Gays and Women with Boyfriends Shouldn’t Teach (It Limits Freedom!): The Gospel of Jim DeMint

South Carolina Senator, Jim DeMint, was quoted in the Spartanberg newspaper saying that no one who is openly gay should be teaching in the classroom. And neither should unmarried women who are sleeping with their boyfriends.

Apparently hetero men can sleep with whomever they wish and keep their jobs. Good thing, or a lot of his Congressional colleagues would be out of work.

Then he continued, “(When I said that) no one came to my defense. But everyone would come to me and whisper that I shouldn’t back down. They don’t want government purging their rights and their freedom to religion.”


How does denying jobs to gays and women with boyfriends increase their freedom and limit government intrusion in their lives? How does this increase their freedom of religion?

So whose freedom is he talking about?

DeMint actually wants to limit the freedoms of the less powerful members of society — women and gays — in order to increase the freedom of more powerful members of southern society: conservative Christians who don’t want the burden of interacting with anyone who doesn’t share some of their views.

But these good Christians seem to have forgotten the Golden Rule. To paraphrase Jesus: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. And what about the second greatest commandment: Love your neighbor?

Georgia Platts

October is Gay and Lesbian History Month


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  1. I find this entire concept completely absurd. Why a person’s sexuality should come into play as to whether or not they are fit to teach a class in the first place is entirely lost on me. I do not understand why these things are relevant whatsoever. It might be easy for him to use his fundamentalist Christian ‘values’ to defend his position, but it’s clear that he only holds this opinion because he is a homophobic, sexist man. Take, for example, the fact that he didn’t mention the sexual lives of heterosexual men at all. He is only interested in analyzing and criticizing the sexualities of straight women and gay men. He only believes that these qualities are incompatible with teaching because he is aware of what we all are: education is power. Senator DeMint is afraid of those who are not hateful taking power away from the cishet Christian white men currently in power. He is not interested in the morals around their sexual lives; he only cares about taking freedom away from them. I am disappointed in this because, despite its flaws, I genuinely believe the Bible can be used as a tool to inspire love in people. It’s unfortunate that the Bible is so often used as a justification for hatred and discrimination.

  2. I would actually like shcools to have gay teachers. It would give the kids a good real-life example that gay people are not some weirdos on TV marching around in strange clothes, but people like anyone else, including those who work a perfectly ordinary, “normal” job. Hopefully our children would then grow up less ignorant and consequently homophobic than our own generation.

  3. How absurd. What is the connection between sexual preference and the professionalism and ability to teach a class? The easiest thing to do is to preach for women and Gays; two populations discriminated. Maybe it’s time to deal with criminals who harm mental and physical in those population, and let people doing their jobs. Mr. DeMint I think that you are the first who need to learn the commandments and love your neighbor and then to come and educate others.

  4. What a ridiculous and absurd idea to suggest! I’m currently in a program to obtain my teaching credentials and single women make up over 80% of the group! But just as someone pointed out already, how would anyone know if a straight woman was having sex with her boyfriend and what about teachers who are not “openly” gay; are they okay to teach as long as they keep it a secret? It’s really frustrating to see what politicians are focusing on when it comes to our education system; what about the students themselves? Having only married and straight teachers isn’t going to increase the literacy or get teenagers through high school. The teaching profession already doesn’t get as much as respect as it deserves and one of the reasons is because it is typically seen as a woman’s job. Now a man wants to impose more limits on what population of women should be allowed to teach? DeMint isn’t only leaving behind true Christian values, he’s neglecting what actually should be addressed to improve our schools.

  5. Tonya (Facundo) Kamaloni

    I often wonder what groups, such as the religious liberty branch of churches think of their methods of lobbying for their right to practice religion any way they choose, while at the same time, trying to abolish the rights of others to marry or abort unwanted pregnancies. It would seem that at some point they would see that their actions don’t necessarily follow Christian principals or teachings. One of my dear friends is a wonderful teacher, who happens to be gay. I also have other friends who are wonderful teachers and heterosexual. I once read a quote that said, “if you teach your right handed children that there are left handed children in the world, it doesn’t mean that your child will become left handed.” I know that when I take my son to school, the last thing that will concern me is if his teacher is gay, strait, single or married. I will be concerned with how well my son’s teacher instructs him on the subjects of math, science, history, etc.

  6. obviously Jim DeMint is delusional, very hateful and probably confused. His statement represents views that are outdated and simply sound stupid, its tragic that people still maintain views such as these.

  7. His comment begs the question: just how would the school know whether or not a woman was sleeping with her boyfriend? Would all unmarried female teachers be required to have nannycams in their bedrooms? Or to have pelvic exams every morning to test for the presence of sperm?

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