Please Take Away His Twitter

Uh, that should be thumbs down on Twittering Trump.

Uh, that should be thumbs down on Tweeting Trump.

I’m too tired to wait for final election results so I’m posting my blog with the expectation of very bad news in the morning.

I “get” the electorate’s impulse to lob a Molotov cocktail into a dysfunctional system that serves only the elite.

I just hope we don’t blow up our entire democracy.

Unfortunately, Americans don’t talk about issues. Only 32 minutes of the evening news was devoted to actual issues last year. That’s because our news has become “entertainment.” No wonder the star of Celebrity Apprentice is now our Commander in Chief.

And here’s what struggling people have voted for:

  • Tax cuts for the rich
  • The Supreme Court likely moves right, meaning the big guy will usually win over the little guy.

Fair trade and building a wall won’t make much difference to working people since most of our jobs are lost to technology, not the Chinese and Mexicans.

On the hopeful side, now that Republicans control all three arms of government, maybe they’ll have to actually do something that helps ordinary people, and not just the rich.

Or get thrown out in two-to-four years.

Meanwhile, on the (likely) chance that Bill Clinton will not become First Laddy next January, can we at least be spared the embarrassment of DJT’s Tweets?

Please POTUS aides, take away his Twitter!

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  1. This blog reminds me of what people have been saying, including President Obama. They have been saying how if Donald Trump can’t be responsible on twitter and take things that people are saying about him on twitter, how would he be responsible with the nuclear codes and what other leaders are saying about him. So even though it does not settle in with the fact that the republicans control all three parts of the government, I would feel a little comfortable if they were realize that Donald Trump can not manage things well, especially little things like a twitter account. I would even feel more comfortable with the fact that if they realize that he can not handle a little thing like a twitter account, then he wouldn’t be able to handle big things like making certain decisions for our country.

  2. Dear Georgia… I hope that all democrats can work things out… It is a difficult moment and the perspectives not that good … This article is quite alarming, but this is exactly what scares me the most of DT…
    Fascism is not our future—it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so—but this is surely the way fascism can begin.
    It is not just an economical issue of right wing politics… It is much more. Plus Marianne Le Pen was so glad to welcome him. But as the article says: Americans will not allow “that” to happen… sending warm wishes and my support always. Aquileana 😀

    • Our political elites do need to wake up and realize that we can’t have all the wealth going to the top 1%. Otherwise they can say goodbye to their jobs and democracy. Let’s hope they wake up.

  3. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton will not become “First Laddy,” though I like the title and wish I’d thought of it. But at least I’ve come up with a title for the wife of the ‘leader of the band,’ Melania Trump: First Trumpet. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard how he actually could help small businesses and the way he plans to attack the tax issues with the wealthy is to fix the loopholes. Taxing the rich more doesn’t work, because there are loopholes and they usually avoid it, plus if they are taxed more they simply will leave america. And run their business in countries where they aren’t taxed as much with workers they can pay less. We need more companies and work back in america, but also not the elite just doing what they want or paying less so it seems like filling the loopholes or fixing that is the way to go.

    • Donald Trump has a history of promising things that he doesn’t follow through with. Like telling people he contracts with that he will pay them and then not paying them.

      My hope is that since Republicans now control all three arms of government that they will do something other than just try to destroy the government — their usual MO — because if they don’t they will get voted out.

  5. Tough luck Georgia. While you may have to wake up to what appears to be bad news, we in India and others in Asia have already seen a cavalier trumping his way to WH. The average American has voted him in hoping for generation of employment at home, which may not happen because businesses need to be competitive to sustain in a global market. There is always a limit to any country’s ability to support business by creating captive markets at home by ringfencing it with tariff barriers. Looking at the situation positively, a fresher like Don may bring in newer perspectives duly guided by expertise of capable advisors and secretarial staffers. Cheers…

    • The American people are hurting a great deal and need support.

      Historically, Republicans don’t want to use the powers of government to help the people.

      However, America’s willingness to throw an orange Molotov cocktail into our government has woken up some Republicans.

      But we will have to see how the Republican Party responds. It can take two tacts at this point that I can think of:

      1) Continue removing support from the American people — which will create more economic and political instability. And some Republicans are actually fighting for that. It wasn’t long ago that Paul Ryan was calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme, for instance.

      2) Actually do something for the American people. I recommend a path that helps both business and the middle class/working-class:

      a. create living wages through things like be earned income tax credit (no one should be working and living in poverty), profit sharing with the workers who helped to create the profits, a higher minimum wage. When workers have money in their pockets sales and profits go up.

      b. infrastructure projects: put money in worker pockets, sales and profits rise, business/trade is facilitated

      c. educational supports: support early childhood education through college + job training. Put money in worker pockets, increase sales and profits, create an educated workforce

  6. “No wonder the star of Celebrity Apprentice is now our Commander in Chief.”

    There are two reasons DJT is our new President Elect,

    1) A failure of the Establishment elite (DEM and REP).

    2) A failure of the Democrat Party to nominate someone other than HRC.

    DJT and the Republicans were successful because we have a primary process that is truly democratic. So, someone like Mr. Trump could go out and win the primary in a fair, open, and competitive manner.

    Unlike the Democrat approach with such bullshit as “super-delegates.” What these super-delegates guaranteed was that HRC would get the nomination. But, why in the hell would you want the ultimate insider (plus liar and corrupt) to be your nominee when the American people were saying they do not want such a person? That’s why Trump got the nomination of the Republican side: we did not want any insiders or Establishment politicians.

    I just got back from a HUGE party in DC. I am so excited I cannot sleep. This was incredible. HRC outspent DJT by over several HUNDRED million dollars. He ran the table on her! He took FL, MI, NC, OH, PA, WI…She was the wrong candidate for the wrong time in American history. Joe Biden would have destroyed DJT. Elizabeth Warren could have easily beaten DJT. But, that’s what happens when you do not have a free and open nominating process. Freedom works!!!!

    • In the past it’s been the Republicans who nominate the person whose turn it is while Democrats nominate someone they have fallen in love with: Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. This year we went the reverse.

      So Hillary was nominated — actually without the help of super delegates — partly because “It was her turn,” partly because she is one of the most qualified people to ever run for office, partly because many women (Like me) were excited to have a woman president, and partly because her favorable’s had been running so high for several years. So we thought she was likely to win. And after a quarter century of surviving a tax, We thought she could survive again. We figured (and by “we” I mean people like me) people already have very strong attitudes about her that couldn’t get much lower.

      And we had expected that sexism wouldn’t be as strong as it was. I wrote a post on how sexism seems you have affected our perception of her. Whenever she seeks powers her favorable’s plummet. Otherwise her favorable’s have been very high.

      And most people’s negative beliefs aren’t grounded in facts. But repeat something often enough and people start believe it. It’s a bit like the witchhunts of yesteryear: more smoke and mirrors than smoke and fire.

      But I agree that this wasn’t the right year for her.

      And I am hopeful that now that Republicans own all three arms of government that they will actually do something to support the American people.

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