Why Would My Friends Vote Trump?



Most of my friends can’t understand why anyone would vote for Trump.

Some of my other friends are actually voting for him.

Since I have a hard time getting my head around this I asked them why. Here’s what they said:

Thoughts from my pro-Trump friends

  • We need fair trade deals. It’s not right to send our jobs overseas.
  • He is a businessman, not a politician. He tells it like it is, and yes, he’s brash and crude at times, but personally I’m so sick of the current POTUS I’m beyond the point Trump scares me. And I really like Pence.
  • I don’t like what Clinton said about charging me or any one else $1,000 for a background check to buy a rifle or shotgun. And the FBI investigation and her emails. And everything else. I don’t like either one of them to tell you the truth but I’ve already voted for Trump.
  • He is not a career politician. He is for America. He know’s how to generate jobs. He understands that we have a problem with illegals. He understands that we have a problem with ISIS. He knows we have to make our nation strong again. Because the liberals think they can manipulate the system and get away with it. Because he didn’t fix votes. He believes in voter ID. He will hopefully repeal the “not so” affordable health plan. Just to name a few.
  • I am voting for him because he is not part of the political “club” being run by elitists. I am voting for him because he cares about America. I am voting for him because he doesn’t kill off people who oppose him, unlike his opponent. I don’t think he is perfect, but I think he has some great ideas to restore our country to greatness, and he is nobody’s puppet. Also, he has been giving full partnership benefits to gay couples since 2000-2001 and hiring women in executive positions forever!!!!

Some of this makes sense to me

Some of this actually makes sense to me.

I do understand — and even sympathize with — this:

Frustration with politicians who serve elite interests and ignore the rest of us. Mostly due to the legalized bribery of big campaign contributions. We must fix the system because people who don’t join it get voted out because too many people get their political news from watching ads during Modern Family.

Other thoughts don’t make sense to me. I don’t know anything about a $1K background check on guns — is that a real thing?

Otherwise, Hillary loves America too, and will work hard to make it even better by promoting:

  • Tax hikes on the rich to pay for infrastructure (jobs + help trade) and education (jobs + support business). This lifts wages and the economy. (And higher taxes on the rich don’t harm the rich or the economy.)
  • Profit-sharing with the workers who help to create those profits — so that all of the $$ doesn’t go just to the top
  • A living wage
  • Fixing Obamacare

Just dealing with fair trade isn’t enough, especially since most working class jobs are lost to technology not China or Mexicans.

And Hillary’s emails? Hillary would only be charged if the FBI found intent to harm the country by misusing classified documents. She hasn’t. This issue is pure politics or TV ratings. If you dislike politics, don’t be taken in by this.

In fact, acccusations against her are nearly entirely made up. Whitewater turned out to be just a bad investment, she and her husband did not murder their friend Vince Foster, and there was nothing real behind accusations surrounding Benghazi, for instance.

But mostly, Trump scares me.

Why Trump scares me

If any Trump supporters would like to explain why you are voting for him despite the list below, I would like to get your perspective.

  • He wonders why we don’t use nuclear weapons when we have them. Uh, nuclear winter?
  • He’s unstable — he can be baited with a tweet — and he’ll have the nuclear codes in his pocket 24/7.
  • Trump likes dictators too much — seems to want to be one, himself. And he’s already working to dismantle democracy (examples)
  • Terrorists for Trump: Nazis, KKK, ISIL… (they’re hoping for racist policies or that Donald’s words will spark an ethnic war)
  • In conflicts he never backs down — he antes up, increasing the danger.
  • His ego makes him manipulatable — which explains why Russian President, Vladimir Putin, wants him to win.
  • He’s threatening to dismantle NATO (the Western alliance) — Putin’s wet dream. Of course Putin wants him to win
  • He’s not trustworthy: He’s defrauded students at Trump University.
  • He’s stiffed vendors who’ve worked for him.
  • He’s the least honest person to run for office in 2016 — though his open bigotry is perceived as honesty. (That open bigotry is actually politics — recruiting racists to his side — not honesty.)
  • I hate his misogyny, racism, sexual assault and general bullying.
  • He has little self-discipline to learn about issues.
  • He has little self-discipline, generally.
  • He shows little to no concern for other human beings.

Trump is unlikely to help the middle class

  • His interests are the same as the moneyed special interests who have stymied the working-class for years. Why would he make laws against his own interest? Especially when that is practically all he ever thinks about?
  • One of the few policies he’s announced is tax cuts on the wealthy — benefitting him. And trickle-down doesn’t work.
  • Trump’s created jobs? Job creation works differently in countries versus businesses. Herbert Hoover was a successful businessman, but had no idea how to create jobs when America plunged into the Great Depression.
  • Most of our jobs are lost to technology, not China or Mexicans (besides, Trump Inc. has sent plenty of jobs overseas).
  • His business acumen isn’t so acumen-able. Bankruptcy is his MO. Bankrupting the US would be a disaster. Short-changing “the little guy” — another MO — would not help America, either.
  • Trump understands that we have a problem with ISIL? Hillary does, too. And she also knows that using the term “Islamic terrorism” and maligning Muslims only alienates them, creating homegrown terrorists — that no wall can keep out.

And remember:

  • Terrorists for Trump: Nazis, KKK, ISIL…

Dems are more responsive — Republicans are starting to be

I meet with members of Congress on Capitol Hill each year, and keep in touch with them in the months between visits. Over the years I have found Democrats to be much more responsive to the needs of the middle-class, while Republicans have tried to block or repeal everything (and then blame non-whites — Mexicans, Blacks, maybe even women’s rights —  for ensuing financial problems among their base voters).

For example, Dems are pro-middle class on these issues:

  • Social Security, Medicare
  • Infrastructure jobs
  • Educational support for students + job creation (teachers)
  • No one who works should be living in poverty

That said, Trump is finally getting Republican rank-and-file to wake up and protest the fact that Republicans in Congress have been ignoring them for years. As a result, Republican Congress members are increasingly supporting the things I mention above, as they realize that they must begin responding to their middle-class constituents.

Which leads to my next point:

I’m glad Trump is shaking up the political establishment

For too long too many of our political “representatives” have responded only to the needs and wants of wealthy interests while ignoring the middle class.

And then they distract the middle class from this reality by blaming Mexicans, immigrants, blacks, women’s rights, Muslims… for their difficulties.

I’m glad that people are finally standing up to this. And finally getting our elected officials to respond to the people.

What are your thoughts on all this?

Given all that scares me about Trump, I’m wondering why his supporters aren’t scared too? If any of you Trump supporters would like to explain I would like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I think that this was a very good way to argue against Trump supporters because it broke down the reasons why Trump supporters voted for him. I know a couple people that decided to shut everyone that was Anti-Trump because “he was going to be our president regardless of how people felt” and I think these type of people are part of the problem too. People fail to have empathy towards other people having their rights taken away because they don’t have anyone that would be affected.
    I also believe Trump has really made the nation unite in the way people are going out to protest him defunding Planned Parenthood, and banning Muslims. I think this is a revolutionary time and I do hope that people start to realize that Trump is not qualified to be president of the United States. The people that he is appointing are also not qualified to do what they are getting appointed to do.

  2. I have a close friend who, from the very beginning was wanting to vote for Trump. The main reason being that he believed Trump could, “make America rich again.” In truth as a candidate, Trump scared me because of how volatile he seemed. In everything from his comments about immigrants and those specifically from Mexico, to his interactions with the other presidential candidates at debates, to the evidence from his past involving women. In regards to him making America rich again, he’s been bankrupt more than once, and while his name was synonymous with wealth, not all his business ventures were successful. In any case, he is our president elect and while I do feel uneasy, there is nothing to be done but hope that he is a better man than he has presented himself to be.

  3. As many Americans I am still trying to digest the news of our new elect president. I was in total shock and disbelief that there were so many people voting for Trump when election day came around. After a few days of trying to comprehend the news and come to realization that there was nothing that could be changed or done anymore I try to understand and see things from a Trump supporters perspective,what else could I do? I think a lot of people were just tired of so much political talk and things really not getting any better and just were looking for some kind of change, dramatic change and they sure got it. In my opinion I think Americans just want hope so desperately that they are willing to give someone without a political background who has disrespected our veterans, harassed women, encourage racism a chance to do so but at a very high risk. And then it makes me think… what the outcome have been different if it would of been Bernie rather than Hillary running against Trump?

    • Yeah, I don’t know.

      Bernie has very high favorable’s but at the same time no one attacked him. Hillary was afraid to because she didn’t want to alienate his voters. And the Republicans seemed to think that it would be easier to run against him: “a commie who would take all your hard earned money and give it to lazy people” — as they would frame it — than Hillary.

      The silver lining to the GOP controlling all parts of the government is that in the past they have been dysfunctional so that they could say the government is dysfunctional and then dismantle it — as rich interests want to do. If you dismantle the government then big corporations rule even more than they do now, because there is no one to prevent them from going against regulations like environmental/pollution, consumer protection, banking regulations…

      Now that the GOP owns all three branches they will have to actually do something for the American people or lose the next election.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I think we needed something like this to be laid out and clear. A lot of my friends have asked similar questions. Going into this election, I really didn’t think Trump would make it very far. I laughed it off until the preliminaries. This is when I was frightened for a little. Not because I thought Trump might win, but because I considered voting for such an awful person. I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone close to me about this either. I was raised in a Republican household. My parents are on the older side of people who have kids my age. They aren’t the kind of Republicans who have hate towards the LGBT community or super religious. They are strictly Republican in a financial sense. I grew up thinking Democrats were just after our money and trying to give less fortunate people our hard-earned money. When Hillary proposed increasing the inheritance tax, that upset me. Why tax money that has already been taxed? She also wanted to increase the tax on the highest tax bracket, which is where my family falls. I know wealthy people have enough money but my dad also went to years and years of Medical school and didn’t get his career going until he was 35! He worked very hard for his job and should be rewarded with making the money he earns. My family gets taxed about 50% right now with the state and federal tax. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for such an awful person but I also didn’t agree with Hillary so I voted Hillary but told myself I was really just voting for the “Democratic party”.

  5. Oh, how awful it is to read this post-election-results, and know that all of this neatly compiled information, all these salient points weren’t deemed weighty enough by a large portion of our voting populace who chose to align themselves with the racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic bombast that came from Donald Trump.

    I spent the night of the election crying and throwing up. My reaction was visceral. I have never felt, so bodily, such despair and fear over politics. I am terrified, in belly clenching sort of way, for myself (especially living in a Red state, at the moment) and those in my queer community, but also for persons of color, non-Christian religious folx, and those in financial and social strife whose lives will be most effected by Donald and his ilk and their push for legislation that seeks to strip people of their civil and human rights as well as erode the safety nets so many people rely on for basic survival. It’s so hard to wrap my head around this being the reality we are facing. I cannot process the sheer irony of this being Trans* Awareness Month, and simultaneously the month in which Mike Pence (champion of some of the most draconian anti LGBTQ+ laws and supporter of torture masquerading as ‘conversion therapy’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michelangelo-signorile/post_13213_b_12009498.html ) secured the position of Vice President.

    It’s been incredibly challenging to get my head out of this fog, to get up show up and participate in this post-election world, where I find myself skeptically scanning every face for clues as to whether or not might be someone who willingly bartered away the physical safety/civil rights of fellow citizens to ensure promises of economic or cultural safety for themselves.

    • I have friends who are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and vomiting. I’ve been experiencing anxiety. All I can do is read/listen to politics lately, Trying to figure out what’s going on and what path to take to help turn the country away from the hatred and fear of one another.

  6. I wholeheartedly commend your ability to place some rationale in this tumultuous election cycle we’ve all been through over the past year. I cannot recall how many times I’ve seen friends on Facebook post that if you support Trump “please unfriend me now”. These aren’t young uneducated people, I’ve seen these comments on the pages of people who I respect and consider mature adults – but, something about this election cycle has completely polarized our nation in a way that is driving people to react out of fear, instead of trying to understand the opinions of those who did support Trump – so thank you, for those of us who couldn’t reach across the aisle for better understanding doing so on our behalf. I think some of this polarization is the reason why so many of us were shocked on election night when the results started to trickle in. A hidden army of Trump supporters mobilized and flooded the voting booths, and, although Hillary did win the popular vote, and by that I am not surprised, it wasn’t by the margin that I had anticipated. Additionally, I had conditioned myself to believe the support behind Trump was being sensationalized and driven by the media. Under no certain terms did I ever expect to see the victory we all witnessed. I was convinced this was going to be the biggest landslide in politics in our recent history. And, while I do agree with you that much of the narrative around Hillary as a candidate is complete hype, the one thing that I don’t believe is false was the DNC’s suppression of voters who supported Senator Bernie Sanders during the primary and I believe that what this leak represented was everything that is wrong with the elitism and corruption of politics and proved to be a dismal failure for the Democratic party.

  7. I wish I could have read this before the election so I could pass it on to some of the Trump Supporter friends I have and hope to put them on the right path. I honestly am still in shock and disbelief that our country, after going through so much, would allow this to happen. Hillary did win but the Electoral College saved Trumps ass even after Trump called them a disaster (but now they are genius, to him). It also scares me how false he is on his ‘facts’ and how much he flip flops on everything he says. I’ve done my best to ignore the fact that he will be the new president of the great United States, but every time I hear his voice, name or see a picture or video of him I get physically sick to the point where I’ve thrown up. The fact that this Cheeto has this power over me already scares me. Even after reading your article I still don’t understand how any human with a soul could vote for such a mentally unstable boy. I used to visit family in Europe and be proud to say I am American, now I am completely embarrassed and ashamed to call myself one.

    • I’ve been experiencing anxiety since the election and have a hard time thinking about anything politics. I have friends who are experiencing anxiety, depression and even something like PTSD. And I really have a hard time picturing DJT in the WH. The two don’t seem to go together.

      • You are not the only one, it’s many many of us even children who are very worried and uncertain of what will happen come Jan 20,17. I had refused to watch any news for the first few days after the election, finding myself shaking my head every time they spoke about Donald Trump. As an American I’ve never felt so worried and disappointed at an election like I did in this one. It was very hard for my husband and me to explain to my 10 yr old DAUGHTER how such a decision was made by our own people to elect Trump. Given her age she had already heard all the negativity surrounding him on TV and in school and was scared to know what was going to happen now. We just had to reassure her that there are still many good people out there and that we would get through this together as a nation and a family.I really hope he changes his point of view on many topics that he spoke nasty about.

      • I was really shocked that enough Americans could imagine this man in the White House to actually vote for him. I’m still having a hard time getting my mind around that.

  8. This result of the election can cause a small fight on friendship, I think. I saw so many post on Facebook that my friend had a quarrel with another friend about it, and also even in front of me my friends were having discussion. I imagined that there is going to be a bad mood when they meet in body next time. For me too, I still cannot believe that Trump won and it still makes me feel bad. I also asked my friend why he voted for Trump, and he said he just did not like Clinton hence he voted for the other. It does not make sense at all because he does not think Trump is good. And I think there must be more people like him who doesn’t have a big reason for votes. I am so sad at this situation and the right to vote should become more important at next election.

  9. I don’t what to tell you – I don’t know what could happen – I pray to God not to turn this great nation into deeper problem and worst…

    • Just before I went to bed last night I heard news that Steve Bannon (sexist white nationalist) was going to be Donald Trump’s chief strategist. Oddly enough that’s something I had predicted. (George W. Bush was Karl Rove’s useful idiot and I suspected that Donald Trump was Steve Bannon’s useful idiot.) And last night was the first time I ever had a nightmare about politics.

      It’s weird though. Steve Bannon has promoted anti-Semitism yet another of Trump’s closest advisers is his Jewish son-in-law.

      On the hopeful side, Donald Trump is not ideological so much of an opportunist. So I’m hoping Donald’s ego and lack of campaign contributions from big oil and big coal can move him to “save the world” — quite literally — by working to stem the effects of climate change.

      And because the Republican Party will split unless it stops serving only elite interests and ignoring it’s working class majority — something they’re beginning to realize with Trump’s rise — I’m pretty confident that we will be able to get some legislation passed that will help ordinary Americans. Taxes that make sure that no working citizen is in poverty is almost assured. Plus hopefully infrastructure improvements and education/training helps for middle class Americans who want a better life. This would work well because it works in the interest of both the working class and the business class halves of the Republican coalition.

      Otherwise, the Democrats need to point out to the people every time Republicans work in the interests of the elite and against the interests of ordinary citizens in order to help remove the blinders that have kept people voting against their interests. Because historically, the GOP only works in favor of the top 1%. See this: https://broadblogs.com/2016/11/04/big-money-drowns-out-citizen-speech/

  10. Great analysis on the issue! I know many people cannot talk about this election without the bias against trump completely. As was said earlier, I too feel like this election has very little to do with political agenda and foreign policy. While I concede that Clinton has experience has the experience and studies, it doesn’t seem like people are willing to focus on that. The media has rapped up on things that go beyond the credentials into the focus of habits. Trump’s habits especially come off very strong to a lot of people and it is no wonder a lot of people are swayed against his policies because of what he says. For the most part, I try not to be swayed by the mass media as it tends to censor and be biased. However, when you lie about what Obama says, degrade women, and cheat out good people, you lose credibility even for those who are right wingers.

    • If our politicians hadn’t spent so much time ignoring the middle-class– And particularly our Republican politicians–we wouldn’t have to be dealing with someone as racist, unstable and uninformed as Trump right now.

  11. I am personally a Hillary Clinton supporter and very excited to vote tomorrow with my grandmother, who is actually 93 and just 3 years before she was born the US granted women the right to vote. She is also very excited to vote for the first female president and is delighted with how far our world has come. With that being said, I also do see why people may vote for Trump. I do not agree with it, but many Americans are feeding off the fear and hatred he instills in them. Many Americans are far from happy with how our country is being run and for them finally a man in power is openly saying their feelings. Yet, Trump is shockingly appealing to a group of Americans that could not be more different than him. Trump is an extremely wealthy, privileged and actually educated man. Nonetheless, he is attracting mostly white, poor, non-educated men and some women. I believe these men and some women hope that Trump could be their hope for a better life and aspire to be like him. Yet, that dream will most likely never be a reality for them.

    • Love this: I am personally a Hillary Clinton supporter and very excited to vote tomorrow with my grandmother, who is actually 93 and just 3 years before she was born the US granted women the right to vote. She is also very excited to vote for the first female president and is delighted with how far our world has come.


  12. We should not jump to conclusion and to judgment about some people. Trump has many good qualities, and he has a lot of supporters. He is a great guy. He is a one of the best CEOs in the world. However, CEO and President are different. This is exactly what he were like when we see his background or past. People are responsible for the consequence of their actions. Trump acts like racist, narcissistic, bigoted man. President must be free from prejudice because president should accept many cultural performances and events. I doubt that Trump is well qualified as a president.

  13. I’ve gained more knowledge about the election by reading this post than I’ve had the past couple of months or so from the tv/teachers/etc. I think that Trump would hurt us more than help us. Like you said he has little self-discipline and seems like he wants to be a dictator himself, like his “beloved” friend Putin. This blog really helped me understand more of the issues that Trump can cause if he is nominated president. I personally wanted Bernie to become president but sadly that can not happen anymore. I do not like Trump and I do not feel that great about Clinton either but I’d rather have Clinton as president than the very problematic Trump.

    • And the thing is that republicans have spent the last quarter-century accusing Hillary and Bill Clinton of various things, Which always turn out not to be anything. But when people keep hearing the accusations they think where there is smoke there is fire. So people have come to distrust the Clintons. Even more than Trump when trumpet is much more untrustworthy. That is the intention of making these accusations. Really, it’s smoke and mirrors.

  14. I’m still in disbelief that he has been allowed to get as far as he has. He has no record of public service, leadership or government experience aside from his many failed business ventures, and he has multiple criminal cases currently open against him for things like fraud and child rape. He only received his party’s nomination because he built a campaign on hate speech and bullied his opponents into dropping out before the primary. He has even bragged about not paying taxes that would contribute to his salary if god forbid he did get elected.
    Obama didn’t support marriage equality when he was running in 2008. But he was open to understanding what voters wanted and eventually he came around and passed the marriage equality act. Hillary has changed her stances on things too, because she has heard what voters wanted out of their government. While some may think that shows weakness, I think it’s better to have a candidate that is open to changing their perspective based on new information. Hillary is not a perfect candidate either. There’s no such thing. But striving to do the best thing for everybody in the country is exactly what a presidential candidate should do. The Republican Party has no such candidate.

  15. Somewhere along the line working class America has come to the conclusion that a narcissistic egomaniac who makes millions but doesn’t pay taxes, who fails to pay many of the contractors who work for him and who has outsourced jobs in his own business interests is on their side. It’s a sad yet classic tactic of guys like Trump to rally support by painting immigrants or religious minorities as somehow the reason why people are left with hard to find crappy jobs that don’t pay them enough to make a living. I’ll refrain from getting carried away and going on and on. I’ll just go vote tomorrow and then hope that Trump becomes nothing more than a footnote to history.

    • Scared people can be drawn to scary people when they say the right things. That will keep happening until our representatives start representing all the people, not just elite interests.

  16. I think, Donald Trump Supporters in general are uneducated and easily manipulated. He share his ideological stance and his racist views, and absurd hatred towards anyone who is deemed to be Non-American. His supporters are concerned about the economy and hope that a successful business man will be able to turn it around. Trump is using his knowledge of the plethora of Americans who loathe non-white races to get himself further in the candidacy, but realistically, can a person like Trump actually take on the responsibilities to run the U.S.?

  17. what is interesting to me is that people are just ignoring the fact that he has brought women down with comments about sexually assaulting them and say its okay because they let themselves. calling women fat, pigs, and ugly. during the debates he would constantly interrupt Hillary while talking, something that really isn’t normal during the debates in past elections. all this ties with the fact that he cant control his temper and will fall under any kind of pressure by making bad decisions. he mentions that he will cut taxes for the rich, well he is the rich, which means that he is looking to make himself richer by obtaining the highest seat of power this nation has. self-interest is what trump is looking for In my opinion.

  18. I found this article very wide eye opening, because I gained a little bit of understanding as to why trump supporters love his ideas. And it’s true, some people care more about their interests, rather than being compassionate for others, and the fact that people rather obey and stick to pass laws is sad, because they’re afraid of new changed laws. And that means they will forever on stick to old habits, instead of trying out new and improved laws, that could in fact potentially change people’s lives for the better.

  19. Although I am not a Trump supporter, I do respect his courage to stand up about politics. Politics have always been managed by the wealthy and the middle class has always been in the shadows, Trump from his campaign have brought serious attention, to the point where the middle-class has stood up to make American politics change. In respects I agree that I don’t really have a very fond liking for either of the running presidents, but I most likely on Hillary’s plans to have the voices of the middle class be heard and change America for the better.

    • We really must do something about the corrupting influence of big money in politics — legalized bribery.

      So I do understand the draw to Trump on that count. On the other hand,

      1) he says he would appoint conservative supreme court justices — who to always vote to bolster the influence of money in politics

      2) I’ve never seen him do anything that wasn’t in his interest. And the things “big money” ones are the same things that serve his interests. And he has said that he will appoint conservative justices who will bolster legalized bribery. So he may actually be the ultimate politicians that way.

  20. Another plus of prospective HRC win is that an honest and well-meaning person like Bernie Sanders and a future potential woman president in the form of Michelle Obama would be part of HRC team if she makes it, and this apparently bodes well for America. Not that I dislike the GOP, it is a pity they could not come up with a better candidate this time.

  21. Voting in this election is not a matter of politics anymore. In my mind the question is whether you are a good person or someone who cares only about themselves. When I see a Trump supporter, I can not help but judge them because of what Trump stands for. He is a misogynistic, racist, bigoted, narcissistic, man with not confidence. He constantly praises himself and belittles others to feed his ego. People don’t get what he can do when he sits in the oval office, for example, because of his fiery temperament and his inability to respond in a civil way during a conflict, he could easily start a nuclear war. As if these reasons are not enough, he has sexually assaulted countless women, and is soon to be on trial for rape.

    • Many of my Trump-supporing friends and family are nice people but our gridlocked system that serves rich interests while ignoring everyone else has them so frustrated that they don’t trust any politician.

      On the other hand, my experience working with members of Congress is that the Democrats are on the side of the middle-class but Republicans block everything we ask them to do. But Trump’s instability and Sanders’ socialism seem to be scaring Republicans into being open to helping the middle class now. We’ll see.

      Others have been taught to be so fearful of Hillary that they will vote for him anyway. (Pretty much every accusation against Hillary has been made up, but are repeated so much that people believe them anyway.)

  22. happyfreeconfusedlonelyatthesametime

    Boy, what’s wrong with your friends?

    • Some of my Democratic friends feel like the Democrats haven’t been working in their favor. But I meet with Congress members on Capitol Hill and the Democrats always want to do things that help the middle-class while the Republicans block everything. Both sides get blamed.

      The only thing that both sides of Congress agree on are things that help the wealthy, So they are the only ones who get what they want. And both sides agree on what helps the wealthy because large campaign contributions work like bribery. We must change the big money in politics system.

      If you look at Supreme Court decisions you will see a pattern where Republican appointees vote to bolster big money and Democratic appointees vote against it. Hillary would be much better on this issue.

      Plus, a lot of Americans live in a bubble of just one news source.

      A lot of my conservative friends only listen to right-wing television and radio, like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. And they are warned away from other news sources.

      Right-wing think tanks funded by wealthy interests find ways to message things so that people who listen to these new sources vote against their own interests and in favor of the interests of the rich.

      The poor are hurting, but Latinos, Blacks and women’s rights are blamed.

      More on that:
      Vote to Help the Rich, Hurt Yourself

  23. you have such powerful points, that we will learn more by reading over your post. Bravo

    • I wrote this while thinking about my right-wing friends. But my concerns about Trump are even larger.

      1) Money In Politics (legalized bribery). Republican nominees to the Supreme Court bolster money in politics. Democratic nominees vote against the corrupting influence of big money in politics. Hillary would be better than Trump that way.

      2) Climate change. Republicans are in denial about the effects of human made carbon emissions. Because big oil and big coal give them such a huge campaign contributions.

      3) Many girls and women will die trying to get botched abortions. Laws against abortion don’t have very much affect on the abortion rate because desperate girls and women just try to do it themselves. Better to have sex education, contraception, And no shame in using contraception. That’s the best way to stop abortion. But conservatives also tend to be against all of those things.

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