Women Looking at Magic Mike Stripper

Magic Mike Strippers

Magic Mike Strippers

How do women feel about pictures of men showing a lot of skin?

A few years back I surveyed students on a picture of Sly Stallone. You can see my writeup here. In brief: There was a mix of appreciation and discomfort.

He’s attractive and sexy. “He’s sexy, but” (He’s not my type… I don’t want to have sex with him…) He’s not attractive … it’s weird.

Some suggested I update the survey to include current stars like Channing Tatum, once named People’s sexiest man alive. So I asked 133 of my women students to write whatever thoughts came to them when looking at the picture below: 

Magic Mike Stripper

I was curious about how women would react to a nearly naked man like this image from the movie Magic Mike. It’s not unusual for women to see this sort of image in an R-rated movie, except that the image would be one of a nearly nude woman.

Magic Mike stripper

By far the most common response — nearly half at 46% — was dislike: “I don’t like it,” or “it feels awkward… or uncomfortable,” or they thought it was weird.

If “uncomfortable” includes finding the image hilarious, funny, or pointing out how odd or gender bending it seemed, that number rises to 60%. Specific comments:

  • Boys in thongs– no!
  • Men who are exposed look very exposed
  • It’s funny – not common for men to act sexy like this
  • It’s odd to see men acting sexy. Usually women take that role.
  • I’m uncomfortable. I’ve never liked male strippers
  • Grossed out
  • This looks miserable
  • Creepy

A few said they felt more comfortable with female nudity, and even found it more attractive, probably since they’re more used to seeing it and have been conditioned to see women as the sexy half of the species.

  • Women seem to be more sexy because we have been conditioned that way
  • Naked guys are just not as appealing, and I’m not gay

And at least one — whether she realized or not — noted how it seemed strange because we are so used to objectified images being targeted to men. So this, obviously, was targeted toward men (although it wasn’t):

  • Gay porno
Patrick Swayze Chippendale's

Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley doing Chippendale’s.

About a quarter (23%) thought it best to offer no opinion. Usually they just described the picture. Or they said they had no opinion. Relatedly, some said “No judgment” or “I’ve seen the movie so I’m not phased.” It’s as though they were fighting an impulse to judge, hinting that their real response is “Dislike.”

Five percent didn’t like the objectification.

And 7% disliked the image because it brought to mind images of rape, domination or abuse.

A couple women had positive things to say, but with reservations:

  • Looks like she’s enjoying it. But I’d be embarrassed.
  • Hot. But a little too much.

Only about one and five (19%) we’re completely positive. They said things like this:

  • Having a good time
  • Attractive
  • Hot body
  • Sexy
  • Hot
  • I like it

Overall, most women were pretty uncomfortable with this image. They were not used to this sort of imagery for men.

So I later asked about an image they were more likely to have seen before — an underwear ad with David Beckham. More on that later.

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  1. There do seem to be some cute women look for so that someone like David Beckham can pose nearly naked and still look manly. He has a masculine look, he has a career in a masculine sport, he is married and has sired children.”

    You’re right, he does have a strong masculine look and presence which is why he can get away with his modeling without seeming girly or “gay”. The ironic thing is if you ever hear him talk in an interview, he has a softer, well not high pitched but “higher pitch” tone for a guy. It’s not girly sounding, but almost doesn’t match to his masculine look. Whereas, Chris hemsworth, a big guy like I said, very masculine look, his voice is quite deep so aligns with his look. Conscious or sub conscious I think we see deep voices with sign of masculinity because of high testosterone for a man possibly? Actually this made me think of a famous actor, and I think was kept secret in hollywood for a very long time because of the time period he lived in and acted. And related to male movie stars who were seen as very good looking. Since this was before my time, I only remember famous actor Marlon Brando in like The God father and such movies as an old man.

    The old, chubby marlon, like in the God father, one would have never guessed that he was a very handsome man when he was in his early 20s as a young man. I read he was bisexual or had secret affairs with men. I don’t know how it came up on youtube, but there was an old casting video of him as a young man where he looked like he was 21, and he looked like he could have been a model if he wanted to based on his looks. I brought that up one time to my mother, how I didn’t know marlon was once a handsome guy when he was young. And she said, yeah he was a very good looking guy when he was young.

    • Oh yeah, I have seen early pictures of Marlon Brando and yeah he was very good looking when he was young. I guess David Beckham‘s career as a model works well with his not having to talk, eh?

  2. “Yeah, there is a stereotype that really good looking guys are gay”

    I never thought I’d feel offended for not being seen as gay now 😄🤷‍♂️Jk. Yeah but I’ve heard women say that too. I think it’s more so jealous guys, but some women may think a guy is too hot to be true and not interested in women. It’s probably because gay men are sexualized in gay community. So they pay more attention to dressing well, grooming and basically maintenance of their appearance to straight guys.

    So a gay man will put more effort to look his best often compared to straight guys. I know I generalized. I guess keeping top care of ones appearance is seen as feminine. It’s probably why the term which implies “less masculine” came about with straight men really focused on their grooming and the term “metrosexual” came about.

    • There is actually research to support your point about gay men putting more effort into their appearance than straight men do. On average. It seems that whoever is trying to appeal to men puts more effort in. (Social patterns are sometimes thought of as stereotypes or over generalizations but there are actually social patterns. It’s what we sociologists study.)

      I appreciate your observation that that particular social pattern might contribute to thinking of especially good looking men as gay. I’m wondering if the stereotype even “protects” both men’s and women’s egos in a way you describe. Women: I can’t get him but he’s probably gay anyway. Men: I can’t compete but he’s probably gay anyway.

      • I guess it probably depends on how “groomed” the good looking man is though? Like the very handsome guys that’s a pretty boy and maybe more clean cut or refined? He might be thought as possibly being gay even if he shows no flamboyancy? Like for instance, I thought Channing Tatum was rumored to be bisexual or something. I don’t see feminine behavior from him, but it doesn’t surprise me because of his clean cut look. Whereas, Chris hemsworth who is seen as very good looking by women too and just as attractive, I don’t think women would think he’s gay even though they find him hot. And I think it’s maybe his “rugged” good looks? Maybe it’s his stature too? Channing is not a small dude, but Hemsworth I think is very tall. He looks like he’s 6’3 and he’s muscular built. He has a towering presence.

        Maybe it’s because he’s well known as Thor from marvel which is a very masculine hero too. Hemsworth is towering or has that presence. Chris hemsworth has done a clean cut look too tho, but yeah, as a guy, Hemsworth has always come across exuding a ton of masculinity to me. It’s not an act but a presence, so I wonder about that. Not that a guy is feminine but maybe if he’s pretty boyish but there also isn’t a big exuding of masculinity either. I guess guys who may be very good looking, but like Chris hemsworth will be the exception that straight women may wish they were gay to save their egos, but women can’t lie to themselves to believe the dude is gay. And probably straight men can’t lie about the guy being gay either to save their ego as far as competition goes. For Chris hemsworth, I couldn’;t even lie to myself that he’s gay, I get a straight and very masculine vibe from him. I can’t say it’s not masculine from Tatum, and it’s not feminine, but I don’t get a masculine exude from tatum like Hemsworth. I’m just a straight man though, but what about your opinion as a woman? Seeing Chris hemsworth just speaking not just in movies, but interviews or talk shows, etc? I just see a very masculine aura from him

      • There do seem to be some cute women look for so that someone like David Beckham can pose nearly naked and still look manly. He has a masculine look, he has a career in a masculine sport, he is married and has sired children.

        For some reason I think Channing Tatum actually is bisexual, for real. I don’t think anyone would peg him as gay or bi without some basis. I never would’ve thought he was bisexual. He seems fairly manly to me. But if I’ve been taken in by the rumor, the rumor could’ve come from Magic Mike – guys doing stripping. I surveyed my students and they were much more uncomfortable with a picture I showed of him from that movie nearly naked than they were when he was wearing pants without a shirt.

  3. So I saw the movie Top Gun Maverick last week. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, or you go to movies or not. I haven’t in a long time, but the movie was good. Anyway, we talk about magic mike and such. I believe many women watched that movie because of the actors, not because the stripping was a turn on for them. Yes that’s true for Top gun also, good actors, good story and movie. But what I found interesting and made me think the reason why male stripping isn’t sexy or a turn on to women. You mentioned it also, it kind of puts men in a feminine light or women internalize women to be the one’s flaunting, stripping, dancing and trying to seduce that way. Therefore male stripping throws women off. Yes men aren’t sexualized and women aren’t visual like men, but lust can be spark for women visually at times.

    And the movie made me think of the component, where women are less visual but the context or things combined with visual can spark visual lust for women regarding men’s bodies. Just like the volleyball scene in original top gun, there was the throw back scene to connect like the old one, but this time touch football on the beach with crew. The dudes were shirtless, there were two women playing but mostly guys of course. Tom cruise set it up to help let the crew where some were not working as a team, to connect and have a team bond from the game. But on social media I see how this was a fan favorite for women at the movie theaters with the hot shirtless guys in the football scene. Some calling it a “thirst trap” scene, women saying they couldn’t help but keep watching the scene on youtube.

    But I think it’s because stuff like this, the men aren’t showing off, they aren’t trying to be sexy. They are just out having fun, so I think it’s also that emotional component conveyed which we say is big for women. They were being funny, and goofing around. Also masculinity was displayed too. It made me find that interesting too, if it’s not that women don’t get lusty for men’s bodies but trying to be sexy doesn’t work. It seems when a man’s body is shown and like displayed through “action” if that makes sense. Like playing sports or like fixing or working on something, has a good physique, and shirtless seems to draw more attention from women, than a dude showing off his body or dancing to seduce.

    • Yeah, it can be hard for guys to come across as sexy without seeming gay, except in a few circumstances. Not only were these guys not trying to be sexy but were, rather, just playing football (and a macho/guy activity at that) that a camera just “happened to catch“ the guys doing. And also the guys are in a very macho career as top guns. Smart move!

      That said, I did see the movie and I kept thinking about rumors that Tom Cruise was gay, and remembering that he is also the producer of the film. Or a producer. If you don’t know about those rumors I’m sure the movie has the affect you point to, for reasons stated.

      Thanks for bringing this up. Interesting.

      I don’t remember the volleyball scene in the original. What was that like?

      On another note you had mentioned ideas to defund Fox News due to their misinformation and I saw this:

      Nandini Jammi and Claire Atkin, co-creators of Check My Ads, an independent digital watchdog group, have a new mission to defund Fox News. I hope it works!

      • That would be great if fox news was defunded, but it;s such a wealthy corporation and powerful. I think Fox news should be investigated for the fact of hiring and having people who have to be working for Russia like Tucker and others. Traitors to United States but they still have a job. I never heard of the rumors of Tom being gay but wouldn’t be surprised. But it just shows the silly stereotype that some people may have of gay men though. I already knew this since I’ve worked in retail and have worked along side gay men. Some were fairly feminine or flamboyant, another was more subtle, but I had a feeling he was gay. There was one tho who I never would have guessed because there was no feminine aspect or subtle part.

        He portrayed masculinity just as much as I and other straight men and I don’t believe it was him hiding or acting. The feminine or “flamboyant” gay men is often shown on tv or movies to be the gay character but it’s a big time stereotype. So yeah, if Tom Cruise is gay, it would show how it’s wrong assumption to think a gay man shows some feminine expression. I would never have guessed based in his expression’s, demeanor, mannerisms. He always seemed quite masculine and not any different than a typical straight man. He’s not the only star male actor either as I believe John travolta is gay or atleat bisexual as he’s been spotted kissing guys out in public and affairs with guys despite him being married for a long time to his wife. If I made a guess, there’s probably as many or more gay men who are as masculine as straight men, therefore, straight guys would be among them and never guess some guys they know are gay. I like his shows as I think he’s funny, but I just can’t help feel James Corden has to be atleast bi despite being married to his wife. He’s always seemed quite flamboyant to me a bit feminine at times, idk

      • Yeah, there is a stereotype that really good looking guys are gay so that may play into the Tom Cruise thing. I suspect this particular notion about men who are too good looking must be gay is spread by straight men who are jealous.

  4. I find this post interesting and amusing. I’ve always noticed men tend to become shy when you compliment and mention their sexuality. I remember a boy smacked my but once so I smacked his back. He was so upset and even cussed me out. It’s pretty funny to think about it now! He thought it would be funny to inappropriately touch me so I returned his dosage of medicine. He never touched me again so he got the memo! I’ve mentioned to my aunties about having a male stripper at a bachelorette party. Immediately, some of them said they wouldn’t show up. They are raised to stay away from events like those if they are married. I’m glad how much this era has changed. This proved to me how uncomfortable a male stripper made them. I don’t even think they ever seen a male stripper. It was hilarious to see their reaction though. Women are more comfortable with female nudity since they are considered the sex symbol. Women are the sweet nurturing pretty sex. Being able to wear and express my sexuality through my wardrobe makes me feel prettier and confident.

  5. Based on the responses from the majority of the women surveyed in this blog, it is apparent that there is an obvious accepted objectification of women in society instead of men. It was interesting to hear that a lot of women felt weirded out or embarrassed by the picture of Magic Mike that was shown to them. Most the responses reflect the lack of sexual exposure that men have received in media. Women’s bodies, however, have been objectified and used as a tool for revenue. Next time that you go on YouTube pay close attention to the pictures in the thumbnails of each video. Sometimes there will be sexual pictures of girls displayed, but when you click on the video it is something completely unrelated and doesn’t even include the picture displayed. Women in society often have to face the expectation of being the one who has to appear more “sexy” to appeal to men, whereas men are not given as many expectations on appearance. I feel like if the same picture was shown to guys, there would be an even larger majority that rejected the sexual objectification of Magic Mike. But, if you showed the same guys a sexually enticing picture of a women, they would be in agreement that it was “hot” or normal. This is an evident discrimination that we see every day in advertisements, tv, movies, and magazines; yet we fail to address it and pass it off as something that is normal in society.

  6. A very interesting topic with what i believe to be very predictable results. I see how most women could be uncomfortable with male nudity more so than women nudity. This being because naked women sometimes appear on late night television with their over sexualized breasts. While male genitalia rarely comes on screen so we only have the option to look up images or see it in our own time. I, personally, never minded naked male bodies (in an artful and entertainment way). I believe the naked male body is simply beautiful, as is the women. However, the soft strength behind a mans skin always intrigued me. How men may grow their muscles in an easier and more common way and how it lays rigid under their skin. Although, I can see very easily how a stripper from Magic Mike is different due t the different crude level and more added humor rather than respect.

  7. I am straight and I agree with a majority of those who were polled that said male strippers are not that sexy. When I first watched Magic Mike, I felt very uncomfortable the entire movie. I am just not used to seeing men with so few clothes on, so when I see it on TV, it makes me uncomfortable. I also agree that I find female nudity more appealing and sexy, just because I am exposed to it a lot more. Because I am only used to seeing women nude, when I see a man nude it makes me want to associate it with femininity. Male strippers wearing thongs further adds to this feminine look because only women usually wear thongs. Most women are attracted to masculinity and a nearly naked man certainly is not masculine according to societal standards of masculinity. This is why I think I am conditioned to view males fully dressed as much sexier than males who are wearing nothing. Then again, I just don’t find Channing Tatum that attractive so that might be why Magic Mike did nothing for me. However, I still think I would feel uncomfortable if a guy whom I think is physically attractive was wearing a thong and acting doing stripper moves. It just isn’t masculine.

  8. This is one of the things that I can never explain, why it makes me as a woman feel uncomfortable looking at guy stripper, but for man looking at a girl stripper feels amazing.
    I’ve seen this movie, and I didn’t like it at all, especially parts when the guy would be dancing on another girl, would make me think of him as an idiot and who looks stupid doing it. And as it’s mentioned in this article, I get where a lot of women think that it’s just gay thing to do.
    Male nudity or anything like that is not common, we are used to see girls posting on the front of a magazine, and you would think that she’s hot or pretty but if it would be a guy, you’d unconsciously think he’s photoshopped and probably guy.
    We are just not used to this kind of things and I don’t think we ever will, at least in my generation.

  9. This article is really interesting because it goes into detail how each category of women reacted and what they said about the picture. I just wanted to start off by saying that I belong in the group of women that say they felt uncomfortable with the picture. That’s just who I am as a person. I totally accept the male body and I am fine if I have to look at one, but there is just something about the members of Magic Mike that I can’t get comfortable with. After a while of thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I am uncomfortable because of how raunchy they are. This article was also interesting because it gave examples of why some females were uncomfortable with the picture/movie. It never occured to me that it was the woman’s job to play the sexy role, but once I thought about it, it made sense. In movies, it’s usually the women who does explicit things, but it was the opposite in Magic Mike. Maybe some women felt uncomfortable after looking at the picture because it isn’t a common thing to have men play the sexual role.

  10. I really like the concept behind this survey, I’m one of those women that isn’t really phased by nude men. I actually saw the movie “Magic Mike” in the theater with my girlfriends and I have to say I wasn’t impressed. While I do appreciate an attractive and physically fit man, I thought the overall concept was slightly exaggerated. I’m not entirely sure why I feel the way I do, but the thought of a naked man gyrating on a stage is almost repulsive and I am a straight female. Neither of the photos made me feel uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gorgeous man like Channing Tatum? I found it interesting that 7% of the women surveyed felt like the second image brought to mind images of rape. I would have to completely disagree, the thing about strip clubs is that it is completely consensual. Comparing the two seems very inappropriate and wrong to me. It’s crazy how the media has such control over our thoughts and perspectives. We are all so used to seeing women being overly sexualized, that it has become the norm. Now, the thought of men being naked and in compromising positions, makes us uncomfortable. I don’t know if men and women will ever be on the same page when it comes to how the world perceives them.

  11. I enjoyed this post and found it interesting how I felt looking at the two pictures. The first one was fine, he’s hot and I do like looking at a handsome man, what’s wrong with that? The second one though is one that makes me uncomfortable and I would have to say because of the image. He’s over this woman and it just looks strange and not sexy to me. I did like that the roles were reversed and it wasn’t a half naked woman, because honestly, I’m so tired of that being considered “sexy” for women. Women can be sexy without being half naked. Women are used to sell sex in all forms and it gets tiresome. I could say the same thing with a picture of a woman, ok she’s hot but it’s been done, I for one am glad that some ads and movies are putting men in that role, because equality is not just for women.

  12. I honestly get turned on by the second picture and I’m an older woman. Obviuosly, the woman went there to be entertained.We have been taught not to appreciate a man’s body. His body is great! I don’t understand all these negative reactions unless it is because they feel uncomfortable when looking around others. Frankly, I get tired of all the female nudity. It is very one sided. I think women would be more intertested in sex if we were free to feel fiine with enjoying the male nude body.

    • There are social patterns and individual variations within the pattern. So some of my students did find all of the pictures attractive even though the overall feeling was discomfort.

      Thanks for sharing your experience – looking at the other side.

      And your thoughts make sense to me.

  13. I think this is a good survey. It also made me aware of some of my own problems.
    When I looked at the first photo, it did not make me feel that I had too much discomfort, just simply thought the men in the picture were well-formed and looked strong.
    But when I saw the second picture, I did not feel very comfortable. Probably because he was too naked to wear and made me feel a bit unwell. However, if it is replaced by a woman wearing this, I seem to really feel a little accepted. It seems that I still exist some unfair ideas in my heart.
    About Gay porno, I know some of my female friends who they particularly like to see, in fact, I do not understand the specific psychology, but I am personally not interested.

  14. Sarah Yoffe-Sharp

    This blog tells of the reactions of women after being shown an image of “Magic Mike Stripper.” It is surprising that any women who were surveyed had positive things to say about the image of a nearly naked man thrusting his pelvis over a fully clothed woman laying on a table. I agree that the image could be depicting rape. If the viewer did not know the context of the movie, because the woman is clothed and the man is nearly naked, one could argue that it is depicting rape. I am troubled by the fact that anyone would say, “Looks like she’s enjoying it.” The woman’s hands are on the man’s thighs, it is difficult to tell if the woman is pulling the man closer or pushing him away. Her body position is pressed flat against the table, facial expression out of view. For this reason, I believe it is impossible to tell whether the woman has consented or not. This survey is an indication that woman are objectified more frequently than men. When we see men undressed it is widely described as “uncomfortable” for roughly more than half of the women surveyed.

  15. Gabriela Sanchez

    I think it that making surveys like this is interesting because some would assume the opposite response of what most of the female students said. I’ve seen the movie and when I saw the picture it didn’t really bother me because I sort of expected. Of course, there were some parts where I found discomfort because it is weird that male take the sexy roles when usually women do the part. Most movies today have had so much nudity, such as Fifty Shades of Grey, Where the female lead is one that is most exposed than the male. I know others have different opinions because I can definitely see how discomforting it can be watching this, but I think it is normal in some way where male are being exposed. One thing that I noticed about this was that the movie used male actors who were very good looking which makes me wonder if they were not only trying to target one gender, but both. Overall, I found this very interesting to read.

  16. The fact that female nudity is seen as more attractive and more common place in our society is because women are meant to be submissive. An ad featuring a woman who is mostly naked is seen as okay because women are meant to be weak and exposed, when someone sees a man in the similar position they find it weird because a man is supposed to be strong and dominating. And another reason people might find women’s bodies more attractive is because when they’re showing off their bodies in a sexual manor that’s not breaking away from societal norms in the same way it would be for a man to be in the same position. It’s always been weird to me that women almost learn to see the world they like in through the eyes of the men around them, but that’s what’s happening with girls being weirded out by the sexualization of men’s bodies.

  17. I think it’s great that surveys like this exist. It’s very normal for us as society to see pictures of women in very little garments everywhere. It we were to do the same with men, it would also be normal and usual, but it is necessary for all of society to keep in mind that what we find normal shouldn’t be. If we feel so uncomfortable seeing a man stripped down to his underwear and find it creepy, we should really reconsider what were doing to out younger generations of the female population. Men should also not find their bodies embarrassing, they should expose themselves as well. Because men are always fully clothed, it even seems like we as society value more the private places of men than those of women, when in reality we should be showing the exact opposite of that. The female body cares for, nurtures, and births children; we should respect it to the fullest.

  18. Woman are so conditioned to be the species that is chased and not the one doing the chasing that even the thought of being the predator can be unsettling. In fact, society looks at woman who pursues men as indecent and of low class. Rather than appreciating that a woman is confident enough to express her desires without fear of rejection. Why is that? It could be argued that it is directly related to the oppression of woman. However, I see it as a cover up society uses to project images and beliefs to comply with the status quo. Woman have such a strong need to be accepted not only by men but everyone that surrounds them that they are willing to untrue to themselves.

  19. Taniuska N Guevara

    When Magic Mike came out, I was excited!!! My friends and I bought tickets ahead of time and prepared mentally to have an amazing time! My honest reaction to the way men were portrayed was finally. The male leads in the movie were being objectified in the same way women often are. If I would have been part of the survey I would have answered within the five percent who said things like “hot, caliente, sexy, more please”… You get the point I’m sure lol.. I also want to point out that the other surveyors made a great point, about how we have been conditioned to accept naked women in the media then we are men and in turn many times this makes us feel uncomfortable about the image.

  20. I’m so sorry, but I have to agree, I don’t really like this. I’m not sure why I don’t like it 😦 It is so confusing because I’m sick of women having to take off their clothes just to get ahead in the entertainment business. I wish they could leave their clothes on. But if I had the choice between seeing naked men on camera and naked men, I would have to say a woman because men are so ‘undone’ hairy and protruding parts….actually it would be better if everyone on camera got to keep their clothes on. It’s so hard when I’m out on a date with someone I dont know too well and they have all that skin and the guy is holding my hand getting so happy and I just want to run out of the theatre. Men rarely show their assets to the camera. Only a few have done it. Burt Reynolds says it ruined his career. I know a lot of respectable women who have been on camera nude..but if a man shows……..the full Monty. Oh that’s right. There was a movie where the guys had to show it all for charity. I’m not even sure if they showed them naked on camera, but I just remember that the movie was about whether they were going to take it all off. I wish they would show more naked men on camera so we could get used to the shock of it but really, it would be so ……yuck unless the guy shaves and waxes and moisturizes and then we will see how big the equipment is and we will be talking about how small or big or limp or …..this is terrible for a Christian woman like me to be talking about this…..my mom would be so upset. Those men aren’t going to get naked and most women dont want them to. I like to leave something to the imagination. I mean if its all just out there and available to be seen at anytime for as long as you want to see and play with it, its not near as fun as if you have to seduce. Part of me also finds this hilarious because well, it just doesnt happen to often. The man doesnt even take off his clothes, he pulls that fly over to the side and operates fully clothed. I take half of what I said back. I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just not used to seeing it happen like this. I do believe in equal opportunity for all, so if a man is going to be running around nude and near nude, bring it. Just be shaved and waxed like you expect women to be……and they know they aren’t going to take the time to shave their gut and back and thighs and butt and armpits and we dont really want to see their bushes. But oh it would be so fun if this happened in real life all the time. But here’s the truth….men love to have sex, it makes them so happy and they have the biggest grin on their face. Women dont have the same emotions during sex. A woman is probably not going to be smiling about the realization that she’s about to be in some discomfort. But ah well, we are all just animals with clothes on……unless we are at the strip club watching fellow animals taking it off. Let me get back to my Bible. I shouldnt even kid about this kind of stuff.

  21. I remember that I watched some parts of the movie from Magic Mike Stripper with my older sister who is six years older than me so I can say that I did felt a little uncomfortable by seeing men being stripper and I think it was around the time when I was a kid. So even when I was a kid, I thought it was strange for men to strip and in my mind, it came naturally that women are supposed to take that role since I have seen that image from women. While watching the movie with my older sister, her reaction was different from mine like she would say the the guys in the movie are attractive, but of course she would state her opinion about them sometimes. Other than that, I barely remember what she thinks about it, but her opinion is between the guys were attractive and it’s strange to see them being a stripper so it’s funny to see how they become a stripper or somewhere along those lines.

  22. Pictures like the one shown above from the Magic Mike movie can show how uncomfortable women may feel. Wheather it may be a woman in nude or a male it still is uncomfortable to see. While there are others who do enjoy this kind of view to see. When someone is uncomfortable it may because they don’t see this kind of scenes anywhere or it’s weird watching it on a big screen in a public view or it’s because the skin we see is only if the shirt is off that’s it. I say this because it’s all we see when paparazzi posts pictures of either a male or female celebrity on the beach or on a balcony.

  23. This is a very interesting post. I used to think that such frank scenes in films always for a woman, but in time I realized that it was not so. Most of my friends who is a woman do not like pictures of men showing a lot of skin in films. And I agree with the statistics that led because I have the same statistics. Just a couple of my friend’s like pictures of men showing a lot of skin. Most would say that they like a face or just an open torso. I still do not understand for whom they shoot such films and what woman can excite guys in this form. I think woman appreciate courage in a man first but also it depends on the woman what she wants. This proves one thing that in a movie show is not always what everyone wants to see.

  24. We may get uncomfortable looking at sexual images of men. This is because we are not used to it. We are used to women’s images being exploited. I don’t think there would have been a big difference in the reaction of people with a photo of someone in their underwear for an ad or the photo of magic mike humping someone. Men are said to be okay with their shirt off in public, but women are not. That’s already half of your body being shown. We don’t see a picture of a topless man and think it is sexy. But for some reason we can say a women’s picture is sexy when she’s half-naked. The problem with men is that most of the time we find attractiveness in the face. Men see women as attractive because of their chest or butt, which are easily seen in sexually explicit photos. People may say that female strippers are okay but male strippers are awkward, but this is only because they are not as common.

    • That’s true. Women seem to be more drawn by faces than anything else. Maybe that’s because we don’t objectify men but we still talk about whether a man is facially attractive.

  25. I remember when the Magic Mike movie came out and many of my friends felt uncomfortable or found it disgusting that a man was stripping in a thong. Men aren’t usually a sex object in the media so I can definitely understand the discomfort for some. I personally don’t find it disgusting or anything like that. I personally wasn’t attracted to the actor but if it were someone else I would definitely find it eye-catching and attractive. I would never walk into a strip club whether it was to see a woman or a man. I agree that a lot of women do say that they find female strippers to be more appealing to them. Society has overly sexualized women so it understandable why.

  26. Society has always sexualized women’s image, so much so that seeing the same of men is awkward and distasteful. Media nowadays are showing more and more skin from female models than they have had in the past. An example of a celebrity showing more skin is singer Rihanna, who displays her bare breasts through see-through clothing nonchalantly in music videos, tv show appearances, and in the public for all to see. Her way of expressing her sexuality and the beauty of her body has stirred some controversy, which I have experienced from some of my friends. Most of them say that she is showing how beautiful women are without stooping down to levels of twerking to the extent that you’re known for it. They believe that her status, the way she carries herself, and her power as a well-known celebrity helps women. However, there are others that believe that they don’t see the beauty in it, that she is only doing it for more fame, to stay relevant, and believe that she’s not making women more comfortable with themselves. Similarly, I have experienced people expressing their sides of the movie, Magic Mike. I think that women are use to men that are viewed as strong, powerful, and masculine rather than nearly naked in a thong. However, there are others that loved the movie because it changes the norm of what’s sexy for men and reversed the roles of sexiness for men. They loved how instead of women stripping and dancing, it’s men. It’s a great change of pace from what we’ve always been seeing in movies.

  27. Something that I have noticed is that women have different taste in men. I have heard some women saying that they don’t like Beckham or even Brad Pitt. So perhaps you should show a variety of photos of male models. That way you would see women’s reactions about men showing skin and you could also get some data about how different taste women have. For instance some women may not like Henry Cavill but others really like him

  28. It was a good thought too see what women think nowadays but the choice of picture wasn’t the best. There was a woman involved in a rather uncommon situation so women were trying to put themselves in her place and felt uncomfortable.
    How about showing some photos of half naked male models who are considered to be attractive.
    Something like that

    • I’ll do a more common picture in upcoming posts.

      But women are so used to seeing these sorts of images of women and feeling less uncomfortable. That says something about the culture.

  29. I can see how this makes people feel uncomfortable. As a society, we don’t consider this as the norm. Men aren’t usually seen as a sex object. Women are the ones that have been associated with the body and nature. Men are shown to be masculine, not seductive and or in a sexual manner. The depiction of a woman is still more frequent, and nudity and the erotic depiction of woman participants prevail. This is probably because men are conditioned to objectify women and not the other way around.

    As I’ve matured images like this doesn’t bother me. In the past, it did but now I can appreciate the human body for what it is. I’ve seen both movies and enjoyed it. Not just because the men are “hot” but because of the dancing, the storyline, and the music. Don’t get me wrong you definitely won’t catch me at a strip club, however, I did like the movie.

  30. Women seem to be must less likely to pay to see nudity or watch sex. And then women are more likely to have to pay… not going to make a lot of $”

    Yeah, I’ve seen how some women are trying to provide porn that’s better for women and women can watch. So women directing and doing “porn for women”, but it’s never going to take off if women have to pay, especially when women are less visual or visually interested in watching sex and bodies. I mean I don’t like most porn, but even if I did, I wouldn’t pay and I’m a man. I’ve never paid for porn and wouldn’t,so I could definitely see why women wouldn’t then.

  31. I wonder if it’s context that makes the difference, as a dude wearing a thong does seem gay to me and unsightly though I’m a guy so there will be a bias. But I remember a ton of female co workers talking about the movie and how they went to it when it came out and how sexy Channing was. They said they despite the fact he probably wore a thong at some point of the movie. And these same women otherwise probably don’t like or find male strippers sexy or men in thongs sexy and same feelings as your female students. But like they can be an exception if it’s so and so actor or actors.

    So I’m surprised more of your female students didn’t like it because it seemed like a large US female population saw the movie and found the men in it sexy, and either didn’t mind these men wore a thong, found it sexy or looked past it because the dance and men overall were sexy. I’d thought more of your female students would have seen the movie too, given how popular it was

    • Well the movie didn’t have him in a thong the whole time. But this picture — that’s all there is.

      I’ll post something on how women responded to David Beckham showing a lot of skin next time. And later I will show another picture from Magic Mike where the men are wearing more (Hint, the women like the picture with more clothing a lot better.)

      • But wasn’t he wearing one at some point of the movie? If he did, I would think women who talked about it wouldn’t have found him or the men in the movie sexy. From what I’ve heard he was sexy and it was sexy. I would think any thong part would have negated the sexiness of the movie and the men. But I heard women say he was sexy and like implying it was all sexy to them, which would include any thong part

      • 1. hardly any of the images were of him in the thong. Women might have had a different impression if the movie was just men in thongs all the way through.
        2. Women who go to see that sort of movie and who come back and talk about it could be a different type of woman from average.
        3. I also know that some women actually work at objectifying men just to get even. So they put on a show of exaggerated desire.

  32. Your question was “How do women feel about pictures of men showing a lot of skin?”
    The picture you discuss shows not only a lot of male skin, it also depicts a sex-related situation where the story it tells us is not altogether clear.
    It would be interesting to investigate whether there are sex-related pictures that make women generally feel comfortable.
    So, my question really is – how can we create sex-related art for women? Did you ever come across European film producer Erika Lust. It would be interesting to know what you think of her feminist-oriented porn.

    • Next time I will discuss women’s thoughts about a picture of a man showing a lot of skin that is more commonly seen.

      Create sex-related art for women? Much of the reason this sort of art seems weird to women is because we are so used to seeing women, and not men, portrayed that way. So I guess we would need to see more portrayals.

      And I haven’t heard of her. I’ll have to check her out.

      • I think that Erika Lust lady and other’s who have tried to market porn to women, but have not done so well is because perhaps women being less visually interested in porn like men, but also, I think the marketing for porn for women. I believe such sites or feminist porn is all paid or subscription porn. I mean guys are more visual and more porn interested than women and even many guys aren’t interested in paying for porn. I wouldn’t. There’s free streaming porn, and there’s where most guys will look and traffic The porn for women like that is paid stuff and not free streaming or popular where everybody knows and don’t have to pay for.

      • Women seem to be must less likely to pay to see nudity or watch sex. And then women are more likely to have to pay… not going to make a lot of $

    • I checked it out, out of curiosity. It’s like erotica, but what brings up the question still though. It seems like it shows more sexuality and sensuality with nudity and sex and more equal with portrayal. But begs the question of why women who would watch this, why they still need to see a nude woman with a nude man to be turned on or him doing something sexual with her if a man’ body is actually sexy to women?

      How sexy and sexually attractive and stimulating and lust worthy is a man’ body if that’s needed? Even if women weren’t hyper sexualized, men would still prefer and want to see women’s bodies, because that’s what we’re drawn too, so women’s bodies will be the eye candy to our eyes and love seeing it often and in all of it’s glory and definitely not a man’s.

      • This reminds me, I haven’t seen Magic Mike but I have heard that even this movie has a certain amount of female nudity — possibly even more skin is revealed, Although the scantily clad women have less screen time than the Magic Mike men.

  33. Sorry Magic Mike but neither women nor men care to see that much of you.

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