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Testosterone Means Boys Will Be Boys?

Men and women are from Earth, it turns out.

Men and women are from Earth, it turns out.

Goodbye, beliefs in sex differences disguised as evolutionary facts. Welcome the dragon slayer.

So declares Uta Frith, professor of cognitive development at University College London.

That dragon slayer emerges in the form of Cordelia Fine, a University of Melbourne associate professor specializing in the sociology of science.

Prof. Fine uses iconoclastic wit to examine the widespread belief that testosterone means boys will be boys, while the lack of it means girls will be girls in her new book, Testosterone Rex: Myths of Sex, Science, and Society.

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Women = Natural Nurturers = Less $, Status and Power

Nurturing dad.

Nurturing dad.

Girls are naturally more nurturing than boys, right?

A lot of people think so.

Some scientists think it’s because testosterone blocks male nurturing instincts.

Incidentally, this notion conveniently brings men more money, status and power.

Because if women are natural nurturers then — naturally — they should stay home with children. And keep out of arenas that bestow money, status and power.

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