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Men Who Wear Frocks

Some guys wear dresses. Why? 



“Vivienne” is what one cross-dressing man calls himself when he’s in drag. Vivienne also blogs on her cross-dressing experience over at BluestockingBlue, where she seeks to understand why she does it.

Before delving into Vivienne’s musings, let’s do a little Transvestite 101.

First, you might be surprised to learn that most cross-dressers, a.k.a. transvestites, are straight men.

Straight men?

While biological males who are transgendered or transsexual don’t see themselves as men, transvestites do. They are men who are trying to express something of the feminine within, which is so often submerged. And, cross-dressing often holds a sexual appeal for them.

That appeal helps explain why they’re usually straight. These guys are turned-on by women, and for them, dressing like one can be arousing.

Now back to Vivienne, who wrote a four-part series on a documentary called “Why Men Wear Frocks.” The film was produced by British artist, and tranny,  Grayson Perry. To read more, start with Part 1 on her site.

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