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Once Was, Virgins Had Sex

Arianrhod, from the Llewellyn Tarot deck.

In some times and places virgins had sex.

I first discovered this while reading the story of Arianrhod in Welsh mythology.

In this tale the Welsh King, Math, must keep his feet in the lap of a virgin whenever he is not in battle. And he was always losing virgins because the job was dull. After losing one young maiden Arianrhod’s brother volunteered her for the job.

Arianrhod was not thrilled with the nomination, but she knew she would easily pass the virginity test which entailed stepping over Math’s magic rod. A stiff rod indicated a virgin, a limp rod indicted she was not. When Arianrhod jumped over the rod two children jumped from her womb.

But Arianrhod declared herself a virgin because she was a woman who owned herself. Read the rest of this entry

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