Where Are The Girls? The Small Children? The Babies?

Tough Guise

Donald Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents after crossing into the United States has left people worried about the health and well-being of those kids.

We have now seen pictures of older boys. But where are the girls? Where are the tender-aged children? Where are the babies?

One journalist’s visit to a boys’ compound may offer a clue as to why everyone but older boys are kept out of sight.

On the surface the boys seem ok

This journalist said that on the surface the boys would say “hi” and act friendly. They played ping-pong and basketball. Laura Ingram described the situation as something akin to summer camp.

Why are the boys visible but no one else? Maybe it has to do with the way we socialize girls versus boys.

Boys’ tough guise

We teach boys to put on a tough guise. Boys who let down their guard and appear fearful or sad are teased and tormented. So it’s not surprising to see them put up a strong front.

But girls, young children, and babies have not learned to wear that mask, so we are more likely to discern the reality of these children’s inner lives by visiting them.

Let us see the girls, the small children, the babies. Those who have not donned the mask. Let us see what’s really going on.

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  1. I disagree that girls haven’t learned a mask. They have learnt a mask the same way boys have, there is just different messaging. Boys learn a mask that is focused on covering their emotions while girls have learned to be more reserved in other ways. It is ignorant to say that we teach unhealthy social-emotional behavior patterns to one gender and not the other. Both are affected by Donald Trump separating parents and children, which is comparable to the separation of children and parents in Auschwitz and other death camps, because today is a modern example of the dehumanization of immigrants and people of color (especially brown and black bodies) in general as at this point they are detaining citizens too. Many fear that he is committing slow and painful genocide to ‘immigrants’ in this country, particularly brown and black bodies that are disproportionally affected by the discrimination and hate in our country in a way that puts them at risk for targeting by ICE and DHS. So I find that while this may be a mask that boys are putting on, there are others to be found within girls’ gendered behavior as a result of the same constant societal messaging.

    • Sure. Both genders learn to put on their masks. They just have different masks to don. And of course some people wear only partial masks or figure out ways to keep from wearing them entirely.

  2. This post really hit home for me not because I have had family separated by Donald Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents but because I fear that this will happen to my family. Not just my family but many of the families that I know that live in the same fear as my family. I know people who have been deported before,long before there was this policy. Some teens and some adults and they both had such a hard time while being deported and after everything had happened. They were so scared and had nightmares for weeks after, this was a very traumatizing experience and they were not separated from their family as long as these children. I am worried for all these children because I know that there health and wellbeing isn’t at all how it should be for these children. They aren’t in good living conditions and no one is taking care of them properly. I want to see all the children, teens, toddlers and babies.

  3. With Donald Trump essentially trying to build up a wall between the boarder of America end Mexico has caused a lot of tension and chaos between families and because of this it has caused families to separate and do things that could cause them to get in trouble. Families have had to make sacrifices like leaving their family behind and trying to sneak them into the boarder just to provide a life for them and to better in their future so they can have a better life that they cannot have over in Mexico. Children who have lived in Mexico who are being moved into America illegally gave situations that they have no idea of what to expect. Some of these immigrants may even have to face the challenges of having to learn an entire new language, these people who have been bringing their families in illegally know the trouble they could be facing but they also know they will be providing for a better life by doing so.

  4. I was attending a workshop hosted by Save the Children organisation. It was teaching us on how to treat immigrant children at the children’s home. I learnt that a child is a child. People normally classify those children as foreigners and that’s not the way they should be called. They’re children. Such children should be cared for by their parents or guardians if they do have. Separating them only make them susceptible to trauma. The trauma may be in the form of both physical and sexual abuse, child labour, trafficking, etc.

  5. The fact of the matter is that facilities that house children who are separated from their families only show the young boys because young boys are able to put up fronts of not being affected by the situation because they are brought up to believe that they need to put up a tough front. Boys at this age do not need to be told that they need to put up a front they are already “programmed” to appear tough to everyone around them even if they are all going through the same situation. Showing that young boys are not affected by being separated from their parents, or at least appear to be unaffected makes Americans believe that separating families is not as tough and traumatizing as it really is. If a journalist were able to show the emotions of even younger children and babies they would show the public the true reality of separating families, children are devastated and are unsure of what is coming next leading them to be in an extremely emotional state or just shut down.

  6. Please dear reader, we are “One Human Family” THE GOLDEN RULE.

  7. I think this ties perfectly into the whole masculinity thing. Masculinity concept is okay, people can be strong for each other and may be able to keep their emotions in check for the sake of others. Then, when it turns toxic to the point where if guys show fear or being timid he gets a giant target on his back saying he’s inadequate to be a man. Plus I’ve never even understood why it’s a thing to make in fun of someone when they’re vulnerable and just being human. Like I’m pretty sure if all these other emotions outside of being happy, sad or cool weren’t normal we wouldn’t have psychology of how to explain them. Once again I know everyone is different and shows their emotions in a different way. I just don’t see how it’s so normal to just ridicule something just because it’s different. Girls could act just as masculine as guys if they were taught from a young. Guys could feel a lot more comfortable with their emotions if they got a certain amount of respect from people at a young age as well.

  8. The recent controversy of the immigration detention centers and how only boys have been given interviews instead of showing the other types of children, is an obvious way our government is trying to cover up their own oppression. The fact that the U.S government has only publicly shown the adolescent boys, is that they know these boys have already been trained to put on the manly persona and ignore it because “that’s what men do”. As of now, there aren’t no new information about the conditions other smaller children are in and that because if our government does release interviews with other children, their true lives living in these detention centers would be revealed and riots from the people would spur out causing violence done. It is essential for the people to know of these conditions, because like any, almost all of us are from immigrant families and we can’t just stand and be hypocritical about this and that we must stand up for the rights of immigrants and finally find out the truth our government has been hiding from us.

  9. This is yet another way the government abuses the horrible social roles our society has placed on its self. It is true that in our society, males are trained not to show emotion, to put on a face that shows bravery and strength. So when seeing these boys, they are not showing the true nature of the immigration detention centers, they are only showing the face of what the male culture raised to do. This isn’t the first time our government has done this, 80 percent of the united states congress is male, this is due to the fact that because of social roles in our society, men are looked at as leaders, so what better place we should put men is in the position to lead our nation. There have been letters by grown women who write in anxiety and sadness of their separation of their families, and the horrible conditions of immigration detention centers. The organization responsible for this is I.C.E, where right now this organization is abusing their powers on immigrants, and oppressing those who don’t have a voice in our government. There are many who don’t care for this or won’t act against it because these men who witness these horrible actions of I.C.E, put on fake mask, and cover up the truth. By showing the younger children and the babies who have had to endure this cruelty, we can finally understand the horrible conditions of the detention centers and the cruelty of our government who allow this happen, the same government and nation built by immigrants and the freedom of all.

  10. Before coming across this posting, I was just like the many others among society who have not even considered the fact that all too often, when we do see images of the children the government has separated, they are in fact all boys. When considering why this might be, I cannot help but think that perhaps it all traces back to gender roles and the expectations that society places on males from a young age. Boys are expected to be strong, confident and never show one’s emotions as it is a sign of weakness and the public’s reaction to a picture of young boys in this situation versus a picture of babies and young girls who would in fact show their true despair would indeed be received very differently by the public. There would be less chance of sympathy and empathy on society’s part if shown only pictures of young boys who are seemingly content, at least by the looks of their facial expressions versus seeing a little girl with tears in her eyes at the horror she has been faced with.

  11. I think that we see the boys more often because it makes the viewer less likely to feel bad for the children. I remember seeing a tweet a few months ago from a woman that posted a picture of a group of immigrant boys waiting to get on an airplane and she called them members of MS-13. I think that if more faces of the girls and the smaller children were shown, it would be easier for viewers to be sympathetic and thus undermine support for many policies. These people who are so fervently anti-immigration, or as they say anti “illegal immigration”, often do not have credible reasons for being so against these people that are more often than not looking for a better life. On social media, many of the arguments I see are founded on the beliefs that illegal immigrants steal jobs and that they steal tax money from “hard working Americans”. What these beliefs seem to allude to is a lack of education on the matter entirely. Illegal immigrants often work manual labor jobs that Americans would not want to work such as picking fruits or even construction. Illegal immigrants also pay taxes when they buy anything. If people became more familiar with the intricacies of these hot button issues, I think that much good come from it. If more people saw the young children and the girls, maybe they could become motivated to learn more about these things.

  12. I think another factor on how there were some boys who seemed friendly and said hi to the reporters is that the ones who did not react positively to them were mistreated or punished. As you said, they were teased and tormented. They saw what happened to the ones who reacted negatively, so then they proceed to not act in that way. It’s how children learn how to act in society, they see how others act and how they are treated. Avoiding the negative acts and present themselves so they will fit in. As a child, the worst thing that can happen at that age is being treated as different and punished. The girls, small children, and the babies were likely to be hidden away since they did not act in a way that shows approval to separating immigrant children from their parents. It’s a terrifying tactic, since what is truly happening is hidden away.

  13. Separating children form their parents should not be an option it shouldn’t be a policy, these families left everything they had in their country looking for a better opportunity in the united Sates, escaping form danger and poverty. My family also attempt to come to the united states illegal in 1986, we got caught my mom 3 siblings and me all under 5 years of age, I cant remember much but my mom tells me that we were keep together with her, she was telling me the whole story not to long ago, and I can imagine how these children feel their probably scare alone in a different country wondering where their parents are and if they are going to be reunite.

    They show that image of those boy pretending to be strong and not afraid, because they know boys have been taught to be strong and some even try to take care of the family when their dad is not around, but deep down I am sure their terrify.

  14. I had never even considered what this blog has written. I had nit even noticed that a majority of the children shown were young men. The reasoning for this does make sense, even though women have just as much ability to stay strong, being raised in a different culture these women were raised family orientated. They were not, however, used to having to show strength to outsiders. While they did help each other and change diapers for each other, they appear more fragile and if they were seen instead of the boys i do believe there would be more outrage. This overall situation is obviously sickening regardless of gender, when they govern the children by only showing the least sad child they are bending the news to their favor. Thus creating fake news.They bend the camera to show the least offensive content to induce the least amount of rage to the citizens.

  15. Renata Ingram

    This is not America, this is not what the ” Land of the Free” looks like or should look like. This post is picturing what the president may want it to look like, that everything is fine and his works aren’t really hurting anyone. Its fake advertisement to hide the fact that America is hurting, and because of his pride and ego, the president will use boys to put up the front of the face that he isn’t willing to put. Scientifically, from what I have learned, we women are more emotional creatures. This is due to both how we are raised to express ourselves and due to the hormones that boys/men don’t carry. But that does not mean those boys aren’t hurting, they also hurt, just not the same way as others would. My experience is growing up with two brothers myself and now having my husband. I always have felt like a spoon, having to dig out what was really going on emotionally with the men in my life because they don’t know how to verbally express themselves. Or because it wasn’t taught to them or because they didn’t know if they really wanted to face what was wrong or bothering them. I have seen the footage of these boys being released from being held in these compounds, and their faces would crush anyone. All I remember is a boy embracing his mother with no words to say, just tears and loud wailing and hugging so tight, anyone could tell what this boy or these boys are really feeling. A picture can play double sword. In this case, fake advertisement for selfish use and truth speaking when these boys are finally being released to family. Boys hurt too, they just don’t all know or were taught not to know what it may look like.

  16. “What I’m curious about is how you think the immigrants are hurting America?”

    I never said immigrants were hurting America. There is a difference between illegal migrants and legal immigrants. The evidence is quite clear that legal immigration benefits America.

    illegal migrants net net cost America. These are low skill and largely uneducated people. Quite the opposite of most legal immigrants.




    The wall only cost $25 bil and it is a one time expense. That is what logic and reason yields.

  17. “……but Russia definitely did help Trump win.”

    Again, this is your opinion. There are no facts or evidence to support your claim. All the intelligence agencies have indicated that the interference did NOT affect the vote outcome.

    Even with the 12 indictments today, Deputy AG Rosenstein stated precisely the above.

    • Almost everyone except for DJT knows that Russia helped Trump to win. The question is whether Trump did so purposefully in Collusion.

      The events of this past week demonstrate that Trump is doing everything he can to be Putin’s puppet, whether he is acting as in collusion or simply as a useful idiot.

      • “Almost everyone except for DJT knows that Russia helped Trump to win.”

        Only YOU and the Delusional Left believes this to be true. Hillary lost fair and square. Just a fact. Sure, there was interference. But, as ALL the intelligence agencies have stated: the outcome was NOT affected.

        So, you would have me believe that the 9 mil voters who previously voted for Obama and switched did so due to “The Russians?” Or the million or so Bernie Sanders voters who went for Trump? Maybe if Jill Stein were not in the race, HRC might have been elected. It was NOT the Russians.

        But, as usual with the Left, facts do not matter. It’s all about “feeling.” It’s about sticking to the narrative.

        Oh what about the millions the DNC and HRC campaign paid to the Russians for that made up dossier about Trump? That is not collusion?

        The only reason you and others are concerned about the “attack on our democracy” is because HRC lost. Had she won, you guys would not being saying a damn thing. If you are so concerned about democracy, then why the open borders rubbish? Why having illegals vote? Why fighting ICE to get dangerous criminals out?

        You know I really think that the Left acts like scorned women. Seriously. Everything is about OUTRAGE. Luckily for America, it is being tuned out. Look at the falling viewership and rating for CNN and MSNBC. People are just sick of the BS from the biased media. Journalism is dead in America. Now, it is all about advocacy and being Anti-Trump.

        The reason HRC cannot get over losing is because she is a woman. John McCain moved on from his loss to Obama. Mitt Romney did the same. What is the difference? HRC is a woman who cannot handle the idea that America rejected her.

      • Donald Trump won the electoral college by so few votes that a number of things could have shifted the vote to Hillary. Many Progressives failed to vote or voted third-party because they were angry that Sanders wasn’t on the ticket. The Russians not only affected DJT voters but they targeted Bernie voters to. I heard all sorts of garbage from progressive who thought that Bernie cared about people of color but Hillary didn’t. When in fact Bernie only had an economic message and Hillary was all about people of color. Plenty more examples of this information.

        And the point isn’t that DJ T shouldn’t have won the election anyway, the point is that Russia Is attacking democracy both here and in Europe.

        I’m wondering if you care about keeping our democracy?

  18. Reading this post is truly heartbreaking. Recently, America hasn’t been living up to the “American Dream.” They are tearing families apart. Yes, these families might have been crossing the borders illegally but they did it to overcome poverty or to have better lives and opportunities for their children. These families come here wanting to be welcomed and seek refuge but in return, their children gets separated from them not knowing where their children are being taken to. This isn’t right. On top of everything, what do they do to the children and where are the babies and the girls? Not only after reading this piece, but in social media as well pictures taken inside the place the children were taken to only showed pictures of the boys, why is that? Where are the girls? Boys have a more tougher image than girls, yes but in reality they are all just children. These kids are vulnerable they do not know anything if their parents are committing a “crime” by taking them to a new country illegally they have no say in anything. Families shouldn’t be separated in the first place because it’s not a human thing to do whether migrating to a country legal or illegally.

  19. This is a very touchy topic. Learning that children would be separated from their families is disheartening. I have also noticed as well that we do not see the younger girls or babies in this matter, but rather the older boys. I could agree that maybe the way it’s being portrayed is that the boys put up a tough forerring. Even if that were the case, these are still children being separated from their families. Yes, people have migrated to this country, whether it be legally or illegally, but they have made a home here. I do not think that children should be separated from their families whatsoever. I can also agree that the way we socialize girls is very different than boys. Girls are a little bit more tender. And yes, boys have been raised to be strong and tough, but internally they are all still children. I feel like if it was any of us in this situation we’d have a greater problem. But instead of separating families we need to see why people are pressing to come to the United States to begin with. What is causing people to want to leave their homes to come here? Of course this is a rhetorical question, but our focus is completely off. We have this great big world that can be shared, why not share it? It’s not the child’s fault. I do not agree in separating families no matter what.

    • ” But instead of separating families we need to see why people are pressing to come to the United States to begin with. What is causing people to want to leave their homes to come here? ”

      As an American, I could care less as to “why?” Seriously. There is a civil war going on in Yemen. Do I need to ask “Why?”

      We as Americans cannot be responsible for the ills of poor leadership in these counties.

      Lastly I will say this…just because you have made a home here does NOT mean this is your home. That is called squatting which is illegal in most states.

      My country is being abused. I am very pissed about it. Most of the people who live in poverty in this country are US citizens AND children. But, we are fawning over illegals. Pisses me off!!!!

  20. Laura Ingraham, not Laure Ingraham

    My apologies

  21. Arden Rayne McIntosh-Tom

    I believe Donald Trump’s policy on separating children from family after already crossed into United States is wrong and should not be supported. Families that have already crossed and started a life should not be stripped away from this right of  “The American Dream”. I never fully understood how people could carry a burden of stripping families apart from there children. I believe everyone understands the government put  a process to get to the United States legally but people are not coming here just because ” hey I want to go the the United States”. NO! They come here because they want to make a better life for there children and family. What ever happened to helping our peers? If people are in danger don’t just be a by stander help them create a new life and support their decision of coming here illegally because they also want a chance at a better life. 

    COMMENT 2: 

    I agree boys put on mask to not show the feelings that hurt them, this is a common thing that happens everywhere. Girls are very different than boys, girls can express feeling easier I think because boys have the somewhat title of always being the tough one and protecting the family. I think boys who are in these camps are afraid because they have no father or mother to express those feelings so they keep them inside which can build up anger and a different personality which creates this so called mask. I think these mask boys create or a neutral thing in the sense not bad nor good. This is due to how everybody is different and how everybody can create different mask for themselves. If boys let out emotions like girls tend to do more, would boys get judged? Who decides if a mask is reality or not?  

    • Arden,
      I have to completely agree with you! I also believe that people come to the United States to make a better life for themselves and their families. They leave there country for a greater reason than just wanting to come on a whim. See, it’s not a problem because we are not the one that’s being done too. Some of us were born here in the United States, and think that although it is sad we do not have as great of an attachment to the issue. In my eyes it seems Trump is married to someone who didn’t belong in this country. Why isn’t this being pushed, ripping children from families is not OK. Yes, jobs will increase for us Americans but it’s never been a burden before. These people come here to create a better life for their families, we’re paid the bare minimum doing work most of us would not even consider, and we still have a problem. It’s just not right. Let people live in peace. Like I’ve stated, this is a great big world, it could be shared. This is what makes America great. That we can provide for those in need.

    • “Families that have already crossed and started a life should not be stripped away from this right of “The American Dream”. ”


      Come here legally like the other million per year. What is so hard about that?

      The world seems to have this welfare mentality about America. We don’t owe you a damn thing. But, you MUST and WILL respect the laws and sovereignty of my country.

  22. Mina R Kapadia

    I haven’t been very much in politics in light of the new administration. It has also been hard to be a part of a time where there is such opposition between two opposing political groups. It’s so greatly divided that there no longer exists a middle ground. However, I have always been worried about the immigration policy that changed and resulted in something scary that could be a cause of problems. I’ve seen a few videos on the immigrant children who are being held in “pound-like” conditions, as if they were animals. It’s scary how people aren’t allowed to enter these buildings that children are being held in. After viewing this blog post, I find it even more scary and I think many people are unwilling to know the truth. This reminds me of the internment camps where Japanese people were held which was an absolute abstracity and and a terrible reminder of how the United States failed to uphold the rights of the people of the US.

  23. I find it difficult, as I am sure most people do, to see pictures of children in cages. This is why they will choose to show cheerful boys playing games, to hide the fact that these are not always the conditions that most un-documented children are housed and detained. Of course, Laura Ingraham who is a conservative commentator views it as similar to summer camp. I wonder how she would feel about sending her own children to this “summer camp”. It had occurred to me that we don’t see pictures of very young (tender-aged children), as well as females. I thought that was due to more boys will make the trek on their own, but surely there girls as well. I agree completely that the reasons are as you stated, that boys are expected to be strong and this is what they will portray themselves as among their peers. I hope we will be able to address this issue with full clarity and transparency by showing all the children at these centers. As a parent, I could not imagine being separated from my children and not know where they are being held. In my Cultural Anthropology class, I learned of these detention centers and the strict rules the children must abide by. Children who act out will be placed in more restrictive centers that to me was just like being jailed. Of course children will act out when they are detained and not given more liberties. They are even restricted from hugging each other as I just read on NPR.
    This issue is very close to me as I am an immigrant myself and escaping Vietnam in 1975. We were housed in a camp in Fort Chafee, Arkansas prior to being sponsored through Catholic Charites. My parents did not speak English, and there were 6 of us kids, the oldest was just 9, but we were ALL together. I can’t imagine how this is affecting the children emotionally. I hope the Trump administration will do better by the families and expedite the process to unite families sooner.

  24. It is unbelievable how far our government has gone to import those who immigrated to the US. How do they go on with their day after tearing families apart, separating children away from their parents and send them back to a country where they were running away from? I get that coming into the country illegally is wrong, but can’t we try to understand why they had to run away in the first place? I don’t know much about how politics works, but I do know that when someone is running from danger, you’re supposed to help them right?
    And to go back to the title, we see the boys and they may act ok, but boys will act tough to mask their fears and worries. But girls and babies are usually expressive about their feelings. Not revealing them to the public only means that what we feared about this separation is true. That it is cruel and incredibly painful for those children to be in this camp without their parents to protect them.

    • “I get that coming into the country illegally is wrong, but can’t we try to understand why they had to run away in the first place? I don’t know much about how politics works, but I do know that when someone is running from danger, you’re supposed to help them right?”

      But this is the point: they are NOT running away from danger. They are merely gaming our system to escape lousy and shitty conditions in their country.

      So, are we suppose to take in everyone who want to to leave their lousy and shitty countries? Is that our responsibility? No. What about the responsibility of the leaders of these nations many of whom are corrupt and could care less about their own people? Is that not their responsibility?

      Maybe the left should join up with these corrupt elites. They have much in common. Here the elites do not care about ordinary Americans while the elites in these “shithole” nations do not care about their own people.

      The parents who are bringing their children here are irresponsible. But, this is part of how they can game the system. You must bring a kid or send them unaccompanied to game the system.

      If this keeps up we will have another amnesty for millions of “DACA” kids. Same bullshit process repeating itself over and over and over. I say NO to this rubbish.

      I support the President and his zero tolerance policy.

      Btw, 80% of these amnesty claims are found to be bulshit. This further validate that these people are just gaming our system.

      • I don’t doubt that sometimes it’s not really an amnesty issue. But the people are mostly coming from the two countries with the highest rates of violence. Many Have made a choice between their children dying and being separated from their children once they get here, with their children continuing to live. When the children are separated it is child-abuse.

  25. For starters, I am distraught that children are being taken away from their families. It dawned on me that not only are children being separated from their families but they are potentially being separated from their siblings due to gender and age. Regardless of how children react they are being victimized by these actions. Girls, small children, and babies are probably not shown to the public because they don’t hide their emotions. If the public were to see children who are crying, distraught, and fearful they might want to take action. Therefore, I think that’s why the Trump administration only shows boys who can be easily distracted by games such ping-pong and basketball. It is distasteful and shameful. Reading this post has opened my eyes to this perspective which I had I not considered. I am thankful for this post for helping me realize that there is always two sides to every story. Every time I watch or read the news I need to consider all perspectives and variables. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  26. They think this will go away its not. Hopefully some good lawyers will take on their cases. Sue trump and sessions and take everything they have,and their heirs. Thank you for speaking up about this.

  27. Such good points. Yes, the fact that only boys are ‘ made visible’ in this case is anything but random… it has to do with patterns of socially accepted behaviors and expectations… as I read your post I thought how right Michel Foucault was. Truth is part of a discursive logic… that we first accept,… and then feel unconsciously forced to comply with…
    ((And Melania just don’t care 🤷‍♀️… literally https://twitter.com/sirsheri/status/1009885176195964928?s=21 ) … sending love and best wishes, dear Georgia ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  28. Reblogged this on Rcooley123's Blog and commented:
    Another excellent post from BroadBlogs which raises questions pertaining to the treatment of asylum seekers from Central America and the cruel treatment of both the parents and the children they seek to bring to safety from very real threats of harm they faced in their home countries. The splitting up of families which Trump Administration immigration/refugee policy caused has resulted in a human rights catastrophe of enormous proportions. Questions about the treatment of the children forcibly removed from the custody of their parents remain to be answered – as well as does the procedures that need to be taken to ensure reunification of these families. Why has this policy been allowed to stray so far from whet most of us consider to be basic common sense when it comes to dealing with such a humanitarian crisis? – RJC

    • “The splitting up of families which Trump Administration immigration/refugee policy caused has resulted in a human rights catastrophe of enormous proportions.”

      What a joke! “enonmous proportions”

      Maybe the parents should stop being irresponsible in illegally coming here with their kids.

      Here you have people who are simply gaming the system. Pure and simple.

      Yes, the children should not have been separated. But, ALL of them should be arrested and detained.

      The world is sick of illegal migrants. Look at what s going on in Europe. The German government might collapse over this issue. The Italians are fighting back.

      I am with the Poles, the Hungarians, the Italians, etc.

      Just because life is shitty in your country does not give you the right to just barge up into someone else country.


      • The children are being punished for something they have no control over. And in the harshest of ways, being removed from their parents. That sort of wrenching away is emotional abuse. And completely unnecessary.

        It is a catastrophe of enormous proportions to anyone who is a victim of this policy.

  29. Clearly, the faces of frightened “tender age” girls and babies would evoke even greater empathy for them and greater anger at Trump. As you know, he sees a problem only when he hears that evangelicals disapprove of his actions. It’s the way of the authoritarian/tyrant-wannabe. It’s all about his image.

    And, of course, it’s about money (always is). I understand that the private prisons are having a predictable, huge windfall. According to https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/05/trumps-immigration-crackdown-is-a-boom-time-for-private-prisons/spent , the private prison industry spent $2.6 million on federal lobbying in 2017, and you can bet some of that the lion’s share went into Trump’s campaign and possibly his bank account. Legal bribery!

    • Seeing the pressure on Trump to reverse his policy gives me hope for America. Even Republicans won’t defend him. And that’s because the American people, as a whole, so dislike this policy, including nearly half of Republicans. So Republican leadership is looking to the midterms, knowing how much this will hurt any chance to win.

      • There has always been hope for America.

        It is funny how people on the left like to call Trump “authoritarian” Yet it the very people on the left who want to harass people, deny free speech, and show little regard for common decency.

        Maybe if the Left and Dems had something to offer America besides sanctuary cities and coddling illegals, you would have more success. Just a thought.

      • First, conservatives don’t understand what a sanctuary city is. Or what the point of it is. If people think that reporting a crime will get them deported, they don’t report crimes and that becomes more dangerous for everyone. In places that don’t have sanctuary cities you still have the same number of immigrants, they just don’t report crimes.

        The left has much to offer the country but people often don’t understand because the powerful scapegoat brown people, and often women too, to distract from the real source of problems caused by wealthy elites. There has been a tremendous redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top 1% because jobs are off-shored and then Americans must work at McDonald’s for far less pay, Jobs are outsourced so that companies don’t have to pay benefits, automation takes people’s jobs away… Those three things are probably the biggest culprits taking jobs away from ordinary Americans and enriching corporate bosses. But then they fund think tanks and pay people like Rush Limbaugh $2 million/year to make people think that the source of their problems are immigrant brown people– who are usually taking jobs Americans won’t take, like migrant farmworkers.

        Here are a few examples of Trump’s authoritarian tendencies:

        * Coddle and flatter dictators. Hostility toward Western democracies

        * Weaken NATO– Weaken the Western alliance

        * Tariffs on Western democratic friends (who have very low tariffs on American products) to weaken the Western alliance

        * Fired FBI director who was investigating him

        * Expects the US Atty. Gen. to be loyal to him instead of do his job, which is to defend the law

        * Encourage internal divisions within the United States: white v black, male v female, DJT v HRC. It all encourages internal instability and weakens democracy

      • “Coddle and flatter dictators. Hostility toward Western democracies.”

        If I remember correctly, President Obama had a cozy relationship with Raul Castro of Cuba..President Trump is sticking up for America. Our Allies have been taking advantage of us. Who needs “friends” like that?

        “Tariffs on Western democratic friends (who have very low tariffs on American products) to weaken the Western alliance”

        Another false statement. Everyone knows we have the most open economy in the world, period. But we need FAIR trade also. The Germans have a 10% tariff on autos while we have 2%. So, why are people not complaining about the Germans having 10%?

        “Weaken NATO– Weaken the Western alliance”

        Why should we continue to foot most of the bill? If they can spend billions on migrants (most of who were not even refugees), then I do not think it is unrealistic to ask them to pay more for THEIR common defense. Being a Leader of the Free World does not mean being a sucker.

        “Fired FBI director who was investigating him”

        Excuse me but it was his Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who recommended Slippery James Comey be fired. It was within the President’s authority to do so. Look at all the skulduggery that was revealed in the AG report. But CNN and the Left do not cover that!!!

        “Expects the US Atty. Gen. to be loyal to him instead of do his job, which is to defend the law.”

        We can agree on this one!

        “Encourage internal divisions within the United States: white v black, male v female, DJT v HRC. It all encourages internal instability and weakens democracy.”

        This is total bullshit. Total. It is the Left with its identity politics that has created divisions in America. White people are derided in America. Yet non Whites can make jokes and say horrible things about Whites. Look at how the Left attacks men. Now we are all evil and must be purged of our “toxic masculinity.” No mention of the pure evil that resides within many women. Why now even gay White men are being attacked. Our Democracy is under attack from the Left. They want illegals to be able to vote! Citizenship means nothing to the Left.

        Americans are really fed up with the Left. CNN is like the old Soviet news organization Pravda (it means truth but was nothing but a pack of lies). Pravda was the party news organization. Tass the state news. CNN is Pravda because it mouths the Democrat party line. Maybe that is why their viewership is down 30% and still falling. Fox is still #1! Yet jack ass President Obama says it is from a different planet. Which dismisses the opinions of millions of Americans. What arrogance and elitism.

        The President is winning! America is winning. His approval rating is now 48% which is what Obama and Reagan had at the same time of their Presidency. This is what people like you hate. Unemployment is down to record lows. Wages are rising! Black unemployment is at a record low (too bad idiot Black politicians are so far up the White liberal asses they cannot see the truth). Over 5 million people have come off food stamps. ISIS is all but destroyed. We are on the road to de-nuclearization with N Korea. The economy is booming! So many successes but all the Left likes to talk about is: Russia, Collusion, Stormy Daniels…blah blah blah. You have nothing else to offer America.

        Everyone needs a voice in a true Democracy. It makes no sense to perpetuate division based on all this identity politics nonsense. But, anyone who know the history of the Democrat party knows that this is its bread and butter. Look at how Left politician deride Trump voters. Over 60 million Americans (including 9 mil who previously voted for Obama).

        Lastly regarding sanctuary cities….Please help me understand how protecting illegal criminal felons make any community safer? Boy I want to hear your answer to this one.

        You people are so anti-Trump that you have gone crazy! You people have become the new menace in America (stifling free speech, attacking civil liberties, intimidation of conservatives like Ben Shapiro and Charles Murray….) I guess like the Nazis you will start burning books next!. Everything with you people is about OUTRAGE. Mad Maxine Waters is the poster child for this nonsense.

        I cannot wait until November when the Left will see a stunning defeat! I wrote in comments on Goodmen Project that Nov 2016 was the Stalingrad for the Left. This November will be the Battle of Kursk (1943) where the German Army was dealt it biggest defeat. From that point onward the Nazis were in retreat. The Left is in retreat acting just like the Nazis.

      • Sanctuary cities doesn’t protect felons. It allows people to report criminals without the people who are reporting criminals getting deported themselves. That way you can jail the criminals. It’s the opposite of what you were thinking.

        Yes, Trump has about 41% approval right now but that is amazingly low considering how well our economy is doing.

        Trump the dictator

        I alone can fix America

        Codels dictators like Putin and alienates democratic allies

        Working to destroy the alliance of democratic countries via getting rid of NATO

        Working to destroy the alliance of democratic countries via tariffs

        Trying to discredit the mainstream media. That’s what dictators always do. Makes it easier to manipulate the population

        Scapegoating ethnic groups, like Hitler did

        Put ethnic groups in cages. (First you target a despised group, and as you get away with it you keep expanding the circle of people who are targeted.)

        He wants a military parade

        I’ll add more later. That’s just off the top of my head.

        Fortunately 75% of Americans are now worried about our democracy. We aren’t all in the dark. If we see what is happening we can do something to stop it.

      • Boy have you really drank the Kool Aid..

        Trumps approval rating:


        As for scapegoating ethnic grpups and putting “immigrants” in cages. They are NOT immigrants. They are illegal migrants! They should be jailed and sent back. My view on the matter. But, since Dems have given up on ordinary Americans, they need to recruit more future voters like illegals.


        Where was your and other liberals outrage over Obama conduct when the did the EXACT same thing?

        Btw, why do you and the Left hate America? Yet millions of people want to come here because it is a GREAT country?


        Like most people on the Left, you cannot use reason, logic, and simple common sense to evaluate things. Everything is driven by EMOTION. The Dem Party is now made up of the most EMOTIONAL non-thinking groups in America: women, blacks, and white knight/feminist men.

        You don’t have to support President Trump. You have the right to disagree. But, all this over the top crap about him being a dictator, racist, sexist is just a bunch of bullshit. I like President Trump. He has flaws no doubt. He is sticking up for America. He is sticking up for men.

        I am so damn tired of all these whinny ass male feminist shit heads (CNN is littered with them!). All this bullshit talk about toxic masculinity. Women and feminist want to destroy men. You want to emasculate men. Yet women remain the most dishonest, cunning, and manipulative species on earth.

        This is typical of the sheer racism on the Left:


        Here again you see a White liberal who KNOWS what is best for Black people in America. We as Black people are not permitted to think for ourselves. Does she also go around telling White people who are NRA members they should not be members? NO! This is why I cannot stand white liberals. They are the real slave masters and racist.

        You do NOT get to determine what is best for me or any other Black person. we are sovereign and free thinking human beings. Can you not respect this? If we want to be Republicans or conservatives, then why should we not be free to do so? Are not White people free to do so? Again, we have to fight to be free in our own damn country. When will it end?

        Lastly, this sums up everything about the Left in America.


      • Trump‘s approval rating varies from day to day. Pretty consistently in the low 40s lately. Which is pretty low considering how well the economy is going. And Rasmussen is always biased toward Republicans and against Democrats, so I take that one with a grain of salt.

        I could say a lot here. What if Hillary had the Russians trying to help get her elected and then she did a couple of private meetings with Vladimir Putin, unprecedented in US history. And in one of them she told him that since she fired the FBI director she was feeling like the burden has been lifted off of her. A statement that was later leaked to the press by a Russian operative.

        And then she did a number of things that helped Russia like weaken NATO through both trying to dissemble it and the Tariffs?

        Or constantly put down Western allies while cuddling Vladimir Putin?

        Change the democratic platform to be more pro-Russia.

        We or constantly put down Western allies while cuddling Vladimir Putin?

        Change the democratic platform to be more pro-Russia.

        Weaken and undermine the CIA and FBI who spy on Russia.

        I could go on … But just take a look at the list I have above on all of the things Trump has done and try to imagine Hillary doing them. Does it still seem OK to you?

      • “I could go on … But just take a look at the list I have above on all of the things Trump has done and try to imagine Hillary doing them. Does it still seem OK to you?”

        First, President Trump did not “have the Russians” help him. The data clearly shows the interference was on both sides.

        As far as our Allies are concerned, they need to pay there fair share. Asking them to do so is NOT weakening the NATO alliance.

        I would totally disagree with your characterization of these events. It is simply YOUR opinion. Opinion and facts are quite different.


      • I’m not saying that NATO shouldn’t pay their fair share, and presidents have been working on this issue for a long time. NATO has gradually edged up over time, and are pretty close to 2% now.

        I’m not making a judgment as to whether Trump colluded with Russia to win the election but Russia definitely did help Trump win. I think that might be why Trump is so nice to them now, he’s hoping they will step in again in 2020.

  30. It’s disingenuous to call enforcing the law “Trump’s policy”, as if enforcing the rape laws would be “Trump’s policy”. It’s the sworn duty of the executive to enforce the laws of the United states and entering the United states illegally is a criminal offence.

    By characterising it this way, you imply there is some non Trumpian easy answer. What? Put the children in with adults in an adult prison with all the risks involved with children mixing with ms13? Or maybe don’t prosecute them, encouraging them to come like the woman who left her husband and 3 children in Honduras? That resulted in 3x as many separations than if she’s been dissuaded to come by proper enforcement. Many die making this trip.

    As for boys, gee it’s almost as if boys are genetically tougher and stronger. But oh no, let’s turn it into a negative whereby they’ve been oppressed by being taught to “put on a mask”.

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