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God-Wrestling Nuns

Nun kicks a heavy bag in a gym. Photo by Martin San/Getty Images.

The voice of God would sound differently coming from the mouths of nuns than from the mouths of patriarchs.

U.S. Nuns are grappling over a response to Vatican concern with their doctrinal loyalty. Church leadership wants them denouncing abortion and gays more than saving the lives of women and children, and affirming God’s love for all of humanity.

One sister explains:

We have a differing perspective on obedience. Our understanding is that we need to continue to respond to the signs of the times, and the new questions and issues that arise in the complexities of modern life are not something we see as a threat.

The sisters are in line with Bible heroes.

When Jacob wrestled with God he received a new name, Israel, meaning “He struggles with God.” At the end of the tussle God “blessed him there.”

God blesses one who struggles with Him?

Or, Job questioned why God made him suffer. His companions admonished him, demanding he accept God’s judgment.

Yet God did not think highly of the friends who spewed standard lines about submitting to divine will, repenting and being humble. God said, “You have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant Job has.”

And then Job conversed with God, proclaiming, “I knew of you with the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes have seen you.” He got to know God, and this would never have happened had he taken the standard “counsels of piety” and played the submissive, unquestioning part his friends advised.  It was only by being authentic in his doubts and questions that he could bring enough of himself to have a chance to get to know God.

These Bible stories speak well to the nuns’ intentions.

Go get ‘em girls!

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