Pro-Lifers Killing Kids

hungry_child_sad_facePlenty of “pro-lifers” are okay with killing kids.

On the one hand, they preach against contraception, claiming it might cause an abortion. And no woman should have the right to terminate a pregnancy!

On the other hand, they have no problem taking away kids’ food and medical care, which will leave some of them dead.

Yes indeed, an awful lot of “pro-lifers” want to defund Obamacare and deny medical services to at least eight million children.

And last week “pro-life” Congress members voted to slash $40 billion from food stamps. Nearly half go to kids. (And then they lavish tax subsidies on rich corporate interests.)

Cutting food stamps will force lazy folks to get jobs — so that they can afford to eat and get insurance, they say.

Like $4.50 a day in food stamps and no health benefits and shame in unemployment isn’t incentive enough?

And when today’s economy finds three jobseekers for every job?

Meanwhile, the “pro-lifers” don’t really want to create jobs. They want us so angry over a bad economy that we will vote for more “pro-life” Republicans at midterm.

And besides, they’re too busy voting on anti-abortion bills to spend any time creating good paying jobs with health benefits, anyway.

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  1. I was always somewhat confused about pro-lifers campaign against legalizing abortion. If the point of their campaign is to have fewer abortions, do they really think making abortions illegal would achieve that objective? I believe making abortions illegal would simply make the procedure go underground and make it impossible to have any real count of how many abortions are occurring. I always compare making abortions illegal to making drugs illegal. Making drugs illegal has made the business profitable, impossible to control, and continues to consume law enforcement resources. I am not sure why pro-lifers believe that taking abortion in the same direction would result in fewer abortions.

  2. This to me is the worst part of some of the many contradictions which are held up in the republican and most other political parties for that matter. These republicans expect us to pay off debt without taxing the wealthiest people in America. They expect us to be pro life and have every child that might be born into poverty or possibly be neglected throughout its life. And in return they give us no health benefits to provide to that child or opportunities to give that child an opportunity at true life instead of suffering. I have always been pro choice because in my opinion its not my body that is going through it its the woman’s and she has the right to choose what she wants to do. If it were me I’d want to be able to choose what to do with my body.

  3. I understand what you are trying to portray, but I personally disagree with your post. I don’t think it is the pro lifer’s fault that they don’t want to help the unemployed and underemployed people. Although it may not be entirely true, the unemployed gives the impression that expect us to help them by aiding them. However, as an individual who works hard for what she earns, I believe that it is up to them to help themselves. Things should not be easily handed over to them, but instead they should work hard to get what they want.

  4. I think that the issue of abortion, among other issues, is only still up for debate because of economic tactics. The only way to keep poor people voting against their own economic interests is to make them afraid and undereducated. If everyone is scared of immigration, gay marriage, abortions, etc, then their priority will be to get rid of those things. They vote for pro-life, anti-immigrant politicians. And the majority of those politicians are working for the private sector, taking benefits away from the same poor people who put them in to office. If there weren’t so much money and private influence in our government, the right wing would have very little reason to fund a pro-life agenda. It would no longer provide a disguise for the anti-poor legislation that they want to pass.

  5. A good pro-lifer should or have to protect kids from pregnancy until the time they grow up and able to fly w/ their own wings.
    It looks like pro-lifers have a good start : saying no to abortion; but they don’t finish well when they take away kids’ food

  6. I want to speak up as a common-sense pro-lifer. Not all of us are woman-hating, fanatically religious people who think women should all be like Mrs. Duggar and have as many children as she can possibly bear, I don’t vote on a strictly pro-life platform; as an Independent I don’t vote a straight party ticket at all. No, i don’t like abortion, Yes, I think it is the willful ending of a human life, and I find that unethical. THAT BEING SAID. Because I want to see abortion come to an end, I am a HUGE supporter of accessible, affordable birth control. Any woman who wants it should be able to get it with no questions asked, and they should be properly educated on how to use it. Tubal litigation should be an option for all women regardless of their relationship status or how many children they’ve already had. Sex ed in schools shouldn’t only focus on abstinence (though I think abstinence should be continued to be taught as the only 100% way of preventing pregnancies and STDs). Contraceptives should be covered at length. I also think teen pregnancy prevention campaigns should be aimed at boys as well as girls, and more responsibility of pregnancy prevention should be placed on men and boys.I fully believe that education and access to birth control, not laws, are the keys to drastically decreasing the number of abortions performed in this country.

    • Sounds like you’re a REAL pro-lifer. Not just a pro-birther who doesn’t care if kids live once they’re born.

      • Yes. I don’t believe in cutting aide to needy families, either, especially those with young kids. Do I support limits on what food stamps can be used for? (Like, no chips, candy, beer, etc). Sure. But my own family benefited from food stamps when I was a small child when my parents fell on hard times. I don’t blame anyone who needs assistance until they can get back on their feet. That’s what a caring community should do! I DO believe that being pro-life should mean caring for ALL life. This is also why I’m into animal rights and conservation.

      • Research has also found that young children who were on food stamps do better later in life, intellectually, physically, and are more likely to have good paying jobs. So it ends up paying for itself.

  7. Laura Catherine Wolff

    In my opinion, the anti-choice movement is based largely on massive and willful ignorance of both the abortion process and the lives of the children of unwanted pregnancies. Aside from the budget cuts and economic inequality addressed in this post, there’s the issue of adoption. Many anti-choicers will tell people seeking abortions to consider giving the baby up for adoption instead, even though in the United States alone, over 100,000 children were waiting to be adopted as of 2011 . “Giving the baby up for adoption” does not secure said baby a safe and happy future, but instead ejects them into a foster care system that gives them an unstable upbringing with a low chance of being adopted and having a permanent home. Many prospective adoptive parents look out-of-country for their children, and many of those who look within the United States admit that they would not adopt a child who was mentally challenged, physically deformed or disabled, or queer.

    If these anti-choice politicians truly supported life and the safety of children, they would stop defunding welfare programs, improve the foster care system, and support access to birth control and comprehensive sex education in order to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. Instead, they tell people to not use birth control or get abortions, and then do everything possible to make life more difficult after the birth–they slash budgets that affect children, they force parents to work multiple jobs just to scrape by, and refuse to pass laws that would protect mothers, such as mandating paid maternity leave. It’s no surprise that anti-choicers are “killing kids”, as this blog entry says; the “pro-life” name is simply a thin cover for a movement aimed at suppressing sex and punishing people who have it.

  8. Christin Janicki

    Although I understand where the opinions of the pro lifers are coming from, I believe that nobody should have a say in someone else’s pregnancy other then the child’s would be parent. The government was created by the people to protect our right to life, liberty, and property, and if we choose to not give life, then we have that right. Pro lifers say that they want to save kids by getting rid of abortions, but in reality cutting forty billion in funds will lead to more hungry children on the streets. This will not increase the number of people looking for jobs, because they have already been looking. The government should be less worried about who can get an abortion, and focus more on creating jobs.

  9. Of course women should have the rights to control their bodies. But what about the rights of unborn children? Oh right, they can’t speak up for themselves so who cares?
    what if the unborn children could speak up?

    • The problem is that making laws against abortion often doesn’t stop them. It just leads to women dying when they try to abort, themselves, or go to a back alley abortionist.

      In fact, the more restrictive abortion laws are the more abortion you tend to have. That’s because people who are against abortion are typically also against sex education and birth control. They are also more likely to shame girls and women, making them more desperate to abort. They are also less likely to provide any support for mothers.

      Making laws against abortion doesn’t do a lot of good. You need to do things like sex education, provide birth-control, and also support women to care for their children.

  10. I thought today would be a good day to comment on this post. As a person growing up in Sweden with the liberal abortion laws we’ve got over there I’ve never really come across anyone who’s been pro-life. Saying that though, neither have I come across anyone who’s been open with having an abortion. I think, and I can only speak for myself, that even though the law allow women to have abortions educating people is essential for how we view women having them. Helping people understand what a safe abortion is, how small the risk of physical or mental harm is, and why it’s so important for women to have that right, is vital in making the decision completely free. Women who have abortions shouldn’t feel that they’re being stigmatized and that they can’t be open with their choice, that’s not being in control of your own body, that’s just another way of indirectly keeping women from doing what they see fit in regard to their own well being.

  11. and as for the subject that was posted, people’s selfishness and greed and bigotry are the reasons this world is full of suffering.
    The rich are the leaders, the poor they can die.

  12. someone else decided she shouldn’t live, so her being alive is mistake

    Do not get me wrong, I do think abortion should be an option but it should be the last option and not taken light-heartly but I am also happy that the woman in that video SURVIVED the abortion – that makes me disgusting?
    How about her, is she disgusting because she disregarded some other people’s wish to make the abortion?

    And a question I ask those whose support abortion
    What if the mother decides to make the abortion a few days or a few hours BEFORE the birth? – the doctors should terminate the baby at 9 months?

    • I don’t like abortion either but we need to encourage sex ed and birth control and support for moms.

      When abortion is illegal more women die trying to self-abort or going to back ally abortionists.

      So-called prolifers don’t want policies and practices that make abortion rare.

    • I couldn’t watch that video past 2 minutes. I’m glad this woman has a good life but if I needed an organ donation to survive, it would be unlawful to force my someone, including my parents to do so in order for me to live. So if someone doesn’t want to be pregnant then she shouldn’t have to face any obstacles to access a safe abortion. She shouldn’t be shamed or made to feel bad if it’s an easy decision for her.

  13. Anyone remember Dan Quayle? (VP to the first Bush). He was the guy who always put his foot in his mouth. He actually said he was pro-life but when asked by a reporter what he would do if his daughter was unmarried and pregnant he responded (I’m paraphrasing as memory serves me) “I would support her decision to have an abortion.” Sure, cut food stamps they’re bellies are full — and you know of what.

  14. Prolifer’s will never have a strong argument because nothing they argue about makes any sense: “No birth control or contraception allowed! Don’t kill unborn babies, but once your kid is born we don’t care about it anymore. I find it ironic that these same people complain about the government handing out food stamps that support a large amount of children AND pregnant women sometimes. Prolifers disgust me.

  15. Anyone who reads the original post, don’t be fooled by such ludicrous comments such as those on the right wing want to kill 8 million babies by not funding Obamacare.

    The truth of the matter is …

  16. They are all shameful as it appears is more about hating women and being righteous. .Not long ago they were given placebos instead of birth control…I guess they want to punish women and force pregnancies one way or another

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