Men Are Naturally Attracted To Unnatural Women

Ask a guy why he looks at porn and he’s likely to say that men are just naturally attracted to women. But the women in porn don’t look too natural.

Actually, women in fashion magazines and billboards don’t look too natural, either.

Women and men both learn to admire a feminine ideal that ends up frustrating both men and women.

Most women have to starve themselves to be ideally skinny. Many models are so thin that they have stopped menstruating. Isn’t the natural instinct to stay alive and well?

And how about fake breasts? If men are naturally drawn to breasts, why do so many women go under the knife and mutilate themselves so that men – and society – will find them attractive?

Then there’s the preference for blondes. Few women past puberty are true blondes. But unnaturally bleached hair is the top color of choice, both for men and for women who want to look beautiful. Well, at least peroxide doesn’t require enormous amounts of money or risk much bodily harm.

So models go through all their pain and suffering, but it’s not quite enough. Next, the malnourished, plastic-chested, bleached out images go to be photoshopped and airbrushed to look even more fake than they already are.

So women try in vain to match ridiculous notions of beauty. Then get depressed because nothing they do seems to work.

But the models don’t look like “themselves,” either!

At the same time, male students have told me that all this hurts them, too. “What’s wrong with me?” they wonder. “Why can’t I get women who look like THAT?”

Well, those “picture perfect” women don’t actually exist.

So women can never achieve the ideal. And men can never have the ideal woman.

Meanwhile, men are left feeling “naturally” attracted to something that isn’t natural.

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  1. Men and women seem to be fixated on an impossible physical ideal, one of “perfect” proportions, musculature, and symmetry. This elusive image, as I’ve personally experienced through the majority of the women in my life being consumed by eating disorders, destroys one’s sense of self-worth and slowly deteriorates the aspects that make an individual unique and human. As men endorse and gawk at the artificial aesthetic of the commercialized ‘model’, both in the sense of the “profession” and the physical illustration of perfection, this directly translates into women falling into Body dysmorphic disorder, a mental health disorder that ‘feeds’ on the perceived flaws in one’s appearance. While I have seen the effects of this condition, I don’t claim to know or fully understand the complexities of such. With young and hormonal men becoming emotionally and psychologically attached to depictions of ‘unnatural’ women, unfortunately, induces this cycle of “catch-up” for young and impressionable youth; racing towards social acceptance and relinquishing one’s individuality.

  2. We are all unfortunately manipulated by the media

  3. In the blog, the idea and title is accurate in both senses of male and female. These days men want to be seen with the hottest girl, while women want to be the hottest and going above the limits to look like one. With the social life today, we see everything on tv to be “realistic” yet nothing is ever what it appears on screen than behind the scenes. Love stories aren’t always so romantic and happy, women aren’t all skinny and look the same, each person has a unique face but because of the social media we are blind to see who are true loves are. We all doubt ourselves, women with their looks and men with the idea of being with the “perfect” woman. So the idea of men feeling naturally attracted to something that isn’t natural is true in the example that not all women are skinny and perfect, so you lie to yourself while you follow the media.

  4. I do believe this is true. A lot of men are attracted to girls they show in the media. They try and find the perfect girl even though they know that no girl will look like the ones they show on magazines or tv. Men are obsessed with things that seem unatural. They want to have the most beautiful person when in reality that person is fake because they wish they could change most things in every single girl they meet. If only she had this? If only they were perfect then they would date them. In reality no girl will ever look that way naturally. The only way will be by getting plastic surgery, not eating right, and doing the impossible in order to get where they want to be. To me this is being too fake. If a man loves a women they should love them for who they are and how they met them. If a man really loves a women they will love everything about them even the things the women dont like about themselves. They should be positive because honestly no girl is perfect and the ones that are have probably gotten surgery or are just lucky to be born that way. Women should love themselves no matter what and men should be supportive because when we grow old no one will be as beautiful as they were when they were young. Everyone grows old and the whole body image has to change. Personality should be the main reason for love and of course there has to be some attraction.

  5. i do agree, men say they like women who are natural, but when they describe what natural is to them, i feel that what they want is not natural at all. when i ask my friends. They want big boobs, long “blonde hair”, big but, with a skinny waist. it would be pretty hard to find a “natural” women who fits those standards. when i think of natural, i think of people i see in target, in the mall, or even walking in the park, but when my friends think of natural, they think of women in magazines, or movies, and im just thinking to myself, that women has had so many procedures done to her, why do they think thats natural?

  6. Most women in magazines and TV are a size 0. Making other women that are a size 10 witch is normal or average look huge. Personally I think the way they manipulate the bodies of these women to make them look “sexier” is a lie to the public and most importantly to the models themselves. I have heard stories of models that kill themselves by starvation and become anorectic only to look “sexy”. What happens to these women when they are out of the magazines and TV’s? Do they have a normal life after? Or are they still in skinny model mode?

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