I’m Voting For Joe

Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden

Election Day is just weeks away and I’ll be voting for Joe Biden for President as quickly as I can.

I’m particularly concerned with Covid-19, healthcare, the economy, race relations and women’s rights, the climate, the Supreme Court and our democracy. 


The US has 4% of the world’s population but 1/4 of the coronavirus infections, meaning other countries are doing a much better job of handling the virus than the current administration is. That’s really no surprise since our president is discouraging mask wearing, when masks stop the virus’s spread. He is also reluctant to use presidential powers to produce more protective equipment. Joe would do better!


Trump is trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act right in the middle of a pandemic while Biden wants to make available an option into Medicare. Since being forced to give up their private insurance in favor of Medicare can make people feel disempowered, I think  Biden’s public option  is better policy than Sanders’ Medicare for All. An abrupt end to private insurance that collapses the industry would also plunge many families into unemployment. A public option allows a voluntary and smooth transfer toward a public system.


The economy won’t heal until we reign in covid. Theaters and indoor restaurants are largely open but people are avoiding them. Comparing economies that opened up quickly (like Georgia) with those that stayed closed (like California) sales and profits were nearly identical as people bought what they needed and avoided shopping off-line.

Today the US economy is in danger of plummeting says (Trump-appointed) Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The Democratic House just passed a bill to boost small business and aid unemployed Americans but they cannot get Trump or Republican Senators to bring the bill into law. Biden and a Democratic Congress would.


Since the 1980s we have seen a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the top, largely due to firing workers and replacing them with automation (the biggest cause of job loss now), offshoring work and union busting. Outsourcing also leaves employees without benefits, and much poorer as a result.

Meanwhile, tax cuts for billionaires with 83% going to the top 1% was the only major legislation Trump passed in four years. Worse, he has recommended paying for it by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

Biden would roll back the 2017 tax cuts for billionaires to pay for infrastructure and education — investments that would immediately put money into worker pockets and strengthen the economy in the long run. Biden also wants a $15-per-hour minimum wage.

Moody’s ran the Biden and Trump plans through their model and concluded that in the next four years gross domestic product would be 4.5% higher under Biden than Trump policies, meaning an additional 7 million jobs. Goldman Sachs similarly found a 3.7% gain in GDP.

People are more likely to spend money and boost sales and profits if they have money in their pockets. Bringing money back down from the wealthy into the pockets of average Americans would boost the economy.

Biden would also use proceeds from the 2017 billionaire rollback to fund spending on affordable housing and clean energy. 


The cost of climate change will soon be enormous with losses of property and lives due to fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat and drought.

The early signs of climate change are already showing up with stronger fires and hurricanes, and more of them.

I live in California where just weeks ago an enormous fire came within 4 miles of my home. Past fires have taken the homes of my friends. Air quality has also been horrid lately and the unhealthy air permeates the entire West (check purpleair.com during fire season). My grandmother, mother and I have lived in California almost our entire lives and we have never experienced fires like we’ve had in the last three years. Scientists predicted all this but it’s coming sooner than expected. 

If you don’t like wearing a mask for covid just wait, scientists predict we won’t be able to leave our homes without masks in the future.


Trump will not condemn white supremacists, he won’t adequately fund the tracing of white supremacist terrorists, and he says there are fine people among the neo-Nazis. White supremacists claim Trump as one of their own and hate crimes are way up since he took office. And Trump protests any protests declaring that black lives matter.

Meanwhile, even as Trump charges Biden with defunding the police, Trump defunds them at the federal level and by refusing to help fund state and local governments. (Almost all money in state and local governments go to education, healthcare and public safety.) As Biden says, justice and policing are both important but we must move toward fair and just policing.

Trump is also set to confirm a Supreme Court justice who seeks to remove the right of women to control their own bodies. She even sounds hostile to birth control.

SUPREME COURT of the United States (SCOTUS)

Wealthy interests are salivating to stack the courts with conservative jurists who will block legislation that benefits the people. Sitting conservatives consistently:

  • rule against class action lawsuits, which equalize the power of the people with the power of wealthy interests.
  • rule in favor of corporate rights over worker rights.
  • rule in favor of corporations to pollute the people’s air and water and damage the climate. 

They even insist that corporations are people with more rights than actual people, like the religious conscious of Hobby Lobby trumping the consciences and bodies of actual women who need birth control. Or, corporate “people” have a lot more money to legally bribe politicians than any actual person does.

A 6-3 majority could end the Affordable Care Act as early as June. This same majority may eventually end Social Security and Medicare, too, and anything else that selfish interests don’t want to help fund. In fact, this SCOTUS may deem any legislation wealthy interests dislike as unconstitutional.

That explains why conservative Senators are rushing to seat a 6-3 conservative majority right now. And why the Senate has done pretty much nothing for months but stack the lower courts with conservative jurists. They’ve got to please their big donors! 

The only thing that could stop this is a Democratic President and Senate threatening to seat (or actually seating) a 7-6 liberal majority if the courts insist on voiding the people’s will.


As SCOTUS works to bind democracy Trump is doing his darndest to bind it too. Trump disobeys every rule he can find, yet democracy’s rule of law needs rules. He leaves us thinking there is no truth, yet truth is needed to check politicians.

He wants to be president for life and to be worshiped like North Korea’s leader. 

Trump is also working to undermine democratic elections by asking his voters to vote twice and telling them to swamp polling places, hoping to intimidate those who come to the polls. He’s working to create confusion while counting on the newest SCOTUS to declare him the winner if there is confusion. And he won’t commit to accepting election results, instead telling the Proud Boys to stand by to raise civil unrest if he loses. 

In other words, Trump seeks to hold power through cheating and violence, not through the democratic process. 

Four moves mark democracies moving to authoritarianism and Trump pushes each of them:

  • Attack the press (“Fake news!”)
  • Attack the independent judiciary (get justices on “your side” and attack judges who go against you as “biased”)
  • Attack intelligence services (attacks the FBI, CIA)
  • Weaken democratic norms (fair elections, checks and balances, emergency wall funding)

Hmmm, Trump’s done it all.


In light of Trump’s attack on democracy, Trump as Putin’s puppet deserves it’s own heading since he does so much that helps Russia and hurts Western democracies.


  • Dismisses allies as worthless
  • Cozies up to dictators
  • Advocates withdrawing troops from strategic outposts and active theaters 
  • Wants to end NATO (long-time Putin goal)
  • Hurts trade and friendships with European democracies
  • Trusts Russia over US intelligence
  • Offered to partner with Putin on cyber security
  • Held private meetings with Putin (Russians allowed, but no Americans)
  • Shared classified info with Russia
  • Threatened to withhold military funding from Ukraine as they fought off Russia


You can debate whether Trump is bought by wealthy interests but it doesn’t matter since he is a wealthy interest who never does anything but that which benefits himself.

I’m ready for a uniter not a divider. I’m ready for someone who will work to heal the soul of our nation. Heck, I’m ready for someone who will wear a mask.

And if you are a Trump voter I’m wondering if you would be upset if Biden won. I’ve asked a couple of my Trump-voting friends (one is a huge fan) and neither of them would actually mind that much if Joe won.

And to everyone: What say you?

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  1. Speaking of humanity. Luckily there Are many ppl helping each other and sacrificing for the good. I’m sharing this because I saw it on social media so it’s apparently going viral like the Chaplin speech. Just thinking if all people in the world were more like “Maria” and what better the world could be.

    It’s animation but ppl found it powerful because of it being symbolic considering the compassion it represents and the real life challenges people with disabilities face. Seeing from the comments from videos, it made a lot of people tear up. Because of the music and symbolic stuff to real life like I said and represents. As well as ppl saying “I was Maria, who lost a child hood friend with cerebral palsy “ or such. There was a guy a year ahead of me in highschool. I didn’t really know him but he was beloved by his friends. I don’t believe he had cerebral palsy but some spinal fluid leak I think that caused him to lose motor functions or got worse as he aged. To where he was basically paralyzed neck down. He graduated highschool but sadly passed away 6 months after I believe. ☹️.

    Here’s the clips. I hope you can see it. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdn6stkt/?k=1

    Part 2: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdn6bJmH/?k=1

    I downloaded the song for first clip btw, such a catchy beautiful song

    • So sweet! What a thoughtful girl! Luv it ❤

      • Yeah, my niece is a sweetheart but I think it’s a good video for kids to teach compassion. But I don’t want to because I know it will make her cry ha. It’s a really emotional, powerful song. Like the part where the boy is sick and is sad. And she holds him up to dance with him with the music playing. You see him still seeming without life, but as the music continues and her dancing, you see this glimmer in his eye showing his mind is wandering off. And he’s dreaming, maria takes him to the “escape” that brief moment of dreaming that he could walk, not just in general, but so he could dance with Maria, who he adores. It’s such a powerful message. My niece is sensitive as it is, but she would ball her eyes out to the video. I guess the director to the cartoon which it’s a mini movie, like 10 minutes long. Called Cuerdas which means strings in spanish. The director had a song with cerebral palsy who was going through such stuff and sadly I guess son passed way a few weeks ago. This video was made back in 2014, so the video was made when the director’s son was still alive. But I read how recently the son passed way. But I guess it’s therapeutic to send the message or providing respect to all ppl.

      • But it would be good crying, right? I think you should definitely share it with your niece.

      • I meant I don’t want her to see the video because I feel it would make her cry her eyes out

      • BTW, I got your post out there because I sense that the class is getting ready to make comments. But it’s always hard for me to time it. Since it’s not my class. I’m thinking they’ll probably start commenting more in the days ahead.

  2. “Do you know why he lived in exile for a large part of his later life?”

    This is what I found. “Actor Charlie Chaplin was forbidden from re-entering the US on September 19, 1952, while he was travelling to England, due to his association with ‘communist organisations’. Despite living in the United States for almost 40 years, Chaplin never became an American citizen. Interestingly, the comedian visited the US twenty years later in 1972 to accept an honorary Oscar Award.”

  3. Just to add what I showed with Clip. It’s sad and crazy how messages of the past a long time ago stay relevant today or even more so, even in 2022? Also ironic that “comedians” can make ppl laugh but when they bear their hearts, the world listens? Zelensky, the effect robin Williams had when he spoke and the one time Charlie Chaplin spoke on film, it stopped ppl in their Tracks. He’s a great actor, but I do believe that came from his heart. Especially believe it because he produced , wrote the movie and have a feeling he had a lot to do with that speech. Also interesting, he was only 4 days older than hitler. Crazy the paths of both men. Both loved art, but one turned to maniacal leader while other sought to make ppl laugh, entertain and bring upon powerful messages from his craft.

    • This is an interesting point: ironic that “comedians” can make ppl laugh but when they bear their hearts, the world listens

      You know, many kings of old had fools who worked as advisers and who could speak truth to power by using humor. I’m often struck by how the comedians of today resemble those fools of yesterday.

      I am often amazed at how two people within the human species can be so diametrically opposed in their goodness. You almost have to ask whether they are the same species.

  4. I was checking moving speeches or lines in movies and of course the Robin Williams one came up and I’ve seen it before. That’s for the movie Goodwill Hunting. But I saw comments below about one of the most epic speeches in film was ironically from an iconic actor known for his silent films. That’s none other than Charlie Chaplin. Obviously he’s an actor way before our times ha. Not even my grandparents but great grandparents time. Well yes, I see he lived until 1977. However, i’m talking about when his famous films and acting career came about, was what my great grandparents would have seen. But I know of who he was from history of film and other actors before my time like many people do. What I remember from history and read, people don’t realize what a majory star he was in america then or England too. He was like john wayne status before then..

    But it’s crazy and sad how old things that were relevant then, unfortunately seem more relevant now and as they say history repeating itself. I swear russian ppl, soldiers and this to all countries dealing with war and oppression. The whole world needs to see this, especially now. Crazy how an actor who hardly spoke because of his ability to act and be comedic through action as well as most of his acting was during a period where film didn;t have sound yet. However, he had one of the most powerful speeches in film ever. Quite a gifted actor, it showed he could act through spoken words just as well through simply action. You ever see this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7GY1Xg6X20

    • Wow! Thanks for sending this. Such wise words.

      Ever since the the fall of the USSR in the late 80s the world had seemed to be getting more democratic, but now such back-stepping! When you look behind the problems you’re so often see one person’s ego causing death and destruction to so many others. They hope to raise themselves up but they really defile themselves.

      I have been studying mythology for a while and I am struck by the tricksters. I had a hard time imagining actual people behaving like them until more recently, with too many in real-life examples. I suppose if everything were perfect all the time there wouldn’t be much opportunity to grow, to be heroic, act with courage, fighting injustice. At least it’s an outlook that keeps me from falling into complete despair.

      • I don’t want to spotlight just russian ppl and I know many are in a tough spot, and this applies to other countries with leaders doing bad things. But I really wish the ppl of russia, the one’s stuck in the old russia mindset to see this video. The world needs to see this video. It’s amazing how 80 years, and this is more relevant now than before. It’s not just this, but other things like songs or literature that speaks of issues that are still or even more relevant today. You know what I have to respect about chaplin is this was quite ballsy of him. I guess he did that speech when ww2 happened but before the US got involved, because US got involved later. Yes, we see luckily Germany lost, but at that time no one knows how it was going to end. Germany was quite a military super power with top notch military weapons or some never seen before. I guess hitler used to watch chaplins movies because he found them funny. So despite not knowing how the war would go, Chaplin still spoke about oppression and dictators.

        If germany won, Chaplin would be on Hitler’s hit list and a big target to be killed. So he did risk his life with this as I’m quite sure it pissed hitler off seeing it. I guess this film was banned in germany because Hitler didn’t like it and it was obviously against his propaganda. It was also a head of it’s time as I noticed, He said “helping each other and love for each other, but not just white men but black men, and jews, and implying ppl of different races, ethnicities. Let’s not forget this movie speech was 1939, I mean during this time black ppl were treated as 2nd class citizens and segregation, etc. With kkk being big then, I think it was risky being someone who felt black ppl deserved respect and love as white ppl and I can see white ppl feeling that way could be targets from white supremacists also s they are ppl who “like black ppl” or “like the enemy”.

        There were signs of things ahead of his time. I guess back then he’d be a big time liberal. This just shows the backward thinking during of the US then and during the cold war and 1950s. I believe government officials felt Chaplin supported communism or maybe was a communist. Just because he wanted ppl to not be oppressed anymore, god forbid. I guess back then, you can’t have any reference of ppl working together without it meaning more to paranoid america during cold war. His whole speech talked about dictators, and not a society run by the ppl, but governed by democratic values. A country run solely by ppl wouldn’t exactly be communism but could argue, more anarchy. That’s a whole different can of worms to not get into.

        But anyway he was exiled and lived most of his life after that movie which was one of his last movies later in his life. Where he lived in switzerland I think as a result. He did comeback tho as an old man to get an oscar award and he was taken back by the applause he got. There’s never been an actor to have ppl clap for them for 11 minutes. That’s incredible and it was because of the huge respect fellow hollywood actors had for his greatness and impact on the industry.

      • One of the problems Russians have is state-controlled media so the only thing mean hear is what Putin wants to them to hear. Do you people are more likely to be on the Internet and have access to other information but a huge chunk of the population that is older doesn’t. In addition I think people hear what they want to. The Russians are in a situation where they can’t do much, or feel like they can’t, and probably want to believe what Putin is telling them.

        It reminds me of a lot of media that discourages people from listening to any media but one sort. Then you effectively have control over peoples minds because they don’t hear alternate perspectives. And that can happen on both left on the right. But it seems to be a bigger problem on the right as people on the left trust a larger variety of sources including conservative sources like the Wall Street Journal.

        Which reminds me, the week before the Oscars I got a ticket to watch all of the Oscar nominated movies for 30 bucks. So like $3 per movie. I wasn’t originally planning to see “Nightmare Alley” because I thought it would just be a thriller which, oddly enough, bore me. Just a bunch of killing. But then I saw an interview with the Director and he thought it reflected our times. I don’t know if you have seen it but Bradley Cooper plays a character who works at a Carnival and makes his money sensing what people want to hear and telling them what they want to hear. There are a lot of untruths in both the US and Russia but people believe what they want to believe. I don’t understand that – why anyone would want to live in a bubble. I don’t live in much of a bubble because most of my family is Republican, as are a lot of my old high school friends. Not to mention several of my blog readers. I would say you are on the right but are not bubble-oriented, and I appreciate hearing your thoughts. I’m not sure how we can sustain democracy when people are motivated to only hear one side.

        I hadn’t realized how courageous Chaplain was until you mentioned what would’ve happened to him if Germany had won. He seems to have been ahead of his time in many ways. The man was a comic genius and clearly he is intelligent won’t be on that.

        Do you know why he lived in exile for a large part of his later life?

        Wow! An 11 minute ovation. He deserved it!

      • oh yeah and video needs to be seen by russian soldiers too. It’s amazing considering he mentioned don’t be “cannon fodder”. Exactly what Putin has used russian soldiers as too, many conscripts pulling in ppl to fill in the corrupt mission he wants accomplished. It’s because, for men with “machine hearts and machine minds” other ppl are just mere lifeless numbers and pawns to them, to use and sacrifice for their egos

      • I’m constantly amazed at the lack of humanity of some people. They say hurt people hurt people. Hurt can have tragic effects. Perhaps that’s the source of the trouble.

  5. “Ah, thanks for this! They are both so great! Talented and have such warm hearts. Thanks so much for sending this! Now I’ve got to look Karolina up on YouTube!

    (BTW, I play violin by ear too, but not nearly so well and I can’t dance and play at the same time.)”

    You’re welcome. Yeah the music just brings a smile to my face. I think it’s because of the way her personality shines through in her performance. I saw someone comment it perfectly. She doesn’t play the music, she IS the music when she performs. Great stage presence. Yeah I heard violin is a difficult instrument. I played saxophone for a few years in middle school and played acoustic guitar. I was pretty good, but I haven’t played it in a long time. But it’s in the genetics apparently. The whole family is musically talented.

    Her mother, players the keyboard but can sing well. Her father plays acoustic guitar. She has a cousin who is pretty good on the saxophone. They’re like a ukranian “jackson 5” ha. And she’s the michael from the musical perspective, meaning if there’s a star in the talented group, it’s her. Karolina can also sing, play guitar well, she just focuses on violin most because it’s her favorite and what she’s best at and her greatest passion and practice for the violin as a result. But she’s like a musical renaissance girl, because of her versatile musical talents. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could be a good actress if she wanted to, because the natural charisma she has. A lot of karolina’s sing though is produced stuff, it’s not to disguise or because she can’t sing, but I think she likes to make the songs like a music video or like stuid presentation if that makes sense. I know you said you plan to look up more stuff on youtube. It’s karoline protsenko violin her youtube page is I believe.

    I just wanted to add this even though I know you said you want to check out her clips. I’m showing this clip because it’s one of the songs she sings in. It’s a brief part, but for such a young age, I thought pretty impressive considering a person’s vocals still develop when so young and she’ll only be even better imo as she gets older. I like tons of music, but Idk if you were a big 90s rock fan or not or grunge or alternative music fan. I liked a lot of songs. It’s a popular song for 90s rock, but I used to like the song Creep by Radio head. She covers it with her violin performance, but sings briefly too. Even if you don’t know the song, it’s a beautiful rendition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLznN4J7u-s

    • Thanks for sending the clip. You’re right, both she and Lindsay “are the music.”

      That young girl certainly is both talented and poised!

      Interesting that my kitty cat seemed transfixed as I played the video. Whereas she goes fleeing from the room when she even sees me get my violin out. Ha ha!

  6. I saw this and thought it was beautiful. I thought I’d share it. It was on my youtube feed, I didn’t look for it, but something featured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIUoFuSuvTM

    • This is so moving!

      And it’s interesting how moving it is when none of it is in a verbal language I understand.

      BTW, I have been very bad at doing my writing lately, and I think I can get away with putting off my next post until May — so look for the post you wrote (and I edited) in May!

      • I have to add, the classy move by Lindsey. That song is one Lindsey composed and to her next album I think. Lindsey dances too or made that her thing which inspired karolina to do so when playing violin. But Lindsey wanted to let karolina have the shine in the spotlight which is why karolina was playing more of the solo parts. She wanted to give the stage to karolina. So it’s sweet, they both are each other’s idols despite Lindsey the pro and karolina not there yet but an up and comer imo . The interview on that same show. Karolina has such an adorable personality ha . https://youtu.be/VNyBGQyF0Ro

      • Ah, thanks for this! They are both so great! Talented and have such warm hearts. Thanks so much for sending this! Now I’ve got to look Karolina up on YouTube!

        (BTW, I play violin by ear too, but not nearly so well and I can’t dance and play at the same time.)

  7. ’I’m wondering if anyone actually has the same appeal as Trump. Especially if DeSantis runs against Trump – that could alienate a lot of Trump voters.

    I’m surprised Desantis is actually saying he’s running in 2024 considering trump might run that year. If trump wasn’t possibly running in 2024, I feel Desantis would have a strong shot at winning from the republican side. I just saw an article about another brilliant thing Trump said and it’s just amazing ppl eat up his crap, like even smart ppl. Trump said during this ukraine crisis right now. Trump would have submarines with nuke warheards surround Russia and Have close in around and that apparently would scare putin from stop the way or else Putin would know russia is getting nuked. I literally wanted to slap myself on the forehead for that stupidity. It’s his stupid “tough guy” act and I could see people liking his comment there. There’s a difference between tough and stupid aggression.

    The dude seriously has an inferiority complex, always trying to act strong toward people when it’s just dumb. I’m hoping to god we don’t get in a nuclear way, but I know one thing for sure. At this moment we would be a nuclear way if the US actually did this and another reason I’m glad trump isn’t giving orders. First this would not scare Putin, second it would not stop putin from his continued attack and most importantly Putin would see that a direct threat to Russia and would give him reason to nuke the US, out of self defense. That is a serious threat to do that. A russian general was asked what would prompt a nuclear attack and he said, an existential threat to home. Basically a self defense reaction. That would no doubt prompt such a reaction. It sucks to see this crap happen and more has to happen with sanctions and weapons and god bless ukranians, they’ve caused Russia to stall on multiple fronts. But that was such an idiotic idea by trump. The bozo also, even if it was jokingly said…..US should have jets fly over ukraine and shoot down russian jets but have china flag on to make russia think it’s China. I have a great suspicicon different countries have different models and jet versions from each other. Generals and war people can probably tell american jets vs jets from china. You aren’t fooling military people with something stupid like that lol. I swear he hurts my head sometimes, well actually often when listening to him. I know Biden has his slip ups and speech impediments, but atleast he doesn’t say bogus ideas like trump. Trump is dangerously impulsive which is not what you want a president to be especially during a crisis

    • Trump, says he would have new war heads surrounding Russia? Yeah right. Not only would that be stupid but he spent the presidency being Putin’s puppet. (Fortunately there were folks who didn’t let him give him totally to Russia but he defended Putin constantly. Probably because Russia is the only place he could kill loans after going bankrupt so much.)

      Putin started this war partly because he thought it would strengthen Trump. He thought after January 6 that democracy was on its last legs and that declaring war would break up NATO, make Biden look weak, harm democracy, and strengthen Trump.

      What is the problem with strongman is that they start believing the fantasies they create, trying to make other people believe them. And so they aren’t in reality. Everyone is afraid to go against them too, which leaves them with bad advice. So the strongman leaders have been claiming that authoritarianism is a better system but we can see with Ukraine that it certainly is not. And of course, it’s just better for people to rule selves rather than be ruled by a strong man (And so far the strongmen have always been men).

      I’m not sure whether Putin is dumb enough to start a nuclear war. Does he really want to destroy Russia? And his homes in Russia? Mutually assured destruction, MAD! Putin has been acting a bit mad lately. When Nixon was in that situation and Trump as well, higher-ups were saying don’t fire unless you hear from someone other than the dear Leader. I hope same thing in Russia but who knows.

      Unfortunately, Putin and Trump are both a bit nuts.

  8. Then he had hoped that Trump would rise to the occasion but he did not. Did you see he was on Hannity and said that Biden should say, “we don’t want to wipe out Russia.“ Uh, sure we do. At least economically. Still trying to protect Putin. Can you imagine if he was president now?!”

    He’d be hesitantly helping ukraine right now and trying to cause distraction so ppl wouldn’t get caught up in the horrible things his buddy Putin is doing. God, if Trump brought out weapons and aid as fast as he set up vaccine distribution, ukraine would have been in trouble. Seriousl I’m glad trump is not president, as I really do feel he’d be lagging big time with getting help out to ukraine because he doesn’t care about ukraine, he has a fondness for dictators and he’s bad at logistics as we’ve seen from vaccine distribution.

    • Yeah, I am so glad that Biden is president right now. We would be so screwed up with Trump at the helm. Hoping people will be thinking about this in 2024.

      • The problem tho is even if trump didn’t run for president ppl who would vote for him, would just vote to closest version to him. I think desantis is a dbag and he sure likes to carry similar rhetoric as trump and buddies with trump. Trump likes him a lot. Someone like desantis could be scary as a president. The issue is I don’t think there are strong democratic candidates that could compete with republicans. Biden is not doing another term , nor should he at his age. So a strong democrat would be important

      • I’m wondering if anyone actually has the same appeal as Trump. Especially if DeSantis runs against Trump – that could alienate a lot of Trump voters.

        The biggest cohort of voters are culturally conservative and economically liberal and before Trump those voters had to choose between culturally and economically conservative Republicans or culturally and economically liberal Democrats. I think DeSantis and all the other Republicans fit into the first category. So I’m not sure that Trump could be easily replaced. And when you see how unique Trump was in his rhetoric (even though he governed as a culturally and economically conservative Republican) you can see how a lot of folks thought they had finally found their savior. Even when he governed like a classic conservative a lot of people I know didn’t notice.

  9. Who knew that a comedian could so rise to the occasion! He’s such an inspiration.

    I guess the video clip didn’t show or I forgot to post it, but also Kyiv mayor klitchko was passing out roses to the female soldiers protecting ukraine for international womens day ❤️🙂. Just felt very genuine, loving and him having utmost respect for the women. Just charming, compassionate , gentleman gesture imo

    • I saw the videos. When I play the videos you post they often move onto the next video by the time I hit approve. So this time I tried to copy and paste them — and I did see them! But maybe something still got screwed up.

      They are lovely videos. Definitely heartwarming. If you want to repost them I won’t touch them and they should be in good shape.

      • No it’s all good thanks

      • Yep he might’ve been a comedian but maybe that’s why he was a good leader as he was a regular person taking a leadership role. I mean we’ve had a president that was a former reality show star (trump) ha . But actors as politicians isn’t anything new. He wasn’t a comedian and he was before my time, but wasn’t Ronald Reagan an actor before he became president? Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California for a period of time. The ironic thing is zelensky was on a popular show where he played a president taking in the spot from something happening to the president. I hope he makes it through this war alive and it ends sooner than later. He’s humble tho. It was brought up to him, if war ends and ukraine prevails, if there will be a statue of him. He said he did not want that but statue instead of the soldiers and ppl of ukraine instead

      • Then he had hoped that Trump would rise to the occasion but he did not. Did you see he was on Hannity and said that Biden should say, “we don’t want to wipe out Russia.“ Uh, sure we do. At least economically. Still trying to protect Putin. Can you imagine if he was president now?!

  10. Here’s this too. I think signatures need to signed for have tucker Carlson off the air. His speech is dangerous and I wonder if he can be sanctioned. Makes me wonder if he’s on putins pay roll .

    • Yep. He’s become a propaganda tool for the Russians.

      • Do you know if there are petitions written out to have Carlson off the air? I don’t know if that will do much but he needs to be taken off. It’s not simply disagreeing as I find a lot of the fox hosts assholes. But he’s bringing dangerous rhetoric and he should be investigated for treason or secretly working with Russia or payed. His pro Russian rhetoric is almost blatant that there’s something going on behind closed doors.

      • You are so right! Typically what works best is to boycott products that are being sold during his show. I’ll check into that.

  11. Hey Bob, I don’t know whether you subscribe to comments but if you do, I’m planning to have my next post (probably) be an edit of one of your comments with the title: Men seeking women for self-esteem, with you “Bob” as author. I’ve already edited it. (It was on my “to do” list.) I don’t expect to post until April.”

    It must be so long, but I can’t remember what I messaged to you about that. I remember I said but not exactly what I said. Do you have a rough preview of some of the stuff I said first? I’m fine with it, I think it’s been such a while though,

    • Thanks. Yeah I think the problem is because of women being so sexualized like you said. Plus the visual part of men, it just makes men like almost in a constant state of arousal. So makes men prisoners to their lust which women are ones that satisfy that. Then to see other men be satisfied. It’s such a strong craving almost like Hunger. What Happens when you’re really hungry and haven’t eaten in awhile, ppl get “hangry” right? Sexual frustration is like hangry on steroids.

      I know women can get sexually frustrated but because women are the insatiable ones, men aren’t sexualized like women and womens desires are repressed. They may feel oust but it doesn’t govern them like it does for men. Because it’s not about women courting men for sex but men to women. Yet the competition men have toward each other but women have this freedom to not be constrained or challenged to satisfy their lust like it is for men.

  12. “Tucker is an authoritarian who loves authoritarians like Putin and Orban. So yeah, he will criticize Republicans who are democrats with a small “d.”””

    Tucker is such a pos. The guy basically brought to life russian propaganda on mainstream tv on fox by bringing up US ukraine biological labs, russia has been using and china bringing up. It’s scary because putin wasn’t to create this narrative so he can ppl the reason he feels justified to do such attacks and can blame ukraine when he does it. I was pissed seeing tucker doing this. It is disgusting, because I would not be surprised if putin watches Fox especially with their views. But putin sees this he will think “oh good even americans feel ukraine and US are at fault, I can use chemical weapons on ukraine and blame ukraine government and Russians and rest of world will not blame us” I saw idiots commenting and agreeing with tucker on youtube. I said if this shit happens, Tucker and his idiot cult or I’ll call fanbase have blood on their hands!! This media put out further threatens ukranian soldiers and poor civilians even more. To me tucker is pro genocide apparently. Yeah the pos a few days ago put on this caring face how putin is a bully and terrible what he’s doing to ukraine. Yeah everyone knows there’s no sincere caring bone in him, he;s fake. I don’t like cnn, but fox seems to have sociopaths as their anchors. I don’t like Hannity but man Tucker and Gutfeld make him look like a saint in comparison.

    Gutfeld pissed off a fox reporter in ukraine covering the war and Gutfeld said there’s two sides or thought media played into sadness too much. It pissed off the reporter who is there seeing it. You think Gutfeld who had his mother in law in ukraine and got out luckily would have some empathy considering. A privileged pos running his show in his comfy office, while ppl have no food, water, dying in ukraine and much respect for reports putting themselves in danger to provide us with the news. I have much more respect for the reporters in war zones to give ppl information that basically news talk shows who just talk shit about the other party. It’s amazing despite this horrible period where you think there should be a time to hold off on mud slinging at democrats and biden. There should be support. I know there’s things to be critical of like gas, but they just can’t help to find negative stuff and apparently care more about division than unity. Then again they wouldn’t have a show if it was not to constantly create anger toward liberals and democrats. They don’t really care about suffering ppl in a democracy, they just care about money they make from creating division and anger from it;s viewers toward the opposite party. Fox is complete trash. The sad thing is it’s gotten worse through the years. I don’t think it got this bad back when George bush was president, idk, was pretty young and didn’t really follow news much but I don’t think so. I was in highschool to college when Bush was president. I’m talking about about The son, not father ha

  13. “Apparently, Trump told Putin that if he invaded, he would hit Moscow. The aim of diplomacy is to talk big and project power, and then the tyrants are too scared to act. By contrast, Joe Biden projects weakness. “What will you do Joe if Russia invades?”… His answer: “Well, maybe if it’s only a small incursion we won’t do anything”. Joe Biden practically rolled out the red carpet for Putin.”

    Trump would hit Moscow with what? A nuke? lol. That’s idiocy, This is not tough that’s stupid. I find it weird how ppl find “tough guy talk” as strength. Ironically the the weakest men are the men with inferiority complex who shit talk and flex, but they do so to compensate. Think of martial artistis or trained fighters who hold back as much as possibly from fighting. Not because they are scared, but they know they don’t need to talk and know how much they could cause if they did get in a fight. Sometimes the greatest sign of toughness is restraint unless self defense is necessary. Putin was not scared of trump or whatever trump had. He wanted US out of nato and trump would have done that for him with putin having to do any work. Biden didn’t get US in a war, Russia is being russia trying to take ukraines freedoms. US is not in a war but helping ukraine. Like I said Putin knew trump’s threats were empty. There are steps involved to just nuke a country. Even if trump made that command, it would have to go down the line. That’s not something to happen without imminent threat to US. And if that happened it would be the dumbest thing in American history. It would show what a big sign that Trump is a stupid, highly impulsive, horrible leader that would make america look bad and start a nuclear war but lose allies and probably cause china to join russia

  14. “Maybe you haven’t seen Fox criticise Republicans because you never watch Fox. Tucker criticises Republicans on a regular basis. CNN criticising Democrats is a pretty new phenomenon, I guess because Biden is so awful not even they can keep up the facade any more.”

    They might criticize some republicans who are more democratic but I’ve never seen them critique conservatives.

  15. oh yeah like I said with celebrities or pro athletes. Former boxer, great boxer and mayor Klitchko fighting. But actually a current pro boxer still on top of his career join ukraine defense battallion. I don’t follow boxing, but I know big names in sports from espn. One of the most dominant pro boxes in US, making millions fighting for ukraine now. What top name does that but all across they are coming to fight. Vasiliy Lomachenko, one of the best lightweight boxers in past 10 years, joining ukraine to fight

  16. Hello, long time, no see. There are things that frustrate me about Biden. I know he might not always have control, and could be bad luck and timing with economy, inflation and high gas prices. Prices going up everywhere yet no fix. But the problem and is so annoying is ppl who glorify the garbage trump makes ups. I just can’t see Trump as better than Biden despite low approval rate for Biden. We might have to ask ourself, why or what has caused either presidents not being of caliber they should be or why america is so divided. I don’t recall presidents of the past before obama causing such a divide. People always favored one over the other or might’ve been upset with presidents that are for the party opposite of theirs. However, I don’t recall such fighting. I see this BS of people saying america is weak because Biden is a weak president.

    The reality is the american’s weakness is how divided ppl are. People seem more obsessed with pointing fingers in during dire times or blaming others for voting for the other president, than coming together for solutions or unify in their disdain for the culprit. Sure ppl condemn Putin and rightfully so but yet I see brainwashed trash saying the Ukraine invasion would not have happened if Trump was still president. That’s such fucking ignorant and disrespectful, because ppl being right is more important than the horrific war going on by a maniacal dictator. Oh yeah, that same guy Trump was buddy buddy with. Shows such great integrity. Maga voters feel Trump was close to Putin in the same way they say keep enemies close. I can’t believe how naive ppl are to believe that.

    Trump was close to Putin because he idolizes complete power like a Tyrant such as Putin have. I love how some use the example that Kim jung was somehow intimidated by Trump because trump’s idiotic comment about bombing north korea. First if trump did that, it would be one of the most idiotic thing a leader could ever do. So I’m just wondering what Trump would actually have done that would make Putin not invade Ukraine? A stone cold, calculating, tyrant obsessed with the old regime and wanting to create a new soviet union. To me, dictators are no different than mob bosses. It’s basically a mob boss running a country. Mob bosses can have friends right? But if they want something, they don’t care, they’ll either do what they want despite friend saying no or have friend whacked. Putin was never scared of Trumpy boy despite delusional trump supporters.

    He was being calculating, as I believe he knew trump would do things for him without a fight that would help him or possibly weaken the Us as well as europe. Trump was wanting to get out of nato and I wouldn’t be surprised if trump told Putin secret US intel too. But what would have trump have done to stop Putin? What bomb him like he said he’d do toward kim jung? Yeah that would be incredibly stupid. Not only would that cause a nuclear way, and US get hit, but now all of US allies would be basically gone and Russian allies or other countries come along and US all alone to fight. Yes genius. I can’t believe ppl get fooled by Trump’s tough guy act, when the reality is it’s the opposite. A shit talker who can’t back facts and spews stuff without merit. He’s like the great Oz in wizard of Oz right? Had the big images and speech like he was powerful, it was all a facade. He was just a little insecure man behind the curtain that felt he had to be tough to have worth. Many unfortunately are fooled by it, but the wise….they see right through that shit. He never fooled me, but it drives me crazy because I know some really, really intelligent ppl who just, for some reason don’t see it or maybe their bias makes them blind to it.

    • btw god bless ukraine. People might not have known, but ukranians are god damn fighters. You don’t go through the shit they have gone through without being tough. Anybody sees the history of ukraine under soviet union, etc. The people have gone through long long hardships. You mess with a people of mettle, you are going to get the fight of your life. These people have heart. It makes me sad but proud of my heritage. Of someone who is half ukranian. My father full blooded ukranian, who has cousins in ukraine. His parents lived in ukraine, were immigants and came over to America via ellis island like many immigrants, His mother grew up in kyiv. My paternal grand parents have sadly passed away along time ago, tho I have memories even though I was just a child when they passed.

      And god bless Zelensky. He’s not perfect and I know he wasn’t always perfect to ukranians, but talk about leadership. This is what leaders should aspire to. I mean I can’t blame leaders wanting to dodge danger with their position. But he’s been in ukraine the whole time. How many leaders would do that? The afghan leader left the ppl and they lost their spirit or were just rolled over by taliban. The patriotism too. American has shown moments under sad times like 9/11, but so much has seemed to change. But you’re seeing ukraine celebrites, former athletes with wealth and no need to fight. They came and fought. Celebs that make millions off of the freeomd and chances of america would probably be the first to flee to some luxury island and no care. Pat Tillman was idolized because he was a pro football player who could have continued playing football and make money but went in military., He was sadly killed by friendly fire. But celebrities, former athletes are all volunteering to defend their homeland. A long with civilians, but not just men, but many women. God bless them and I pray this ends, but all I know is Putin though they would lie down, but they haven’t and almost the whole damn world is for ukraine and fighting Putin in various ways. Let’s pray for ukraine and democracy!

      • I’m so impressed by the Ukrainian people! And so heartened to see the world get behind them. It’s very cool that that is your ancestry. Yes, let’s pray for Ukraine and democracy. Amen to that!

    • Hi Bob, it’s good to hear from you.

      Yeah, presidents don’t have as much control as most people think they do. And people see that inflation is up and that Biden is now president so it must be his fault. The main reasons inflation are up are:

      People have more money in the bank than usual because they weren’t spending during Covid and now there is a lot of pent-up demand. Meanwhile:

      Spending patterns have shifted to more goods and less services. So there is a lack of goods both because manufacturers are used to be old spending patterns and haven’t entirely made the shift. Added to that the hide Amanda people have simply because they have more money in the bank.

      Part of the reason people have so much money in the bank is help that was offered under both the Trump and Biden administrations to help people get through Covid. If that hadn’t been offered we would probably have depression and big unemployment. It’s hard to figure out exactly how much help people need and it’s generally safer to risk inflation bound to let the economy crash.

      Demand for oil is also up because people are using their cars and flying again. You also need oil to make a lot of products that there’s more demand for now. Biden doesn’t control global oil prices. Some have noted that Biden hasn’t approved some oil/gass leases but that wouldn’t make much difference since the US doesn’t keep the oil. It all goes on the global market. But people don’t realize this.

      I’m not sure that the presidents are causing the divide as much as media. In the past we didn’t have Fox News for the right and MSNBC for the left and everyone only listening to one side. And the right is actually more likely to lie simply because on Fox News they DO tell the truth until the “entertainment hours” which are the most popular hours with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram. That’s considered entertainment, not news and isn’t expected to be trustworthy. But I don’t think the listeners realize that. MSNBC doesn’t make a distinction that allows their primetime lineup to tell untruths. But when you can just make stuff up it’s very easy to make the other side look bad. And then the other side gets really angry about the lies.

      Yeah, it’s not that Biden is a weak president but he is older and Les loudmouthed than Trump — which some people interpreted as strength.

      I would be amazed that some argue that the Ukraine invasion wouldn’t of happened if Trump for a president except that I am so used to all the lying. Putin has long been against NATO because he wanted to be able to take over countries without a unified force going against him. And Trump would help and praise him. He would probably be praising his invasion and telling us we should all get on board if he were president. Because Putin didn’t want NATO Trump was arguing against it. Well, Putin would’ve successfully taken over Ukraine by now if we didn’t have NATO.

      Yeah, I think Trump loves Putin partly because they are similar. Trump wants to be an autocrat himself. He says he wants to be president for life and lies about a stolen election to try to keep up the myth that he won. Because he has an autocratic mentality he joins with the other Autocrats.

      He loves how the north Vietnamese president is worshiped like a god and would like the same for himself in America.

      Plus, Russia was the only country that would lend him money so he wants to stay on their good side. And maybe Trump is hoping to build some hotels in Russia.Trump pretty much doesn’t do anything that doesn’t help himself.

      I’m sure he told Putin secret US Intel, considering he didn’t want any aids listening to their discussions and Russian media even released the tape of Trump giving them some Intel.

      I am amazed at how well people are by Trump. I think it’s a combination of the media they listen to which is one side and then often untrue. And they are just motivated to believe what they want to believe.

      Yes, he is so much the Wizard of Oz. Little man hiding behind the curtain creating some image of a big man wizard genius.

      Amazing people can be so duped.

      • I do believe it is the media. Fox is such garbage. I don’t like CNN often either, but atleast CNN will criticize a democrat president or politician. However, I’ve yet to see fox criticize a republican. If there’s a controversy, they just don’t talk about the person. Such a disgrace of integrity. But I believe presidents can cause this too. Trump is a lot to blame for division. He is the least professional person and did a terrible job of professional integrity. Trump spent more time calling liberal enemies and inciting anger by maga and supremacists, because he doesn’t care about ppl. He cares about power and having the rally behind him. I do believe it’s mostly ppl believing what they want to believe. If they believe policies are in place for them, they’ll like the president even if the president is BSing and just says things ppl want to hear. It’s crazy how much denial and things people don’t believe or won’t believe trump has down. Whether him ripping off workers and companies to all the other things. Because he says things they like, he’s apparently family to crazy voters, who apparently seem to know trump so well. I’ll say one thing, trump is a master manipulator, because I haven’t seen so many people be duped and be stupid with their brain wash. I’m talking about really smart ppl too which is crazy. I know very intelligent ppl who should not believe or be behind his BS but just shows how bias can even blind even ppl with high IQs

      • I agree with everything you said. Except that I don’t have any particular problem with CNN. And yeah, I know a woman whose daughter and son-in-law are university professors so you would think she would have some brains. And yet she said she didn’t like Biden’s character because when some woman insisted he get out of bed at midnight to come and move the dog off of her lawn, rather than wait for morning (and he wasn’t even the correct person to call) he got so annoyed that he did get up and move the dog from the lawn to her front porch.

        So I told her that I don’t think people vote on the basis of character. For instance, she likes Trump and yet he has called Mexicans rapists and murderers, said they were good people among the neo-Nazis, has called women pigs and dogs, has been accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape — and he basically admitted to sexual assault in the Access Hollywood tape. And you know what her response was? “No. Trump is actually pure as the driven snow. I don’t have any links to support this but I could convince you if I really wanted to.” How delusional is that?

      • Hey Bob, I don’t know whether you subscribe to comments but if you do, I’m planning to have my next post (probably) be an edit of one of your comments with the title: Men seeking women for self-esteem, with you “Bob” as author. I’ve already edited it. (It was on my “to do” list.) I don’t expect to post until April.

      • Maybe you haven’t seen Fox criticise Republicans because you never watch Fox. Tucker criticises Republicans on a regular basis. CNN criticising Democrats is a pretty new phenomenon, I guess because Biden is so awful not even they can keep up the facade any more.

      • Tucker is an authoritarian who loves authoritarians like Putin and Orban. So yeah, he will criticize Republicans who are democrats with a small “d.”

        If you think Biden is terrible it’s because you only listen to right wing media that tells a ton of lies.

        Biden did a great job getting the vaccine into arms (unlike Trump who denied there was a problem at all, and when he did acknowledge there was a problem recommended people drink bleach.)

        President Biden has overseen a 5.7% GDP growth, which is the highest annual growth rate since 1984.

        Pres. Biden has seen the creation of 6.6 million jobs, the most in a single year in recorded history.

        Unemployment has fallen to 3.8%.

        Yes, we are seeing inflation but that’s because people were stuck inside during the pandemic and saved a bunch of money and now there is pent-up demand for which supply hasn’t caught up. Bipartisan aid packages also increased people’s savings rate. If they hadn’t passed that we would be in a huge economic slump, probably a depression.

        The United States has recovered from the pandemic more quickly than any European country, and probably more than any country on earth.

        Every week it seems was “infrastructure week” under Trump — never any infrastructure. But Biden actually got an infrastructure package passed on a bipartisan basis. (I’m sure Tucker complained about Republicans who helped the country with that — creating good-paying jobs that will build and repair roads and bridges and create clean water systems, aid our economy, etc.)

        The only major legislation Trump passed was tax cuts for billionaires with more than 80% of the benefit going to the top 1%.

        Meanwhile, Biden has gathered the nations of NATO together to fight authoritarianism. Trump wanted to get rid of NATO. That would’ve made it really easy for Putin to roll over Ukraine and any other nation he wanted to take.

      • You’d expect Tucker to be a little bit of an authoritarian since he’s a registered Democrat, and to be on the left is to be an authoritarian. If you believe things would be better if only the government forced its will on the population at the point of a gun, that puts you on the left in the camp with Putin, Biden, Mao, Stalin and all the other leftists.

        Tell me, how would Trump have got vaccines into arms when the pharmaceutical companines delayed its release until just after the election to prevent Trump getting a bump from it? And how good a job did Biden do when the vaccination rate is only 65%? Compare Australia’s rate of 94.7%. This is a dismal dismal failure for Biden.

        Biden’s 5.7% GDP growth, that’s only because the Democrats tanked the economy with lockdowns and BLM riots by 3.5% the previous year in an attempt to make Trump look bad. That number is mostly bounce and just puts the economy 2.2% above pre covid.

        6.6 million jobs? Only after Democrat COVID lockdowns killed 9.7 million jobs. That’s still a loss. Yes people were “stuck inside” in the pandemic, because Democrats forced them to stay inside, not produce anything, but get money helicoptered on top of them. Not well directed money either.

        Best pandemic recovery on earth? Nonsense. Australia’s GDP fell .3% in 2020 before growing 3.5% in 2021. So no crash, so no need for such a bounce.

        Low unemployment… because 10.9 million exited the labor market in 2021, about double that of normal. Biden presided over an environment where people didn’t want to work anymore. Is that supposed to be a win?

        Ah yes, Biden’s “infrastructure” bill…. 15 billion for subsidies for rich Californians to buy Teslas, 65 billion for better internet (aka a free gift to Biden’s pals in the internet companies), 8 billion for electric buses, 21 billion to reclaim mine land and cap oil wells, after you subract all the pork, less than 10% is for roads, bridges and major projects. All of it borrowed money that will keep inflation running at 8% or more till the economy crashes.

        “The only major legislation Trump passed was tax cuts for billionaires with more than 80% of the benefit going to the top 1%.”

        You’re conflating assets with income. Billionaires don’t pay any appreciable amount of tax anyway because they don’t report any income, so whether their tax goes up a few points or down a few points makes no difference at all. Under Biden, billionaires are paying about 8% income tax… or 3% if you count their stock gains. It turns out if you cut taxes, which is a laudible goal, it’s hard not to benefit people who earn money as opposed to the free loaders who want everything for free and don’t pay anything. Nothing is different under Biden. Stop pretending to yourself that the Democrats will change anything.

        “Trump wanted to get rid of NATO.”

        Really… is that why he asked NATO members to increase their NATO defence spending… to get rid of NATO?

      • Interesting to learn that a registered Democrat is so popular on Fox News.

        Of course this is the reason he says he’s a registered Democrat (but not a real Democrat):

        He registered for the Democratic party so that he could vote in Democratic primaries in his local elections and vote for the worst candidate.

        That’s the most stupid reason to register for a party that I can think of.

        I definitely don’t think things would be better if the government forced its will on the population at the point of the gun. I’m for democracy not autocracy. Unlike Tucker Carlson.

        I am for democracies, not totalitarian systems. You set up a strawman that isn’t real. It’s ridiculous.

        Promoting violence is what authoritarians do. And that’s what Trump does at his rallies. And what the January 6 Trump supporters were doing.

        Trump is the one who calls Putin a genius, savvy. Believes him over US intelligence. Says he loves North Korea’s dictator in residence.

        I’m not going to discuss the untruths that are contained in your response. Trump lost the election because of doing things like telling people to drink bleach, or trying to tell them that Covid wasn’t real. Nothing pharmaceutical companies did. Most Trumpers still don’t believe in taking vaccinations so what difference would pharmaceuticals behavior make anyway?

        The economy tanked because of Covid. Whether people were in lockdown communities like the San Francisco Bay area or red states like Texas and Florida, people stayed inside at basically the same rate because people didn’t want to get Covid.

        The economy jumped back in the US quicker than any other country in the world because of the economic help offered by the government that helped keep small businesses alive. And that was mostly bipartisan — although definitely legislation that is more typical of Democrats than Republicans.

        The infrastructure bill isn’t subsidies for rich Californians to buy Teslas. You can get electric cars at many price points. I’ve got a plug-in hybrid that cost the same as regular cars and it’s not a Tesla. It’s a Chevy. And it sure is nice driving past gas stations and never having to pay for gas, especially these days.

        The cost of climate change will be huge and the infrastructure bill does include infrastructure for electric cars which is very necessary to prevent rising seas that will engulf the economic engines of the world, fires that creates smoke which pollute the air in the west. That will prevent hurricanes and tornadoes that are devastating eastern states. And all of this will increase insurance rates and spending on government aid.

        Fossil fuel companies have done a great job of convincing people that climate change isn’t a problem. But the fossil fuel companies pocket the profits while the rest of us they are the costs of fires, floods, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes…

        Those caps on oil wells aren’t pork. It’s part of the solution to what I just discussed.

        The Internet companies don’t need any help from the government. But rural communities do. And Democrats certainly need votes from rural communities. And there’s nothing wrong with helping rural communities to get broadband.

        Making a distinction between assets and income doesn’t matter here. More than 80% of the benefits still went to the top one percent. Biden is trying to increase the tax rate on billionaires. He’s getting some pushback from Senator Sinema who is getting campaign contributions/legal bribery from wealthy interests.

        And Democrats have already made important differences. Including the infrastructure package that will facilitate trade and the economy, create more good-paying jobs for blue collar workers, decrease the impacts of climate change – all of which are extremely important.

        Trump is known to have asked, “what good is NATO?” Even John Bolton, who was Trump’s National Security Adviser, says that if Trump had been reelected he would have pulled the US out of NATO.

    • Trump: Only president in 30 years not to start a war. Only president in 30 years who didn’t have Russia invade a country on his watch. Presided over the best economy of our lives. Did NOT give 70 billion in military assets to our enemies in the Taliban (always a bonus). Among all the vitriol over Trump, I’ve yet to hear an actual rational reason why he wasn’t the greatest president ever.

      “Trump was close to Putin because he idolizes complete power like a Tyrant such as Putin have.” For crying out loud, Trump didn’t even send in the National Guard over BLM riots. He could have.. he SHOULD have, but he didn’t. How is he someone who idolises absolute power? This is a fake leftist narrative from people not grounded in reality.

      “I love how some use the example that Kim jung was somehow intimidated by Trump because trump’s idiotic comment about bombing north korea.”.. How quickly partisans forget that after this tweet, North Korea agreed to have meetings with the President, and then they stopped testing missiles and nukes. This year, under sleepy Joe’s watch, North Korea started up again.

      “Trump was wanting to get out of nato “. No he didn’t. He threated to get out unless Europe started pulling their weight. The threat worked! Europe increased their defence spending in response to Trump’s threat.

      ” what would have trump have done to stop Putin? What bomb him like he said he’d do toward kim jung? Yeah that would be incredibly stupid. ”

      Apparently, Trump told Putin that if he invaded, he would hit Moscow. The aim of diplomacy is to talk big and project power, and then the tyrants are too scared to act. By contrast, Joe Biden projects weakness. “What will you do Joe if Russia invades?”… His answer: “Well, maybe if it’s only a small incursion we won’t do anything”. Joe Biden practically rolled out the red carpet for Putin.

      • Putin didn’t invade while Trump was in office because he thought Trump would undermine Ukraine without Putin having to make a move himself. He did something along this line, for instance, when he told the Ukrainian president he wouldn’t give him arms to defend against Russia unless he spouted lies about Joe Biden. And he may have gotten away with it except that it became public.

        Trump also tried to get rid of NATO, which can stop Putin – and which is stopping Putin right now. Biden has led the NATO alliance to fight Putin.

        Trump is anti-democracy. And that might be OK with you except that while he spouts populist rhetoric the only major legislation he passed while in office was tax cuts for billionaires — with more than 80% of the benefit going to the top 1%. He never does anything that doesn’t benefit himself.

        He says he wants to be president for life but if he ever did become a US dictator he wouldn’t help the people, he would help himself. As he always has.

        How people are duped by such a clownish character is beyond me.

        A few anti-democratic problems with Trump:

        – Claimed he was above the law
        – Claimed he, as president, could do anything he wanted
        – Wanted to be president for life
        – Tried to overturn an election
        – Loves dictators
        – Putin can do no wrong. Loves Kim Jong-Un
        – Believed Russian intelligence over US intelligence.
        – Amplifies Russian propaganda
        – Trump is a useful idiot for Russia
        – Basically gives Russia more power than the United States.
        – “Lock her up.” Wants to jail political rivals. That’s what Banana republic/authoritarians do
        – Tries to make people believe there’s no truth – convenient for him because if there’s no truth he can’t be held accountable. He’ll just make something up.
        – Authoritarian regimes flourish when objective truth is under assault and leaders manipulate reality.

      • Putin wasn’t scared. He knows trumo wouldn’t nuke moscow. First there are things that pass down if a president ever had to drop a nuke. It has to go along the line. Putin is aware of america’s checks and balances and democracy. We have rules and not barbarians like Authortarian countries that are run by dictators like Putin. So, yeah he wasn’t scared lol. Plus even if Trump did nuke Russia, Putin knows it would be the dumbest thing Us could do. Putin would then respond back and nuke the hell out of US. But also provide reason to doing it and US doing the work for him, without him creating fake propaganda to justify bombing US. He could say it is out of self defense which would be the case if the US did that as initiators. Plus the US would lose all of their allies, now have china join Russia and US would be in trouble. China and Russia would be too much for US to take on by themselves. God I can’t believe how naive people are about trumps tough guy act. Putin’s basically a mob boss. A loud, whiney guy that has the vocabulary is hardly a threat to Putin and actually amusing. I think Putin finds trump amusing, because he knows trump idolizes him and wishes he had putin’s power. Putin can toy with him and have trump tell him US intel and do things for him. They most likely have corrupt business deals too

  17. The 2021 Presidential election was tremarkably influential on my life because it was the first election I was able to vote in. Having newly turned 18 in 2020, I gave extreme thought and consideration to my vote, and ultimately, Joe Biden seemed like the better candidate, by a landslide, might I add. Therefore, I thought this post was rather interesting. I loved the part that mentioned Trump’s ulterior motives by pushing the United States towards Authoritarianism. Often times, the president fails to accept criticism from the public, therefore ultimately leading to their demise. I believed that is what Trump did every day in office, which ultimately lead to the loss of an impactful campaign for Trump.

    • Trump didn’t do a single thing that is “authoritarian”. He didn’t call in the national guard for nationwide BLM rioting, even though he could have. He didn’t bring in any kind of COVID mandates for masks, vaccines etc. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has said you can’t work if you haven’t had vaccines. He tried to bring in an eviction morotorium violating property owners rights, even after the Supreme Court told him that you can’t do that, thus invalidating the rule of law. He shut down the investigation into the origins of COVID-19, to make his Chinese buddies happy. Joe Biden’s actions and policies are literal fascism, and here you are patting yourself on the back for bringing fascism to America.

      • First, Biden has never mandated vaccines. You have a choice between being vaccinated or being tested. There’s no reason that everyone in society must lose their freedom and be confined to their homes because a bunch of people won’t get vaccinated, which leaves the virus killing folks. Even people in red states won’t go out into the economy because they are fearful too.

        The same folks that complain about vaccine mandates have almost always gotten vaccinated and have their children vaccinated in order to go to school. It’s a false argument.

        Trump has made many authoritarian moves, including:

        He insists that the president has total power.
        Befriends dictators, Hurts democratic friends
        Trusts Russia over CIA, FBI
        Offered to partner wi Putin on cyber security
        Shared classified info with Russia
        Sought foreign policy that helps Russian (e.g., Ukraine)
        Ignores democratic norms and guardrails
        Did everything he could to undermine the peaceful transfer of power
        Like other auto Kratz tries to convince people there is no such thing as truth. If you think there is no truth leaders can’t be held accountable. How convenient for a dictator.

  18. I love how people blame Biden for things that have nothing to do with him like gas prices. But look at this, mask mandates lifted and that’s because of how Biden cranked out vaccines. Many are still not taking it but more coming. I know trump started the initiative, but just like everything he does, he half ass. We were at a slow pace, we wouldn’t have been close to normal until probably next year at the rate we were going. BTw, you don’t have to answer, but are you vaccinated? I did, I wasn’t sure at first, but felt the virus was a greater risk to me than vaccine. Pfizer caused just mild side effects and seems like most I know was easier for people than moderna.

    • I’m guessing people would only believe that Biden is responsible for things that he is not responsible for, like the gas shortage, if that’s what they WANT to believe.

      I don’t know a lot of Trump supporters but the ones I do know are all vaccinated. And it looks like the “fear of vaccination” rate is going down. Herd immunity is the only way we could keep the virus from mutating so I hope we get there.

      Yeah, Trump got the vaccines developed so he could brag but he didn’t do anything to get them distributed. And he never would have because big donors want government to fail so that people won’t believe in it and Trump tends to do what the big donors want, maybe so they will protect him? And he doesn’t seem to have as much money as he claims.

      I got vaccinated as soon as possible. Pfizer and I didn’t have any side effects. I’m glad you got vaccinated 🙂

      • The idea that Trump didn’t have a distribution plan Is a completely fake narrative dreamt up by the DNC and MSDNC and other fake propaganda organisations.

      • Before Biden got into office not only did I hear people complaining that Trump hadn’t set things up to actually get people vaccinated — and no one seemed to be getting vaccinated — but I noticed that once Biden was in place things moved very quickly at that point. And the head of operation warp speed has a bias.

        Why do you think so many Trump voters seem hesitant to get vaccinated when Trump actually did do a good job with operation warp speed – part one of the vaccination process.

      • Thanks, yeah I was one of the first phases since I’m an essential worker. I wasn’t a phase 1A essential worker, but at place that has groceries and other departments. Actually my company has every department that’s essential ha. Grocery of course, tires, gas station, pharmacy, hearing aid and optical. I mean everything essential there. I got first shot mid march then second one second week of April. Yeah only thing I had was my left shoulder was sore. Then second shot the left shoulder was a little more sore and I was a little tired, but gone by next day. But I didn’t feel sick or anything. My friend felt sick, but it passed after second day, but that was moderna.

        You think the fear of the vaccine is going down? If so, it sure seems like the people against it are so vocal about it that it seems like it’s a large number. But that’s good if there’s less hesitance. Some are worried about the masks lifted and the honor system. But I’m glad and think it had to be done. For the people on the fence, you need to give incentive. If people vaccinated aren’t getting more benefits for freedom that non vaccinated, then some might stay on the fence, It should be to protect themselves and others. But some feel their immune system is invincible as foolish and arrogant as that is. But if it makes them vaccinate the better it is for them and others around them. I do believe even though there will be people who lie or come in stores not vaccinated and go without masks. I believe it will push more to vaccinate than otherwise. Also things people really desire like travel or concerts or broadways, maybe certain clubs and bars might have people to have to show they are vaccinated by card or app to prove they are vaccinated and vaccinated can go without the mask. So I think it will push more to do it. Not the anti vaxxers, but nothing will for them, but the many that are hesitant, but can be persuaded, with the right incentives.

      • My second shot was easier than my first because the person who administered it told me to move my arm constantly, which I did all day, and because of that I had less of a problem with the second. I’m guessing you got Pfizer, like I did. (Or maybe you already told me that?)

        It seems to me that the fear of the vaccine is going down as people get it and nothing horrible happens. I was concerned about lifting the mask mandate at first but it seems that the vaccine works well enough that it’s not really a problem. And I agree that ending the mask mandate might incentivize some people to get vaccinated. It might even help with the tribal thing since wearing masks won’t be associated with liberals anymore. I hope as many as possible will get vaccinated to keep the mutations low. Because this vaccine is unusually effective maybe you don’t need quite as large part of the population to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

      • btw, don’t mind me asking, but what’s wrong with your eyes? Is there something that can be done to improve it? Nothing an ophthalmologist can help with?

      • My eye problem is getting better. The problem is basically overuse + not moving my eyes from the computer as often as I should. I was trying to get three posts out a week – and some people do that quickly but I don’t. Spent a fair amount of time on it. Plus trying to write a rough draft of a book to see whether it seemed doable. I started getting symptoms like my eyes hurt all the time and sometimes blurry vision. It occurred to me that the computer was somehow a problem so I started reading a lot of paper instead of computers and noticed that it alleviated the pain in my eyes which Dash after talking to an optometrist, an ophthalmologist, and a specialist at Stanford — none of whom knew what was wrong — it occurred to me that my eyes might need physical therapy. So I googled “physical therapy for the eyes” and found some exercises which I have been doing. Additionally I found that if I read using a “reader view” with a black background, that is really helpful. And I try not to use the computer more than 45 minutes without shifting to do something else for a while. As a result, my eyes are recovering slowly.

      • The vaccine got FDA approval on December 12. Then there is a ramping up period, in factory production, in training of staff how to handle it, in logistics. All this during the Christmas shutdown AND a controversial election season. But you “heard people complaining” about Trump in the fake news Media. That’s your argument?

      • Well, here’s more:

        Shots are slow to reach arms as Trump administration leaves final steps of mass vaccination to beleaguered states

        (States were low on funds and high on expenses due to covid and couldn’t handle this themselves)


        And more:

        Under the Trump administration, states weren’t informed by the federal government about how many doses to expect and when, leaving them to plan under an air of uncertainty, according to Politico.

        Operating under that uncertainty, cities in states across the nation are canceling vaccination appointments due to a lack of dosages.


        And more:

        “The US fell far short of the target set by the Trump administration to vaccinate 20 million people by the end of 2020.

        “By 31 December, fewer than three million had received one.

        “Moncef Slaoui, who had been leading the government’s vaccine rollout plan, said at the time: “We know that it should be better, and we’re working hard to make it better.”

        “Mr Slaoui has since submitted his resignation at the request of President Biden.

        “Vaccinations have sped up considerably since the start of the year, more than doubling in Mr Trump’s last week in office compared to the first week of January.”


    • Why don’t you think that printing trillions of dollars of currency so that people can not work, wouldn’t affect gas prices? Why don’t you think that shutting down oil pipline projects wouldn’t affect gas prics?

      • The Fed can work on inflation. And interest rates are so low now that it would actually be helpful for them to be a bit higher. You don’t have any tools to stabilize the economy when base interest rates are around zero. And the pipeline shutdown is temporary.

      • Those pipelines had nothing to do with the gas shortage. And if people didn’t freak out again and the media hype. There wouldn’t have been a shortage in the first place with reserve. It was the people hoarding the gas for themselves that caused the issue just like the tp fiasco last year

      • The Keystone pipeline shutdown is permanent… at least until Biden’s out of office. Interest rates and inflation is not the same thing. The fed doesn’t have the ability to raise interest rates just because there is inflation… at least not without crushing the economy. When everyone is mortgaged to the hilt on the assumption of zero interest rates, then small movements will send everyone bankrupt… even if inflation was running 10%… which it is if the last figures were to continue on.

      • What we need is renewable energy. As it is we are facing drought and fire in the west and flooding and hurricanes in the east, I and mass migrations are already beginning. It is all signs of early climate change. And now renewable energy is now cheaper than Carbon. I what we need to do is move to renewables faster. Of course, powerful carbon industries like oil and coal don’t want that to happen because it hurts their pocketbooks. But not switching over will hurt everyone else in terms of lives and property. But big oil and coal have a lot of money to spend on messaging, which they do largely through right wing media. To the extent that they will be successful they will win and the rest of us will lose.

        The Fed can, and does control inflation through interest rates all the time. The 1980s was a rare time when doing so manifested in the way you describe.

  19. I found this piece to be very well organized and I appreciate how the facts are stated with supporting evidence. Joe Biden is a candidate that truly has America’s best interest at heart. one of the biggest reasons why I support him is stated in the article in the ways he plans to support the people through this pandemic. His resilience as a man is also another reason why I am able to vocalize my opinion in regards to preferring him over Trump. Biden is a classy man with pure intentions and detailed plans that will support this nation, and I cannot say that about our former president, Donald Trump. In the article, Donald Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacists is written about and thoroughly covered. May we never forget when he publicly asked them to “stand by”.

  20. I want to share this with you. I read a lot of Chinese newspapers like The Global Times. They provide great analysis of the US and the world. The Chinese take the long view. Also, their elites are far far more intelligent than American elites.

    Contrary to what you think, I do not live in a “right wing” echo chamber. I actually read a lot of liberal and left authors like Chris Hedges, Thomas Frank, Dave Rubin, Glenn Greenwald. They do a great job in analyzing what is going on in America. The are not DNC shills.

    Our country is going nowhere. Biden is just another corporatist elite politician. Just look at his appointees. Same schools, same Wall Street connections. The Corporate America’s takeover of the Democratic Party is fully complete. It really happened under Obama.

    • I researched the Global Times to see what they were and here’s what I found:

      The Global Times is a daily tabloid newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, commenting on international issues from a nationalistic perspective. The newspaper has spread unfounded conspiracy theories and disinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      You left a link but I don’t feel like linking to that sort of tabloid.

      I’m not sure what makes you think that Chinese elites are any smarter than American elites.

      On Biden I am hopeful. But there is no use arguing. We shall see.

      At the least, Biden is not a dictator wannabe, so our democracy should be safe for at least another four years. (I had never thought until Trump that I would have to worry about America keeping our democracy. If we ever became an autocracy the people would have no say and the leader could do whatever s/he wanted. And Trump never does anything but what is good for himself. Including passing tax cuts for billionaires to be paid for by cutting Social Security and Medicare. See his budget — quick before it goes away.)

      • “I’m not sure what makes you think that Chinese elites are any smarter than American elites.”

        What…. other than the actual IQ data?

      • If the Chinese are so much smarter why is America the strongest country in the world?

        IQ is related to a lot of social factors, too. How much stimulation does your brain get? How much nutrition do you get? You should see how Chinese schools work the kids. And how Chinese parents work their kids. There is a lot of brain stimulation in that.

        But I’ve had students who are Chinese and they are shocked when I ask them to think for themselves. Why do you think all of the technology breakthroughs come from the US?

        There is also emotional IQ which has the biggest effect on success, generally speaking. Are you able to see things from other peoples perspectives, empathize and shape your relationships based on that feedback?

      • “The newspaper has spread unfounded conspiracy theories and disinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

        As I stated, anything that does not square with MSM nonsense is always labeled as “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation.” Oh well.

        As I stated, they (Chinese elites) are much more intelligent than American elites. They actually look out for the common good. I don’t share their totalitarian methods or ideology.

        Yes, the Global Times, like everything else in China, is under the government control. However, they do have some very good theorists.

      • I actually read some writers on the right who makes sense. At least from time to time. So no, it’s not true that everything on the right is conspiracy theory.

  21. that’s why I posted that link to show what I was talking about. Biden and US has to multi task it’s obvious the effort toward covid and social rights. But apparently china sees the distraction it;s brought us and world and seem to play opportunits to do things that seem benign, or no bad intentions. But idk, seems a little fishy to me

  22. I think we should secure our borders. At the very least there is a terrorist threat, ”

    But what I read seems scary to me. China is militarizing and buying out land to militarize and seems threatening to me. That’s why I wondering if Biden will make sure to work with bahamas and other islands nearby so they let US have spots there or not china. China is moving to our back door and that’s potentially dangerous. Why is this not talked about? US needs to not just sit back and let other china get access first. US has to take initiave as it looks like China is trying to play chess vs US and ultimately trying to lay pieces to put US in checkmate. China is trying to be stealthy knowing such attenton covid 19 has and civil rights in us and the distraction while trying to make moves that helps them and maybe hurt us. China is Scary because they might be slowly laying pieces and be hidden and the world doesn’t see until it’;s too late.

    Just like a sneaky chess player who lays out pieces and is quiet. You don’t see it, they play nice and then bam they say check mate and you’re fucked. If there’s a country that is a threat to try world domination and want to not be blatant like Germany it’s china. The nutty north korean leader is open like hitler so everyone sees that, but north korea doesn’t have the technoloy or military like US, europe , Russia. But china does with weapons, technology and sheer damn population for crying out loud. Just a small portion of men in china military would outnumber any other countries people who enlist in military. I know Russia is talked about a lot, but as manipulative and dangerous Putin could be China is the top threat I feel. The US, and world needs to keep an eye on china and not let china start trying to play world domination stealth chess behind the scene.

    • I don’t know. I’m not really that into foreign policy with regard to these particular issues.

      • ok well I do hope its something Biden pays attention to as well. Obviously he has a lot on his plate especially because of what dweedle dee and dweedle dumb fucks have left behind (trump and pence). Covid and lifting the economy as well as social rights issues. But this could be very important and unfortunately what china might try doing especially knowing the distractions the rest of the world and US has right now

      • Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  23. I’m concerned that Republicans will vote against measures that help the economy because they don’t want Biden to get any wins. If they can block Biden from helping, and people are suffering and the economy collapses, Biden will likely get blamed which will HELP Republicans. It totally sucks!”

    Regardless of the percentage going to foreign aid. for as much $ giving out, to only provide 600 dollars shows the disrespect to suffering americans. Certainlty there’ more money than they are leading in to, to be able to provide more for american people. I don’t believe $ should be blindly given out though and they have to sort that out. There are millions of americans that don’t need it as they are working or doing well during pandemic and then there are low lifes not working and leeching the system, But for the many who lost their jobs from the pandemic or mostly the small business owners losing their job because of restrictions and forced to close down because of pandemic. This money is certainly needed for them while not so or much less to others already doing fine. But remember how I told you, Politicians like Mcconnell that asshate better be careful. How the last thing they want is the unthinkable and that’s americans to unite, conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans because they are suffering from their jobs lost and no help from government. And then smug assholes like mcconnell carrying on why they can’t do more.

    But people are gettin tired of the excuses and impatience will come toward both sides. I obviously don’t feel vandalism is right just like riots are wrong from those of blm. But it shows what happens when there’s a breaking point. But look at this clip, people on opposite ends who’d never agree or for a common goal. BLM and hardcore trump supports but shows what an ass mitch is that both sides hate him and how the government really shouldn’t mess around. The biggest control and power government has had, just like in hunger games is finding ways for the people to fight amongst each other and keeps the one’s in power free of such wrath. Or using diversion tactics. But when shit hits the fan too much, at some point people get so pissed that they might break out of the spell the elite hoped they would keep and when that happens, the people will have their breaking point and that’s not a joke.

    • Love this: Politicians like Mcconnell better be careful. The last thing they want is the unthinkable and that’s Americans to unite, conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans because they are suffering from their jobs lost and no help from government. And then smug assholes like mcconnell carrying on why they can’t do more.

      Yeah, they have no problem helping billionaires who don’t need help but now they certainly can’t afford to help average Americans.

      Americans definitely need more help than what is contained in the last package the passed. Regarding giving everyone under a certain income $2000 I saw an interesting letter to the editor today which reads:

      “Unemployed people aren’t the only ones hurting and not the only ones who need help. People with jobs may have spent time laid off or don’t work as many hours as they did in 2019, meaning their income may have dropped substantially. At the same time, prices have increased by a significant amount.”

      Targeted help would be ideal but it can be expensive to figure out exactly who needs it and the extra money would help the economy. Clearly anyone who is unemployed and who owns a small business like a restaurant needs help.

      Also love this:
      The biggest control and power government has had, just like in hunger games is finding ways for the people to fight amongst each other and keeps the one’s in power free of such wrath. Or using diversion tactics. But when shit hits the fan too much, at some point people get so pissed that they might break out of the spell the elite hoped they would keep and when that happens

      • Since you work with politicians I thought. What are your thoughts on this. A lot of stuff from the internet exaggerate or fear monger which conspiracies do. I tried to look at something that’s not some random site, but I know democracy, civil rights and covid 19 will be a big focus going forward. But what about focusing on securing our borders though when Biden comes in? They say the virus didn’t come from a lab, but god it seems like things were planned by China. Why would China release a virus if it hurts their own country. Well a communist country that can put draconian restrictions can bounce back first and a risk they take if they get over it faster then other countries while weakening and devastating rest of the world. The weakened bahamas and tourist spots from covid made them more vulnerable to be bought up from CCP promised not to militarize but then do. Same promise of china to hong kong of their democracy. The US needs to short up rest of countries close to us. This hasn’t be reported but I hope Biden is aware and another thing to focus on. What are your thoughts on this?


      • I think we should secure our borders. At the very least there is a terrorist threat, after all. But we also need order or everything’s a mess. Social stability can’t support open borders. I know that on right wing media they exaggerate how the left sees things. Also, many Progressives on Twitter are pretty far left and they get most of the attention, which early in the Democratic primary swayed a number of the candidates. But you might notice that when the voting came and it was down to a democratic socialist versus the moderate Biden, 75% of Democrats voted for Biden. But Twitter can make it seem like all Democrats want open borders when that’s a minority opinion.

        I think the biggest priorities for Biden will be dealing with Covid and the economy — the two are related of course! I don’t know that the border is a huge problem right now. More people came over the border under Trump than under Obama. Of course, they were trying to get in before Trump closed everything up completely.

        Since I have a lot of right wing family and friends I have heard the idea that China created Covid to hurt Trump. That doesn’t make sense to me though because pandemics usually boost the popularity of a leader. In fact leaders who dealt well with the virus became more popular in most of the world. Trump went the other way and tried to act like it wasn’t a real thing which just made people more scared that their leader wasn’t doing anything. And when he discouraged people from masks, which is the best way to keep from spreading it, the US ended up with the highest Covid rate among rich countries. We are on par with Brazil.

        And China didn’t have a real preference for US leadership. On the one hand, Biden would be more predictable which they would like, on the other hand he would be more likely to band with Europe against China instead of going it alone, which would be a much more successful strategy to get China to back down on tariffs. It’s a lot harder for China to fight the whole industrialized world than just the US. The other thing is that Trump doesn’t care about human rights and wouldn’t do anything to try to stop China from ending Hong Kong’s democracy. They would like that a lot!

        Foreign policy isn’t really my forte but I know that the South China Sea and probably the Caribbean are areas of concern.

      • Trump downplayed covid for like one week in January, and the media have been playing it ever since forgetting that Trump came around and took it seriously, banning Chinese travellers in January while Biden was calling him xenophobic and Pelosi was telling everyone to come on down to China town and party. Trump for a while said not to wear masks because Fauci said not to wear masks. The entire time Trump was content to just repeat Fauci, but the media spin everything. Of course China has a preference for leader as Trump has been tough on them, putting up tariffs, and Beijing Biden’s son flew to China on Air force One, doing billion dollar deals, and probably snorting you know what off of you know what on CCP camera. And no this isn’t comparable to the Trump Moscow conspiracy theory, I’ve seen the video off Hunter’s laptop. Oh yeah, and Trump just recognised Taiwan officially, which is more than Beijing Biden ever did, so don’t talk to me about Hong Kong. Look up the photos of Hong Kongers carrying Trump flags.

      • Trump downplaying Covid for so long that most of his supporters won’t wear a mask and many are disbelieving even after they are diagnosed.

        People were discouraged early on from wearing masks because there was worry that healthcare providers wouldn’t have any left for them. Masks mostly help us to keep from spreading the disease to other people by stopping the air droplets from getting out.

        How do you have proof that it is Hunter Biden‘s laptop? Anyone could get a laptop and start making it look like it’s his. Why would Hunter drop his laptop off and not get it back? Why would the person he asked to fix it go through all of his email? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • Now I think you are right that the Chinese were developing this. I saw an interview with some specialists in viruses and they said that there was a 90% chance that COVID-19 was developed in a lab. Part of the reason they thought so was because of all of the strange things it did, attacking various organs and what all. Not sure what the motivation was though. Biological weapons are kind of stupid because they can backfire on you, hurting your own country, but as I think you mentioned, the Chinese being authoritarian can just force people to behave in ways that keep the virus out of China but hurt everyone else. So maybe that’s it. Unclear whether they wanted Trump to be helped or hurt by it. They don’t like his instability, making future planning difficult, but they do like him ignoring human rights abuses. Typically pandemics help a leader because they do a good job addressing it, but maybe they knew Trump wouldn’t do a very good job? And like I said, Trump was good in someways for them and bad another’s and I’m not sure which was more important to them.

      • “And when he discouraged people from masks, which is the best way to keep from spreading it, the US ended up with the highest Covid rate among rich countries. We are on par with Brazil.”

        This is scientifically false. Medical studies clearly show social distancing is the BEST known way to keep from spreading COVID 19, followed by handwashing, and then wearing masks. I don’t have an issue with wearing a mask.

        You are doing what CNN, MSNBC, and the hate Trump media engages: spread lies. Your state is damn near closed completely with mask wearing and all. Yet look at the spread. Look at the deaths. Now, contrast that with Florida. These are the facts.

        Also, now we see most people are getting COVID 19 while at home! This is just crazy. People are told to stay home, businesses are locked down, gyms are closed, restaurants are closed, schools are closed (except the fancy private schools that White liberals send their kids) etc. But, the big box stores like Target, Walmart, and liquor stores are open!!!. But, let’s crush the small business. And you wonder why people are angry?

        Even in Baltimore the new “Progressive” idiot mayor has closed restaurants even though there is NO evidence that restaurants are or were spreading the virus. Yet, we are told to “follow the science.”

      • I didn’t mean masks alone. Of course you also need social distancing. And handwashing is important. But if you combined masks and social distancing you can keep businesses alive. Although not all businesses like indoor restaurants. For them you need to support them through the months until we have the vaccine in white enough use that restaurants can have enough customers to make a business.

        California’s problem largely lies and trying to cut medical costs in the past by doing so much outpatient work that we don’t have very many beds.

    • Where were you when Nanci Pelosi was blocking stimulous, purely to hurt Donald Trump? Then as soon as Biden gets elected, she changes her tune. In an interview she was asked “what changed that you now want to negotiate a stimulus”, and she answered “we have a new President”. And there you have it folks, starving the American people as a cynical political ploy on full display.

      • It makes sense to me. If Trump had won He would have ruled as a plutocrat as he did the prior four years in office. He only wanted to help right around his reelection because it was reelection. Otherwise his policies were to give huge tax cuts to wealthy interests to be paid for by cutting Social Security and Medicare. See his budget.

        If Biden won it was a chance he would actually help the people for the next four years so long as he had a Senate that would work with him, which polling had suggested he would — and too many people believed it, including the Speaker! But it turns out we do have a Democratic Senate! Now the people will be helped!

  24. So I’m just wondering, if you’re able to get the knuckle heads in congress to get their head out of their asses and help businesses and people. I’ve seen meme’s which are humorous but depressing at the same time. There’s memes of that Christmas Vacation movie with Chevy Chase and that check he got from his stingy boss. $600? I’m tired of saying well the republicans wanted less or how others blame democrats. Isn’t that what the powerful wanted in the hunger games was for common people to fight each other and stay divided? All this funding to other countries and 600 dollars to american people? Richest country in the world or supposedly. Other countries have provided more funding to it’s people. They also distributed $ to everyone and while it’s nice for me to get a check, that $ could have been selective for people who need it. I don’t need it. It’s a story of 2 halves in america. Many americans with no jobs and others with plenty of income because they never stopped working at essential businesses. I don’t need this $, I’ve been lucky or cursed to work at an essential business with good amount of $.

    My company is good enough that they’ve been adding $300 to people’s checks since covid. So this money could have went to others who need it more. Much more $ was needed to people and whatever help for small businesses are needs to be more. IMO, relief or $ should be the focal point at most for these businesses because they are the backbone to our economy plus they provide the job openings for people trying to get back on their feet. With less small businesses, that means less jobs for people who are not businesses owners that need work. I wonder what I can do or if organizations or such that can come about for people who are willing to use the checks they get from stimulus that don’t need it and if many people did that toward smalls business owners or people who lost that job, that could help more. The extra $ is nice but I don’t need it and I’m not greedy. There are many people who are and aren’t thinking like that, but I’m thinking of helping maybe. Any ideas to how to go about that?

    • It’s interesting that you and my Republican brother, along with me, a Democrat, all see things the same way. We all think the money should go to the unemployed and not to us.

      I work with a group called RESULTS check results.org and we work with members of Congress and give them input on what we would like them to do, which is to help people who most need it. I don’t know that would be quite what you would be interested in (tax credits for people who are working to make sure they are above poverty, affordable health insurance, early childhood education which includes food and healthcare because kids who don’t have food in healthcare often have brains that don’t develop properly. But RESULTS is also concerned with global health so you might not like that aspect of it. When it comes to Covid it’s important to get the world inoculated because otherwise the disease keeps coming back to us which is mostly a problem for people with compromised immune systems who can’t take the vaccine. When people have hope they are also less likely to get into extremist terrorism and create wars, so encouraging social stability can save the US money in the long run.

      But you develop relationships with members of Congress which gives you some input. But a lot of members of Congress don’t even like the things that you were complaining about. Many think that they will be more likely to be reelected if they increase the stimulus checks for everyone. I suppose you could give me extra money to a food bank. You can also write letters to the editor and complain that the money is being wasted and talk about how it should be targeted to those who have been forced into unemployment by Covid. Use it to help small businesses… Encourage other people to write letters. Members of Congress do care about what people in their community are reading about. You can check their Facebook pages too, and give input that way.Might be interesting to check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see how they are thinking about this since it is oriented toward small businesses I believe. They have quite a bit of pull with Congress. Those are a few thoughts off the top of my mind.

      • I will add that a large part of the reason for the stimulus checks is it takes time and money to research exactly who needs help, and how much they need, so that it can be more cost-effective just to give a larger sum to a broad spectrum of the populace. That money then goes into the economy and supports sales and profits in the private sector so it can be good for the economy overall, especially when the economy is threatened to collapse as it is now.

      • I don’t think everybody should be getting $ the same way or it should be bigger amounts for people who need it who are productive but had their jobs lost from the pandemic. There are low lifes living on the system, but I’m talking about hard working americans who lost it all. I feel the biggest focus should be on small businesess owners with the money or funds for them. In the long run small businesses will help more than individual people who lose jobs from working at an employer. For people to get back on their feet they need more job opportunities. With less small businesses means less job opportunities for people to rebound. It’s imo easier for people to get back who aren’t business owners, vs small business owners to bounce back. And it’s because many small business owners have huge loans or mortgage their life savings or house to run the business. If the businsses closes, there goes their life savings with it so they are literally starting from scratch.

        The 600 dollars is such a slap in the face though. I’m saying this though not from what I want to see and it seems like we don’t think this could happen again because of our supposed democracy. But there’s long been frustration from americans from the government in different ways, but divided because different policies effect people differently. But when something can effect millions of people in a uniform way where lives are devastated and lives lost not just from the virus, but suicide, drug addiction and being homeless from losing their livelihood with the mess up from government and at same time not helping from their fuck up. And then smug asshates like Mcconnel, with their nice salaries from hard working citizens and privileged, protected lives while americans suffer. And in America that’s supposed to be for the people but given bread crumbs. I do think a lot of people are a little too obsessed with guns or fearing guns taken, but while I do think people obsess too much about that. I do see why so many feel the importance of having them. Thing it’s hyperbole, but it’s not something people want, but people have breaking points and desperation can cause aggression.

        We;ve seen it with blm riots. But I’m saying this could get ugly if the help doesn’t come very soon. We don’t want to see a civil war, but this shit does on with the government basically saying “let them eat cake”. American isn’t unarmed like china and such which is why people have literal control or oppression. We don’t want to see a French revolution type revolt, but I’m lucky with my situation, but even I’m extremely pissed for the people suffering. So I cant imaginge the anger and suffering from businsess owners. It’s easy to control hundrders of people protesting and riots about social injustice with police and military. But maybe that arrogance might move away from shitting their pants when millions of americans show up outside the white house or governmental buildings and all baring arms?

        Like This is not a joke. Games are over, people are getting close to the boiling point and posh politicians think they can do what they want because they are in their cute bubble, because people have all been divided in their issues. This is hitting people hard collectively where people might unite that you’d never think would. This should not be happening. We had a damn Revolutionary way to be away from Tyranny When you disrespect the american people like this, at some point the games end and people will fight back, WAKE UP ASSHOLE POLITICIANS. NOT DEMOCRAT, NOT REPUBLICANS, BUT COLLECTIVELY. i’M TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT FROM CNN AND FOX, OH THOSE LIBERALS OR THOSE HORRIBLE CONSERVATIVES. No how about fuck them both, how about that? They are both fucking assholes. Game playing has to stop Americans aren’t going to fucking around much longer if this shit continues. Too much life devastation happening now.

      • I’m concerned that Republicans will vote against measures that help the economy because they don’t want Biden to get any wins. If they can block Biden from helping, and people are suffering and the economy collapses, Biden will likely get blamed which will HELP Republicans. It totally sucks!

        And unfortunately the main donors of Republicans are those who want to get rid of government entirely so they will be all for this. The donors’ idea is to give tax cuts to the rich in particular — the 2017 tax bill benefited almost entirely the wealthiest Americans, with just a few crumbs for everyone else to make them feel OK about it. But as soon as it passed they wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for it. And now they’re going to want to cut aid for Americans during the pandemic even though they didn’t mind the $3 trillion debt that the 2017 bill created, with almost all the benefit going to the wealthy.

        I can only hope that many interests, including The Chamber of Commerce which mostly helps small businesses, but also Wall Street which will be hurt if the economy crashes, can be a counterpoint to the wealthy libertarian network that wants to completely end government including Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation, education, firefighters, police (state and local taxes that these wealthy interests are trying to block right now mostly fund the latter. They are the true defunders of the police.)

        I’m also hoping that Biden can make it clear that the Republicans are blocking assistance to the American people so that the Republicans get blamed instead of him.

        One last thing I want to bring up is foreign aid, which is actually less than 1% of the US budget and which stabilizes foreign countries and helps to prevent both wars and terrorism, so it’s cost-effective in the long run.

  25. “And I’m still waiting for an explanation of why you think the masculine is better than the feminine.”

    I never said the masculine is better than the feminine. What I said was that it was bad when a man is overly feminized. It creates weak, over emotional, and very soft men.

    The source of a man’s strength is his inherent masculinity. The source of a woman’s strength is her inherent femininity.

    Do you not agree?

    • You have insulted the feminine side of our humanity in a couple of places and I’m wondering why you think the feminine is so bad. Or inferior to the masculine. Here are the quotes: “This is a matriarchal race now in America. The only such thing that has ever existed in America, perhaps the world. The boys grew up under this odious structure. They grow up the be overly feminized men, weak, and with an assortment of dysfunctional behaviors. They vote like their mothers.” AND: Only the Left and Liberals engage in this nonstop yelling and screaming when they lose. Only you people want to tear down our institutions when you lose. How about finding out WHY you lost? But, this is the feminized nature of America today, especially with liberal “men.”

      This makes it sound like you think the masculine is better.

      And actually, the people yelling and screaming right now are on trumps side.

      I believe that all human beings have both masculine and feminine side. And what is considered masculine or feminine varies by culture, but we all contain all of those sides, however they are labeled. It is good for human beings, whether male or female, to have what our society calls masculine: strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. Yes, that is healthy for both women and men. The feminine is also healthy for both women and men: sensitivity, supportiveness, warmth, cooperativeness, expressiveness, empathy, affection.

      There are also negative sides to both categories. Women and men would do well to avoid the toxic side of femininity: while there are times when passivity and dependence may be appropriate for females and males (men will sometimes avoid going to the doctor because it makes him feel too dependent. And maybe it makes sense to be passive at times to let hard feelings die down) they can go too far. Or it is good to avoid the toxic side of masculinity. While violence and domination may be needed for self-defense against an aggressor, and while engaging in dangerous deeds may help build courage, all of these things can be extremely harmful.

      • “You have insulted the feminine side of our humanity in a couple of places and I’m wondering why you think the feminine is so bad.”

        This was a political post. Really not trying to get into this man vs woman thingy.

        In my view, we men are simply expendable. We are not loved. As Erica Jong has written, women love their children and merely tolerate men and husbands. Fine,I have come to accept this about women.

        The feminine characteristics you referenced,

        “….sensitivity, supportiveness, warmth, cooperativeness, expressiveness, empathy, affection.”

        are reserved for other women and their children. Not so much for men. It is what it is. So be it. Life is very short so why dwell on it?

      • Well, I have interacted with both men and women who are sensitive, supportive, warm, expressive, empathetic and affectionate. I have also interacted with both women and men who are not. I’m guessing that you’ve had a similar experience but are more upset when women haven’t behaved in that way and the upset leaves the memory clearer in your mind. Also, people often behave toward others based on how they are treated and how they expect to be treated. If you think women are going to be a harsh with you are you warm with them?

      • “If you think women are going to be a harsh with you are you warm with them?”

        Well, I rarely if ever encounter women whom I would characterize as being harsh. I am always calm and pleasant with women. That is just my personality. Many women have told me I am a very warm and friendly man.

        There are too many unhappy women out here. They have these out sized egos and are very entitled. I especially see this with college educated younger women. Black women are the worst!! Just watch CNN and MSNBC. Older (45+) college educated women much less so.

        Anyhow, off to the gym. Very cold her today in MD.

  26. Well, the moment has arrived! It is Showtime!

    Here is my prediction for the Presidential election:

    Trump will be reelected.
    Trump will get over 100 mil popular votes.
    Trump will get over 315 electoral votes.


    • I’m with FiveThirtyEight: Biden has a 90% chance of being elected the next President of the United States!


      • Well this is close, so scary. Biden not winning the states some thought he’d win, but flipped arizona. Gonna go to the wire it looks

      • I’m feeling much more hopeful now.

        It’s strange that before election night we were constantly warned that early results would heavily favor Trump because the election day vote would be reported first and it would be heavily Republican. But they kept forgetting to talk about that, I noticed, on the three different stations I was watching!

        Just hope the Republican Senate will pass a decent Covid aid package now. I know the Dems would have but Republican donors hate government and want to get rid of it. But if people fear getting into the economy because of Covid businesses will suffer a great deal, people could get laid off, leading to less spending and more layoffs in a spiral down word, and the economy could collapse. Maybe the fact that Wall Street is worrying will help — because Wall Street is pretty much all that matters to Republican leadership.

      • Well, I was wrong.

        I am disappointed but not angry. It just goes show that it is very difficult for an outsider like Trump to fight the corporate elites, the media, and the new Left in America.

        It is so odd to see the Democrat Party no longer the party of the middle and working class. It is the party of the professional class and new corporate elite.

        The good news is the Republicans were able to get a lot more minority voters. The Black vote for the GOP increased, though not significantly. It is truly a lost cause in my opinion when it comes to getting Black people off the Democrat plantation. This is a matriarchal race now in America. The only such thing that has ever existed in America, perhaps the world. The boys grew up under this odious structure. They grow up the be overly feminized men, weak, and with an assortment of dysfunctional behaviors. They vote like their mothers. But, I digress.

        Anyhow, I think it will end up at the Supreme Court. But, I think Trump will lose.

        I knew the Democrat Party was corrupt along with many of its leaders (The Clintons leading the way). But, I never knew it was this wicked and corrupt.

        We will regroup and keep fighting this new fascist Left. No nonstop yelling and screaming. Just rolling up the sleeves like MEN and going to work!

        God Bless America!

      • Ah, Trump’s upset that voters stole the election from the Supreme Court.

        The Democrats were clever in their election fraud by retaining the state Republican House seats so that they can continue gerrymandering in favor of Republicans with the 2020 census. And even more ingeniously, throwing people off their track by giving Dems no seats in the House and letting Republicans retain the Senate. All that will really throw people off the trail of election fraud.

        But moving back into reality:

        I’m surprised you think corporate elites reject a candidate who enacted tax cuts for billionaires — to be paid for by cutting Social Security and Medicare (As directed in Trump’s budget). Also by getting rid of Social Security corporations don’t have to pay the business portion of that tax. Republicans also fight unions and other means to a living wage for workers, like increasing the minimum wage. Why would corporate elites want to end supports for big oil and coal which will be paid for by the American people as by lost lives and property due to more, and more deadly, fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes?

        Republicans also vote for tax cuts for billionaires and to get rid of regulations that protect American consumers, workers, and protect air and water in order to boost corporate profits. Which Democratic bills and proposals benefit corporate elites?

        Joe Biden wants good jobs for Americans, good green energy jobs that will lessen future fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes and the loss of lives and property that a company that. He wants higher wages for working people and he wants to make sure that the middle class can access health care. He would appoint supreme court justices who rule in favor of workers and consumers and get the corrupting influence of big money out of politics. As all Democratic-appointed justices have done. Really, why would corporate elites want to get big money out of politics?

        And why would it take corporate rule to get someone out of office who spews racist garbage and who is an embarrassment to the US, and who even supports Russia over the US? In fact, those who prefer plutocracy – the ruel of the rich — encourage racism because it distracts people from the real cause of their problems which is a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top.

        Rather than corporate elites determining everything millions of Americans stood for hours for their right to vote Trump out of office. A lot of people were shocked at the determination of all of these people but there it was.

        For some reason you don’t want to recognize all of this.

        I suppose that Trump’s false bravado machismo that he uses to cover over his deep insecurity, and his valuing the masculine over the feminine — even though there is no good reason to do so, is enough to get you and others to support him even though all he does is bolster the plutocratic rule of the rich over democracy’s rule of the people. There’s a reason he always played “macho man” at his rallies.

        And I’m still waiting for an explanation of why you think the masculine is better than the feminine.

        There was an almost comical disconnect, in which Trump supporters were angrily chanting “count the votes” in some places and “stop the count” in others. He wants more counting in states where it could help him and stopped in places where it could hurt him. How convenient.

        I suspect that you and other Trump supporters are angry over something, probably something that you feel you can’t control. And identifying with Trump is a cathartic middle finger to the world. So it doesn’t make logical sense on one level but I guess it does on another. I just worry that you would end up hurting yourselves and other working people if you all ever got what you’re asking for.

      • God trump is such a sore loser baby. A grown adult, old man acting like a child. I mean it’s not a surprise as he’s shown such traits many times before. But still, it’s just pathetic. Biden won though, but it’s scary how so many people can be brainwashed, thinking voter fraud happened. This crap is gonna be dragged out unfortunately, but believe Biden is and will remain our 46th president

      • Trump is such a sore loser that he was even a sore winner. He was insisting there was fraud four years ago when he won and set up a commission, who could find no fraud.

        There is nothing he can do that will overturn the election. Some Republicans are humoring him I supposed to keep him occupied, but mostly to try to keep the voters who he has deluded. It’s sad because it is so dangerous for democracy. When people lose faith in democracy you are more likely to lose it. Russia’s Putin is so enjoying all this.

      • “I suspect that you and other Trump supporters are angry over something, probably something that you feel you can’t control. ”

        Well as I indicated, I personally am not angry. I am disappointed. But, not angry.

        I tried to respond earlier to some of your questions and comments. For some reason, it failed. I will try later.

  27. “What do you like about Trump? I don’t get it. He campaigned in 2016 as someone who would help the people but he has governed as someone who helps the billionaires.”


    Again, I ask you just how (or why) do you think Biden can work on the behalf of middle America when he is bought and paid for by the corporate elite establishment?

    • Biden and Democrats as a whole have records of trying to help people who need help and paying for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest. I follow their records in Congress and see this. Specifically, Biden will create a lot of infrastructure jobs and make education more affordable – both help the middle class — by raising taxes on income over $400,000 a year. He will also raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. And he will give people the option to get Medicare coverage which will help many middle-class families a great deal. He certainly will not get rid of the affordable care act, as Trump is trying to do. And he won’t try to pay for tax cuts for billionaires by cutting Social Security and Medicare as Trump’s budget directs.

  28. This sums it up on Trump and the economy. It is from Bloomberg. But, since he too is a billionaire, I guess you will discount this too?


    It is amazing how you dislike Trump supposed support for billionaires, but yet today in America the media is run by corporate America. The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. But since he is a progressive I guess he is OK?

    The progress in the Middle East you ignore. The destruction of ISIS you ignore. The great economy you ignore. The drastic number of people who no longer are in poverty. The better trade agreements. He has done more than these lame politicians have accomplished in his 4 years. It is factually true.

    Well, all I can say is it is very telling just how you cannot understand why 60 million plus Americans voted for Trump. The number who will vote for him this time around will greatly exceed that number. I have a great idea: Why not go ask the people?

    This is why people detest the Left. They (the Left) are Americas new communist.


    The divisions in America have been caused by the Left. They attack everything and anyone who thinks differently. Yet, they talk about “diversity, inclusion, tolerance.” People are sick of them. Is the Right attacking people on Twitter? Who created “cancel culture?” The obnoxious Left! Total bullies.

    Do you think the Girl Scout Tweet was “offensive?”

    • I don’t think all billionaires are bad. Are they trying to hurt working people to enrich themselves like the Koch brother(s) or do they try to help others like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates? I certainly think they all need a tax raise though, and should all pay minimum taxes. Billionaires should not be paying a lower tax rate than their secretaries.

      But there are other billionaires like the Koch network that invest money in think tanks to get people to vote against their own interests and in the interest of wealthy people, while distracting the middle-class from the real cause of their problems and instead blaming people of color, Mexican immigrants, women (for taking “men’s jobs“), etc. So they fund think tanks and then feed the ideas to the Washington Times, the New York Post, Fox News opinion (evening shows like Hannity, Carlson and Ingram), the Wall Street Journal opinion page, and Rush Limbaugh. It wouldn’t surprise me if Karl Smith, Bloomberg opinion columnist, is also fed by think tanks. Plenty of columnists are, like Victor Davis Hanson at the San Jose Mercury news and Marc Thiessen at the Washington Post. Well, some of these people actually are people who work for think tanks, like Victor Davis Hanson (Hoover Institute). In fact, I highly suspect Smith is because if you look at trend lines Trump’s simply follow Obama’s.

      The left is detested by many on the right and that is largely because of think tanks who so successfully stir up hatred. I’m sure you’ve heard much hatred from Rush et al.

      Trumps economy was fine pre-Covid but it was nothing special. It was on the same trajectory as it had been under Obama. He just let it keep going and didn’t screw it up. Here is something from an analyst rather than an opinion writer: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/09/05/trump-obama-economy/

      My priorities are helping working people over billionaires and saving our democracy. Trump threatens America’s democracy like trying to make people doubt election results if he doesn’t win, he plans to declare he’s the winner and get the Supreme Court to crown him if the voters won’t, he has his attorney general acting like his personal attorney when the AG is supposed to be the attorney for the United States, he and his supporters in office are trying to suppress the vote which is the very core of democracy. He ignores checks and balances. He seeks to jail his political opponents as despots do. Experts on democracy identify four behaviors that Mark authoritarians. We have never had a president before who fits all four.

      1. Shows weak commitment to democratic rules of the game. Trump goes against so many norms of democracy — the constitution doesn’t have to be thousands of pages long because we have relied on those norms.
      2. Denies legitimacy of political opponents. He has tried to lock up both Hillary and Joe Biden
      3. Tolerates or encourages violence. He tells the proud boys to standby, supports those who sought to kidnap Michigan’s governor, call people who tried to run a Biden bus off the road patriots, encourages his followers to beat up other people, just to name a few things
      4. Has a readiness to curtail civil liberties of a opponents, including the media. Trump calls the media enemies of the people. Actually, Trump is an enemy of democracy.

      You haven’t given any evidence that Democrats are communist. But we have plenty of evidence that Trump is Putin’s puppet (see my post).

      Once you lose democracy the people no longer have the power to install and reject their own leaders. And then the leaders REALLY act for themselves and against the people!

      It is true that Trump has done some good things in the Middle East. I just care more about the health of America and the American people.

      It looked to me like the Girl Scouts tweeted a congratulations. What was it that you found offensive? (I didn’t read the whole article I just looked at the tweet.)

      I agree that some people on the far left can be bullies. Other people on the left have called them out, and I agree with them https://nowthisnews.com/news/jk-rowling-gloria-steinem-others-sign-open-letter-on-free-speech

      Oh, and COVID has killed way more Americans than ISIL ever did.

      Also another one of my priorities is climate change. If the climate is destroyed humans might not even survive. Best case with climate change is enormous destruction with fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and drought which will be hugely expensive and insurance companies will stop covering damage. And Trump is doing everything he can to help oil and coal and exacerbate climate change.

  29. I don’t understand how people who are even for trump and I’m not all that fond of Biden. But the same people for trump, are often touting patriotism. But if that’s the case, then they should be upset about corrupt actions. You hear about Kavanaugh and ruling to not have mailed in votes that are post parked for election night. If they are a day late to not count even though they were mailed in on time. That should be illegal and against what a democracy should be. There’s going to be a log jam so there will be mail that comes in late. So they are saying your right for your vote to count and you did your part will not count because of mail service? and that’s not postal office fault either. That happens with such quantity of mail coming in. I mean look at amazon or just mail service during the lead up to christmas. It’s normal for people’s gifts to take longer to show than normal and some unfortunately don’t get gifts until after christmas. It happens. When supporting trump, those actions and sleazy, cheating, corrupt, anti american stuff you’re almost enabling or accepting.

    • Like you, I have been surprised that Trump supporters see themselves as patriotic when the core of America is our system of democracy and Trump is going against that in so many ways, like trying to make people doubt election results if he doesn’t win, he plans to declare he’s the winner if he’s ahead election night even though all the votes won’t be counted, he has his attorney general acting like his personal attorney when the AG is supposed to be the attorney for the United States, he and his supporters are trying to suppress the vote when the vote is the very core of democracy. He goes against so many norms of democracy — the constitution doesn’t have to be thousands of pages long because we have relied on those norms.

  30. Great post👌 and a go for biden✊. Could you please checkout mine at http://middemb.com

  31. I am voting for Trump. Again.

    This sums up, in part ,my reason(s) for doing so.

    If you insult whole swathes of the voting public by calling them, racist, homophobic, trans phobic, xenophobic, etc etc.Then take their jobs and put them overseas combined with mass immigration with no borders…
    Disparaging their culture, their country, their history and at their core them personally .
    Essentially make them poorer, insult and demean them and then wonder and complain that they wont vote for your side!
    And you consider themselves the good guys? What a nasty joke played on the working classes and ordinary Americans.

    Joe Biden is part of the ruling elite. He represents the corporate class. Just look at his history. The middle class has been devastated in America by corporate elite polices.

    What really pisses me off is how the Democrats care more about illegals than their own people. A Black man gets arrested for a crime and is whisked off to jail. An illegals kills a US citizen and the ACLU and all these other leftist groups protects the illegals!!

    We currently have rule by the managerial/professional class here in America. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama are all part of this class.

    Please explain to me just how a party and candidate Joe Biden who is taking in $100s of millions of dollars from the corporate elite and ruling elite are going to make the lives of ordinary Americans better? They have a decades long track record of doing the exact opposite.

    • I didn’t know that Biden had called whole swathes of the voting public racist, homophobic, trans phobic, xenophobic, etc. He doesn’t approve of Neo-Nazi’s and KKK shouting “Jews will not replace us,” and neither do I. I hope you don’t approve of that either. Neither he nor I believe there are good people among them. Neither of us like the increased bullying and hate crimes that have arisen in this atmosphere.

      There has been a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top 1% as corporate titans fire workers and replace them with technology, send jobs over seas, hire immigrants who have no legal rights to change circumstances of work (how convenient to the corporate titan) and replace employees with contractors who get no benefits. Plus, they bust unions. The biggest loss of jobs comes from technology.

      Part of the problem is an inability of businesses to compete globally if they don’t automate and hire the lowest-paid workers — often by moving jobs over seas. And union-bust.

      Biden wants to use tax incentives to bring jobs back here, he wants to strengthen unions, he wants to raise wages to $15 an hour (helpful if you lose a factory job and can’t get comparable work). He also wants to raise taxes on the top one percent who has gained from the redistribution of wealth from the middle to the top to fund things like infrastructure projects and education which will provide jobs for workers. At some point we will probably need to have a universal income funded by taxing the very top or the economy will collapse because not enough people will have money in their pockets to keep sales and profits up.

      The only major legislation Trump passed was tax cuts for the wealthy that he wants to fund by cutting Social Security and Medicare, making the problem worse for the middle class. He ran appealing to working class people but his actual governing has being in favor of the top. I can’t figure out why you all keep supporting him.

      Donald Trump represents the corporate elite much more than Joe Biden. Trump has never done anything in his life that doesn’t benefit himself and that helps explain why the only major legislation he passed was huge tax cuts for billionaires to be paid for on the backs of the working people by taking away their Social Security and Medicare.

      The reason for sanctuary cities is that it keeps crime rates lower for the entire community. If people feel safe to report crimes to the police then crimes will be reported. And illegal immigrants can be arrested for criminal behavior.

      I volunteer with an organization that works to make sure people have a living wage, adequate medical care, good educations and the Democrats do everything we ask and the Republicans hardly ever do anything we ask. Take a look at their actual voting records.

      Trump has done what the ruling elite want. Including nominating people for the Supreme Court who:

      – rule against class action lawsuits, which equalize the power of the people with the power of wealthy interests.

      – rule in favor of corporate rights over worker rights.

      – rule in favor of corporations over consumers

      – rule in favor of corporations to pollute the people’s air and water and damage the climate.

      What has Trump done that has helped working people? There are fewer manufacturing jobs now than when he took office.

      I meet with members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, and follow voting records. Democrats are much better for working people.

      I suggest you start following voting records (Congressional and Supreme Court) instead of just listening to right wing media (which is funded by corporate titans who pay Rush Limbaugh $2 million a year and Sean Hannity $1 million a year to scapegoat minorities to distract people from the real cause of their problems.)

      • “I didn’t know that Biden had called whole swathes of the voting public racist, homophobic, trans phobic, xenophobic, etc.”

        No Biden has not uttered such nonsense. However, the $$$$ that backs him, namely the corporate White liberal elite has uttered such. Anyone who does not agree with them is one of those things. Look at what your typical White liberal female Chelsea Handler just uttered, “If you are Black you cannot vote for Trump.” Insulting AND racist. But such is the White liberal mind. I guess because she has sexed a Black man she can say such BS.

        As for Trump and the good people on both sides comment, please watch the ENTIRE comment. A CNN, MSNBC, and liberal media want to focus on is that comment. He said at that time he condemns racism. What I really despise is how the lame White liberal media thinks ONLY their view of who and what is racist matters. The Proud boys is NOT a White Supremacist organization. The leader is a Black Cuban American immigrant. Oh well, so much for fair reporting.

        My neighbors are your typical White liberal elites. All doctors, professors, who proudly fly their BLM flags. Yet they have NO Black friends, Their kids are in expensive private schools that lack diversity. I have never met such a bunch of snobs in my life. Such hypocrites. But, they know to stay the hell away from me.

        “There has been a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top 1% as corporate titans fire workers…..”

        OK. Yes I agree. But, the Dems have been in power for decades too. What have they done about it? NOTHING!! Why did not Obama renegotiate NAFTA? Because, he was supported by the corporate elite just like Biden. Joe Biden is not going to change a damn thing except going to to the status quo ante. Period.

        “Donald Trump represents the corporate elite much more than Joe Biden.”

        Besides being laughable it is just plain false. We need a corporate tax rate cut to be competitive with the rest of the world. However, as I have previously stated, I was NOT in favor of the tax cuts for individuals. Trump has his own $$$$. Only broke career politicians like Biden as a lot more like him come to Washington to enrich themselves, family, and friends. That is why people like Biden will say anything to get votes. THEY STAND FOR NOTHING. You get NOTHING from men like Biden.

        “The reason for sanctuary cities is that it keeps crime rates lower for the entire community.”

        Great!! Let’s have some sanctuary cities for Black men. Right? These criminal illegals are often arrested and release due to the no bail laws in these major cities. Here is what REALLY happens.


        “Trump has done what the ruling elite want. Including nominating people for the Supreme Court .”

        The Supreme Court is NOT about making laws! It is about interpreting laws. If Dems and Congress felt so strongly about a particular issue, then Congress needs to do its job and pass such laws. What Dems and liberals want is for the Court to make policy. Nope. That is not how things should work.

        “There are fewer manufacturing jobs now than when he took office.”

        A lie. See link below. Just another false claim made by the liberal media (CNN,MSNBC, etc). There might be fewer TODAY as a result of COVID 19. But let’s look at 2017, 2018, 2019. The data speaks the truth.


        “Democrats are much better for working people.”

        If that was true, then how do you explain the fact that in 16 out the last 24 years we have seen Dem Presidents AND about half of that time a Dem controlled Congress yet real wages have declined for the middle class? Democrats talk a good game. But, at the end of the day, they take more $$$$ from corporate America and Wall Street than Republicans! How do you explain this? Why did the Dems not try to renegotiate NAFTA or be tougher on China? Real wages have risen under Trump. Under Obama/Biden, they dropped. The unemployment rate before COVID 19 had dropped to historic lows. Under Trump, the poverty rate declined. The number of people on welfare declined drastically. This is all factually true. Most people like you so hate Trump that you cannot bring yourself to accord ANYTHING good to him.

        Here is an interesting stat:


        This as well as his approval rating slowly rising (Rasmussen now have him above 51%) is why I do not believe these polls showing Biden winning. I smell a rat!!!



        Yes, I know it is only one poll. But, this is the same outfit that called the 2016 more accurately than others.

        I really don’t care what a politician says. I am interested in results! Mr. Barack “Hope and Change” Obama made all these lofty speeches about “fundamentally transforming America” blah blah blah. He did zippy. He did not “stand up to Wall Street.” Why? He got million of $$$ from Wall Street. Same with Joe Biden. So, just how is Biden going to “stand up to Wall Street?” He isn’t! Just talk and babble.

        When Obama was elected, he promised comprehensive immigration reform. He came in with a majority in the House and a supermajority in the Senate. He could have gotten it done. But, like most politicians, it’s all talk. Trump is 100% correct when he said in that last debate that Biden is all talk.

        First of all, I don’t just listen to “right wing” media. I get my news from an array of sources. I subscribe to Matt Taibbi who hates Trump. I also listen to Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept who also hates Trump. I have not listened to Rush in over a decade. I do watch Tucker Carlson. I also once watched CNN and MSNBC. But, they are no longer news organizations. They are now part of the Resistance. Second, your remark is very unbecoming.

        Btw, think about the metric below. For the first time ever, a cable news network beat out network news programs. That should tell you something about how dissatisfied mainstream America has become with these liberal networks.


        I am guided by facts and evidence. I am a highly educated man who knows how to do high level and rigorous research. I don’t need opinion people of any persuasion to figure things out. I think for myself which I know White liberals hate for any Black man to do. Lousy politicians voting records tell me squat, except for how they voted on a particular bill. I am more interested in the details of the bill.

        You seem to have a much higher level of support for Congress and media than I do. Most Americans hold both in very low regard. So do I. No,t is not due to Trump. Americans confidence and faith in politicians, Congress, the media has been declining for decades. But, as we know with the liberal media, it all because of those non college educated people. How insulting.

        The media elite really lack any kind of self awareness. Do you know MOST Americans lack a college education? So, when you piss on people without college degrees, you are pissing on the majority of the population. Just sheer arrogance. This is why so many people will vote for Trump. They simply hate the Left, the Liberal media elite, and their supporters more than they dislike Trump. Instead of some introspection, the media elites will just call them racist, chumps, the usual.

        And no I will not be upset if Trump loses. It is the process. I respect our process and institutions. Only the Left and Liberals engage in this nonstop yelling and screaming when they lose. Only you people want to tear down our institutions when you lose. How about finding out WHY you lost? But, this is the feminized nature of America today, especially with liberal “men.” A man such a Bill Clinton would go out and ask why he came up short. But, a woman like his wife screams sexism, deplorables, racism, etc. Now, you see the same with liberal men. Pathetic.


      • People complain about the racism that Trump spews including questioning whether Barack Obama was born in America, starting his campaign by saying Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers, saying that there are very fine people among the neo-Nazis, he calls the proud boys to standby and here is how Wikipedia describes them: The Proud Boys is a far-right[2][3] and neo-fascist[4] male-only organization[5] that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States and Canada.

        I could go on. But that’s enough evidence right there that Trump encourages racism.

        He also encourages sexism, saying to lock up Hillary Clinton and Gretchen Whitmer. Even though Gretchen Whitmer’s life has been endangered he keeps up with it. Even locking up your political enemies is something that despots do not democrats (small d or large D). He just hates strong women, especially if those strong women are also minority women.

        And I noticed that you complained about the feminized nature of America. What is wrong with the feminine? You have no problem spouting sexism by saying that.

        Whether or not Trump supporters are all racist we have to wonder why anyone would vote for someone who behaves that way, stoking racism and sexism.

        What makes you think that anyone is looking down on people who don’t have a college education? All the liberals I know are working to try to help support union wages and create infrastructure jobs that will boost high school educated people. We see us as working together.

        And what institutions are liberals tearing down?

        Also, I don’t trust the Washington Times because it is fed by wealthy interests, wealthy think tanks. Same with the New York Post.

        The conservative Supreme Court wants to interpret laws so that Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid become unconstitutional. They want to interpret laws as they were understood when they were made which means you have to live back in the 19th century or thereabouts. So the equal protection clause protects blacks but no one else. That may be OK with you but I believe that all citizens should be treated equally.

        Democrats have been in power for decades and you ask why they haven’t made things better. First, they have made many things better and every time they do it is always Democrats with Republicans fighting them whether it is Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, basically the New Deal and Great Society programs. Republicans appoint Supreme Court justices who say that money is speech and can’t be limited and then Democrats have to try to get money from wealthy donors to compete. Supreme Court justices who are appointed by Democrats have wanted to lessen the influence of money in politics but Republicans want to increase it.

        People claim Trump isn’t beholden to wealthy interest because he has money but the only major legislation he has passed, or tried to pass, is that which benefits wealthy interests.

        Additionally, I work with members of Congress and follow their voting records and here is what I have observed: almost all the Democrats do everything we ask and hardly any Republicans do anything we ask to help working people. Because most people like divided government it’s very difficult to get legislation passed unless you have a super majority of Democrats, which Obama had for the first year until Ted Kennedy died. So the only thing they were able to pass was Obamacare, and they had to do that after Kennedy died using a legislative maneuver that made the law less secure.

        What do you like about Trump? I don’t get it. He campaigned in 2016 as someone who would help the people but he has governed as someone who helps the billionaires.

      • Do you really believe these lies, or do you push the narrative for tribal reasons?

      • You lost me on that first question. I didn’t bother to read further.

        I clearly wrote a well reasoned essay on why I am supporting Biden. So don’t ask silly questions.

        I did ask you why you like Trump. So why?

      • I agree with a lot, but I think minimum wage to 15 dollars will crush small businesses losing money as it is from covid. They can’t afford those wages to workers. They’ll have to have less staff which will mean they won’t be able to have staff the need. This works more for franchises and corportations that have millions or billions of dollars in revenue. Not your mom and pop shops

      • There have been concerns that a minimum wage of $15 will hurt small businesses. Yet studies show that most businesses do better. What tends to happen is that businesses that are on the brink of survival do fail but that, overall, businesses make more money because people have more money in their pockets to spend so that sales and profits go up.

  32. I am also on board with Biden (surprise, surprise). I still think Elizabeth Warren would have been a much better pick for real progressive reforms we need to get the damned corporate and private interest money out of politics—the ROOT CAUSE of most if not all government-Wall Street corruption, waste, and fraud (pardon the run-on sentence). This is the very reason we now have Donald (Don Vito Corleone) Trump scamming the nation and 10s of thousands of dead Americans from a virus that never should have gotten this far.

    At least the Don has exposed some glaringly serious flaws in our constitution. I just hope it isn’t too late to snatch our republic from the jaws of the theocratic oligarchy (a holy kleptocracy).

    • I agree that people who are more progressive could do more but you have to also think about who can get elected in swing states so I have been for Biden since the very start. Just too important to get Trump out!

      And it is good that someone who is as incompetent as Trump has been our first president to try to become an autocrat. This will help greatly in fixing holes to prevent the next autocrat wannabe.

  33. I’m Voting for Joe – It’s actually scary to me when people say they’re not voting. Look, there may not be that great of options but Joe is definitley the one. It doesn’t even need to be based on opinions. Overall, Trump does not act like a president nor should he ever hold the title as well. The man doesn’t even care about the people he’s governing, COVID-19 is no joke. I have seen people on social media losing their dads, moms, sisters, brothers, maybe even significant others. I’m seeing elderly men saying goodbye to their wives because he’s not allowed in the same room as her. I get it, masks suck, I have to wear one for 8 hours of my day for 5 days straight. Nonetheless, it’s a necessity and it should be required to wear without people being upset that they can’t breathe when it’s actually not them taking everyone else into consideration, but they can care less. 

    • I’m surprised that people who aren’t bothering to vote, as well, especially if they are on the left side of the spectrum. If Trump ever destroyed democracy good luck getting it back. Why take that risk? Without democracy you can be imprisoned for not following the party line and it’s hard to get much done that way. Even someone like Nelson Mandela was only free because of the power that democracies put on South Africa.

      • Yes, even if a person doesn’t care for either. They need to look at it this way. The big problems trump can cause with another term vs Biden. And even if you don’t think Biden won’t do things as well as you hope. Biden will be voted out after 4 years anyway. I don’t believe he’s trying for second term should he be president. He even said he was ready to retire from politics, but felt such urgency because of the incompetence of oompa loompa at president, that he needed to challenge trump. The guy is quite old already and he’d be 82 by the time his term ended. I highly doubt he’ll want to go another four years at that age.

      • Yeah, I doubt he will run for another term given his age. I kind of feel like he is the perfect candidate right now. People tend to vote for the opposite of whatever was in before and Trump is clearly the opposite of Obama and now Biden is the opposite of Trump.

        This election is so important that many conservatives are even trying to get people to vote for Biden over Trump, I think because of the national security issues. Even people from Trump’s own administration! Plus people who ran the campaigns of Romney, McCain, and people who worked in the George W. Bush administration, plus a former head of the RNC — Republican National Committee.

        I just saw an interview with Olivia Troye, former homeland security adviser and lead COVID-19 adviser to Mike Pence, who is voting for Biden because Trump didn’t want to deal with the virus. He decided to just leave it to the states and blame them for high COVID infection rates and economic devastation. (It’s their fault, not mine!)

        I can’t think of a worse president. Ugh!

  34. Same. Donald Trump is an authoritarian threat to our democracy (by the people). I still do not understand those (including friends and family) that could possibly vote for this narcissistic, racist, sexist, homophobic, psychopathic prick. Sorry, I know this is an analysis, but this article has gotten me really riled up. These are all clear and concise points, which of course, I agree with. What shocked me the most, and led me to look into it more, was Trump’s attempt to end our ties with NATO. He already pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, which was like, alright you don’t “believe” in science, we’ll just vote for someone who does. But then to remove us from NATO, which could potentially eradicate it altogether, is just insane. It is literally an alliance to prevent a war and promote world peace between our most trusted and longstanding allies! Allies that share democratic values, mind you. So it is almost as if he does not want to be under the same category as Great Britain, Canada, France and the like, but instead is looking to become more like North Korea, Russia and China- more communist dictatorships than a democracy. This makes no sense and again, I still don’t understand how people could vote for him. Is this not scary? Let’s ignore everything else. Is this not scary?

    • And interesting point about Trump pulling us out of the Paris agreement and Trump ties to Putin are that Russia’s main source of revenue is oil. Also, the biggest contributors to the Republican party are big oil and big coal folks who dislike the Paris Agreement because it would cut into their profits. Some of trumps supporters say he’s rich and can’t be bought. Now we are finding out that he’s not so rich and he certainly appears to be bought.

  35. According to the WHO, they estimate 10% of the global population, or 780 million have been infected. That means the US has 1% of the infections, so you are completely wrong about that.

    The economy: Sweden’s number of cases per million is roughly that of the US, but they had no lockdowns, the economy was barely impacted, life there is 98% normal. The current death rate is about 1 or 2 a day. Less than a typical flu season which is often 3 a day. Compare to countries with heavy lockdowns and rules like the UK, and the lockdowns achieved nothing, and their cases just go on and on and on, whereas Sweden has finished with this thing.

    Tax cuts: Biden has said he will roll back the Trump tax cuts, which includes big tax cuts for the middle class. You really want to smash the middle class in a pandemic recession? As for the statistics going around about how much tax cuts go to the wealthy, they’re a bit misleading since they are all based on considering the corporate tax cuts. You keep saying you want to imitate Sweden, well the Trump tax cuts bring the corporate rate to that of Sweden. So why does a fairly left wing country like Sweden have a low corporate rate? Because they recognize that without a low corporate rate, all the jobs and companies go overseas. You can raise the rates in a fit of leftist virtue signaling, but you collect less taxes and companies go elsewhere. To be a competitive location for corporate investment you need a competitive tax rate.

    Climate change: Blame forest fires on poor forest management. As for climate change, the only way to fix that is with better technology. It’s been calculated that electric cars only have 10% less emissions when you take into account the climate cost of manufacturing the vehicle and the energy mix of electicity in the US. Yet Democrat states give gigantic tax consessions and rebates on electric cars that could be far better spent elsewhere. For example, if you cut taxes so that people could more easily afford a new regular car, that would get the old inefficient and dangerous cars off the road, which is a bigger saving in climate gases than forcing people into expensive electric cars. Meanwhile, Biden is a panderer to China who is the real polluter and who is doing nothing.

    White supremicists: Trump has condemned them more times than any president in history because this is a fake Democrat talking point. Did he say “there are fine people among neo Nazis”? Nonsense, another lie from the fake news media. Here’s what he actually said: “And you had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally.” How much clearer can you be? How many times must you condemn them? When will Biden condemn the BLM and Antifa rioters and terrorists? Hate crimes are supposedly way up? The only hate crimes I here are fake ones like Smolette and left wing ones daily on the streets of Democrat cities where people are dragged from their cars and beaten because they wouldn’t bend the knee to BLM.

    Supreme court: It doesn’t exist to validate a left wing agenda, it exists to enforce the law. The reason Democrats want to pack the court with partisans is because they can’t get the support of the people to pass proper legislation to do what they want to do about Health care, so they hope to do it with executive fiat. Why don’t you leave the court alone and convince the people that the Democrat agenda is worthy?

    • Not sure how you are doing your math but the estimate that the US has 4% of the world’s population but roughly 1/4 of the Covid deaths is cited by many different news organizations:




      Our death rate is more similar to developing countries than to western European countries — other than Sweden which stayed open.

      It’s not surprising that Sweden in the US have similar numbers since within the United States states that opened quickly had the same economy as those that didn’t open. That’s because people do it feel safe to them.

      By contrast, Germany, for example, has universal healthcare plus handled the virus is much better than we did and they have a very low rate of Covid death. We could have done better!

      Great Britain has done much better than the US. Compare the US to Western Europe:


      Meanwhile, the infection rate is extremely high at the White House!

      If Trump is so hard on China why did he ask China to help him win the election?

      Blaming West Coast fires on forest management is ridiculous since we have had the same forest management for years and it is only now that we are having the kind of fires we are having: large number and large size! Many of the fires are grass fires, anyway!

      Climate change we will mean we will need to do more forest management and since the federal government controls nearly 60% of California forests Trump is surely lacking on that front too!

      Why would it cost so much more in emissions to produce an electric car? I have a hybrid – aVolt – which I plug into my house which is solar powered and I only have to buy one tank of gas a year. That saves a lot on emissions! And it pays for itself quickly! The car only cost me $27,000 which is the cost of a typical car.

      See this BBC report: Electric car emissions myth ‘busted’

      Climate denial only helps oil and coal interests. They make more money while we Pay the costs in terms of damage Two lives and property from fires, floods, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes. I don’t know why you let yourself be manipulated by big oil and big hole. They win you lose.

      83% of Trumps tax cuts went to the top 1%. Mostly even higher than that. Yes, a few crumbs were given to everyone else to make them feel like they got something. But Trump and Republican donors want to pay for this tax cut by getting rid of Social Security and Medicare which will hurt people a great deal. And Biden says you can keep your tax cut if you make less than $400,000 a year.

      And since the rollback of the tax cuts on the wealthy will go to things like construction of infrastructure that money will go right back into working peoples pockets by creating jobs.

      There were Nazis and Nazi protesters and he said they were fine people on both sides which means he thinks that some of the Nazis are fine people. You are misquoting him.

      Trump may have put down white supremacy many times but it’s always a sandwich: he praises them then he puts them down (because his people tell him to) and then he says what he really thinks and praises them again. Good luck convincing anyone that he doesn’t coddle white supremacists. The white supremacists think he is one of their own. And he refused to put them down when asked at the debate — or whatever you wanna call what that was.

      The Black Lives Matter movement wants equality for blacks. Of course Biden isn’t going to put that down because that’s a good thing! Unfortunately some hoodlums took advantage of the chaos and did things they shouldn’t of done, which Biden has condemned.

      The Supreme Court shouldn’t exist to uphold any agenda. Unfortunately wealthy donors want it to uphold a right wing agenda against the wishes of the American people.

      Meanwhile Trump is trying to convince people that mail in voting is fraudulent even though his own people are worried that it will depress Republican votes. He’s trying to deal with this by calling people in republican states and telling them that absentee voting is OK with mail in voting is a fraud, even though they are the same thing!

      I took out two paragraphs because they were particularly crazy and I’m not going to give you a platform for conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact. I’ve already debunked your other points and I’m not going to get into the super crazy stuff.

      But take a look at the consistency of polling numbers over the last few months and how consistent they have been in recent weeks. Given this data, who is more likely to try to convince Americans that the election is fraudulent?

    • Let me ask you another question. Why do you like trump?

  36. I’ve never been into politics, but I’m now 18 and able to vote. This election seems to be the easiest decision to make. My family is going to vote red because they believe everything on facebook and propaganda in Vietnam. However, I’m voting blue. There is no way I can support Trump. He won’t condemn to white supremacy, which already supports that he’s racist. He calls covid-19 the chinese death virus and in return this encourages racism towards asians. Trump isn’t even confident to win this election with the system that he’s suppose to be representing and protection. Having to threaten voters and cheat the results is pathetic. During the debates he doesn’t even attack Biden’s policies, but instead Biden himself.This only demonstrates how childish Trump is. I believe that Trump doesn’t have the capabilities to lead us and because of this I will be voting for Biden in the upcoming elections.

    • Yeah, you would think that if Trump had any good ideas he would want to talk about them during the debate instead of just shout nonsense at his debate opponent.

      The thing is, the biggest concern for me, is his stripping away at democratic norms and his desire for autocracy led by himself. I am surprised that people like your parents or former Cubans in Florida are as likely to support Trump as they are. If you look at people around the world who are most miserable they live in autocracies whether from the left like the former Soviet Union or the right like today’s Russia or Yesterdays Nazis.

      And why anyone of color would back Trump is a mystery considering how much hatred he is encouraging against people of color, and the fact that the actual rate of hate crimes have gone up.

  37. As the election draws closer, we are all faced with the decision of who we are going to vote for. I have never really been interested in politics until now. I have been trying to educate myself more and more, and I have learned so much in the process. I was raised in a Democratic family, so by default, I assumed I was a Democrat. As I dig deeper, and continue to educate myself, Ive found that, that isn’t entirely true. I have found that I do agree with Biden on some things, such as COVID. However, there are some things on the Republican side that I relate to as well. I feel caught in the middle, not entirely Republican and not entirely Democrat. As the election draws closer and closer, I feel like people who don’t usually pay attention to politics need to take the time and try to understand. You may have opinions you never knew you had. But every vote is in favor of our country and its future.

    • One thing I will point out is that many Republicans who have voted Republican their entire lives — even Republicans who ran campaign score Romney and McCain and who were head of the Republican national committee — are voting DemocratIc in this election because they worry about trumps assault on our democracy. If you get policy you don’t like you can vote the person out and change it in four years. If you get a despot you’re screwed.

  38. I read this post on the day after I watched the Vice Presidential debate and I can relate many points that you made with points that were brought up on the debate. This article was also very helpful for me as a way to get informed and quickly understand why, in this coming election, voting for Joe Biden is the wiser decision. As an International Student, I can’t vote. But ever since I moved to the United States, I’ve been very curious trying to understand the politics of the country, the conflicts and the pros and cons of each party.  In such a short period of time I could already see and even feel, how having Joe Biden as the next president will have positive impacts for me too. As a black woman, the approach that the current president has when it comes to race issues and women’s rights is one of my biggest concerns. I am also very hopeful to have a president that will do a better job using the presidential powers to really handle the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. I shared this article with a couple friends that also can’t vote but are still a bit confused about why Joe Biden is the best option for this moment. Thank you!

  39. I found this blog post to be both very factual and informative. I too will be voting for Biden in the upcoming/current 2020 election. I am hopeful that this election will result with Biden as president if we all come together and vote! It is so important to vote and I encourage all of you to do so. Otherwise, I am scared for the sake of our country, those who are in poverty/lower class, people of color, etc. Like you mentioned, Trump would not condemn white supremacy in the first debate and this is completely irresponsible in my opinion and I can only imagine how people of color feel watching and hearing that.
    Tonight, I just finished watching the Vice President debate and I think Kamala Harris did well! I think it was quite baffling that Mike Pence continued to avoid questions and completely denied systemic racism which is extremely prevalent in our country and social climate right now.

  40. Informative write on the US situation. I am an outsider, yet am as concerned as much of the rest of the world about America securing the right leadership that will take the country strongly forward into the coming decade. I was one of those who wanted Hillary to come out trumps at the hustings last time but was surprised at how the result finally turned out. I really hope democrats make it this time as America needs qualitatively better leadership.

  41. I’m with you. In fact, my vote is already in.

  42. I found this to be both a very informative and convincing piece. While I, too, will be voting for Biden, I think it’s quite unfortunate that I immediately chose to vote for him before thoroughly researching his policies and beliefs. In an ideal democracy, we would be voting for the most qualified candidate rather than blindly choosing our preferred political party; unfortunately, this is not the case. I wasn’t even given the opportunity to examine what each side believes and what would be best for the future of our country because I already automatically knew that another four years of Mr. Trump is not a choice. While you have mentioned the conservative rush for a 6-3 majority on the SCOTUS in terms of overturning the Affordable Care Act, I would also like to bring up the possible overturning of Obergefell v. Hodges. Marriage equality for LGBTQ Americans was such a monumental and progressive moment in U.S. history; additionally, it is such a minor act of equality (imagine thinking having the legal ability to love another person be the most grandeur act of societal advancement), yet conservatives are not even willing to let this go. If Biden does not win this election or if Trump is able to install Amy Coney Barrett before the election, there is an unfortunate yet big chance marriage equality will be targeted.

  43. A very informative post.

    There are similarities between Trump and the despicable Boris Johnson. I would rather die in a desert than vote for people like that.

    • It’s so strange that they look alike and think alike. They both got Covid.

      They both make me worry greatly about Anglo democracies.

      • They are both narcissists who seem determined to get rid of democracy. Johnson wants the UK to be one country where he is King of the Castle. Part of the BREXIT agenda always included a power grab on the devolved nations of the UK.

      • Thanks for explaining that. I could never understand his drive for Brexit before, since it would hurt the country. Similar to Trump. It’s all about their egos —- and who cares what happens to the people.

      • Johnson and his mates wanted to leave Europe by a specific date, although it did not happen, that date was when the EU brought out new laws against money laundering. London is the money laundering capital of the world. Johnson et al, made a lot of money overnight owing to the BREXIT referendum. His disaster capitalist friends are poised to make a huge amount of money after the end of the year. Tory donors have been given huge sums of public money since the pandemic for supplying services and goods that have never materialised.

        The persona of the UK government that is portrayed to other countries is one based on its moral standing, but they have actually put Nazi ideology into practice. Vast amounts of sick and disabled people have died due to having their benefits stopped. Although reporting of such matters is usually blocked on the main news outlets in this country, there was a short clip on YouTube, that I will never forget, showing a protest outside the Houses of Parliament where a woman in a wheel chair was shouting “They are killing us all off and nobody is doing anything about it.” The UN has reported the abuse of the sick and disabled under the Tory government, but that’s all. Johnson’s right-hand man is a proponent of eugenics.

      • OMG no wonder Trump and Johnson get along so well! Thanks for filling me in on British politics.

  44. Reblogged this on eugenevdebs3 and commented:
    Excellent essay outlining strong arguments for voting for Biden rather than Trump. Given the choice we have been given, I concur with this conclusion. Trump has gone out of his way to demonstrate that he definitely must go – for the good of the American people. – evd

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