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Katniss Unites Feminine + Masculine 

The Hunger Games Katniss (Jennifer Lawarence)

The Hunger Games Katniss (Jennifer Lawarence)

The Hunger Games’ “Katniss” is a break-out heroine,

Exist(ing) outside the traditional confines of the feminine-masculine split.

So says Manohla Dargis in her New York Times review.

As heroes go, Katniss — played by Jennifer Lawrence — is far more complex than the unemotional and invulnerable “macho” who typically saves the day.

Nor is she not trapped by the usual feminine virgin-whore divide.

Katniss has been described as both:

  • personal and communal
  • strong and soft
  • hunter and nurturer
  • tough and teary
  • fighter and lover
  • stoic and sentimental

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When Sex = Disempowerment 

Leaking selfies

Leaking selfies

Guys post stolen nude photos of famous celebs online, and it’s all about sex, right?

Men stare at women walking down the street. That’s all about sex, too.

Or, a woman is blamed for an attack because a guy can’t resist exposed cleavage — or a bit of hair that has fallen loose from a Saudi veil.

Actually, a lot of things that look like sex are really about power.  Read the rest of this entry

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