked me out. When I explained that I only saw him as a friend he got extremely angry. He told me that by being nice to him, laughing at his jokes and spending time together, I was leading him on and that was not fair. I was dumbfounded. How could being a good person now be turned against me? The only response I was capable of was, “Well, do you want me to be a bitch to you?”

Read the rest of this entry

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