Catcalled Men Don’t Like It, Either

Women catcalling men

Women catcalling men

If women catcalled men:

  • Damn boy! You look mo-no-ga-mous!
  • Hey baby! Hey baby! You hear me? Yeah, because you’re a good listener!
  • Oooooooo!! You look so emotionally stable!!!!
  • What you got under that shirt, sweetie? Bet it’s a good heart.
  • You look like a real mess. Let me fix you!

You can see the live version here:

Real catcallers wouldn’t be so stereotypical: “Let me fix you!”

But turn the tables and plenty of guys say the playing field is unequal: Men yearn to be howled at!

Men may find lewd remarks less intimidating coming from a woman. But the guys in the video don’t seem to like it much.

And here’s what a few men had to say:

  • Is that how males sound to females?
  • I actually feel sorry for girls, from all the shit they have to put up with while walking past sexually frustrated men
  • That was… mildly creepy…
  • That awkward moment when this actually happened to me once
  • I’m glad women don’t catcall because that was quite terrible and annoying

In response to a guy who said, “I really wish women actually did this,” another stated:

You claim that men would take catcalling from women as a compliment but that’s because you’ve never actually been catcalled. No one likes walking through the street and being told vulgar things by strangers who see you like a piece of meat. Instead of accusing women of overreacting, why don’t you actually listen to their stories?

It’s easy to show bravado when you know something is unlikely to ever happen to you.

The thing is, it’s not a compliment. Check out these synonyms for “catcall”:

Boo, hiss, jeer, derision

It’s really an act of domination which says,

I can verbally assault your person, and you can’t do anything about it.

One man seemed to sense how disempowering it can feel — even as he managed to stay arms length from any compassion:

Eventually women will become the stronger sex since so many men are turning into complete pussies.

News alert: No one likes to feel like a pussy.

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  1. Interesting that men would like being cat-called hypothetically. They see it as a compliment, where women hear sexual comments about their bodies being made by total strangers and feel threatened. I have experienced catcalling, and can relate to that feeling of terror when you have a split second to gauge how far away the man is from you, or how fast he is following you, sometimes by car. I consider it predatory behavior, mostly because if you want to compliment or hit on a woman, you usually begin by talking to her, or treating her like a human. If you just yell sexually harassing comments at her, that is just putting on a show of male dominance, and has nothing to do with attraction, desire, or even sex. I can translate what I hear into this- “hey non-human blow-up doll, I like your shape/size” which to me threatens that since I am a non-human object, the man who desires me can take me and use me for his purposes without fear of consequences. I relate the two because a man who would sexually harass me in public with no consequence might feel confident enough to assault me, kidnap me, etc. as well. It’s all about power, isn’t it…

  2. I hate to be catcalled. I’ve experienced it some many times. it’s stupid and embarrassing. It freaks me every time a guy does it. I wonder what would happen if you do it back? I think I’m going to do it too… Yea i think they should experience the same feeling it gives us, so we’ll all be equal.

    • I think one of the reasons women don’t do to men is that men are on average bigger and stronger. So you might want to do it with a group of women if you do try it.

  3. I have been catcalled several times and it definitely is not a very pleasant moment. Like the blog says “I can verbally assault your person, and you can’t do anything about it.” It is very frustrating that we can’t really do much about it. I have certainly gone off at several people but that just ends up ruining my day because for them its a joke. The funny part is that they end up getting offended, as if I were the one who started. I know not all men do this,which is good. Catcalling just puts the girl in an awkward situation, just like the guys in the video, they all looked very disturbed and uncomfortable. I asked my brother how would he like it if he were to be catcalled in the streets, and his response was “I would like it, it would make me feel good about myself and feel approachable.” I can bet anything that if he were in an actual situation like that he would feel a bit uncomfortable.

  4. I was drawn to this article because I have been catcalled a couple of times in my life and I have to say it has to be one of the most degrading things someone can go through. I personally do not like it, while others might, it just makes me feel uncomfortable, and I even felt threatened for my own safety at some point. So I was actually interested to see how a man would react because men always say, “What’s wrong with being catcalled? Isn’t that a compliment?” After watching the video and reading the rest of the article underneath, majority of men said that they feel sorry for women and that it was mildly creepy. I understand that some of the catcalling in the video seems a bit much but when you take that and flip it for catcalling a woman that is exactly how we would feel. It may seem a bit much but men actually appreciate being called sexy or hotty, but in a world where women have to fight for our intellect being called sexy or hot or saying, “ I have a nice ass.” We think that is offensive because that is not who I am, I have a face and a mind, not just an ass. Having gone through it I’m glad that some men actually know what it feels like because, and the article says this perfectly, “I can verbally assault your person, and you can’t do anything about it.” I do not know if men get some power off of catcalling a woman or just do it for fun but I believe in order to change that women should not shy away from the names and lewd gestures but try and find a way to fix that kind of behavior. I do not know where to start but there should be a way for a woman to defend herself from verbal attacks. Below is a video of repeat offenders of cat callers who are tricked into catcalling their own mothers.

  5. I think this is very very stereotypical. The reason I say this is because most of us guys do not do this, I personally wouldn’t even try to get a date with a woman like that. But I do understand how women feel when this happens now; simply because the video was annoying me. I might sound biased about this but I think my opinion counts being a guy.. I think it really depends on the man/woman getting catcalled because some males/females really can give in to being catcalled some might actually like the attention. I think catcalling is bad altogether but i think the video is biased in a way because I personally have seen women who like the attention it gives off, and most guys being the horndogs we are would probably dig it too. but thats just one mans opinion.

    • For sure all guys don’t do that. That’s not the point the video. You could be right that some women are okay with it or like it. But most don’t. For the reason you found this annoying. And those who do probably aren’t experiencing this level of severity. But most women have experienced this sort of thing at some point.

  6. Catcalling… it is just so primitive. Then again, some aspects of humans really do need more refinement. Oh those double standards though! Good post.

  7. LOL. Enjoyed the dialogue.

    It seems to me that catcalling is about the gratification of the person doing it and not so much for the benefit of the object of attention. I wish more real cat callers understood that.

  8. That’s how women catcall good looking men

    • A little different from what women typically experience.

    • The women are so blatant, I wonder if a lot of it is because there’s a camera and they know it’s being taped. I have a best friend many girls find “hot” and I’ve seen some check him out every now and then, but very few catcall to him or other guys. It’s much much more likely for guys to catcall, even average looking women to catcall even “good looking guys”.

      If this is to emphasize how catcalling can be bad for men and men are supposed to be up in arms about this video with how the guy is being treated. Well it doesn’t and its more likely for guys to be jealous ha and annoyed. Women watching the one of the woman being catcalled could maybe related and be upset with how the men are acting or how she’s being treated. This here I can see men being irritated, because let’s face it, guy’s assume women are less visual and sex driven like men. So women aren’t so aggressive or strongly pulled by an attractive man like men are to women to catcall or be like this. So many guys would be annoyed like “hey so wait women can be sexually attracted and desire a man just like that to catcall him and make a move?” “Oh wait, nvm, I’m not good enough to get that attention, only a man worthy of it or exceotional man can motivate girls to make such a move, otherwise I’m not attractive enough.” Especially if a guy feels he’s good looking himself, yet doesn’t get attention like that at all, it could be an ego bruise. Men would like the ego stroke I think.

  9. I don’t think it’s right for men to catcall and they need to understand that is’ threatening to women, since men are bigger and stronger as well as there are men who rape women and kill women. Though the guys more likely didn’t like it, because the women were so obnoxious. Actually some of the things they said was so stupid, you couldn’t help feel that it was for comedy. I’d be bothered too, because I could see a mile away that it was catcalling for the sake of it and just doing it for the sake of it, like women who pretend to sexually objectify men. You could tell this was pretend so easily and fake with how over the top it was, therefore, just really annoying.

    If you’re hot and sexually interested in me, don’t say all this over the top stupid stuff as I can see your bluff, and just say hi and exchange numbers, and stupid fake comments like that, that you know damn well these women weren’t going to just have sex with those men like that. Not that it’s what the guys want right that moment, but nothing worse than someone being fake and obnoxious about it. The thing is, a guy walking by and just saying “hey sexy” could be seen as catcalling and women see something simple like that as harassment. Guy’s on the otherhand, would not be bothered by a girl simply saying ‘hey sexy” to a guy walking by. A man commenting and saying “nice ass” to a woman would be wrong and I definitely see how it would be disrespectful. But a hot chick saying nice ass to a guy most likely would not bother the guy or he’d like it. As long as she isn’t saying more or anything over the top or stupid like these women. I had a girl drive by and say “hey sexy” to me before when walking to a pizza shop in the summer. I had my back to the car driving by but heard her and turned and saw her looking at me in the passenger window. It was surprising, amusing and a nice ego stroke too and I didn’t mind. If she said the things these women said, I’d roll my eyes like “you’re being annoying, shut up”

    • “If you’re hot and sexually interested in me, don’t say all this over the top stupid stuff ”

      Yeah, that’s how women feel, too. And I don’t doubt that many things that feel threatening to women would not feel so threatening to a lot of men.

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