Trumpism, Manhood and Feeling Powerful vs Being Powerful

U.S. Capitol Building

As we look to the inauguration of the 46th US president, who will preside over our constitutional democratic republic, my mind travels back to January 6 when thousands of angry Trump supporters attempted to violently overthrow a free and fair election.

The rioters surely felt powerful as they stormed the U.S. Capitol, climbed its stairs and walls, bashed its windows with pro-Trump flag poles, trashed Statuary Hall and Congressional offices, and sat at the Senate Dias and in the Speaker’s seat.

But in the end they weren’t so powerful after all, their acts sparking an enormous backlash.

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  1. I found it interesting to read this now that so much time has passed. Quite a few of the less powerful-in-reality participants have been brought to heal and now the big fish are being reeled in. Mark Meadows being the most recent to cave before criminal charges are levied. I am of the opinion that this post is indeed correct in it’s analysis of why folks might have wanted to participate in the Jan 6th Insurrection. People- men- desperately wish to understand why their own position within society is deflating. If they are less educated then they won’t truly understand the real reasons surrounding inequality and a tanking economy and worker powerlessness etc etc. They will grasp the things closest to their own level and that, in most cases, is skin color, gender etc- anything that is different from them. Humans are hardwired to make these distinctions – some say because it was an evolutionary trait that kept you and yours alive in the face of the unknown- the other. But today, in our fast paced, information driven, society that evolutionary trait is a weight in a sea of knowledge that many cannot comprehend. When we fail to instill a sense of self awareness in our children, skills they can use to comprehend the changes that await every human in every era and their place and actions within a nod around those changes- well- this is what we get.

  2. Not all men but most Trump supporters I feel are not aware of what they are supporting. Most of supporters are uneducated and white. Being uneducated and white places you at a disadvantage economically and socially. These men feel ostracized for problems that extend beyond what Trump or any president right now can accomplish or deliver on their unrealistic expectations. Their pent-up frustrations take the shape of Trump’s utterances and gives them a platform to speak and have others join them in their concerns for this country. I would consider myself independent but a staunch critic of the Trump administration. When I ask men why they support him, they reply that he cares for them and for this country more than anyone else has. It does not matter much when I remind them that he bankrupted family-owned construction blue collar men during the construction and failure of his casinos. Yet he cares for working class man? He strokes all their egos is and plays on their insecurities is what he does.

    • Yeah, his policies help the plutocrats not them.

      But rampaging at the capital probably made a lot of powerless men feel pretty powerful. Even though it was the opposite of holding power. A lot of them will end up in jail.

      Voting for someone who would bring them policies that would actually empower them would be a lot more helpful.

  3. In my personal opinion there is a big difference between ‘being’ powerful and feeling powerful. Being powerful is when you rely on your powerful role or status, like being a boss, parent, or sibling and due to which you have several reasons to feel powerful whereas, feeling powerful is inner work as it is all about connecting with your strengths and capabilities, and trusting them to see you through a situation. But in a situation like the riot inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6th I feel like people felt powerful because of the wrong reasons. In my opinion, the people inside the Capitol felt powerful because of the Mr. Trump and in normal conditions what would have been seen as acts of terrorism did not get much blame.

  4. I feel like the Jan 6th attack was a sign that just because you are the president and you are “in control” does not mean that you are mentally capable of handling real-world issues problems and in this case a full-on riot . Which hasn’t happened in years, so why did he allow this be the last big thing that happens before the end of his presidency. Did he believe that would change the ultimate and very fair outcome. 6 or so months later I look back and reflect on this and it hits me more that he let people put innocent people in harm’s way all because he was upset about the trajectory of the inauguration events. His bruised ego led to an event that will ultimately be included in history books for years to come. He will be remembered but certainly not in a good way his actions were irresponsible dangerous and inconsiderate and as a president even though his term was running up he should have handled the situation better.

  5. Just a mostly peaceful protest, what’s the big deal? Nobody took guns, most people were ushered in by the capital police. People wandered around the capitol on an unguided tourist tour. Nothing to see here.

    • It’s interesting to see the contradictory gaslighting on the right regarding January 6:

      It was horrible Antifa posing as Trump supporters. As if Antifa could stomach waving around enormous Trump flags and talking about how great he is, and doing exactly what Trump and Don Jr and Giuliani told them to do just before the Capitol attack.

      Oh no, it was actually just a peaceful protest. Which is why even those who now call it a peaceful protest were trying to bar the door to the House chamber.

      Oh no, it was just a bunch of normal tourists. Who just happened to be attacking the capital police with American flags, gouging out officers eyes, spraying bear spray on them, trying to crush them… Sure. Typical tourists.

      We all saw what happened on January 6. But don’t believe you’re lying eyes, eh?

      I don’t know how people can be gaslighted on this unless they really, really want to be.

      And related to another comment you made earlier on a different post:
      Sex and rape are two different things. And rape and sex-negativity are both related to patriarchy. I explained in the article how sex-negativity is related to patriarchy. And rape is an assertion of male dominance. I don’t know if you meant to but you come across as being pro-rape in that comment so I didn’t approve it. Not interested in encouraging that sort of mindset.

  6. I personally do not like Trump. His actions as president were not all that out of the ordinary in my opinion, but his constant need to go onto Twitter and say things that a president should not need to say does bother me quite a bit. That being said, I can not help but be intrigued to know more about the people who stormed the capital on January 6th. Was storming the capital a stupid and immature thing to do? Yes. Would it help the country in anyway? Absolutely not! But despite this, they still went and committed one of the most heinous acts in all of American history. My question is what was their thought process in planning this? Did they truly believe that they were wronged so badly? Did the presidency of Donald Trump actually help them in a way that we would never be able to know under a democratic government? Perhaps while many of us in more democratic areas see republicans as hairy barbarians who love guns and junk food, they see us democrats as snotty elitists who think they know better than everyone else. Perhaps it was that mentality that made them so angry when the president representing their side was forced to step down, to the point where they attacked. In any case, I don’t believe that I am knowledgable enough about the situation to give a full on theory, which is why I would really like to know more about the generality of republicans and how they think.

    • I actually know some Trump supporters and it’s interesting that when I asked them why they like him they never have an answer. I think they like “owning the Libs” and there’s a lot of fear of immigrants among them. So he keeps doing the immigrant bashing and they like that.

      They don’t seem to notice that he rules like a plutocrat, only helping the rich and using immigrants as a scapegoat for their problems.

  7. This day, January 6th, 2021, will go down in history as our capitol fell. It’s a shameful day, especially to be a trump supporter having to live with the fact that the president who ignited those riot’s an attacks, an act of domestic terrorism, and then later did not do anything to rectify himself from that act. Then he decided disrespect our nation by not showing up at the 59th presidential. a spit on our government. Let’s talk about the attack. A capitol that fell in a broken nation, but had stood for many years. Even during the civil was our capitol stood tall and was completed by president Abraham Lincoln who dared not stop the construction. Even at war he wanted to finish the capitol because it was the symbol of our people. I don’t say nation because our nation was divided then as it is now.

  8. it is interesting to compare it to domestic abuse. It makes sense when you sit and think about it. For the most part, the population involved in the storming of the capital were men who felt like they needed to make a point. Of course, there were women involved with the storming like women can be the one doing the abuse. The storming of the capital shows how unhealthy and toxic the government has become during Trump’s presidency.

  9. Though many of the people who have broken into the capitol and or vandalized it in one way or another have been criminally punished, the way law enforcement handled the situation is the complete opposite of the way black lives matters protests were handled this same year. Many trump supporters who criticized the vandalization of cities did the same exact thing to the capital, which is very contradicting. The storming of the capitol was just as violent if not worse then any black lives matters protest, and worst of all police took almost no physical action against the trump supporters storming the capitol while peaceful protesters of BLM this last year were treated with extreme police violence and physical action. I have heard several people say “well the police didn’t want to hurt the american people,” which I believe truly roots from a racist mentality and is why they would be violent towards people fighting for people of colors rights and non violent to a mostly white group of people.

  10. “Also, I need you to be respectful in how you respond to me and others if you want me to reply to your comments. (I’m not answering some of your questions in other comments for this reason.)”

    This is your blog. You make the rules.

    Henceforth, I choose to no longer comment. It is truly pointless anyway.

    Thanks for indulging me over the years.

  11. “Personal empowerment is vital for both men and women, but if violence only creates a momentary sense of power and esteem, what brings the real thing?”

    Beautifully said. The sad truth, or at least the sad opinion currently tumbling about in my head, is that there is no sense of empowerment to be brought to these people. The pinnacles of American manhood that you mentioned simply won’t allow for it. “No sissy stuff” means No exploring your feelings; no empathy for the plight of others; no generosity in the face of weakness. Forcing yourself to act the part of “sturdy like an oak” while you are the bottom rung of the social and economic ladders is tantamount to being unable to self-reflect and change your own situation: To these people, questioning ones actions in and of itself is inherently womanly, and therefore inferior.

    I do disagree, however, about the economic situation not being the root of the problem. Rather, while I don’t believe that their economic situation is the *cause* of the problem, I believe that we cannot teach these people to bebetter in their current economic situation; and we have to change their living conditions first so that they may begin the healing process. Personally, I believe that a lot of their thoughts and behaviors (Including low self esteem and low self worth; inability to take personal responsibility; constantly comparing themselves to others; the need to unite in racist and exclusionary groups) are based on living in a scarcity-driven society that doesn’t value them or their lives. It’s no secret that even though our country is heinously wealthy, losing a job for just a few weeks could mean that one of these people loses their homes; loses their family; loses everything they’ve ever worked for, without the possibility of getting it back. Without a safety net that truly keeps the lower classes safe, a single minor injury requiring a hospital visit could do the same thing, and ruin any hope of retiring or taking a vacation ever again. In such a heinously unfair and punishing society, I think it will be impossible to change the behavior of America’s ridiculously toxic right wingers.

    • I think the economic situation is the root problem for many but not all Trumpsters. Some have middle- or upper middle-class jobs but are worried that society is changing too quickly (more gender equal, racially quality etc.). They don’t want to lose that feeling of superiority over more people.

      • So, let me get this straight: The 74 mil “Trumpsters” are just malcontents who “are worried that society is changing too quickly (more gender equal, racially quality etc.).”

        Is this really what you believe? In other words we are ALL just racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. Plain ole deplorables.

        It cannot possibly be anything else? Right?

      • If you see things differently I would like you to explain why you like trump so much. I’ve asked a lot of people and no one can seem to tell me. Which makes me think it is either tribal or they don’t want to admit their racism, sexism. And like I said I know some people who voted for him just because he’s a Republican and they are Republican. And they don’t pay much attention to the news and seem to be pretty good at not noticing the racism and sexism. Or they notice it and like it.

        But if you have a different perspective I would like to hear it.

        Also, I need you to be respectful in how you respond to me and others if you want me to reply to your comments. (I’m not answering some of your questions in other comments for this reason.)

      • That’s a very good point that I completely overlooked. I don’t know how the United States could possibly go about ridding the country of Supremacists who are already in the upper echelons of society. “Get them help with their mental health” is the obvious solution, but strong muscly oak trees don’t need any weak puny head doctors, so it feels like a moot point to even talk about. It also feels a hopeless to aim them towards cultures with less judgmental worldviews – They *have* to look down on people who think differently, or their worldview fractures. It feels like they will adjust their ideology as fits so that they can continue to do so; even if it hurts their mental health and self esteem. What can we do without total social upheaval, when every tiny step forward takes a whole generation?

      • If people come to understand the root of the problem it’s easier to solve the problem. Workers uniting to get good pay would certainly be a start. And it’s very doable. Unions have done it before and they can do it again. A lot of people will only listen to right wing media which tends to appeal to prejudice while moving peoples attention away from things like unionizing, though. So it would help if people could stop being distracted and do something that works. Maybe some non-right wing consuming folks can get others going on this.

      • Why do we like Trump so much? Because he the antithesis of California. Look what’s happening there: State budget in free fall, taxes continually increasing (income tax now highest in the country, sales tax very close to highest), productive people leaving in record numbers, businesses leaving in record numbers (aka Tesla), illegal immigrants rushing in by the millions and living on the streets, tent city everywhere, highest homelessness in the country, highest povery rate in the country, poop patrol, electrical blackouts, Ranked 50 (worst) out of all states in quality of life by U.S. News & World Report, voted by CEOs as the worst state to do business in. If you vote against Trump, this is what you are voting for. Enjoy!!

      • Actually, California’s budget is extremely healthy right now because with Covid people have gone online which helps silicon valley which helps California’s tax revenue.

        And the main reason California has Silicon Valley is because it is creative and open to change and thinking outside the box. In other words, it is progressive.

        Yes, we have high taxes but if you look at places with low taxes they don’t tend to do real well. Pakistan has very low taxes but they aren’t doing so well.

        Countries with the highest taxes have the happiest people: Norway, Sweden, Denmark. When citizens are surveyed and what they most dislike about California, it’s mainly a lot of traffic and high housing costs. But that’s because everyone wants to live here. Hopefully the pandemic will create more telecommuting and less traffic. To the extent that people are leaving that will be helpful in terms of housing costs in traffic too, so more news.

        I have friends who watch Fox News all the time and the way the bay area is portrayed is completely different from reality. I love the bay area and I don’t see many tent cities. It’s not much different from other cities I’ve been in outside of the bay area California.

        I just love, love, love California!

  12. I found it very interesting how the article drew parallels between the violence incited on the day of the attack on the capital building and domestic abuse. I had never considered the similarities, but after reading the argument it was striking how it was argued that it was the same desire for being powerful or in control that influenced both mindsets, a mindset that Trump also projects. It is fascinating when talking about the topic of white supremacy because not only do many Trump supporters feel like they are entitled to this sort of societal privilege, but they are aware of how the scales are tilted in their favor and I feel they may be acting out now because they see a progressive movement to challenge this societal power dynamic and even the playing field.

  13. I think the Trump supporters that stormed the capital find comfort in having a public figure that champions their racist and misogynistic views. However, I don’t think all Trump supporters necessarily feel this way. The way I see it is that Trump represents a dying American dream to many of his supporters. Trump supporters surely see or feel the wage stagnation and growing wealth divide, however unlike most progressives they see the solution differently. They fall back on traditional ideas such as the women’s place in the home or the threat immigrants pose to those born in America. To them, Trump is the very embodiment of what the world used to look like and what they wish it still did. A place where primarily white men could start from scratch and become wealthy. A place where white men had job security and where women and people of color were not in a position to challenge the word of these men. But the reality is, we are no longer in that place and for good reason. I don’t think that all Trump supporters necessarily realize they are taking this position, but by choosing to overlook his actions and words they are complicit in the rise of the speech and actions we saw at the capital. Even if some Trump supporters would feel more comfortable in the past, the United States has changed. The problems of wealth inequality, wage stagnation and globalization that are present in America are the same for progressives and Trumpists. However, some time or another Trumpists need to realize that the American dream they so crave is dead and the solution isn’t to fall back into the racism and misogyny of the past.

    • Yes, there are people in my family who have supported Trump really only because they are Republicans and he is a Republican. After the events of the last couple months even some of them are backing away now.

  14. If there is one thing that shows white privilege, this is it. Racism has always been in this country for as long as we can remember. Trump has allowed numerous people to feel empowered to be racist. Furthermore, during Trump’s presidency racially motivated extremist groups no longer felt the fear to hide. Not only that, but Trump influenced white power to the point where they belived they had the right to storm into the capital. Trumpies had the audacity to bash a movement (BLM) who continue to fight for the equality of an oppressed group. They call them terrorists for acting violently against police who intruded peaceful protests where in this case these Trumpies showed pure violence and disrespect for a fair election.

  15. Storm Edmundson

    Trumpism is not a new concept. It is the same superiority complex and misogyny that has rooted itself in American culture since its founding, just under a new name. Trump made these men feel secure in their insecurity and hate. Klan members and Neozazis finally felt free to take off their hoods, and of course their masks. However, I do not feel that this is the worst effect that Trump has had on America. I think it is the complacency and blind support for the man from people that wouldn’t necessarily call themselves “racist” or “misogynistic”. 74 million people voted for him, and by the size of his rallies and coup attempt, the majority are not diehard Trumpies. Millions justify their vote for him because of his economic policies or because of the number of jobs he has created. These people are just as dangerous to our system and the attempts we are making to be a truly equal society. The fact that so many people are willing to overlook his blatant racism, sexism, and homophobia is frightening. Trump’s promise of white and male supremacy sounded great to the men in this country who are frightened of actually having to have skills and education to remain at their jobs and not be replaced by women and people of color who are forced to work twice as hard to get where white men are today.

    • Yes, you are right that Trumpism is nothing new. In fact I hear that he paid people to listen to right wing radio and then he just started repeating everything. It certainly fits the evidence of what we have seen. He repeated what these folks wanted to hear and suddenly people started saying, “Finally, someone who understands me!” No wonder he got such a following! He could do no wrong including cutting billionaire taxes and creating a budget to pay for it by cutting Social Security and Medicare from his followers. And they still love him!

    • “so many people are willing to overlook his blatant racism, sexism, and homophobia is frightening.”

      Honest question… I’ve never heard of Trump’s “blatant racism, sexism, and homophobia”. Where exactly would we prove it exists? Bearing in mind, Joe Biden says that if you don’t vote for him “you ain’t black”, and “poor kids are just as smart as white kids”. So I’d like to see the fair and balanced assessment, not some cherry picking out of context hit job.

      • What Joe Biden did is unconscious racism which unfortunately most of us have having grown up in a racist society. What Trump does is over the top. Much more cruel and intentionally cruel.

        Mexicans are rapists and murderers? That’s how he announced his campaign.

        He put Mexican kids in cages as if they aren’t even human beings.

        There are good people among the Nazis and the anti-Nazis?

        He Attacks strong women: reporters, governors, the head of General Motors and, of course, the House speaker. Hillary Clinton – lock her up. Women must wear skirts at the White House. Attack birth control and the right to choose. And he is especially hard on black women.

        White supremacists are for him and think he was one of them. For obvious reasons.

  16. Those same people that stormed the capital are the ones that go on about Blue Lives Matter. They told us to respect the law and respect officers now they are doing far worse. It was those same people that were so against the Black Lives Matter movement. Saying they would not stand with violence, when the police were the ones that were ready to shoot innocent people. They don’t care about the law or people’s safety. They care about white supremacy and staying in power. They found someone in office who is vocal about being racist and against immigration. Now they refuse to let him go and will do anything he asks, even storm the capital. We could never be equal, someone always has to be more powerful in their mind. Whether it’s race or gender. I’ve had more racist encounters these past few years than I ever have in my entire life.

    • “ Those same people that stormed the capital are the ones that go on about Blue Lives Matter.”

      Yeah, and they act like defiling the capital is better than defiling a liquor store.

      If they ever got Trump as king they would lose even more power. The people wouldn’t have any power. And Trump would only do what is good for him, because he always only does what is good for him.

    • “They care about white supremacy and staying in power. ”

      Yeah, that sound like White liberal Democrats to me!

      • Maybe you can give an example. The liberals I know want to help other people.

      • “The liberals I know want to help other people.”

        The conservatives I know want to help other people. What does this prove?

        Nancy Pelosi admitted that the only reason she was finally willing to pass corona stimulus was they they have a new president. That’s what you call crushing the American people purely for power.

      • Conservatives might want to help people but not generally through government. Just need a personal help, which leaves a lot of people unhelped.

        Nancy Pelosi knew that if Trump won that people wouldn’t get any more help. The only legislation he passed or tried to pass was tax cuts for billionaires and getting rid of affordable care for people. Trump has never done anything in his life that doesn’t help himself. In the long run more people will be helped if he isn’t president.

      • I find it fascinating how you think it’s perfectly fine and acceptable to lie, cheat and steal in the political arena in the pursuit of pure power, provided you think that the ends justify the means.

        Australia has government health care. There’s a story of an Australian man who waited so long for surgery that he decided to do it himself with a Stanley knife.

        Conservatives believe that the total amount of health care provided can be maximised through a robust capitalist market that provides health care at the lowest possible price. The reason this fellow in Australia couldn’t afford the surgery himself is that prices are bloated out with government waste and regulation. A surgery that you can do yourself with a Stanley knife ought to be affordable.

        Another case is the UK which has government health care. I met a guy in the Philippines who flew there to get his teeth done, because the wait list in the UK was just too long. What’s the point in shovelling more government money into a system that fundamentally can’t supply any more, merely making doctors rich?

        You may or may not agree with this, but here’s the point: It’s wrong to assume that conservatives see the issue as government help vs personal help. Conservatives see the issue that you can maximise total health care, and thereby total human benefit, through the capitalist system of lowering costs and regulations. It’s not about one tribe “caring” more than the other one. It’s a different belief system on how the world works.

        As for getting help, the Republicans wanted to give the same as Democrats, $2000, but only if they cut the pork of gender studies money for Pakistan and such.

      • When you don’t have government supported healthcare you have a lot of people who don’t get any healthcare at all. They are much more likely to take a knife to perform surgery on themselves than a state with healthcare for all.

        I have relatives who live in Canada and they love the Canadian system. And whenever I meet Canadians I ask them how they like their healthcare and they all love it.

        The US spends more on healthcare than other industrialized countries and have worse health outcomes. Higher morbidity.

        What does your comment about lying cheating and stealing have to do with anything?

  17. Trumpkins pretend to be alpha but were born beta and will always be beta. In the wild they would be bear food. No woman wants their genes in her child. Some of them have partners because of beta patriarchy but they are horrible relationships where the woman feels nothing.

    • I don’t see things quite the same as you but I wrote something to Ronnie that I think applies: “there’s an interesting mix between insecurity and wanting to feel strong and powerful that leads people to putting down others (due to their insecurity) in order to raise themselves up.”

      In 1950s America when non-college educated men could support a family through factory work they felt more secure in their manhood. But now as jobs are being lost to automation mostly, but also globalization, men are having more difficulty finding jobs that will support a family which creates a great deal of insecurity. There are positive, productive ways of dealing with that, and there are destructive ways the backfire. Unfortunately, too many men choose the latter and make everyone miserable.

    • “Trumpkins pretend to be alpha but were born beta and will always be beta. In the wild they would be bear food. No woman wants their genes in her child.”

      Nice rhetoric to tone down the divide there.

      Meanwhile, people are predicting that left wing liberalism will be wiped out, as those folks are not reproducing, for all the reasons you can probably figure out without me telling you. Meanwhile those traditional Trump folks out in heartland America are having big American families. Give it a generation or two, there might be only conservatives left. Statistics say, women only want “Trumpkin genes” in their bodies.

      • Fred, for once we agree: “Nice rhetoric to tone down the divide there.” That’s good advice for everyone, isn’t it?

        And you are right that liberals tend to have fewer children, often because they’re more likely to use birth control. But interestingly where there is an ideological shift people tend to move from conservative to liberal. Look at the young generation they are liberal at a rate of about 75 to 25%, which is much more liberal than their parents.

      • Come on, we all know people move more conservative as they get older. That so well known, I don’t know why I should even link you to that. The reason is that leftism is a unicorn and rainbows philosophy that doesn’t work in the real world, and whose fundamental understanding of the world is flawed.

        Its also highly likely there is a biological component to how you vote. Different races have survived the last 100,000 years with different strategies and different understandings of how society works . Some more independent, some less. Its highly likely that leftists will genetically wipe themselves out.

      • It’s not that people get more conservative as they age, since many people, especially women, become more radicalized as they experience more sexism over time.

        As people age they often grow in empathy and compassion which leaves them with less prejudice for others. These less prejudice people raise less prejudiced children. My grandmother was extremely prejudiced her whole life. My mom is less prejudice than her but more prejudiced than me. My mom also grew up in a less prejudiced society than her mother did. My students grow up in a less prejudiced society than I did and they are less prejudiced and discriminatory.

        But if it’s important to you to think that leftists will genetically wipe themselves out, whatever. Not important to me.

      • “Meanwhile, people are predicting that left wing liberalism will be wiped out, as those folks are not reproducing, …..”

        It will die out not because of reproduction. It will die because it has failed the masses.

        Just think of how these clowns have put this country in $30 Trillion of debt while cutting taxes, fighting bullshit wars, bailing out their Harvard and Yale classmates….But for the average American here is $600 for you. All of this crap happen under both Dems and Republicans. They are all part of the same cabal!

      • Trump’s tax cuts for billionaires made the debt rise more than anything. They just don’t talk about it on the right because right when billionaires fund right wing media.

        But if you look at the left, the happiest countries in the world are democratic socialist countries with high gender equality: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark always end up in the top 10. Even Forbes admits it:

        And the saddest are strong patriarchies.

      • Most of those people were meant to be eaten by grizzly bears,or at least not to mate. The point of mate selection is only those with desirable genes get to pass them on. That means alpha males and 10s, maybe 9s sometimes. Trumpkin betas and their 5s are a perversionof the system.

      • Wouldn’t all males be alpha by now then?

  18. This is a quotation from an article in the Byline Times (THE STORMING OF THE CAPITAL: PART TWO) that I found interesting. Particularly with its reference to feminism, although it is no surprise.

    “Donald Trump… became the anti-political hero of racist, sexist, gun-toting, ‘winner-takes-all’ individualism, scared only by international solidarity and, above all, feminism.”

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