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Government Takeover of Our Bodies

  • Obama supporters want to relinquish individual choice. Romney supporters stand upon the principles of individual freedom.
  • Republicans want to erase a woman’s right to choose. They seek to deny abortion even in cases of rape, incest, or when a woman’s life or health are at risk. Beware who you vote for! It concerns the well-being of your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and granddaughters.

Those sentiments come from two letters to the editor, which appeared one after the other.

Which side is for freedom?

Really, it’s a question of whose freedom is at stake.

Paul Ryan loves liberty, he says. But not women’s.

Ryan wants to prevent women from even controlling their own bodies. He backed a “personhood” bill which would have prevented women from using many forms of birth control. Miscarriage could have become grounds for criminal investigation. And abortion would have been banned even for victims of rape and incest. Ryan voted for the Blunt Amendment, which would have given employers control over a woman’s access to contraception. And he co-authored a bill with Todd Akin (victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant) to narrow the definition of rape to “forcible rape.”

What is non-forcible rape, anyway?

Paul Ryan doesn’t want freedom for women. He wants a government takeover of our bodies.

But he does want freedom for the One Percent. In fact, he seeks to reduce Social Security and Medicare benefits for the middle class in order to give many in the One Percent a 1% tax rate. They will then have the freedom to buy more big homes and big cars and big boats and big vacations. Some Wall Streeters buy gold-filled hamburgers so that they can literally shit gold.

But will Ryan’s budget bring more freedom to the middle-class? The New York Times reported that focus groups found the plan so cruel that they “simply refused to believe any politician would do such a thing.”

Does greater liberty arise when some can no longer afford both food and medicine? Or when they are ill and can’t get medical care? Or when they die? The hungry, sick, and dead don’t have a lot of freedom.

The Hunger Games comes to mind as the rich have their fun while the hungry poor die.

Paul Ryan believes in freedom. For the powerful and privileged. But he’s not so keen on freedom for the rest of us.

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