“Protect Life Act” Promotes Death: Girls. Women. A Presidency.

The “Protect Life Act” is being considered right now in Congress. Paired with the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” these two bills claim to be “pro life” yet seem more geared toward death for desperate girls and women… and a presidency.

Under HR 358 hospitals receiving federal funds can refuse to perform abortions, even when a woman’s life is in danger.

HR 3 eliminates the tax deduction for employer-sponsored health plans covering the procedure. The real goal? Force employers to drop abortion coverage from their policies.

The actual aim of both bills is to chip away access to safe, legal abortion, making it so difficult to obtain or afford that it is effectively prohibited, if not legally banned.

Interestingly, a global study found that even when abortion was officially illegal, there was little affect on abortion rates. Instead, desperate women die when untrained providers lack knowledge and skill, or when women try to abort, themselves.

Back before Roe v. Wade, a young Air Force doctor named Robert Duemler walked into an emergency room where blood was splattered all over the walls, the floor, the gurney, the towels, and the emergency crew. Beneath them a woman lay bleeding from a sharp object that had been pushed up her vagina. She died, leaving behind a bewildered husband and five impoverished children.  

Scenes like these led many medical professionals to fight for a woman’s right to choose.

Personally, I don’t especially like abortion, and I wish that women never felt a need to get one. But restricting it has little effect. Instead, women and girls end up dying. 

If prohibiting abortion doesn’t actually stop it, what are the real goal of bills like HR 358 and HR 3?

Getting the GOP base enthused and out to vote in the next major election may be one aim.

Meanwhile, amid high unemployment the GOP turn their attention away from the economy, perhaps hoping continued bad economic news will eventually kill a presidency.

Georgia Platts

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  1. This is a very controversial issue and has been for many years. It shouldn’t even be so much if it is right or wrong, ethically, morally, or socially. It is more the issue of why does the government have to be a part of this at all? Years ago women died because of back alley abortions, this is a real threat to lives. But should the government be granting us access or non access to this dilemma? When a women finds herself pregnant and either doesn’t want a child or can’t afford it, should the government govern her choices?

    I personally am against abortion as a form of birth control. 42 million abortions occur each year, worldwide. 1.37 million occur in the US. 93% of abortions occur for social reasons. Only 7% occur because of rape, incest or potential harm to the mother or child.

    So in conclusion, two questions. Does the government really need to be involved in this? Why do so many women get abortions for reasons that could have mostly been avoided. The right to choose and time to choose is before conception, not after.

    • Thanks for your perspective.

      A big problem is forgetfulness. For example, if a woman forgets and is just a few hours late in taking the pill, she’s at much greater risk for pregnancy.

  2. Although I am not in favor of abortions, I do believe that women should have it available to them due to past history of women dying from inexperienced doctors. I believe that this bill may be aiming to lower the cost of health insurance and lower the abortion rate. If it is aiming to lower the abortion rate I believe this will not happen. Women are not getting pregnant to have abortions. Many young unmarried girls/women have no other option but abortion. It may be because of religion and how they feel they will disgrace their family. Obviously to avoid unwanted pregnancies women should be using contraceptives, but sometimes they do fail.

  3. This is a hard issue no matter which way you go about it. No one wants to see a fetus aborted, yet that is not our decision and we must realize the consequences that can come from a baby born to someone who truly does not want a child. I understand that people do choose to have abortions, and I understand that sometimes its out of necessity and sometimes it’s because lack of planning. We should not be able to control a women’s right to choose. We don’t know the circumstances that people face, It is not our place to tell someone they must keep a child that they don’t want. In my opinion prohibiting abortion may create more problems.

    Forcing someone to keep a child that they do not want could create countless problems ; Women trying to abort child with sharp objects, Trying to commit suicide , Killing the child once born, Child abuse once the child is born. Yes I understand that most people cringe at the idea of a fetus being aborted, as do I. We don’t know the circumstances that women has to face everyday, whether she has 5 children at home or if she barely has enough money to feed herself, whether the child was create by rape or incest of a countless number of other possibilities.

    I myself have never had an abortion and truthfully I do not believe that I ever could. I had my son when I was 19, I did have a job, and I did plan to further my education, I made it work. Sometimes times were rough but I did my best to push through. When I found out I was pregnant I had people all around m e telling me I was to young and that I should get an Abortion, Including Planned Parenthood , they told me that I was too young and I didn’t have the proper tools to take care of a child. They were wrong. He is now 5 and I can’t imagine my life without him. I believe that because of him I have pushed harder and had more determination to further my education.

  4. Vita Castaneda-Morgan

    This is just another way for men to be able to control women’s bodies and of course, their actions. Men have been trying to make it harder and harder for women to get an abortion, they argue that it will discourage promiscuity and promote christian family values. But what scares men most about a women’s right to get an abortion, is that they don’t need them anymore, that men will become useless, because in theory that is all they are here to do: impregnate the woman. If a woman can take control of that, then she can take more control of her life and whether she wants him in it. This restriction of abortion further proves oppression that women face in this patriarchal society, were men tell women what to do. Men, who will never experience menstruation, labor pains or giving birth are given the power to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with something they will never know about. To hear the stories of women who have tried to perform their own abortions in such horrific ways should be the wake up call for society that this is a problem that can be so easily solved with the legalization of abortion with the help of the government where apparently “all men are created equal.”

  5. I think that the government is still basing their opinion off of its old 50 methods of if you arent married and have a baby then you are disgrace.

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