I’m Voting For Joe

Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden

Election Day is just weeks away and I’ll be voting for Joe Biden for President as quickly as I can.

I’m particularly concerned with Covid-19, healthcare, the economy, race relations and women’s rights, the climate, the Supreme Court and our democracy. 


The US has 4% of the world’s population but 1/4 of the coronavirus infections, meaning other countries are doing a much better job of handling the virus than the current administration is. That’s really no surprise since our president is discouraging mask wearing, when masks stop the virus’s spread. He is also reluctant to use presidential powers to produce more protective equipment. Joe would do better!


Trump is trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act right in the middle of a pandemic while Biden wants to make available an option into Medicare. Since being forced to give up their private insurance in favor of Medicare can make people feel disempowered, I think this is better policy than Sanders’ Medicare for All. An abrupt end to private insurance that collapses the industry would also plunge many families into unemployment. A private option allows a voluntary and smooth transfer toward a public system.


The economy won’t heal until we reign in covid. Theaters and indoor restaurants are largely open but people are avoiding them. Comparing economies that opened up quickly (like Georgia) with those that stayed closed (like California) sales and profits were nearly identical as people bought what they needed and avoided shopping off-line.

Today the US economy is in danger of plummeting says (Trump-appointed) Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The Democratic House just passed a bill to boost small business and aid unemployed Americans but they cannot get Trump or Republican Senators to bring the bill into law. Biden and a Democratic Congress would.


Since the 1980s we have seen a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the top, largely due to firing workers and replacing them with automation (the biggest cause of job loss now), offshoring work and union busting. Outsourcing also leaves employees without benefits, and much poorer as a result.

Meanwhile, tax cuts for billionaires with 83% going to the top 1% was the only major legislation Trump passed in four years. Worse, he has recommended paying for it by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

Biden would roll back the 2017 tax cuts for billionaires to pay for infrastructure and education — investments that would immediately put money into worker pockets and strengthen the economy in the long run. Biden also wants a $15-per-hour minimum wage.

Moody’s ran the Biden and Trump plans through their model and concluded that in the next four years gross domestic product would be 4.5% higher under Biden than Trump policies, meaning an additional 7 million jobs. Goldman Sachs similarly found a 3.7% gain in GDP.

People are more likely to spend money and boost sales and profits if they have money in their pockets. Bringing money back down from the wealthy into the pockets of average Americans would boost the economy.

Biden would also use proceeds from the 2017 billionaire rollback to fund spending on affordable housing and clean energy. 


The cost of climate change will soon be enormous with losses of property and lives due to fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat and drought.

The early signs of climate change are already showing up with stronger fires and hurricanes, and more of them.

I live in California where just weeks ago an enormous fire came within 4 miles of my home. Past fires have taken the homes of my friends. Air quality has also been horrid lately and the unhealthy air permeates the entire West (check purpleair.com during fire season). My grandmother, mother and I have lived in California almost our entire lives and we have never experienced fires like we’ve had in the last three years. Scientists predicted all this but it’s coming sooner than expected. 

If you don’t like wearing a mask for covid just wait, scientists predict we won’t be able to leave our homes without masks in the future.


Trump will not condemn white supremacists, he won’t adequately fund the tracing of white supremacist terrorists, and he says there are fine people among the neo-Nazis. White supremacists claim Trump as one of their own and hate crimes are way up since he took office. And Trump protests any protests declaring that black lives matter.

Meanwhile, even as Trump charges Biden with defunding the police, Trump defunds them at the federal level and by refusing to help fund state and local governments. (Almost all money in state and local governments go to education, healthcare and public safety.) As Biden says, justice and policing are both important but we must move toward fair and just policing.

Trump is also set to confirm a Supreme Court justice who seeks to remove the right of women to control their own bodies. She even sounds hostile to birth control.

SUPREME COURT of the United States (SCOTUS)

Wealthy interests are salivating to stack the courts with conservative jurists who will block legislation that benefits the people. Sitting conservatives consistently:

  • rule against class action lawsuits, which equalize the power of the people with the power of wealthy interests.
  • rule in favor of corporate rights over worker rights.
  • rule in favor of corporations to pollute the people’s air and water and damage the climate. 

They even insist that corporations are people with more rights than actual people, like the religious conscious of Hobby Lobby trumping the consciences and bodies of actual women who need birth control. Or, corporate “people” have a lot more money to legally bribe politicians than any actual person does.

A 6-3 majority could end the Affordable Care Act as early as June. This same majority may eventually end Social Security and Medicare, too, and anything else that selfish interests don’t want to help fund. In fact, this SCOTUS may deem any legislation wealthy interests dislike as unconstitutional.

That explains why conservative Senators are rushing to seat a 6-3 conservative majority right now. And why the Senate has done pretty much nothing for months but stack the lower courts with conservative jurists. They’ve got to please their big donors! 

The only thing that could stop this is a Democratic President and Senate threatening to seat (or actually seating) a 7-6 liberal majority if the courts insist on voiding the people’s will.


As SCOTUS works to bind democracy Trump is doing his darndest to bind it too. Trump disobeys every rule he can find, yet democracy’s rule of law needs rules. He leaves us thinking there is no truth, yet truth is needed to check politicians.

He wants to be president for life and to be worshiped like North Korea’s leader. 

Trump is also working to undermine democratic elections by asking his voters to vote twice and telling them to swamp polling places, hoping to intimidate those who come to the polls. He’s working to create confusion while counting on the newest SCOTUS to declare him the winner if there is confusion. And he won’t commit to accepting election results, instead telling the Proud Boys to stand by to raise civil unrest if he loses. 

In other words, Trump seeks to hold power through cheating and violence, not through the democratic process. 

Four moves mark democracies moving to authoritarianism and Trump pushes each of them:

  • Attack the press (“Fake news!”)
  • Attack the independent judiciary (get justices on “your side” and attack judges who go against you as “biased”)
  • Attack intelligence services (attacks the FBI, CIA)
  • Weaken democratic norms (fair elections, checks and balances, emergency wall funding)

Hmmm, Trump’s done it all.


In light of Trump’s attack on democracy, Trump as Putin’s puppet deserves it’s own heading since he does so much that helps Russia and hurts Western democracies.


  • Dismisses allies as worthless
  • Cozies up to dictators
  • Advocates withdrawing troops from strategic outposts and active theaters 
  • Wants to end NATO (long-time Putin goal)
  • Hurts trade and friendships with European democracies
  • Trusts Russia over US intelligence
  • Offered to partner with Putin on cyber security
  • Held private meetings with Putin (Russians allowed, but no Americans)
  • Shared classified info with Russia
  • Threatened to withhold military funding from Ukraine as they fought off Russia


You can debate whether Trump is bought by wealthy interests but it doesn’t matter since he is a wealthy interest who never does anything but that which benefits himself.

I’m ready for a uniter not a divider. I’m ready for someone who will work to heal the soul of our nation. Heck, I’m ready for someone who will wear a mask.

And if you are a Trump voter I’m wondering if you would be upset if Biden won. I’ve asked a couple of my Trump-voting friends (one is a huge fan) and neither of them would actually mind that much if Joe won.

And to everyone: What say you?

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  1. I am voting for Trump. Again.

    This sums up, in part ,my reason(s) for doing so.

    If you insult whole swathes of the voting public by calling them, racist, homophobic, trans phobic, xenophobic, etc etc.Then take their jobs and put them overseas combined with mass immigration with no borders…
    Disparaging their culture, their country, their history and at their core them personally .
    Essentially make them poorer, insult and demean them and then wonder and complain that they wont vote for your side!
    And you consider themselves the good guys? What a nasty joke played on the working classes and ordinary Americans.

    Joe Biden is part of the ruling elite. He represents the corporate class. Just look at his history. The middle class has been devastated in America by corporate elite polices.

    What really pisses me off is how the Democrats care more about illegals than their own people. A Black man gets arrested for a crime and is whisked off to jail. An illegals kills a US citizen and the ACLU and all these other leftist groups protects the illegals!!

    We currently have rule by the managerial/professional class here in America. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama are all part of this class.

    Please explain to me just how a party and candidate Joe Biden who is taking in $100s of millions of dollars from the corporate elite and ruling elite are going to make the lives of ordinary Americans better? They have a decades long track record of doing the exact opposite.

    • I didn’t know that Biden had called whole swathes of the voting public racist, homophobic, trans phobic, xenophobic, etc. He doesn’t approve of Neo-Nazi’s and KKK shouting “Jews will not replace us,” and neither do I. I hope you don’t approve of that either. Neither he nor I believe there are good people among them. Neither of us like the increased bullying and hate crimes that have arisen in this atmosphere.

      There has been a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top 1% as corporate titans fire workers and replace them with technology, send jobs over seas, hire immigrants who have no legal rights to change circumstances of work (how convenient to the corporate titan) and replace employees with contractors who get no benefits. Plus, they bust unions. The biggest loss of jobs comes from technology.

      Part of the problem is an inability of businesses to compete globally if they don’t automate and hire the lowest-paid workers — often by moving jobs over seas. And union-bust.

      Biden wants to use tax incentives to bring jobs back here, he wants to strengthen unions, he wants to raise wages to $15 an hour (helpful if you lose a factory job and can’t get comparable work). He also wants to raise taxes on the top one percent who has gained from the redistribution of wealth from the middle to the top to fund things like infrastructure projects and education which will provide jobs for workers. At some point we will probably need to have a universal income funded by taxing the very top or the economy will collapse because not enough people will have money in their pockets to keep sales and profits up.

      The only major legislation Trump passed was tax cuts for the wealthy that he wants to fund by cutting Social Security and Medicare, making the problem worse for the middle class. He ran appealing to working class people but his actual governing has being in favor of the top. I can’t figure out why you all keep supporting him.

      Donald Trump represents the corporate elite much more than Joe Biden. Trump has never done anything in his life that doesn’t benefit himself and that helps explain why the only major legislation he passed was huge tax cuts for billionaires to be paid for on the backs of the working people by taking away their Social Security and Medicare.

      The reason for sanctuary cities is that it keeps crime rates lower for the entire community. If people feel safe to report crimes to the police then crimes will be reported. And illegal immigrants can be arrested for criminal behavior.

      I volunteer with an organization that works to make sure people have a living wage, adequate medical care, good educations and the Democrats do everything we ask and the Republicans hardly ever do anything we ask. Take a look at their actual voting records.

      Trump has done what the ruling elite want. Including nominating people for the Supreme Court who:

      – rule against class action lawsuits, which equalize the power of the people with the power of wealthy interests.

      – rule in favor of corporate rights over worker rights.

      – rule in favor of corporations over consumers

      – rule in favor of corporations to pollute the people’s air and water and damage the climate.

      What has Trump done that has helped working people? There are fewer manufacturing jobs now than when he took office.

      I meet with members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, and follow voting records. Democrats are much better for working people.

      I suggest you start following voting records (Congressional and Supreme Court) instead of just listening to right wing media (which is funded by corporate titans who pay Rush Limbaugh $2 million a year and Sean Hannity $1 million a year to scapegoat minorities to distract people from the real cause of their problems.)

  2. I am also on board with Biden (surprise, surprise). I still think Elizabeth Warren would have been a much better pick for real progressive reforms we need to get the damned corporate and private interest money out of politics—the ROOT CAUSE of most if not all government-Wall Street corruption, waste, and fraud (pardon the run-on sentence). This is the very reason we now have Donald (Don Vito Corleone) Trump scamming the nation and 10s of thousands of dead Americans from a virus that never should have gotten this far.

    At least the Don has exposed some glaringly serious flaws in our constitution. I just hope it isn’t too late to snatch our republic from the jaws of the theocratic oligarchy (a holy kleptocracy).

    • I agree that people who are more progressive could do more but you have to also think about who can get elected in swing states so I have been for Biden since the very start. Just too important to get Trump out!

      And it is good that someone who is as incompetent as Trump has been our first president to try to become an autocrat. This will help greatly in fixing holes to prevent the next autocrat wannabe.

  3. I’m Voting for Joe – It’s actually scary to me when people say they’re not voting. Look, there may not be that great of options but Joe is definitley the one. It doesn’t even need to be based on opinions. Overall, Trump does not act like a president nor should he ever hold the title as well. The man doesn’t even care about the people he’s governing, COVID-19 is no joke. I have seen people on social media losing their dads, moms, sisters, brothers, maybe even significant others. I’m seeing elderly men saying goodbye to their wives because he’s not allowed in the same room as her. I get it, masks suck, I have to wear one for 8 hours of my day for 5 days straight. Nonetheless, it’s a necessity and it should be required to wear without people being upset that they can’t breathe when it’s actually not them taking everyone else into consideration, but they can care less. 

    • I’m surprised that people who aren’t bothering to vote, as well, especially if they are on the left side of the spectrum. If Trump ever destroyed democracy good luck getting it back. Why take that risk? Without democracy you can be imprisoned for not following the party line and it’s hard to get much done that way. Even someone like Nelson Mandela was only free because of the power that democracies put on South Africa.

      • Yes, even if a person doesn’t care for either. They need to look at it this way. The big problems trump can cause with another term vs Biden. And even if you don’t think Biden won’t do things as well as you hope. Biden will be voted out after 4 years anyway. I don’t believe he’s trying for second term should he be president. He even said he was ready to retire from politics, but felt such urgency because of the incompetence of oompa loompa at president, that he needed to challenge trump. The guy is quite old already and he’d be 82 by the time his term ended. I highly doubt he’ll want to go another four years at that age.

      • Yeah, I doubt he will run for another term given his age. I kind of feel like he is the perfect candidate right now. People tend to vote for the opposite of whatever was in before and Trump is clearly the opposite of Obama and now Biden is the opposite of Trump.

        This election is so important that many conservatives are even trying to get people to vote for Biden over Trump, I think because of the national security issues. Even people from Trump’s own administration! Plus people who ran the campaigns of Romney, McCain, and people who worked in the George W. Bush administration, plus a former head of the RNC — Republican National Committee.

        I just saw an interview with Olivia Troye, former homeland security adviser and lead COVID-19 adviser to Mike Pence, who is voting for Biden because Trump didn’t want to deal with the virus. He decided to just leave it to the states and blame them for high COVID infection rates and economic devastation. (It’s their fault, not mine!)

        I can’t think of a worse president. Ugh!

  4. Same. Donald Trump is an authoritarian threat to our democracy (by the people). I still do not understand those (including friends and family) that could possibly vote for this narcissistic, racist, sexist, homophobic, psychopathic prick. Sorry, I know this is an analysis, but this article has gotten me really riled up. These are all clear and concise points, which of course, I agree with. What shocked me the most, and led me to look into it more, was Trump’s attempt to end our ties with NATO. He already pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, which was like, alright you don’t “believe” in science, we’ll just vote for someone who does. But then to remove us from NATO, which could potentially eradicate it altogether, is just insane. It is literally an alliance to prevent a war and promote world peace between our most trusted and longstanding allies! Allies that share democratic values, mind you. So it is almost as if he does not want to be under the same category as Great Britain, Canada, France and the like, but instead is looking to become more like North Korea, Russia and China- more communist dictatorships than a democracy. This makes no sense and again, I still don’t understand how people could vote for him. Is this not scary? Let’s ignore everything else. Is this not scary?

    • And interesting point about Trump pulling us out of the Paris agreement and Trump ties to Putin are that Russia’s main source of revenue is oil. Also, the biggest contributors to the Republican party are big oil and big coal folks who dislike the Paris Agreement because it would cut into their profits. Some of trumps supporters say he’s rich and can’t be bought. Now we are finding out that he’s not so rich and he certainly appears to be bought.

  5. According to the WHO, they estimate 10% of the global population, or 780 million have been infected. That means the US has 1% of the infections, so you are completely wrong about that.

    The economy: Sweden’s number of cases per million is roughly that of the US, but they had no lockdowns, the economy was barely impacted, life there is 98% normal. The current death rate is about 1 or 2 a day. Less than a typical flu season which is often 3 a day. Compare to countries with heavy lockdowns and rules like the UK, and the lockdowns achieved nothing, and their cases just go on and on and on, whereas Sweden has finished with this thing.

    Tax cuts: Biden has said he will roll back the Trump tax cuts, which includes big tax cuts for the middle class. You really want to smash the middle class in a pandemic recession? As for the statistics going around about how much tax cuts go to the wealthy, they’re a bit misleading since they are all based on considering the corporate tax cuts. You keep saying you want to imitate Sweden, well the Trump tax cuts bring the corporate rate to that of Sweden. So why does a fairly left wing country like Sweden have a low corporate rate? Because they recognize that without a low corporate rate, all the jobs and companies go overseas. You can raise the rates in a fit of leftist virtue signaling, but you collect less taxes and companies go elsewhere. To be a competitive location for corporate investment you need a competitive tax rate.

    Climate change: Blame forest fires on poor forest management. As for climate change, the only way to fix that is with better technology. It’s been calculated that electric cars only have 10% less emissions when you take into account the climate cost of manufacturing the vehicle and the energy mix of electicity in the US. Yet Democrat states give gigantic tax consessions and rebates on electric cars that could be far better spent elsewhere. For example, if you cut taxes so that people could more easily afford a new regular car, that would get the old inefficient and dangerous cars off the road, which is a bigger saving in climate gases than forcing people into expensive electric cars. Meanwhile, Biden is a panderer to China who is the real polluter and who is doing nothing.

    White supremicists: Trump has condemned them more times than any president in history because this is a fake Democrat talking point. Did he say “there are fine people among neo Nazis”? Nonsense, another lie from the fake news media. Here’s what he actually said: “And you had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally.” How much clearer can you be? How many times must you condemn them? When will Biden condemn the BLM and Antifa rioters and terrorists? Hate crimes are supposedly way up? The only hate crimes I here are fake ones like Smolette and left wing ones daily on the streets of Democrat cities where people are dragged from their cars and beaten because they wouldn’t bend the knee to BLM.

    Supreme court: It doesn’t exist to validate a left wing agenda, it exists to enforce the law. The reason Democrats want to pack the court with partisans is because they can’t get the support of the people to pass proper legislation to do what they want to do about Health care, so they hope to do it with executive fiat. Why don’t you leave the court alone and convince the people that the Democrat agenda is worthy?

    • Not sure how you are doing your math but the estimate that the US has 4% of the world’s population but roughly 1/4 of the Covid deaths is cited by many different news organizations:




      Our death rate is more similar to developing countries than to western European countries — other than Sweden which stayed open.

      It’s not surprising that Sweden in the US have similar numbers since within the United States states that opened quickly had the same economy as those that didn’t open. That’s because people do it feel safe to them.

      By contrast, Germany, for example, has universal healthcare plus handled the virus is much better than we did and they have a very low rate of Covid death. We could have done better!

      Great Britain has done much better than the US. Compare the US to Western Europe:


      Meanwhile, the infection rate is extremely high at the White House!

      If Trump is so hard on China why did he ask China to help him win the election?

      Blaming West Coast fires on forest management is ridiculous since we have had the same forest management for years and it is only now that we are having the kind of fires we are having: large number and large size! Many of the fires are grass fires, anyway!

      Climate change we will mean we will need to do more forest management and since the federal government controls nearly 60% of California forests Trump is surely lacking on that front too!

      Why would it cost so much more in emissions to produce an electric car? I have a hybrid – aVolt – which I plug into my house which is solar powered and I only have to buy one tank of gas a year. That saves a lot on emissions! And it pays for itself quickly! The car only cost me $27,000 which is the cost of a typical car.

      See this BBC report: Electric car emissions myth ‘busted’

      Climate denial only helps oil and coal interests. They make more money while we Pay the costs in terms of damage Two lives and property from fires, floods, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes. I don’t know why you let yourself be manipulated by big oil and big hole. They win you lose.

      83% of Trumps tax cuts went to the top 1%. Mostly even higher than that. Yes, a few crumbs were given to everyone else to make them feel like they got something. But Trump and Republican donors want to pay for this tax cut by getting rid of Social Security and Medicare which will hurt people a great deal. And Biden says you can keep your tax cut if you make less than $400,000 a year.

      And since the rollback of the tax cuts on the wealthy will go to things like construction of infrastructure that money will go right back into working peoples pockets by creating jobs.

      There were Nazis and Nazi protesters and he said they were fine people on both sides which means he thinks that some of the Nazis are fine people. You are misquoting him.

      Trump may have put down white supremacy many times but it’s always a sandwich: he praises them then he puts them down (because his people tell him to) and then he says what he really thinks and praises them again. Good luck convincing anyone that he doesn’t coddle white supremacists. The white supremacists think he is one of their own. And he refused to put them down when asked at the debate — or whatever you wanna call what that was.

      The Black Lives Matter movement wants equality for blacks. Of course Biden isn’t going to put that down because that’s a good thing! Unfortunately some hoodlums took advantage of the chaos and did things they shouldn’t of done, which Biden has condemned.

      The Supreme Court shouldn’t exist to uphold any agenda. Unfortunately wealthy donors want it to uphold a right wing agenda against the wishes of the American people.

      Meanwhile Trump is trying to convince people that mail in voting is fraudulent even though his own people are worried that it will depress Republican votes. He’s trying to deal with this by calling people in republican states and telling them that absentee voting is OK with mail in voting is a fraud, even though they are the same thing!

      I took out two paragraphs because they were particularly crazy and I’m not going to give you a platform for conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact. I’ve already debunked your other points and I’m not going to get into the super crazy stuff.

      But take a look at the consistency of polling numbers over the last few months and how consistent they have been in recent weeks. Given this data, who is more likely to try to convince Americans that the election is fraudulent?

    • Let me ask you another question. Why do you like trump?

  6. I’ve never been into politics, but I’m now 18 and able to vote. This election seems to be the easiest decision to make. My family is going to vote red because they believe everything on facebook and propaganda in Vietnam. However, I’m voting blue. There is no way I can support Trump. He won’t condemn to white supremacy, which already supports that he’s racist. He calls covid-19 the chinese death virus and in return this encourages racism towards asians. Trump isn’t even confident to win this election with the system that he’s suppose to be representing and protection. Having to threaten voters and cheat the results is pathetic. During the debates he doesn’t even attack Biden’s policies, but instead Biden himself.This only demonstrates how childish Trump is. I believe that Trump doesn’t have the capabilities to lead us and because of this I will be voting for Biden in the upcoming elections.

    • Yeah, you would think that if Trump had any good ideas he would want to talk about them during the debate instead of just shout nonsense at his debate opponent.

      The thing is, the biggest concern for me, is his stripping away at democratic norms and his desire for autocracy led by himself. I am surprised that people like your parents or former Cubans in Florida are as likely to support Trump as they are. If you look at people around the world who are most miserable they live in autocracies whether from the left like the former Soviet Union or the right like today’s Russia or Yesterdays Nazis.

      And why anyone of color would back Trump is a mystery considering how much hatred he is encouraging against people of color, and the fact that the actual rate of hate crimes have gone up.

  7. As the election draws closer, we are all faced with the decision of who we are going to vote for. I have never really been interested in politics until now. I have been trying to educate myself more and more, and I have learned so much in the process. I was raised in a Democratic family, so by default, I assumed I was a Democrat. As I dig deeper, and continue to educate myself, Ive found that, that isn’t entirely true. I have found that I do agree with Biden on some things, such as COVID. However, there are some things on the Republican side that I relate to as well. I feel caught in the middle, not entirely Republican and not entirely Democrat. As the election draws closer and closer, I feel like people who don’t usually pay attention to politics need to take the time and try to understand. You may have opinions you never knew you had. But every vote is in favor of our country and its future.

    • One thing I will point out is that many Republicans who have voted Republican their entire lives — even Republicans who ran campaign score Romney and McCain and who were head of the Republican national committee — are voting DemocratIc in this election because they worry about trumps assault on our democracy. If you get policy you don’t like you can vote the person out and change it in four years. If you get a despot you’re screwed.

  8. I read this post on the day after I watched the Vice Presidential debate and I can relate many points that you made with points that were brought up on the debate. This article was also very helpful for me as a way to get informed and quickly understand why, in this coming election, voting for Joe Biden is the wiser decision. As an International Student, I can’t vote. But ever since I moved to the United States, I’ve been very curious trying to understand the politics of the country, the conflicts and the pros and cons of each party.  In such a short period of time I could already see and even feel, how having Joe Biden as the next president will have positive impacts for me too. As a black woman, the approach that the current president has when it comes to race issues and women’s rights is one of my biggest concerns. I am also very hopeful to have a president that will do a better job using the presidential powers to really handle the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. I shared this article with a couple friends that also can’t vote but are still a bit confused about why Joe Biden is the best option for this moment. Thank you!

  9. I found this blog post to be both very factual and informative. I too will be voting for Biden in the upcoming/current 2020 election. I am hopeful that this election will result with Biden as president if we all come together and vote! It is so important to vote and I encourage all of you to do so. Otherwise, I am scared for the sake of our country, those who are in poverty/lower class, people of color, etc. Like you mentioned, Trump would not condemn white supremacy in the first debate and this is completely irresponsible in my opinion and I can only imagine how people of color feel watching and hearing that.
    Tonight, I just finished watching the Vice President debate and I think Kamala Harris did well! I think it was quite baffling that Mike Pence continued to avoid questions and completely denied systemic racism which is extremely prevalent in our country and social climate right now.

  10. Informative write on the US situation. I am an outsider, yet am as concerned as much of the rest of the world about America securing the right leadership that will take the country strongly forward into the coming decade. I was one of those who wanted Hillary to come out trumps at the hustings last time but was surprised at how the result finally turned out. I really hope democrats make it this time as America needs qualitatively better leadership.

  11. I’m with you. In fact, my vote is already in.

  12. I found this to be both a very informative and convincing piece. While I, too, will be voting for Biden, I think it’s quite unfortunate that I immediately chose to vote for him before thoroughly researching his policies and beliefs. In an ideal democracy, we would be voting for the most qualified candidate rather than blindly choosing our preferred political party; unfortunately, this is not the case. I wasn’t even given the opportunity to examine what each side believes and what would be best for the future of our country because I already automatically knew that another four years of Mr. Trump is not a choice. While you have mentioned the conservative rush for a 6-3 majority on the SCOTUS in terms of overturning the Affordable Care Act, I would also like to bring up the possible overturning of Obergefell v. Hodges. Marriage equality for LGBTQ Americans was such a monumental and progressive moment in U.S. history; additionally, it is such a minor act of equality (imagine thinking having the legal ability to love another person be the most grandeur act of societal advancement), yet conservatives are not even willing to let this go. If Biden does not win this election or if Trump is able to install Amy Coney Barrett before the election, there is an unfortunate yet big chance marriage equality will be targeted.

  13. A very informative post.

    There are similarities between Trump and the despicable Boris Johnson. I would rather die in a desert than vote for people like that.

    • It’s so strange that they look alike and think alike. They both got Covid.

      They both make me worry greatly about Anglo democracies.

      • They are both narcissists who seem determined to get rid of democracy. Johnson wants the UK to be one country where he is King of the Castle. Part of the BREXIT agenda always included a power grab on the devolved nations of the UK.

      • Thanks for explaining that. I could never understand his drive for Brexit before, since it would hurt the country. Similar to Trump. It’s all about their egos —- and who cares what happens to the people.

      • Johnson and his mates wanted to leave Europe by a specific date, although it did not happen, that date was when the EU brought out new laws against money laundering. London is the money laundering capital of the world. Johnson et al, made a lot of money overnight owing to the BREXIT referendum. His disaster capitalist friends are poised to make a huge amount of money after the end of the year. Tory donors have been given huge sums of public money since the pandemic for supplying services and goods that have never materialised.

        The persona of the UK government that is portrayed to other countries is one based on its moral standing, but they have actually put Nazi ideology into practice. Vast amounts of sick and disabled people have died due to having their benefits stopped. Although reporting of such matters is usually blocked on the main news outlets in this country, there was a short clip on YouTube, that I will never forget, showing a protest outside the Houses of Parliament where a woman in a wheel chair was shouting “They are killing us all off and nobody is doing anything about it.” The UN has reported the abuse of the sick and disabled under the Tory government, but that’s all. Johnson’s right-hand man is a proponent of eugenics.

      • OMG no wonder Trump and Johnson get along so well! Thanks for filling me in on British politics.

  14. Reblogged this on eugenevdebs3 and commented:
    Excellent essay outlining strong arguments for voting for Biden rather than Trump. Given the choice we have been given, I concur with this conclusion. Trump has gone out of his way to demonstrate that he definitely must go – for the good of the American people. – evd

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