Are You Pro-Life, Or Just Want To Control Women?

When I first heard feminists say that pro-lifers actually wanted to control women, not prevent abortion, that didn’t make sense to me. Now it does. I don’t think that everyone who is pro-life is disingenuous. But some are.

Take Plan C, emergency contraception. Plan C can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex, and is 98% effective when properly used. The drug stops fertilization by preventing eggs from being released.

Some pro-lifers protest that Plan C brings us one step closer to “over the counter abortions,” though medical studies prove otherwise.

These same folks say stem cell research equals abortion. Yet they don’t worry that fertilized eggs are thrown in the garbage if they aren’t used for research. But then, garbage isn’t constantly publicized, helping to make “killing” fertilized eggs seem okay. If they really thought that destroying fertilized eggs was abortion, they’d be up in arms about humans being murdered and thrown away.

Pro-lifer, George W. Bush, didn’t seem to have a problem sending young men to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, either. But as one cartoonist put it, “No stem cells were hurt.”

I once heard Christopher Reeve pose the following question: if you were in a research lab with a two-year-old and a fire broke out, would you save the child, or would you leave her to die so that you could save thousands of stem cells (people)? I suspect most of us — all of us — would save the child.

Utah Senator, Orin Hatch, says it’s fine to use fertilized eggs for research. But destroying eggs implanted in a woman’s womb equals murder. In one case a woman’s body is controlled. In the other, it isn’t.

Pro-lifer, Pat Robertson, opposes a woman’s right to choose in America. But he supports forced abortions in China. Once again controlling women is the only common denominator.

Pro-lifers don’t seem to be too concerned with making sure poor women get prenatal care, or that their babies have food once they are born, either.

Pro life? Looks like it’s all about controlling women.

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  1. Wow, I have never thought about it from this perspective. I think this might be an interesting theory, worth further exploration. I would love it if you go into this issue further … (this sounded a bit like I was grading your college essay 😀 )

  2. True. They want to stop women expressing their sexuality. That’s why abstinence education, to make teen girls get pregnant.

    • Pregnant, and then, hopefully, dependent on a man.

      Some abusive boyfriends/husbands also try to get their partners pregnant in hopes that they’ll feel more dependent and “stuck” with them.

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