Do women worry about “doing it right?”

Men concerned with pleasing partners

Women concerned with pleasing partners

I asked women and men in my classes if they ever worry about whether they are “doing it right” when they have sex.

I recently wrote up my survey of young college men. Now let’s turn to the women, all of whom are 1st and 2nd year students, and almost all are in their late teens/early twenties.

I asked 80 of my women students who had sex with men (straight/bi/pan/flex) this question:

In sexual situations do you ever worry about whether you are “doing it” right?

Answer: YES: 73%            NO: 27%

Their answers were similar to the men’s. Most students did worry, at least sometimes, with 73% of women and 71% of men saying they did.

Next, I did a qualitative survey of 52 women, asking them to talk more about their answer. (Among this sub-group 71% worried about “doing it right.”)

While the women and men I surveyed were about equally likely to worry, the women sometimes described their concern a little differently from the men.

Women and men were both concerned with pleasing their partners. But it seemed that women were more likely to “worry” about it. Among women, 46% worried about doing it right compared to 15% of the men. The genders were more similar when it came to concern with their partners pleasure with 19% of men voicing that concern and 12% of women.

My classification is somewhat subjective, so I’ll give examples where I thought women seemed to be making sure their partners was pleased verses worrying over it in a way that might be distracting:

Concern: is he being pleasured? (n=6;  12%)

    • Yes. Is my partner sexually satisfied too? 
    • I always make sure I am pleasing my partner, and how we have sex makes me happy. 
    • Yes. Am I doing something pleasurable for the other person?
    • Not so much about doing it right, more about if my partner is getting pleasure

Worrying about doing it right (n=24; 46%)

Women seemed to have more of a “worry” focus compared with men. Or maybe for gendered reasons they were more likely to admit to worry, even using the word more. Maybe women are taught more to worry, or to admit it, or, because women’s sexuality is more repressed it might be easier to get distracted from pleasure by worry.

    • Yes, I worry about whether it feels good to my partner
    • Yes, I worry about if I am pleasing the other person enough
    • I always worry about if someone likes what I’m doing
    • I always want to make sure I’m pleasing my partner but never know if I’m doing it right
    • Yes. I question if I’m in the”right” position sometimes
    • Yes, when I’m trying to master cowgirl 101
    • I try to make sure I’m doing it correctly
    • Yes, feels like a race
    • Yes. I worry that I don’t perform as well as their previous partners
    • Sometimes I get embarrassed at how I lose control, so I try to control the way I look by keeping my stomach flat or my hair right
    • I worry about the feel, the process, how I look.

About the same number of women (13%) and men (12%) fretted over their lack of experience.

I’m inexperienced (n=7;  13%)

    • I often feel like I’m not pleasing my partner because I lack experience. Sometimes I’m insecure
    • I don’t want to look like I’m inexperienced
    • If I’m trying something new
    • My first time I had no idea what I was doing

Nope, I don’t worry about doing it right (n=15; 29%)

Men were a bit less like to worry about “doing it right” — with just over one-third of men (35%) and under one-third of women (29%) saying “Nope, no worries.” And roughly 1/3 of both women and men felt confident in bed. 

And similar to some of the men I surveyed, a few women simply said, “No,” they didn’t worry about “Doing it right.“ Others expanded and here are a few of their quotes:

    • Not really, I simply enjoy it
    • No, because I have only been with people I feel 100% comfortable with and who I felt cared for me.
    • No, because if you love someone it doesn’t matter what they think.

Interestingly, several women said they needn’t worry because they felt loved and cared for. That didn’t come up among the men I sampled.

In conclusion…

Women were more likely to spend more time worrying about technique. And women were also less likely to worry about harming their partners physically or emotionally. A number of factors could lie behind these differences.

Women may be less likely to have fantasies that could potentially involve hurting their partners since the eroticism they read and view is less aimed at harming men. And  due to testosterone, men are on average bigger and stronger than their partners.

Our society also more strongly objectifies women and teaches both men and women to do this. (A sex object exists to satisfy their partners, their own feelings and thoughts don’t matter so much.) So it’s not surprising that women are more likely to feel like they should satisfy their partners and to worry about it. Also, because we punish women’s sexuality more than men’s, women can get into the habit of repressing their desire to an extent that they actually lose touch with desire (nearly half of US women report low or no desire). And then, the only thing that makes sense is to focus on their partners’ pleasure.

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  1. I have to agree with this blog and the results that came in from it because women tend to care more than men do. In the survey, 73% of women and 71% of men were concerned about doing it right but more women were worried about it more than men. The results when they were more worried was 46% women and 15% of men were worried. I feel that men really only focus on pleasing their partner or themselves. The study that they did put it in perspective that women are less worried because I was able to see the numbers but I did not think so many women were having thoughts and what is the right way to be having sex. I believe that women tend to have more feelings than men which is why they think so heavily about this situation.

  2. Both men and women are concerned with pleasing their partners, worry about their performance, and want to get affirmation from their partners. I agree with this point that women were more likely to worry about “doing it right”. Not only worry about the sexual technique but also worry about their body figure, their perfume. Some women would pretend to orgasm even they don’t enjoy sex, they just try their best to satisfy their partners, keep partners interested, or excited. Or some women think they are supposed to orgasm, that is the right reaction. Orgasm pretended is kind of the “right thing”, it would make them look more sexual. Men seemed to have fewer things to be considered as right things. At least, faking orgasm isn’t an easy thing that men can conduct.

  3. I found it extremely interesting that men and women worry about “doing it right” at similar rates. I expected women to worry more about the specific topic. I think it is also super important to understand the analysis done in this post. Women are more focused on the technique and pleasuring their partner, making it the reason why they do worry. With societal standards, it makes sense that women feel that their sexuality is suppressed, meaning that a partner’s experience is important to them. Lastly, I think it is important to look at the percentages of those who worry due to inexperience. Both men and women have concerns over the lack of experience when it comes to intimate actions and that is a contributing factor to whether one worries about their performance in bed. With that being said, it is evident that both men and women have concerns over sex. It doesn’t make a woman “less of a woman” to be dominant in bed and a man “less of a man” to be concerned over pleasuring his partner. Therefore, it should be a universal thought that everyone’s experience is different and that worrying about “doing it right” is a natural feeling.

  4. Mariafernanda P

    It was extremely unexpected to read how both men and women had similar answers at the same rates. I expected that women be more worried about it than men. What struck me was that it wasn’t so much worry, but rather anxiety about pleasure. I think in the patriarchal society women are definitely more expected to be worried about pleasure than men, and be more open about being worried. I think that this statistical data is important, seeing that 73% of women answered yes, and 71% of men answered yes as well. It really shows me that it’s not just women who worry, but men too. I wish that this was taught more in society to equalize that both men and women tend to worry. We should not just be pushing women to accept that they are the gender group that “worries more”. I think that there are definitely a lot of flaws when it comes to societal expectations.

  5. I’m honestly speechless on the percentage of men that basically want confirmation if they are doing it right just as much as women. But I do understand in a woman’s shoes because I’ve definitely been there. From the moment a woman introduces herself she wonders ‘ok, I have to make this right “impression” and then we take things to the next level, but will I be a great performer on that level.’ It’s a mind thing and wanting that confirmation if your performance was good from a guy is somewhat a self-esteem issue. Women just want approval that they are pleasing their mate overall.

  6. I am also surprised to hear that men feel the same as women. Women feel the need to make men feel better because women are caring people and place more value on emotional connection. Men think more about sex and only care to have sex, and don’t think if they are doing it right (well some men) Women feel the need to make sure they are wearing the appropriate clothing, wearing perfume, and looking right. They care if the man is happy with sex and want the man to feel pleasure. I think over time that dies and women don’t care as much as what the men think. It’s more of doing it and not losing it. It’s more of making sure that both are feeling interested and making sure it happens. Working moms focus more on their kids and career and put husbands second. The thought of thinking if they are doing it right is not as important as when they were dating. I also think that some women don’t even care if they are doing it right they just care of getting the pleasure.

  7. The topic “Do women worry about “doing it right” made me contemplate after reading through the resources that men and women were asked to justify what crosses both of their minds when having sex. Seeing the type of percentages, 46% being the highest thought of a woman if “doing it right”, the assumption of maybe women just attend to worry more as men. As a women, my opinion would be women attend to have more of an emotional connection compared to men when it comes to sex and other sensitive topics.

  8. I feel as though the thought and question of “am I doing it right?” all cooks down to the societal pressure of women once they become of age. There is such a huge pressure for Women when it comes to sex, especially if you are in your “prime”. For me, I am considered to be in my “prime” (age 18-30) and I feel this HUGE pressure to go out and have one-night stands and perform well in bed and be this amazing sexual being, but I’m not that person right now. I am so focused on my school and career that I don’t feel the need to go out and perform like that. To me, something so intimate like that is reserved for very special people who have my full trust. And when I’m with a person I trust that I feel there is no need to worry or not. It’s just very interesting experiencing this societal pressure that was, up until I turned 18, a BIG NO NO! Your entire life as a woman you are shamed for being a sexual being and then all of the sudden it all changes when you turn 18 and all that shame turns into the question of “AM I DOING IT RIGHT?”

    • I really like this point you make: Your entire life as a woman you are shamed for being a sexual being and then all of the sudden it all changes when you turn 18 and all that shame turns into the question of “AM I DOING IT RIGHT?”

  9. This study is very interesting to me, and a bit surprising as well, I am a bit surprised that it is such a high percentage of men who said they worried if they were doing it right, though I am not surprised that the percentage of women is higher. I believe that society shows its focus on the women’s role of pleasing men, like having hot food ready when they come home from work, Women may feel their position may be endangered if they do not satisfy their partner in all aspects of their lives, therefore show disregard to their own feelings.

  10. This article really emphasizes how society has made women feel a need to satisfy men. The article shows how there is more worry in “doing it right” among women than men. There is a pressure that comes with being a woman in a world where they are continuously objectified. While women worry and take their time to please men, the men worry about their pleasure. This has come to show that there are many ways in which women are seen and treated as sexual objects. As a woman myself this makes me upset because although I should not care about “doing it right” a part of me would feel provoked.

    • Yes, it’s due to unconscious internalization.

      When you live in a society that bombard you with an idea most people will come to believe that idea without really even realizing it oftentimes.

  11. I feel that the percentage of women worrying about this is higher than men because some women see sex as more intimately and emotionally and some men see sex as just a physical activity. Women take more time in getting prepared for a small moment: body hair removal, finding the perfect outfit and underwear to wear, smelling good, looking good. Especially due to pornography, women are seen as purely objects of pleasure and that we’re supposed to “act” a certain way: be very loud, open to experimenting, even times pretending to have orgasms or that the act was “the best they ever had”. We are more worried about pleasing our partner rather than our own pleasure to not hurt their ego, but men are solely worried about their own pleasure.

    • Interesting perspective. I think it’s more about who is objectified, and in our culture women are still much more objectified than men are. Porn is all about objectification. And also, all of these preparation’s that women make more about the body more than the emotion. Some of my students have said that it’s not as big of a problem with their boyfriends, compared to new guys. They can let the body go and move into the emotion of the experience which is attached to the trust they have that helps them to let go of the worry.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. I think this is a really interesting article. I think a lot of woman could relate to this as I believe this is a very common thing, like the experiment/article proved. A lot of times, even in conversations I have had with my girlfriends, we wonder if what we are doing is pleasing to our partners. I think this is because we are sexualized so much and are expected to be perfect; especially when pertaining to sex and pleasure. I think that it is interesting as well that men also answered yes in some aspects. I honestly would have thought that a lot of men, especially those who are younger, only really care about pleasing themselves; more so when they have random sexual partners. This might be different when you are in a comfortable relationship with someone you trust and you can express your needs and desires freely.

  13. I personally do identify with this article because I don’t usually feel like I’m doing it right. I constantly worry about if my partner is having a good time. I was always taught that men come first in everything. Whether it was sexually or even at home, I was always taught that men come first. I was always told to serve my dad, brother, uncle, and any other male that was either part of the family, or was a guest in our home. Sexually, I can really relate to men always being put first.

  14. The responses to a question like this are so important to look at between men and women. As a woman, I would have voted yes because there is so much pressure when it comes to having sex. Do I look fat? Is my hair messed up? Does this feel good for them? There are so many assumptions that sex has to be a certain way and you have to do certain things with your partner- however what most people fail to acknowledge is that everybody is different! Not every person you are with may like the same things (and that is okay). Personally I always want to clear things up before getting anywhere near intimacy in order to make sure we are both comfortable and on the same page as each other.. sort of like guidelines! I’ve had several conversations with my guy friends about what sex is like for guys compared to girls and it cracks me up every time. Typically the responses I’ve heard is that they arent worried about anything because “they know what they’re doing”. Thats it??? How do THEY know that they’re doing it right? I really enjoyed this reading, especially the ending statements as the author brings up the social standards for women in the world of sex.

  15. It is incredibly interesting to see just how many women worry about “doing it right.” I often would think about that myself when having an intimate experience but just chalked it up to me over thinking as I usually tend to do. I feel like because sexuality for women is often hidden away it is harder to know what is the “right” or “wrong” way to be intimate as I really never had anything to go off of. A woman’s role in sex is not typically the focus and not often discussed which makes it incredibly difficult to determine if you know what you are doing. Not to mention constantly thinking about looking good during like keeping your stomach flat and your hair not too crazy. It is nice to know that I am not the only one with these worries, however sex is a natural thing and in turn I think open communication with your partner will allow those worries to fade.

  16. This topic made reflect on my own experience, and noticing that as years have passed by and talking about sex stopped being such a neglected subject within my group of friends. Growing up the word sex is either avoided or taken as a conversation for jokes. This made it difficult for me to understand what I was supposed to be or supposed to be doing. So yes, the question “am I doing it right” was something that started running through my head. I thought well maybe if I satisfy his needs then I am satisfied as well. However, it definitely does not work that way. Doubting myself shows the insecurities that I have with myself. Thinking I am not physically good enough, but it also had affected me emotionally. Hyping myself/ourselves up is something we need to do. If we are not our own biggest fan then the doubt if “we are doing it right” will be hard to avoid.

  17. Liliana Munoz Vazquez

    This is one good question to ask most people, looking at it for both woman and men. It is both important to see what they answered and to see what’s important to women. I would have voted yes, because I feel like most women do worry about what they are doing right. Not only to look good but for their self-esteem. When girls talk and have conversation about sex, I hear most of them talk about how they can be better for the men or what they can do different to make things more pleasurable for them. I have not heard for the most part the men trying to ask the woman what they like and how they feel. With a simple did you “like it” or did it “feel good” or “what did you think”. I feel like most of those questions are ask to see how they did as a form of feedback. I’m not surprised that 73% percent answer yes women are often judge and 46% do worry about “doing it right” and that’s pretty much half of them. The 29% percent have confidence or have experience and they are good with themselves

  18. I think I’ve learned from my experiences that in the college ages, especially in 1st and 2nd year, where experimentation is a trend, students get enticed because of that liberation they feel from their parents’ traditionalist authority, especially those students who live in dorms or even study abroad. Precisely, students are learning about each experience they have first-hand.
    In connection to the post, students somehow have this expectation built in themselves that tells them “I have to have experience, or I’ll look like a (insert name of choice here), and experience is to be a monster in bed”, supposedly. However, students aren’t taught by that experience isn’t something we innately have, but something that comes with time, and that the best way to be satisfied even in those moments of heat is to communicate openly with your partner and tell them likes, dislikes, you name it, because it is what a relationship in itself is designed to do, to get to know someone, and it doesn’t always imply romantically.
    I also feel that we aren’t being taught the difference between a concern and a worry genuinely, because it is very easy to see the thin line that exists between both concepts, since they both involve the same emotional reaction and maybe even adrenaline. However, concern is something that has us on alert, a thought that somehow stays with us “in the back of our minds”. Worry is an idea or a mental image that can either be made up by our minds that can happen, but that causes an anxiety or a sense of adrenaline in a person, which in this case is to signify that a need is not met by us directed towards our partner. However, I think that this worry comes from, again, a lack of communication brought up by the idea that sex somehow needs to be a guessing game between partners and everything should somehow automatically be laid out on the table already. Sex isn’t a guessing game. Sex is a connection between two people that have reached a point where they precisely feel comfortable with each other, enough to the point of where they want to discover that erotic side to each other. Personally speaking, I think that if someone has worries, concerns and anxieties about how they’ll do in bed and they feel that insecure about “what they have” and how their partner will respond, then they’re not ready for the commitment of sex in itself, bar none. Sadly, sex isn’t seen that way anymore, it has become just an egotistical act between two people with the ultimate intention of satisfying a hormonal need.

  19. “By the way, what do you think about what Trump says about the military:

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    An Atlantic article has a lot to say on this:

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    • I’ve asked a couple of my friends why they like Trump and neither can think of anything. I think it’s just tribal, or getting excited about “owning the libs” even though it doesn’t really get them anything.

      His attack on democracy is what worries me most, and is why so many informed conservatives are voting for him. Biden isn’t perfect for them, but at least they’d be able to vote him out.

    • “Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’.”

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      • By the way, what do you think about what Trump says about the military:

        Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’.

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  21. Hey how are things? As you’ve seen many colleges have shutdown or to online because of the spike from many colleges and universities. Seems particularly for southern colleges and mid west ones. How is it at your college? This year sucks and I feel for your students. I assume there’s restrictions also. Is it online or in class? Has there been cases spiked from parties or gatherings for your college? How have your students been handling things?

    • Because my eyes have been bothering me from doing too much computer work I actually told my dean I wanted to take some time off. Interestingly, I wanted to start my time off spring quarter, which started in April, So I just haven’t been having to deal with it. I will have to say that both coronavirus and not teaching me or giving me a really good rest. I’m really liking it so far. Another professor uses my blog for her class so it will still be used, and I will still keep posting once a month.

      So I’m wondering what you think about Trump versus Biden?

      • The thing is this, I’m not crazy about Biden. Just about all politicians seem to have some double talk aspect to them or go sometimes where they think votes will be. But damn, Trump is to a whole different universe. I don’t know when he ever doesn’t lie. He is a pathological liar and Biden is getting blamed yet he’s not even president lol. Trump is trying to say how the chaos of protesters and far right fighting is because of the protesters being hooligans. But trump is the instigator, he wants to see the city burn, because it sets up the position for him to look like a “hero” and to save the day. Yes Biden is a democrat, but I don’t believe Biden sides with the radical violent and destructive people who are looting and being violent.

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      • I agree with your assessment.

        Of course I voted for Hillary in 2016 but if she were elected and behaving the way Trump is now I would vote for a Republican like McCain if he were still alive or John Kasich. Because Trump is a threat to our democracy. So much so that many Republicans who keep up on the issues are voting for Democrats just to sustain our democracy. Even Republicans who have worked on many Republican presidential campaigns like Stuart Stevens (Mitt Romney) and Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt (McCain).

        He wants to be president for life and be worshiped like the North Korean president is. And he’s clearly Putin‘s puppet. Putin wants to we can American ties to Europe by hurting trade relations and military alliances. The US uses our military to guard Europe so that Europe won’t raise their own armies, which could threaten us. Now that they don’t have much military if the US pulls out it would be easier for Russia to take over the countries one by one. So hurting relationships via failure to sustain Military and trade alliances has the potential to boost Russia. It’s exactly what Trump is doing.

        Meanwhile he befriends the dictators that he admires and wants to Emulate.

        He says he trusts Putin over US intelligence. He suggested partnering with Putin on cyber security – the fox guarding the hen house. He shared classified information with Russia. He’s had secret meetings with Putin. Putin was allowed to have aids in but Trump wouldn’t do the same.

        Constant lying and leaving people feeling they don’t know what the truth is is a tactic that boosts dictatorships. If you feel like you can’t know the truth you can’t hold us accountable.

        He is such a threat to the well-being of our country, and our democratic norms.

  22. Question: Why do all your hypothesis always revolve around society and environment and not biology?

  23. I enjoyed reading this survey! Ever since I read the one about how men feel, I was super curious to see how women felt about it too. I found it interesting that men and women thought similarly about if they are “doing it right”. 73% of women and 71% of men said that they did. However, upon further inspection both men and women actually had different motives as to why they were feeling this way. This is what sparked my interest the most! Women were more likely to “worry” about pleasing their partners, 46% in fact, while only 15% of men worried in this way. Personally, I feel that the worry that women experience can be related to the stigma around women being sexual beings. It is more widely accepted that men are sexual and I feel like this might give men more confidence when it comes to having sex!

  24. It was interesting to see that at a glance both men and women answered yes, at approximately the same rates, to the question “do you worry?” Then when asked deeper about this concern it wasn’t so much worry, but rather it was pleasure. When seeing that 73% of women answered yes, and 71% of men answered yes, I automatically assumed a similar analysis could be drawn from both groups. As noted in the post, it may be that “women are taught more to worry, or to admit it.” Women in many situations are expected to show stronger emotional ties then men are. Women are also constantly taught to conform and accept that they are wrong, rather than retaliate. All of these societal expectations may be what constitutes these differences in what worrying looks like between men and females.

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