The Rapist In Our Minds

Rose McGowanYou’ve probably heard Rose McGowan’s powerful speech to The Women’s Convention of Detroit, which included these words:

Hollywood may seem like it’s an isolated thing, but it is not. It is the messaging system for your mind. It is the mirror that you’re given to look into…

[Movies are] told through 96 percent males in the Directors’ Guild of America… We are given one view. And I know the men behind that view. And they should not be in your mind and they should not be in my mind. It’s time to clean house.

This comes in response to accusations of sexual abuse by Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, and others.

Media reflects and reinforces culture

Media reflects, reinforces, and helps to create the larger culture.

And our media is filled with the objectification of women and sexual violence against them. A few years ago several shows I watched routinely called women bitches, too.

It’s behavior that is still normalized even though it shouldn’t seem normal at all.

Yet against accusations of Weinstein’s assaults fashion designer Donna Karan blamed women for what they wear — ironic since she designs what they wear.

She’s not alone. I’m sure we’ve all heard people (both female and male) blame women too.

In some places where women are expected to be even more covered up than they are here, a girl may be blamed for being sexually assaulted because a bit of hair fell from her head covering, or perhaps her long skirt revealed a bit of ankle. And who could resist?

We are gradually moving away from such notions, but protecting rapists and blaming girls and women for being assaulted is still far too common.

Blaming women for being victimized creates patriarchy

Blaming women for being victimized only makes sense in a patriarchy. (“Patriarchy” and “men” are two different things. Patriarchy is a system that privileges men over women.)

Sexual assault and blaming women for being victims of this crime both help to uphold patriarchy:

First, women’s bodies are degraded and overpowered by men, which is meant to give men a sense of power and superiority. Even though the disgusting behavior is sub-human.

Next, blame women for been assaulted, leaving them further disempowered and further degraded.

Yes, we must clean house as Ms. McGowan says. In Hollywood and in our own minds.

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  1. I think media definitely helps to shape our culture and how we view women. Most movies I watch have sex scenes where the man is dominating women because that is what’s seemed as sexy. I’ve also seen many instances on television where a woman is saying “no”, but the man continues anyway. This sends a message to boys that a woman’s consent does not matter. Although slightly different, this reminds me of the recent high school shooting in Texas. The shooter’s main target was a girl who he had stalked for months and she had repeatedly turned down his advances. The media claimed that he shot her because she had embarrassed him by turning him down, as if it was a justified excuse. They completely ignored the fact that he was stalking and bullying her while he was trying to get her. His motives to shoot her were probably influenced by what he has seen on the media. The idea that men can do anything they want to women without repercussion must be silenced in our culture or more women will continue to get hurt. Women are almost always the victims but they are often still viewed as the problem.

    • According to the actual research, most violence against women by men is by men who were abused by their mothers or other women as children. Not by the media or “patriarchy”

      • Nope. The actual research is different from what you say it is.

        The root problem is men being taught that they should be empowered but feeling disempowered. The feeling of disempowerment can come from a variety of sources. Your boss yelling at you — it doesn’t matter what gender the boss is and most bosses are historically still male… It could come from bullying on the playground, And for boys it is much more likely that other boys are bullying them than girls. It could come from child sexual abuse — in which case the perpetrator is almost always male. Probably because of the way we socialize boys and men to take their pain out on others. Your blog comments often seem to be taking your pain out on the author of a feminist blog. (Girls are more likely to take their pain out on themselves. They’re sexually abused and become anorexic for instance.)

        Or parents generally can be abusive, and even then it’s more likely the father only because of how we socialize men. We teach them to feel empowered, when they don’t feel empowered they take it out on someone who is less empowered than themselves, like their children.

        You don’t find rape or wife-battering in gender-equal societies.

  2. This blog post is necessary food for thought.

    As members of a patriarchal society — where misogyny reigns supreme — how many of the prevailing thoughts, messages, and images of our society maintain residence in our minds – unchallenged and untamed?

    How many women have asked why she didn’t leave? Or wondered aloud that she should have known better or at least not encouraged it? My grandmother sent my mother to college with the admonition that “a man’s mouth was made to ask and a woman’s mouth was made to say ‘no’”. My mother wasn’t free to explore her own independent, sexual self and worse — she was burdened with the responsibility of policing someone else’s. Sadly, women are responsible for propagating many of the messages that enslave us.

    I am keenly aware of how people of color are negatively cast by society at large and recognize how those false notions are readily accepted and adopted as truth by people of color themselves. If people of color can be “taught” to abhor themselves – then certainly the same can be done to women as well.

    What will it take to encourage women to step beyond the constraints of our own minds to ask a different question? See a different reality? Hear a different version of events?

  3. Chauntyl Frederick

    This was thought provoking. This culture of hate must stop. Men objectifying women in nothing new, but women hating on other women is something we are struggling with as a society and it is a hard road ahead. The article addressed how Donna Karen blamed women for how they dressed, I find this a topic that is brought up a lot to victim blame. The truth of the matter is for women that are attacked clothing is not the issue. It is a power play by men and the clothing is not going to make a difference, if they want to hurt someone, they will even if they are clothed from head to toe! I find this indifference towards other women unsettling and its a way to say, “this will never happen to me, I dress appropriately” its protecting ourselves when we should be shouting together that this is not okay and should not happen. We can’t go out in the world without feeling objectified, this needs to be a serious conversation for society so our next generation of young women will not feel the need to hurt each other more when one of us is suffering.

  4. I really like the fact that these kind of articles and discussions are happening. Everywhere in the media, T.V and everywhere women and men are speaking up. As a women It is intimidating when I simply smile or say hello, there are men who take it as if we are flirting with them. There are also men who respect women and simply go along, and have their limits. Now, if we go back to Hollywood it was amazing to see women finally speaking up and many other women began using the hash tag #Metoo. That was interesting to see and to be part of such a great era of a lot of empowering moments. It is terrifying to hear their stories, but it does not just happen in the US that also helped women in the Latin American celebrities to speak up and set that limit of been enough and no more abuse. Most of the actresses mention that they were scared that they will lose their jobs. It is sad to see such things happening just because women are suppose to dress up or get undressed to make lots of more money. As a society we need to help this topic and kind of cases to stop and yes Hollywood as many other places need to set limits in how they use women and treat them as any other male in there. Enough is enough and many more still will speak up little by little!

  5. I completely agree with this article and I believe that it has important facts which definitely need to be brought to light in a larger standpoint. This article shows how significant Hollywood is in reinforcing these ideals through many different media outlets. I couldn’t agree more because when you think of how sexualized women are, not only in the movies, but also in music videos etc., it shows how undervalued the woman is and how they are portrayed. These views that are portrayed allow the rest of society to believe they have a right to treat women in a different way than with respect based on different things. Many people are influenced by the things that a woman might be wearing, and sometimes this is also accredited to being a reason why a woman might be assaulted, which is totally wrong. This article is significant today for women everywhere because it shows just how bad we need this behavior to be addressed and reversed as a society.

  6. To be honest, I do not call myself a feminist. I took this class to learn what everyone is talking about. I always wondered if I was weird for not feeling what my sister felt when she spoke of women’s rights being so unequal. As a preteen, I was a victim of sexual harassment from my mother’s boyfriend. For a few weeks I felt embarrassed and doubtful, I was not sure what had happened but I soon realized that what he did was wrong. I immediately went to my mother and told her what had happened.

    I do believe that women should be allowed to dress freely without being called names, everyone has the right to express themselves. However, I do believe that when we choose to dress a certain way unless we are wearing it in the comfort of our own home, we are going to get comments thrown at us, both wanted and unwanted. It’s just like when you post on social media, you risk the thumbs up and thumbs down or that unwanted comment from that weirdo. I don’t think it’s right, but it is unfortunately how things are thanks to our past generations. I am not for all the disrespect that women get, but I am cautious with what I wear out in public. One because I am a mother and I feel like I have the responsibility to teach my daughter to be aware of the world we live in, and two, I am terrified of her going through what I went through.

    We need to fix it by teaching our sons about equality and having respect for women. For my daughter, I will be raising her to be a cautious strong woman.

  7. As a woman, I have experienced sexualization even when not physically visualized. Years of video gaming and the males on the other end of the keyboard would jump at the idea of a woman playing. The first words out of their mouth, “What are you wearing?”. Hollywood’s not so little secrets are relevant to what occurs in life to women. After the accusations and Rose McGowen’s powerful speech I had to think long and hard about what I had experienced and behavior that I know should have not been allowed, I let happen. Was it my fault after I told a good friend of mine “You may not come in” after a night of drinks and he still walked in and undressed me because I was to drunk to protest past “You may not come in”. Should he have heeded my words and walked me in and left? I ask myself these words because they seem relevant to if she’s wearing that she’s just asking for “it”.

  8. Living in a society which has normalized the verbal, physical, and emotional abuse that women must face on a daily basis is quite horrific. For decades, women have been forced to unjustly fight for rights which they should be entitled to according to the U.S. Constitution. I totally agree with you that “media reflects, reinforces, and helps to create the larger culture.” During the recent presidential election, a vast uproar was caused by the outright disgusting comments made by candidate Donald Trump in regard to women. Like, “grab them by the p***y” which became a popular meme spread across the world. Moreover, society mocked his behavior and even voted him into office, leaving women to reap the consequences. Demeaning things like this are made public, with slight censorship in the media, and serve as an advocate for the inferior treatment of women. Just take a look at any news channel! This platform allows for widespread knowledge, yet brings attention to those instances which support the worst in humanity and should rather be focused on positive events to help rid us of “the rapist in our minds.”

  9. It is so important to bring to light to impact that media has on our perceptions of victims as this article does. Many shows and movies normalize sexual violence against women as something desirable, which dehumanizes women and makes audiences internalize what should be known as unacceptable behavior. A good example of this is the 50 Shades of Grey series, which depicts a man stalking and manipulating his girlfriend as romantic, instead of entirely depraved. It makes the perpetrator seem welcome, and the victim seem uptight. When we forget what is acceptable behavior and what consent is, then we absolutely enforce the unjust patriarchy. The more media fails to support victims in their time of need and depicts what would be suffering as sexual gratification, we forget the weight of trauma on those who suffer sexual violence, and excuse their pain as trivial. Media helps our society formulate excuses for why acts of sexual violence can be blamed on the victims.

  10. The Rapist In Our Minds, this sentence is a really good metaphor. I am a woman from Asia. I often see some women who are violated and sexually harassed on the Internet. There are always comments in these news articles that blame women, for example, “because you are wearing too little” or “blaming yourself for coming out at night, lacking in safety awareness and deserving to be raped.”
    Under such news, many people are always focused on the victims, not the perpetrators. And many parents read this news, the thought is to remind the girls to go out and be careful, not thinking about to teach boys to respect women, do not do these things.
    Fortunately, however, there are more and more people who are aware of this and I believe these biases will disappear sometime.

  11. This post is so true because as a society, we do normalized the degradation of victims and blaming women’s for it. It is true that thru the entertainment industry and social media, we have made it normal to degrade and disempowered victims of sexual assault. It is time that we make the views of the women be heard and seen. What has happen has significantly brought women’s views into the light. It is great to see this empowering movement come alive where it can be seen and that women are taking a stand and saying no more. Although, only some women took a stand and shed light on all the allegations but one person makes a difference, especially if they are famous where their voices can reach more. Reading this article, it is saddening to know that we live in the 21st century and yet women are still subject to such treatment because we are seen as the weaker sex. Just because you act a certain way or dress a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s an invitation for all and to have Donna Karan makes such a statement is appalling. Until a female gives her consent, no one has the right to subjugate her to anything she didn’t agree to.

  12. The title of this article really hit home with me because it implies that we all have a “rapist” in our minds (i.e. misogynistic tendencies hardwired into us) and I sadly couldn’t agree more. All of the victim-blaming that has been happening throughout the allegations brought forth against prominent men has been disheartening. Upon reading the comment about Donna Karan’s victim blaming I looked up her response to the Weinstein allegations and was appalled at her ruminating about the way women are choosing to act and dress rather than condemn Weinstein’s behavior as something independent to what the women were wearing. However, in the midst of my indignation a small voice in the back of my head wondered if I was any different. I DO NOT believe that what a woman wears leads to or justifies rape but if I was put on the spotlight how would I respond? Ever since I started learning about feminist theory I have paid greater attention to my own thought processes and how I view women. Being a woman myself, I had previously thought that I would inherently be a feminist. I found out the hard way that I have been just as hardwired as the rest of society to act and react in misogynistic ways. Therefore, what feminism has given me is a way to fight back against the misogyny the patriarchy has instilled in myself. Reading Donna Karan’s response to the Weinstein scandal, I am now more compassionate because although I don’t condone her comment I can understand how a woman who grew up in a patriarchy could have those ideas as her default setting. The most harmful thing the patriarchy ever did was not make men hate women but make women hate women. I realize that for the rest of my life I will have to fight the rapist in my mind, the patriarchal hard-drive that blames women for assault and rape and that objectifies them— that blames and objectifies me. With the advancement of feminism and awareness of patriarchal mindsets, hopefully we will reach a point where blaming women for their own assault isn’t even discussed because it never happens.

    • giving donna karan “a pass” seems to be the default setting for most women’s public reaction either by NOT REALLY addressing it or glossing it over by such comments as “i can understand it because of her age”(i’m paraphrasing here). REALLY??!! would u say the same thing thing about an employer ‘of a certain age’ who continually sexually harasses his subordinates? utter nonsense. perhaps what is needed is a #hey-youtoo movement for the female enablers & predators. think, joy reid or the women who pimped for jeffrey epstein. perhaps a BOYCOTT of karan’s wares. but i suppose it’s much easier to simply pile on ‘men’ & their abhorrent behavior(s). to paraphrase james carville; “it’s the SPECIES stupid”.

      • Men aren’t the problem. Patriarchy is. Babies are born into it and both males and females unconsciously internalize the pattern, reinforcing it.

        Patriarchy is one form of domination culture and both men and women can engage in domination culture from a dominant perspective, although men are more likely to because they are socialized to, and it’s not uncommon for women to uphold it because they are also socialized into it. It’s unconscious internalization.

  13. Rose McGowan delivered a powerful speech leading up to the flurry of accusations against Harvey Weinstein. McGowan touched on a notion that lives inside many women, the idea that the more significant culture of assault, sexual violence, harassment, and mistreatment is a product of women’s behavior and appearance– not the product of a broken system. Women have been easy to blame, in part because of the culture of misogyny that thrives in the media industry, as well in the corporate, and technology industries. Blaming women for being victims has long been an act by powerful men to suppress their accusers and save their asses. However, as we have seen in recent media times are changing and when women, as a group, acknowledge that there is a systemic flaw in our society regarding the treatment of women. Women collectively have the power to call action on such a system and prevent the patterns of patriarchy and misogyny from thriving in such industries. I am happy to see men who have long been favored in media, succumb to the accusations brought amongst them. And now, enterprises are no longer sweeping such accusations of misconduct and sexual harassment under the rug. In fact, industries are now cleaning the house, and powerful men are under pressure to turn inward and reflect on their behavior. However, the f patriarchy is still sewn into our societal fabric, much of the leading industries today consist of men holding the bulk of the power. Women must start to be treated equally. These cases are a turning point, and industries, especially the media, tech, and corporate enterprise, have the power to change their ways. If we continue to give the upper hand to men in all aspects of society in the workplace, the household, and in our culture– we will continue to see systems of oppression towards women. Women are demanding their due time, and it would be right for the industry to acknowledge not only their calls for justice but their right to equality.

  14. Blaming women for what they wear is the only way anyone can rationalize rape. Women aren’t always wearing clothing that reveals too much. Sometimes they are raped or targeted when they are wearing jeans and hoodie or even pajama pants. It/s not about changing what women wear to accommodate men, it’s about raising men and women to not sexualize a person’s body. Who also respect people in general. Men get raped too, it’s also less reported because what guy wants to say he was raped? People will make fun of him because the culture is about men having sex with women. And what guy refuses sex? decent men who were raised right or who at least respect women. It’s not surprising that hollywood also works with people who would do such a thing. Not everyone thinks that same and I respect those with different opinions, but hollywood should have a good standard. Letting mrs who assault women work in the industry sends a bad message to young men everywhere. The more stories that come out of real assault by actors and directors who we thought were decent men, the more the world will realize that role models need be good. Not just hiding behind their fame.

  15. Being a female in a society where woman are blamed for the bad things that happen to us definitely makes me question how bad our society has become. It seems that men cannot take blame for what they do. In my opinion I believe that hollywood needs to make this more known as an issue than something that is just going to continue to happen on how a woman dresses. If they are going to be making films about this they should let known how women feel before, while, and after the assault happens. They should make films on real life issues of this like for example Harvey Weinstein is a great example of what happened this year recently. its empowered men like this that believe they are able to get away with things because they have money. I find that men who feel that they have a lot of authority always think they can get away with this and make it seem that the woman is unstable for saying that they have been sexually assaulted by them. They are able to flip the story at times and if hollywood were to bring more light to this issue it should make facts show on the abuser and the victim.

  16. “It’s time to clean house” is an incredible quote because of the events after the accusations. Women started coming forward and accusing the men who had sexually assaulted them in the past. I agree with how women are constantly being blamed for being sexually assaulted because of what they wear or because of who they are accusing. The story of women coming forward against men in Hollywood made me angry because these women were afraid to come forward. They were afraid to say something against the man who had power would cut their contract or they did speak up but nothing could be done because of the position that person held. These women had to wait years for justice to be done and now that there’s safety in numbers they could finally feel safe knowing that they will not be blamed for being the victim.

  17. The hashtag #metoo has been everywhere on social media lately, with women all over the world coming forward about their stories of sexual harassment and abuse whether it be in schools, the work place and most popular, the hollywood industry. People have been quiet for so long so now we can feel a change in the atmosphere. Women are speaking up. They are seeking justice and are setting a better example for young women everywhere to say that it is not okay and that we allowed to be angry. It is not right to attack those who have come forward and attack them for finally speaking out against men in power. It’s not just women either, even men who have been assaulted and harassed are also coming forward. This is only the first step though.
    At what point do we hold these people accountable for what they have done? The people in powerful positions like Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K and Kevin Spacey can admit to behaving despicably and yet say they are seeking treatment and we are supposed to say that it’s okay? We have even gone further to elect these perverts into Senate positions and let’s not forget the Presidential office too! Where do we as human beings draw the line? It has become so normal and acceptance for people to behave irresponsibly and use fowl language because we see it on our TVs and laugh about it but we forget that we training our subconscious to see this as okay. It is not! It is not okay that a man should rape a woman because she wore a short skirt. The time is now for people to say enough is enough and realize this is not a women’s issue but a human issue.

  18. I am a women and my point is yess a woman is a human just like a man. And everyone have his / her freedom of thought, beliefs and culture. Although I personally don’t like too much of skin show but I also understand that sexual harassing or rape has nothing to do with what a women wear. Dressing modestly is a good thing but these harrassers not leave even the modest dressed up women. So, the point is men should know to respect women. Respect is the main thing, if every men has respect for women he will never harm women’s dignity.

  19. Women r neither safe in her mom’s womb nor outside

    • Not in our current society. The more gender equal a society is the lower the level of rape. In some gender-equal societies like the Iroquois of America’s east coast at contact with Europeans, rape and wife battering were virtually unknown. So there is hope — if we can keep moving away from patriarchy.

  20. “But I don’t understand why you all don’t push him to help the middle class instead of the elite — like he said he would do.”

    Watch these two vids (please)

    Charles Murray

    These two videos go to the heart of the problem(s) in America. We have coastal elites running things. They care very little about the middle class or working class.

    We can debate the policies of Trump. No, I am not for these tax cuts. We have a debt bomb in America. All these tax cuts will do is increase the debt levels in America. Just because people are billionaires do not mean they cannot design policies that help working class families. Look at President Obama’s cabinet. Had lots of wealthy Ivy League folks like himself. Yet, the Left offers ZERO criticism of him. He was in bed with Wall Street. He had MORE Goldman Sachs people than Trump!

    • I’m less concerned with whether someone worked at Goldman Sachs than with whether their policies help working people.

      But blaming coastal elites is both dishonest and meant to distract the Republican base from republicans catering to wealthy donors. Coastal elites actually do much more to help working people than most other places. Our taxes are higher just for that reason. And we are more likely to have voted to make sure that workers have living wages.

      Obamacare helped non-elites.

      Democrats vote Democratic because they feel that people who have more money should pay more in taxes in order to help support things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the earned income tax credit, child tax credit, pell grants for education. Track voting records of Democrats and Republicans and you will see that Democrats help the working class while Republicans do not. I track and I know.

      What good does it do to keep blaming the wrong people and have nothing to change?

  21. I’m sure the music industry isn’t any much better. Remember the thing with Kesha and the record label owner or something like that? Seems like the flood gates have opened. The actor on the 70s show, not accused of raping 4 women and apparently there’s strong evidence of him doing so, but like often times, it’s slow moving as far as filing and going forward with the case. There was always the stories of ugly side of hollywood and the casting couch, but now it’s out and everybody can see this facade apparently. It makes some of hollywood look like hypocrites too though. As it’s not just directors but actors you can see and a lot of actors and actresses are liberal and seem to be for social justice and issues. Yet you see the actions of some of these actors recently and they are bad men. The 70s show actor was part of Scientology which religions have their bad sides, but Scientology is like another level in crazy cult land.

  22. Your reply to my last comment proved everything I have come to know and understand about feminists, feminism, and women in general.

    The message is clear: “Men go f**%k yourselves because we ONLY care about ourselves and the most attractive men.”

    Duly noted.

    • Geez, why so hostile?

      I never see such hostility directed at men by feminists. (That’s not our message.)

      Women’s sexuality is repressed, making them need a lot to be sexually interested. Blame patriarchy that diminishes our sexual desire. Nearly half of women with no to low interest in sex shows there’s something wrong with our culture that punishes female desire.

  23. There’s a White House that needs to be cleaned as well.

    • “I don’t have to, they’re self destructing.”

      Laughable..Good old Hillary (Crooked Hillary) now rigging campaign. Jeez. Who would have thought. Talk about self destructing..

      You have jack squat to offer Americans beyond the howls of racism, misogyny, blah blah.

      This is what you have to offer Americans? Let me see what else…Sanctuary cities, defending criminal illegals, affirmative action immigration policies. Most of the cities you run are hell holes (Baltimore, Philly, Chicago..).

      I cannot wait until next year. Just watch the beating you Dems and silly liberals take. I guess you will do more speech suppression and crying like little babies. Sad.

      This is EXACTLY why so many Americans are so turned off to the Left.

      See you in 2018. CAN’T WAIT!

      • You know Huggy, I do understand why so many people voted for Trump, having asked my friends and relatives who voted for him. But I don’t understand why you all don’t push him to help the middle class instead of the elite — like he said he would do. You all accept him regardless of what he does and so the elite Republicans can use him as cover to — looking at the primary legislation they have tried to pass:

        “healthcare” Tax cuts for the rich paid for by healthcare cuts to the middle class

        Tax policy: Tax cuts for the rich eventually paid for by either increased taxes for the middle-class to the middle class (which is partly what this budget includes) or the middle class will end up pain more on the deficit.

        Both of these bills were pushed by billionaire donors. And Republicans fear losing their money if they don’t do what these billionaires say.

        Why don’t you push Trump to help ordinary Americans?

  24. It is 2017. Really. If a women smiles friendly, dresses nicely, walks alone in the evening, whatever, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE WANTS ANYTHING FROM ANY MAN. And no man has the right to violate another man, drunk or not.
    I really, really hope that the #metoo discussion makes men realise that this behaviour is unacceptable.

    • Yes! And I wonder if the reports of men molesting boys will help men to understand more how violent and hurtful this is. And I hope that the “me too” movement will help men to understand how widespread the problem is.

      I know that plenty of men are concerned about this and I appreciate their efforts to walk in someone else’s shoes.

      • Absolutely! As it happens here in Holland there is a tv presenter who claims he was raped by someone in the beginning of his career. It takes a lot of courage and thick skin too, so yes, let’s hope it’s for the greater good.

        Luckily there are plenty of good and supportive men too 😊

      • Thanks for telling about that. I’m always curious to hear about what is happening in other countries outside the US. I’m glad that more victims – both men and women — are feeling more empowered to bring this problem to light. It’s more likely to continue and to traumatize more and more people when it stays in the dark.

      • And women molesting boys? Oops I forgot. The women were doing these boys a favor. What 13 year would not want a blow job or intercourse with his teacher. It’s a dream come true. Right?

      • The behavior is totally wrong.

  25. And now Director Brett Ratner allegeldy sexually harassed 6 women including famous actress Olivia Munn

    The Flood gates have been opened. It must be hard with such powerful people controlling things, but I’m just wondering why this stuff wasn’t opened in the past considering for so many years all of this has happened and probably through the history of hollywood. People knew of the life and drugs and demons or actors, but nothing ever really got out to this extent. It’s good to shine the light on bad actions, but I’m wondering what allowed this to come forward now and not 10 years ago? Are female actors and directors have more power or feel perhaps in this year to have the ability to come forward against powerful men unlike in the past?

    • This sort of thing hasn’t come out in such a long time because being open could be a career-ending move. I am curious about how it came out now. Maybe the culture has changed to make people feel safer?

  26. Actors and Hollywood presents this “glamorous” or faux presentation that things are great and societal troubles and struggles and real issues that our culture can deal with is beyond the millionaires or not as much of a problem , but actually just as much or more. All this stuff that was kept under wraps and disturbing, yet the truth of the ugly side of bad men running things behind the scenes in Hollywood. But it’s not just directors, but actors kept under wraps, and just unfolding too. Did you hear about how Kevin spacey many many years ago came on to a 14 year old boy? He just comes out as gay now, but this shouldn’t distract from hint of pedophilia as he was an adult man coming on to a 14 year old boy actor.

    And then more stuff came out about the house of horror Kevin Spacey had with his father growing up and how his father was abusive or something like that. Still doesn’t excuse his hitting on the boy as an adult but perhaps explains maybe where it came from, I don’t know. And not just women, but underage actors too. Cory Feldman has had drug issues for along time and there was the other Corey, where they were popular child hood actors. The other Corey killed himself like a year or two ago and it’s believed both Coreys were molested for years as child hood actors, probably by a director just like Weinsten or maybe him. And it;s just sad.

    • Yes, and there is also plenty in our media that promotes objectification, humiliations and abuse. Which is a reflection of the lives of too many who are the powers behind the media. And then it all gets into our minds, reinforcing the worst parts of the culture.

  27. Hollywood seems to have a difficult time making what I would consider and entertaining and yet still thought provoking movie. My thought provoking, I don’t mean “tell me what to think”, I mean “cause me to think”. And I have long since stopped watching the awards show, where they give an award to the politically most correct movie that no one (very few) have seen.

    There does seem to be some interesting stuff coming out of the UK and Canada. Hollywood isn’t the only game in town and Bollywood can be fun to watch–love those grand dance scenes (smile)

    • I generally agree. But I do wonder how you categorize something as “politically correct.” Like what is an example of a politically correct movie? We seem to have some different values and I’m curious to understand yours.

  28. Lets face it.. If women were stronger, then we would be writing about the evils matriarchy. The fundamental issue is that we don’t know how to deal with power. Absolute power corrupts, regardless of gender.

    • Like I said: “Patriarchy” and “men” are two different things. Patriarchy is a system that privileges men over women.

      Fortunately, many, many men are against patriarchy just as many, many whites are against racism.

      I agree that if things were switched around and women had more power that would create horrors, too.

      Feminists seek a partnership society, not a domination society.

      • You would think the opposite of feminism would be …. chauvinism? If feminism was really about equal treatment of the genders, it would be called humanism or equalism. There is no opposite to feminism in existence. That’s part of the problem.

      • Do you hear people say that no one should fight against racism or classism? We should only recognize humanism?

        Each of these words mean different things.

        Concerns about inequality that focus on different areas of interest have different names:

        Gender = feminism
        Race = racism
        Class = classism
        Looks = lookism


        Trying to get rid of the word feminist is part of the fight to erase the fight for gender equality.

        PS: the meaning of humanism is different from what you describe. It’s this: “an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters”

      • ohhh… am no expert at these things… just thinking loudly…

      • Well, I actually appreciate hearing thoughts that differ from my own. So thanks for chiming in.

      • Are other “peoplegroup-ism” words besides feminism which are thought to be good things? I can’t think of any at the moment.

      • Not that I can think of either. Still, the words are meant to clue people into what the focus is. So feminism fights against sexism.

  29. “Media reflects and reinforces culture

    Media reflects, reinforces, and helps to create the larger culture.”.

    Yes, we can agree.

    But why has this come to past? Is is because of a lack of values in larger society? Demise of religion? Narcissism? This “it’s OK if no one is being hurt” mentality.”

    I have always felt that the ascent of the Baby Boomers to a dominate role in our society has been a key contributor to America’s cultural demise. We ushered in all the “isms” such as multiculturalism, feminism, etc.

    We are a rudderless society.

    • As I recall you are a Christian and I very much agree with the ethics of Jesus, like the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you… Love your neighbor…

      That’s the rudder we should all be using.

      Following that rule would alleviate this problem and most others.

      No one wants to be sexually assaulted, including Harvey Weinstein. If we treated one another the way we want to be treated there would be no problem.

      And feminism and multiculturalism simply mean recognizing that we all have equal worth and dignity and should have equal rights and opportunities. (Recognizing that everyone has equal worth and dignity was a big focus of Jesus, too.)

      The more that people recognize this the less we have problems like sexual assault. In cultures with high levels of gender equality like the American Indians of the East Coast prior to contact with Europeans, rape and wife battering were virtually nonexistent.

      • The rudder MUST be stronger than the Golden Rule.

        We really need the Ten Commandments! Seriously. If you are a degenerate, then do you really want to be treated like a degenerate? Even criminals do like being treated like criminals.

        Feminism and Multiculturalism in theory are as you say. However, in practice they have become the exact opposite. Modern feminism is misandrist. It places the feelings and priorities of women ahead of those of men. Dare I say this is NOT equality.

        Women mouth off all kinds of things and expect no push back (HRC and Kathy Griffin). When there is push back, we are labeled misogynist. You have hundreds of women who are having sex with underage boys. The legal system gives them a slap on the wrist. If a man is caught engaging in the same behavior, it is “rape culture” and he will go to prison.

        The same inequality observed in the legal system by Black men when compared to White men exist with women. Women get unequal and preferential treatment. That is wrong. Feminist say nothing.

        The worst thing is that feminist do NOT even write or comment at all on the injustices and wrongs that women do to men. NEVER! But, you want equality. Supposedly. You see cases where married women have gotten pregnant by other men while married. These women have the legal right to force their husbands to support the child. Feminist do NOT even want the laws changed. They fight against this kind of justice for men.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. But, what’s bad for the goose is also bad for the gander. If it’s bad for women then it is also bad for men. So, why don’t you and your feminist cohorts speak out against the injustice and wrongs women do to men?

      • Ok. Which of the 10 Commandments do you think doesn’t fit into the golden rule?

        I’m not sure what you mean by degenerates like been treated like degenerates and criminals like being treated like criminals. For instance, men who rape don’t see themselves as rapists. So they are degenerate rapists but they don’t see themselves that way. And regardless of how criminals see themselves it’s not the right question.

        Do criminals want to be stolen from?
        Do rapists want to be raped?

        I’m not aware of feminists being misandrist. Can you give me an example? That’s not true feminism — which seeks equality.

        Everything you wrote above suggests that you believe that men and women should be treated equally. That’s what feminists think too.

        I actually have written about how men are harmed by patriarchy. But I’m also curious as to whether you ever accuse men’s rights sites of not discussing problems women face?

      • “I actually have written about how men are harmed by patriarchy. But I’m also curious as to whether you ever accuse men’s rights sites of not discussing problems women face?”

        YES! Even on YouTube, you will see these men speaking about the inequality and sexism women face. It is condemned. As best as I can tell these MRA men want fairness and equality.

        Personally, I am not oblivious to the inequality and sexism women face. I have witnessed this sort of thing with my own eyes. It is wrong. BUT…..We also have the same sort of behavior taking place with many women against men. It angers me that feminist and other women are silent. Men and boys are being harmed and you flatly do NOT care.

        Women want to have their cake and eat it too. It is a like a man who goes to strip clubs and/or frequents prostitutes and believes he is not contributing to sexism. Women want the parts of so called “patriarchy” that benefits them -such as men providing and taking care of them or their privileged status in dating and sex – while at the same time maintaining their increasingly sexual degenerate behavior. Women are allowed to ask (and demand) what they want while men are shamed or told to shut up. Our sexuality is now being shamed and demeaned while any attempt to criticize women and their increasingly whorish behavior earns on the label of misogynist. The only men whose behavior women find OK is the 20% or so of the most attractive men or even the playboys or men whom women like to have sex. Is it a double standard? Of course. if Harvey Weinstein was George Clooney, most women would NOT be condemning him. Look at how women treat Bill Clinton.

      • Well every time a men’s rights activist complains about something on my blog you can find that the real problem is gender inequality. Can you think of any exception to that? I can’t.

        If we simply had gender equality the problem would go away on both sides.

        Regarding some of your specific points:

        “Women want the parts of so called “patriarchy” that benefits them -such as men providing and taking care of them or their privileged status in dating and sex”

        I’m not sure what the end of that sentence meant so I will address the first part. I’m not aware of any feminists who don’t want gender equality in dating and sex. But not all women are feminist and you will find that most women and men prefer the system we now have which is men asking women out and women accepting or rejecting. That is unconscious internalized patriarchy. When you grow up with it, it seems natural and normal and preferable. But that’s the general population’s perspective, not feminists.

        “Our sexuality is now being shamed and demeaned while any attempt to criticize women and their increasingly whorish behavior earns on the label of misogynist.”

        First, I’m not promoting that anyone should engage in “whorish” behavior. I’m against a double standard that celebrates men having a lot of partners and shames women for the same behavior. I believe that sexuality should not be shamed but that people shouldn’t be pressured into either having sex with many people or into monogamy. But whichever choice seems more authentic people should behave responsibly: caring about their partners rather than treating them like objects who have no thoughts or feelings. And people who have sex should have safe sex.

        “if Harvey Weinstein was George Clooney, most women would NOT be condemning him.”

        If Harvey Weinstein were George Clooney the sex would probably be consensual. When women’s sexuality is shamed it is suppressed and women grow out of touch with the desire so that they end up needing a great deal of interest to want to have sex. George Clooney is enough to make most women feel interested. Harvey Weinstein is not. If you don’t like the situation, stop shaming women’s sexuality.

        “Look at how women treat Bill Clinton.” I can only guess at what this means. First, Bill Clinton is more like George Clooney than Harvey Weinstein. He’s powerful and attractive, which in our culture makes him sexually desirable (at least when he was younger) to all women, whether they’re feminist or not.

        But I think you mean that feminists didn’t try to get him impeached because of Monica Lewinsky et al. That’s because we knew that Republicans don’t really care about Clinton’s behavior (witness their support of Donald Trump) — Republicans were actually trying to annul the election of a man who DID support women’s rights in policy even if he was a very imperfect man personally. Because he was good on women’s rights on policy he was very helpful to women broadly. More women were positively impacted under the Clinton administration than any Republican.

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