Who’s Ugly Rush Limbaugh?

Hunky Rush

Hunky Rush

Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.

Bunch of cows!

That’s what Rush Limbaugh wants everyone to think, anyway.

I watched him voice those words as I joined my class in watching Jackson Katz’s classic film, Tough Guise.

I could only wonder, “Who’s ugly? Who’s a cow?”

If I were Rush, I wouldn’t be inviting unflattering comparisons to yours truly. 

But Rush is not alone. Next, Howard Stern appeared onscreen deeming several women (who weren’t even feminists) unsightly. Since ol’ Howard is such a babe, I guess he can feel free to judge.

And these two aren’t alone. At a college I attended guys often told “coed jokes.” (A coed is a female college student — a term coined when women began attending universities alongside men.)

What’s the difference between a coed and the trash? The trash gets taken out once a week.

So, women students are so ugly that they can’t get a date? (Despite Playboy ranking the university’s women among the “Top 10” most attractive at least once.)

What did the Colorado River say when a coed jumped in? I’ll be damned!

Hunky Howard

Hunky Howard

And we could damn a river, too. Impressive.

Any surprise these guys often resembled Rush or Howard in both attitude and looks?

I didn’t feel so great about being a woman at that college, and I guess that was their intent.

But looking back, I feel sorry for them. These guys, and the ones who laugh, must not feel so great about themselves. If they did they wouldn’t feel compelled to put others down to build themselves up.

And really, they just end up looking ugly.

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  1. Both of these guys are a 0.1/10. I’d like to think that their ranking of women is a desperate attempt to regain power after tons of rejection but unfortunately, many women don’t know their worth and actually sleep with these guys. Maybe it started out that way but over time, acting “choosy” caused the women that they “chose” to feel special and fall for them.

    • Well, it helps to be a celebrity. Rush Limbaugh still seems to have a problem getting women, though.

      I suspect they do it because their audience is largely sexist men who like to feel superior to women.

      But I find it amazing that they can talk about how unattractive women are, given how they look. They don’t think anyone is going to notice?

  2. Certain spiritual philosophers say that the world that we see is a reflection of the inner. I am curious as to the inner lives of these men and other likeminded types. Also interesting that they seem to focus on the physical- sort of like immature children who can’t seem to think of anything smart to say.

  3. The statements made by both Howard and Rush are completely insensitive. Both men are obviously “big poops”, who have a substantial amount of money. They most likely feel that they can get away with these comments because they have money to beef up their “sexual attributes” from a low 2 to a 6 or 7 of sorts. A 1 rating meaning that they are alive. However I cannot ignore the fact that they both get major publicity from stirring up the masses. And sadly that is exactly how they became who they are, for voicing their opinions no matter how uneducated or factual they are.

  4. Ugly is contagious

    The double standard for looks is incredibly evident. Although I’ve been told feminism has come a long way in the last few years, it’s an interesting conundrum that the older I get, the more looks seem to matter for females. It’s almost certainly in part because of people like these two class acts; labeling groups they find undesirable with the word. It’s interesting as well in that, as a man, you’re allowed to have beady eyes or a huge forehead or a giant asymmetrical nose, but you really need a strong jawline and other decidedly Masculine features. As a woman, there’s hardly different types of attractive at all. Girls who wear glasses, for example, are taught that they are either nerdy (Smart = unattractive I guess) or ‘slutty’, as much as I hate to use the word. Assuming we’re ignoring the fairly popular opinion that you shouldn’t judge someone based solely on their looks, there are many symmetrical women who fit many of the classical standards of beauty that are whispered as being ugly because of the way they dress, or comport themselves, or the fact that they like working hard and getting sweaty. Back on topic for the article though: Limbaugh and Stern are a portraying a type of character who is ridiculous, and are most likely being intentionally offensive to a minority so that their viewership increases. It’s sad and pathetic, and they might have convinced themselves that they believe it, which would be more sad and pathetic But at the end of the day, they’re doing what their target audience wants them to. And that’s probably the most sad and pathetic of all.

    • Wow, I had not heard of cases where girls with glasses are considered slutty.

      I can’t claim I don’t look for attractive features… I do have that tiny brain doing my thinking between my legs, after all… but not by conventional society standards. I find the nerdy look VERY attractive, and the supermodel look to be unpleasant because it’s so freakishly unnatural. For me, no makeup + low maintenance hairstyle + comfortable rather than “sexy” clothes will get my attention.

  5. ive heard just as bad come out of Sarah Silverman’s mouth……but yeah Howard Stern is a scumbag,that guy is a straight up piece of garbage.

    • Yeah and worse than pot calling kettle black. Since the less attractive are judging more attractive as unattractive. Weird that that makes sense in their minds.

  6. Nasty people talking rubbish to boost ratings.

  7. Audiences like it, because its controversial, people attract to things even if they don’t like or believe in it, because it creates a debate.

  8. I think most guy’s feel many girl students are hot or attractive, which is why so many guy’s look forward to college. That’s just a reference to not girl student’s but girls who are unattractive who happen to be ugly. It’s stupid and most guy’s I knew colleged aged or older didn’t joke about stuff like that. And Rush limbaugh, probably is an insecure, racist, sexist jerk. But I also think he’s a man that loves attention and what can create attention. Unfortunately on our society, racist, sexist, controversial things overshadow and create much more attention than good things.

    Look at the darn news, its always about crime, horrific accidents, etc. The news is depressing or negative most of the time and it seems the negative stuff captures more attention, which is why the news can be depressing. Rush knows this, so he creates controversy as he knows what will stir the pot, which in return creates more debates and arguments and more viewers and attention which all means more $ for Rush. People need to just ignore him as getting mad and the uproar he creates only fuels him to do it more so and causes him to laugh his way to the bank from the attention and money he cashes in as a result. Don’t like him or what he thinks and says or what howard stern says? don’t write, react or read to them. As they say, don’t feed the trolls.

    • I think that when Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern put down women they do it because that’s what their audience likes. They feel inferior and want to increase their status. In some cases it may have a lot to do with men who hate pretty women. In other cases, they just generally don’t feel good about themselves and want to put someone Down to raise themselves up.

      I went to three different universities and the male culture toward women was very different in each of them. The first was a conservative religious University. Very concerned with male dominance. That’s where I heard the coed jokes. The second was a party school in Southern California. There, men talked about how beautiful the women were, and couldn’t believe that they were lucky enough to be able to have sex with these wonderful women. The third was at a University of California campus. There, the women were treated as equals, with the exception of fraternities, which often treated women as sex objects, and were sometimes demeaned. That was true of the party school, too (meaning, only fraternity boys behaved that way).

  9. I frequently have to remind my conservative friends and my liberal friends, these guys aren’t spouting opinions. They’re spouting whatever it takes to increase audience size, and they know that saying outrageous things works better than anything to achieve that goal.

    Obviously we can’t know their minds to know if they really believe the stuff they say, but I would bet you neither of them actually believes any of it. They want to shock, and they do it very well (or rather, their script writers do).

    I can’t stand either of them, or their colleagues in the business. It frustrates me no end that my otherwise rational friends will take political advice or “news” seriously from either of them. If Rush said it (“I can’t make this stuff up, folks!”) he’s making it up, distorting the facts to make the story more outrageous. If a nun donated her life savings to an orphan so he could get a kidney transplant, Rush would announce “Now the Catholic church is endorsing Communism in a big way!” And heaven help us if the kid isn’t a white, English-speaking American at least four generations removed from immigrants.

    None of which is to excuse the garbage that comes out of their sewer mouths, only a reminder that getting outraged just plays right into the trap they set for you.

    • Even if they don’t mean it I find it interesting that ugly guys feel they can stand in judgment of women — like who are they to judge and why don’t they think anyone will notice how ugly they are?

      And why does their audience like this? Must need to put someone down to build themselves up. Pretty sad all around.

  10. In answer to this post’s title question, (Who is Rush Limbaugh?), the simple answer is he (and Howard Stern) are misogynists of the worst order. Just remember Limbaugh’s lashing of the grad student who testified before congress on the issue of birth control…

    Unfortunately, both of these men have huge and avid followings that seem to believe they are modern day prophets and infallible. For example, I checked Limbaugh’s face book page this morning and he has 1,650,000 likes. What does this say about modern day America?

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