Man as Object

A sampling from the archives:

Men: Erotic Objects of Women’s Gaze

Why Aren’t Male Strippers Sexy?

Gays Find Strippers Sexy; Women Don’t?


Magic Mike Turns Tables on Objectification, Desire


Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze

Women Gazing At Men

Do Women See Sexy Men As Sexy?


David Beckham’s Sex Sells

Objectifying Men’s Bodies for Profit

Men Don’t Feel Sexy–and It Sucks


Does Sexual Objectification Lead to Bad Sex?

Sex Objects Who Don’t Enjoy Sex

Lose Virginity, Lose Self-Esteem?


Wanting “X” from Sex, but Doing “Y”

Looking Sexual vs Being Sexual

Be Sexy, Not Sexual – Ya Think?

Anything Good About Being A Sex Object?


You Are “Less Than”?

  1. A good list of your past posts. I am fascinated by your writings and research into us/men and what we like and why we do so. I shall try to learn what I have been doing right or “wrong” all these past years, as I read, look, gaze, and view the beauty in it all, the human form. Oh, and actions, too.

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