Tampons Confiscated as Women Protest in Texas

cq5dam.web.1280.1280You know what happens when women protest restrictions on their rights?

In Egypt they’re harassed and raped.

In Texas their tampons are confiscated.

If you can’t bully women by forcing something into their vaginas, just keep women from putting anything in there, themselves.

That’s right. You can take a gun into the Texas State Capital. But tampons, pads, and condemns are forbidden. Or even diabetic supplies that could save your life. Because pro-lifers just don’t like that sort of thing.

After all, women’s lives and autonomy are far more dangerous than guns.

Any sort of control women have over their bodies and reproductive lives must be stopped by Texas law enforcement! Abortion, contraception, sex ed… and now tampons.

texas tampons

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  1. Why would a feminine napkin be viewed as a weapon, or something to be FEARED? They have permitted someone with a loaded gun to sit in the gallery, but a woman with a tampon has to surrender that tampon? I have yet to read about a fatal attack or a fatal incident having occurred when the weapon was a tampon or feminine napkin. On the other hand, there have been TONS of incidents with accidental discharges of loaded weapons, and certainly in regards to INTENTIONAL discharge of weapons. So if a women is on her period is she just supposed to bleed through? This restriction makes no sense to me.

  2. Do you ever worry that some of your States are becoming more and more like countries the US traditionally hates to be compared to? All of these anti-woman laws are worrying.

  3. Reblogged this on Sharia law in the LGBT, and society at large and commented:
    Texas wants to take our tampons! Sharia Law in Texas

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