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Diet Coke Gardener: Objectified Like Women?

Check out the Diet Coke ad above.

Do you react like these women?

  • Aaaah, awesome 😀
  • I was like :O when i saw this commercial
  • ooh la la! like like like, all I need, no sugar, no calories! 😀

And Coke’s personal favorite:

  • Hot damn I need a Coke.

Or like these men?

  • Bad commercial, kinda degrading for women…
  • kinda sexist, no? Imagine a group of guys rolling the coke can to a hot girl, that then gets splattered with coke on her top and takes it off while they stare… yeah … id wanna see that commercial!
  • Bitches!
  • I feel very violated as a man to be viewed as a slave laboring, sex toy meant for the amusement of females. It’s almost to hard to bear watching this demonstrable evidence of female oppression in our society. I don’t think women would be laughing if this video was the contrary. Women are nothing but misandristic swines. We have to unite my brothers and break this new established misandry system. Wahh

diet-coke-hunkHere’s my translation of the guy-talk:

Oh no, do I have to start competing with guys who look like THAT?! (We ladies can relate  having had to compete with Brooklyn Decker-types for years.)


I don’t like how he’s demeaned before he’s ogled. (On being demeaned — or being demeaned and ogled — the ladies can relate and commiserate.)

An alternative translation:

Women aren’t the only ones who are objectified! And women like to objectify, too, so quit yer whining!

If so, these guys think this ad is equivalent to what women are pelted with every day. It’s not.

First, sexiness is a part of the human experience. So if either men or women are portrayed as sexy some of the time, no big deal. Our sexuality is a part of our humanity.

The problem comes, in part, from bombardment by an impossible beauty ideal, leaving plenty of women feeling bad about themselves. Guys increasingly face this problem, but not at nearly the same level.

Also, women are almost ALWAYS the sexy ones, and that is the PRIMARY way they are portrayed. The imbalance communicates that women exist to sexually please men. That’s their main purpose, and without reciprocation.

And then women are hurt by men who learn — however unconsciously – to think of women as sexual-pleasure objects. So women may be treated as things and not people. Some men will use and abuse them. Their lovers may only care about their own pleasure and not make emotional connection. Their lovers may treat them like interchangeable objects. They may rudely ogle others while ignoring their partner. Taken to extreme, some men kidnap women for sex slavery, or go to prostitutes who have been kidnapped and enslaved.

Because if women are just objects, no feelings to worry over.

If women and men were BOTH portrayed in multidimensional ways, with one part being “sexy” — and outside of impossible body ideals (variety is the spice of life!) then “sexy” images needn’t be a problem for either gender.

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