Sex Isn’t About Fun. It’s About Procreation

No kids = no sex?

No kids = no sex?

Sex isn’t about fun. If you want to have fun, read a book, go to a movie. Sex is about the procreation of children.

Jerome Corsi’s not alone in that belief

Former Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum once fretted that sex was becoming,

deconstructed to the point where it’s simply pleasure.

Why is “sex isn’t fun” or “sex isn’t about pleasure” supposed to be a good thing?

Oddly, the view is tied to patriarchy (privileging men and masculinity).

Can’t have a male head with gay marriage

Rick Santorum dislikes separating sex from procreation because then gays and gay marriage become (more) ok.

And if you have gay marriage you can’t have a male head. At least not without a male “bottom.” And that’s just wrong, say patriarchs!

If you have lesbian marriage, again, no patriarchal head.

And if straight couples have sex for pleasure and bonding — instead of just baby-making — then you get more bonding. And it’s harder to dominate and harm your spouse if you are strongly emotionally connected.

Shuttering Planned Parenthood; disempowering women

If sex can be just for pleasure and not procreation, then you need birth control.

And birth control gives women a lot of freedom. They can:

  • Have sex without worrying about getting pregnant
  • Get a job because they aren’t tied down
  • Be independent because they aren’t financially dependent

And then men lose their power.

So women shouldn’t have birth control.

Sex is for procreation, not recreation... Says the Bible?

Sex is for procreation, not recreation… Says the Bible?

As Rick Santorum put it,

One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country.

The conservative Supreme Court justices supported the conservative business owners of Hobby Lobby to make it harder for women employees to get birth control.

And Paul Ryan was willing to hold the American economy hostage — refusing to raise the debt ceiling — unless we defunded Planned Parenthood.

Folks think this is about abortion. But abortion accounts for only 3% of the medical services Planned Parenthood provides.

Planned Parenthood is mostly about birth control — which prevents abortion.

So if you defund Planned Parenthood you increase abortion.

But at least you disempower women!

Which is way more important than saving babies!

Put it altogether and patriarchal-types have good reason to insist that sex is not about pleasure.

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  1. Why can’t sex be for both? I feel like men putting a cap or trying to limit women with there sexual freedom which is ridiculous. These privileged men need to back off women and there sexual feelings women are allowed to want these feeling.

  2. I recently saw a post comparing how protected the bald eagle population is compared to human lives, that bald eagles are animals that are protected from fetuses all the way up to their grown years while humans can be aborted without any sort of fine attached. I would have to say the difference between the two is that eagles are protected because they are an endangered species that are dying due to the immense amount of habitat loss from humans while we are at a spiking 6 billion for our world population. In my opinion, procreation isn’t a big deal. Gays have been around forever, along with abortion. Making laws to enforce keep these people from happiness won’t solve anything, just make unhappy people. We have gotten to the point where we can’t even figure out to feed every starving child on the street and don’t have the water to give the, some basic human necessities.

    • Well, there can certainly be fines attached to aborting humans. But that doesn’t stop abortion from happening. It just drives it underground, leaving more dead girls and women. Better to create a society that stops the felt need for abortion — like sex ed and contraception. Which the so called “pro-lifers” are also against.

  3. Savannah Owens

    The idea that sex should only occur in order to procreate is extremely dangerous and oppressive. I think most people who hold this belief do so because they think they are being upstanding members of their religion or their society. I don’t think the average person fully understands just how much harm this belief can cause. When you separate sex from recreational fun and interpersonal bonding, you are essentially controlling people’s lives and their relationships with others. The main people who are oppressed by this belief are women, gays, and transsexuals. If the sole purpose of sex is procreation, then gay and transgendered people are not allowed to have sex. This idea exists to control and oppress members of the LGBTQ community. It also exists to control women. When sex cannot be fun, women do not get to bond with their lovers/ husbands. When you are not closely bonded to someone, it is easier for that person to abuse you. Most people who think sex is just about procreation think it’s a holy idea from the bible. In reality, there is nothing holy about the idea. The only reason why the idea exists is to control people.

    • And when we have these views it actually does lead to women not enjoying sex — with nearly half of women experiencing sexual dysfunction in our sex-negative culture.

  4. It is easy to think that the main problem here is privileged white men, but that is not so. The problem is the patriarchy—the government and society. So many of the men I know want women to have great sex, be able to afford contraception, and support women in the work place. Unfortunately, many Republicans in power are against this and use abortion as the means to keep this type of behavior going. It really bothers me that someone else can tell me what to do with my boy, something that doesn’t hurt them, myself, or others in any way. There needs to be more women health service education. Abortion is not the main issue here: the care of women everywhere is the main issue. More birth control, more education, more funding, and more equality will lower the abortion rate and keep unwanted pregnancies at bay. Shutting down Planned Parenthoods will do the exact opposite.

  5. Men and women should be free to do what they want really. As long as it is not harming anyone at least. I do not feel like it is so bad to let people do what makes them happy. People are doing things worse than having sex, so why are they attacking people’s way of being happy and showing affection. It does not really make any sense. This is like telling people that eating meat is only for people that lack fat. It is like saying that you cannot go hiking unless you are looking for something on a mountain.
    The idea that we should tell others that sex is only okay if you are trying to make children is like saying you cannot have feelings for someone unless you are willing to die next to them. I do not think that you should take away something that people use as ONE OF THE VERY MANY ways of showing affection.
    I would rather someone say that only at a certain age you may have intercourse and of course there is. We should just leave this pointless argument to couples. Not take control of how they live their life. If you do not like to have sex unless making kids, then do not.

  6. It is hard to find anything good that has come out of the GOP presidential cluster this year. But I take heart in knowing that even amongst the reactionary evangelicals who dominate the vote in the GOP primaries, Santorum could never generate enough votes to make him noticeable.Maybe he should retire and do abstinence counseling in the town where those cowboys who took over the Oregon bird sanctuary live.

  7. And then we all lose out. No pleasure. Patriarchy still exists. And this, too “And it’s harder to dominate and harm your spouse if you are strongly emotionally connected.” that vulnerability that so many men fear. Thankfully there are men who don’t fear that- and they and we are the better for it.

  8. Florida just entered the anti-Planned Parenthood melee. Now we shall have Texas-like restrictions. And the pregnancy rate will rise, and with no Medicaid…thank the legislature and Gov Scott. What is it with these men (and some women)?

    • Since abortion restrictions have little effect on abortion rates, But we’ve more women and girls dying trying to get one illegally, it doesn’t make sense at all. But some people seem to want to at least feel like they are controlling other people.

      But they clearly aren’t pro-life. Because the same people who make these laws don’t want prenatal care for poor women, food stamps for hungry children, medical care for the poor, climate change legislation… even though all of these things will save lives.

  9. Oh dear, here they go again. I really hope Paul Ryan doesn’t run for president someday. This patriarchal mess about abortion is once again toying with rights that women have with their bodies. If this bill pushes further, the implications might not just be the disempowerment of women, but potentially exacerbate an already imbalanced social structure. Have they forgotten the what happened to the unwanted children born because Romanian Decree 770 issued Nicolae Ceaușescu. So many children were born depraved of the basic necessities. Several children were malnourished and the rate of death for children increased exponentially. Not to mention that a number women who died because they resorted to barbaric antiquated abortion procedures. Why would human beings these days sacrifice quality of life for an ill-conceived perception of life?
    It’s just wrong.
    The creation of life is so precious, so let the woman decide whether she wants it or not. Besides, it is she who will bear the brunt of of childbearing. Let her have fun.

  10. 😮 … Scary indeed. But some people do think in this way. Harsh truth!

  11. Having children is just another way these men want to keep women subservient, since a woman has to carry the baby, deliver the baby, and then care for the baby. All of which require pain and sacrifice for the woman, but not so much the man. The wise old saying goes, “if men could have children, there’d be a Planned Parenthood on every corner”.

    It’s also taken so long for men to admit that sex is pleasurable for women too, and some men still don’t like to talk about that. And if sex is supposed to be a way for men to dominate their women and make babies, what about when women masturbate? They don’t even need a man for that! No, sex is supposed to be sanctioned drudgery with the only reward being a potential baby. It’s sad that in this day and age, even with scientific evidence that a healthy sex life increases health and happiness, that this point of view still exists.

    • Yup.

      I do want to make it clear that the problem isn’t men. The problem is patriarchy.

      Plenty of men want women to have equal rights and opportunities. And plenty of them also want women to enjoy sex.

      Patriarchy is something that both women and men can support if they have that sort of mindset. The problem is a mindset that privileges men and masculinity. A mindset that seeks to limit women, and make women lesser-than

  12. Scary shit. You’d think we were beyond all that. Then came this election season and the Republicans. Sheesh.

    • This way of thinking is so strange that it’s amazing that it actually makes sense to some people.

      Until you get behind the veil and see what they are really up to.

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