Cindy Crawford Brings Men Pleasure; Women Pain

Cindy Crawford on Playboy cover

Cindy Crawford on Playboy cover

Women have mixed feelings about nearly-naked Cindy Crawford.

There is appreciation: “Attractive… sexy… love her!”

But also animosity (“F-ING ANNOYING” anyone?). And she makes a lot of women — nearly half — feel bad about their bodies.

Straight men, on the other hand, felt (no surprise) mostly pleasure.

But not all of them.

Almost all of the guys called her sexy and beautiful, exclaiming:

WOW… Hot!… I like that… Hella’ fine!

Not all of them? You wonder.

My classes are ethnically diverse and a couple of guys merely proclaimed that this is what Americans think is beautiful.

A couple others said that their culture wouldn’t like it, but they did.

Another was trying not to look because it fed his sex drive, which got in the way of other life goals.

A smattering thought the image was unrealistic, probably Photoshopped, and just trying to sell something.

My questions followed up on an original study Dr. Beth Eck, who said that men felt pandered to, as owners of the male gaze, but that women mostly felt inadequate. That seemed largely true of the men and women in my classes, too. But less so now than then.

No wonder, since that’s how they’re taught to feel in our society.

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  1. Women are complicated, and so are men.

    I’ve seen, most of the times, women feel bitter and have animosity over another woman who is praised by men 😀

    • Yay, I finally got a comment on this one! (I wrote quite a bit about Cindy’s image and broke it up into little pieces, So maybe a lot of folks thought they had said all they have to say on the topic.)

      And yeah, when women are judged so much by their looks an attractive woman can make a lot of women feel like they have just been insulted — just by her presence.

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