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Women Aren’t People, They’re “Hosts”

Handmaids Tale. Women are just hosts, not people.

Fertile women of Gilead’s Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu, airing today) were not seen as people. They were mere vessels carrying the babies of men.

Too many theocratic Republican legislators see women the same way today.

Like Oklahoma Rep. Justin Henry who asserted:

I understand that they (women) feel like that is their body (but) what I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.

Women don’t have bodies. They are incubators for other people’s bodies.

Do baby girls have bodies until they become fertile and then lose them? Read the rest of this entry

Why Are Bernie Fans Turning Libertarian?

Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson are miles apart!

Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson are miles apart!

Why are so many Bernie supporters turning Libertarian?

Liberal and Libertarian sound alike, so they are alike?

Actually, the two parties are diametrically opposed!

Bernie and Libertarians are miles apart

Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, and Libertarians and Democratic Socialists are miles apart.

When are the parties FOR government? Here’s a chart: Read the rest of this entry

Pro-Lifers Killing Kids

hungry_child_sad_facePlenty of “pro-lifers” are okay with killing kids.

On the one hand, they preach against contraception, claiming it might cause an abortion. And no woman should have the right to terminate a pregnancy!

On the other hand, they have no problem taking away kids’ food and medical care, which will leave some of them dead.

Yes indeed, an awful lot of “pro-lifers” want to defund Obamacare and deny medical services to at least eight million children.

And last week “pro-life” Congress members voted to slash $40 billion from food stamps. Nearly half go to kids. (And then they lavish tax subsidies on rich corporate interests.)

Read the rest of this entry

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